Update 24 May, 2020: WE want the man not really called the Dreymon to confess the envy of the Aidan Turner for being the selected first for the modeling role tells him to renegotiate the short hair to become again the girlfriend to the WE, the man has the Northman thing down to the point he wins the race to the road hoppers' house.

I am petitioning interesting men to model for me. Are you one of them?

Wanna model for me Alexander?

Update 14 June, 2020: I'll meet you at the Jubilee.

Update 22 July, 2020:

Update 14 July, 2020: WE want the man entitled the Big Brown Bear to visit the mountains of the Swannanoa River Valley to begin the watching the groovy films together with the "Wilson" of the Castaway designation meaning the Big Green Frog stuffed with stuffies of the delight called let's make that sandwich.

Update 2 July, 2020: WE are the authors of the being the scriptwriters that recognize the woman the not interested in the boyhood of the man called the other man until the WE tells her to take the medicine the world to the max makes the next thing the way.

Update 4/13/2020:

Go Fund Me

Aidan in Paradise

No medium off limits

I am willing to spend 3 weeks in an exotic location with Aidan Turner to produce works of art that adorn the world for generations, centuries, millennia.
I need all expenses and materials paid for.
Imagine the works of art!
The world deserves it.
I'm on board.
Da plane! Da plane!
Oh Magic Christian. Consider my cause too.