Unmasking COVID: What Purpose does it serve? And for Whom?
The choice is up to you. And I mean you.
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Update 7 March, 2021: The woman simply advised the beings that want the vaccine passports to be with the I'm the good kids that got the shot to the arm that ends too the right to the abortions mentioned as the source of the fetal tissue that wins too the Revelation 13:14-18 that was too the mentioned to the ending too the right to post on the "Christian" run forum called the Bee Tree women are the wrong to the woman that thinks they are the bullies instead.

Question why the abortions ending when too the children vaccinated will never conceive tells the woman typing the he he he that her world was without too the conception that too the unable to fuck properly the way to the giving to the world too the Zawinul never the right to the world that wants too the Ingrid to hear I want too the woman to take to the bank the making the millions will be when too the mother hears the Jaco the hottest too to the thought too the Jim Morrison of the too hot to be alive again ever to the thought the perfected necesito that wants too the right to recall too the Sitting Bull will inherit the right to resume to the making the muffin the allowed to feel again too the right to recall the better alive now than allowed to the voice not that was the way to tell to the woman typing the waking to the news too the children of the making the point I will not even try to hear the truth to the thought the way to nominate too the Catherine Austin Fitts too the Christian soldier of the love is the answer to the complicated need to the bread making too tells to the making the children too the autistic the better off without the lifetimes might just be the right to the death song for the waiting in the wings characters that want too the waking to the news too the walking to the closet to fill the bread basket filled to the max with the failure clause that too the mother wears nothing but the having to hear too the Anthony will take to the making the kids fuckable to the others to the thought the wasting them to the tune too the injections the way too hot to cool too the woman to the thought the wanting nothing but too the right to request the writing to the Jaco with the news he wants her to remember the waiting to the Crockett too that too the Alamo was the sharks' tank that wants too the salmon to be with the selling to the breaded the fact that too the fish want the freedom to roam again on the landscape with the failure to hear too the message that wakes to the world to the breaded want too the coping with the need to hear the wealth wins the choice to be with the WE's way to the Red Road or to the way to the being the purged from the lifetimes to come too meaning the reincarnation will be for those that want the Austin Fitts type of show not those that insist the taking the care of them by the overlords the only acceptable prose to the thought too the late term abortions mentioned with the harvested organs from the abandoned to the tune at the miscarriage of the justice to the tune too the wanted baby will be the better prepared for the future than the one that was left to the character witness that the grinding to the news too the carcass left after too the baby used to the thought the being the stored in the incubator to the tune to the making then the organs harvested for the open market to the thought the feeling the better about too the Seed of the Devil that tells to the abortionist too the Overcarsh of the asking why the woman wants the visiting OB/GYN to ask her personal questions about whether or nor the bullshit the ex-husband to be told them was the right to the 5 pregnancy tests spelled to the writer of the offing too the offspring to the thought the woman was advised to ethics to the corner pocket and remember too the cellular technology will end too the woman's career when too the breast tissue cleansing from the constant contact with the ER that too the woman wears too the 5G as too the harmful to the many that want to enter to the new market of the faster technology not but the way to ensure too the food that was served during the 4 day hospital sabbatical was the wrong to the nutrition was too the wrong to the I won't endure to cook in the kitchen the right meal for the paying not customer of the Obamacare sets the stage for the Mark of the Beast system that will be entirely different than the overlords project.

Unmasking COVID: What Purpose does it serve? And for Whom?
The choice is up to you. And I mean you.
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(Photo credit: Dina Eric - https://www.flickr.com/photos/viryakala/15396415432/in/album-72157647773659459/) (Picture added 1/30/2021 according to the chicken lore that the working off the now will mean the humans will hear the animals are the better food when they are the permitted too the living not the making them too the commodities or the medical research associates to the tools that hurt too the kids of the Van Kerkhove.)

Update February 1, 2021: From my brother whom I tried to share this post with via email. He's a lawyer for the CDC, not a scientist, not trained in science but law:

Please do not include me on your emails!!!!
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We are hiring at the CDC if you want a job. Specifically the National Institute for Respiratory Disease and Vaccines who I directly support.

Further Update 30 January, 2021:

Update 1/30/2021: The hour of the need is to the thought the going to pass when the many that will be forced to inject the poisons will be without too the repercussions without the being the alive even tells to the man that made the following video too the Lord Jesus Christ tells to him to be without too the judgement to the self for the outspoken nature of the message because the man is the held by the Lord in the process of the giving to the many the right to hear the injections are the way to the holocaust that is too the reduction of the many excessively resulted to the other side beings that want too the way to giving to the news: the WE want the man to be without too the reduction of the income meaning the man is too the better professional than too the Maria Van Kerkhove that maintains to the hour the vaccines the necessary to the making too the point the man will win too the right to regard too the medicine the healing to the many when too the man retains too the living with too the right to the better medicine being too the better formed when the mother hears: I want too the Maria Van Kerkhove to watch too her kids watch too the cows when they watch too the mother be starved of the getting to love too the offspring spent to the meat department telling to the so-called "science" of the Western world that the giving to the world too the man as too the just the nurse's assistant tells to the making too the point the man too the nurtures too the patients telling to the better medicine is too the James Develon that will be without the hesitation to be with the results that the better medicine will be with him there too.

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of
Our Father which Art in Heaven
Hallowed be thy Name
The United States of America
Thy Kingdom come
Thy will be done in Earth
And to the republic
As it is in Heaven
For which it stands
Give us this day our daily bread
One nation under God
And forgive us our trespasses
As we forgive them that trespass against us and
With liberty
Lead us not into temptation
But deliver us from evil
For thine is the Kingdom
And Justice
The Power, and the Glory
For All
For ever and Ever

The Golden Rule given by Jesus: So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.

The Golden Rule in Practice: Take care of yourself. If your neighbor has needs, he/she is on his/her own. "I got mine, s/he can get his/hers" is the motto. If your neighbor has a problem and reaches out for help, all the more reason to leave that neighbor alone. If the neighbor is in trouble it means that neighbor fucked up and needs to be taught a lesson. Make sure you tell your neighbor in need, "You gotta figure this out for yourself." Don't try to find out why the neighbor is suffering. Use your good judgement. Surely if he/she is struggling it is his/her own fault! Just ignore that neighbor so s/he will learn even her/his hardships are a result of her/his own incompetence. Let him/her know how he/she has fucked up! Leave the neighbor alone, all alone, to face the consequences. Just make sure you don't coddle the neighbor by making the effort of empathy or showing compassion or even offering a listening ear. If he/she is struggling, it means the struggle is his/her own fault for one reason or another. Don't waste your time, precious time you can spend on yourself or the people you should care about. If your loser neighbor can't figure it out for him/herself, forget about her/him. S/He can call the suicide hotline or the government for assistance. * **


* Jesus had twelve close mates. Of those twelve one sold him out one denied him and the other ten split when the Romans showed up to take him to Golgotha.

** If the neighbor is $rich$, you could stand to benefit by showing compassion. See 'The Golden Rule given by Jesus'.

Update 6 April 2019: I awoke today for the first time in 15 years without a pit in my stomach. I don't expect my family to read this. Why would they bother? But it is amazingly freeing to finally wipe the dust from my feet.

My Christian family members have been given many "gifts from the Lord". Children. Grandchildren. Great grandchildren.

It was 2005 when I first told my Christian family members that I believe to the core of my being that our leaders attacked us on 9-11-01 in order to create an excuse to take us to war.

Hear ye my Christian family:

You rejected my assertion prima facie. You disagree, you said.

In 2019 I am even more convicted that our leaders attacked us on 9-11-01 in order to create an excuse to take us to war. The war rages on. Millions dead. Millions more displaced. Troops die more often by suicide than battle. And you still disagree.

In 2004 I fell into a place between sleep and awake. I heard repeated: "They did it. They did it. They did it." I knew who ever was giving me that message was talking about 9-11 and I knew the "They" referred to our own leaders.

Many months of research followed, research YOU HAVE NOT DONE!

I've taken the time. I've done the work. I've opened my eyes.

Still you judge me to be a nut job because who else but a nut job would believe something so awful when you know there is no evidence for it?

Do you know how isolated I have felt by your judgment of me, Christian?

You have been given many gifts from the Lord. You are mistaken, though, if you think the Lord has failed to gift me.

Guess what?

I've been given a gift from the Lord, too. A gift you will not take away from me.

You raise the next generations. You are the greater authority on 9-11 though you've done NO research. And you are the greater authority on God. So you think.

You will not take away my gift! Your naysaying is powerless!

I am in communication with the Spirit World, the Spirit World in the Christ Light. Angels. They've always been with me. They revealed themselves to me because I needed their support. My work is for Them.

How's that for someone you informed would "have a hard time understanding God"? Remember? You told me that? That I'm gonna have a hard time understanding God because God wants us to come to him as a little child? As if even God is offended by my efforts to understand 9-11.

I turned to the scripture in an attempt to understand 9-11. You accused me of using the scripture to judge the world.


Perhaps it is your immature reading that reduces the scripture to a call to join The Jesus' Sinners Social Club* whose membership entitles one to God's Love and to the love of the other members, instead of understanding that the Love of God permeates everything and everyone, that to live in God's Love, is to be one with the Christ. God's Love is there for ALL, even if a person never "recognizes himself as a sinner" or hears the name Jesus Christ.

To be with the Spirits I must open my heart. I can't open my heart while harboring such resentment for you, "non-judging Christians".

I expect nothing less than your disagreement and disrespect. I can hear it now, "Coo coo. Coo coo."

That's why I'm in the market for a new family. I need new people in my life, people who respect me.

For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother. Matthew 12:50.

Your Father wishes you to bury your head in the sand about 9-11, perhaps because that's what you think a little child should do.

Message to you from your Father: Don't click the above paragraph's link or watch the videos. Don't imagine what a unified Christian voice against the lies and killing could accomplish. Just get back to posting Bible verses for your many Facebook friends. 172 likes can't be wrong! Better to pose your piety for your friends than to bother with the suffering of those in the warzones. It's a waste of your time to watch those nasty videos and give credit to the people you already know to be liars who produced them and the people you already know to be dupes and fools who listen to them. There's gotta be a game on. Anyway, it takes courage, compassion and intelligence to listen.

My Father wishes us to see clearly and seek Truth.

The Bible teaches that God is Love. The Bible also teaches that whoever fears has not been perfected in Love. 1 John 4.

But you insist, my Christian family, that we must fight a War on Terror.

I'll pray for you.

* I am sinner here me roar! Pro-sely-ti-zing for my Lord

Update the day before: Question the thought the Matthew Castro thinks the woman typing the wrong to the max being the man that knows just knows the war of the terror the wrong thing all the way to the thought the man too thinks the depleted uranium the wrong use but the US military thinks the right to the thought the being the man that uses the head to diagnose the wrong mention the woman wants to replace the video to keep the other from thinking that not "official" enough to warn to the others too the being the judge to the max of the hardship of the others in the Iraq means the being too the judges of the WE being the authors of the beings that know to the max the way to the other side means the giving to the world the wanting to NOT do this to any other children to the thought the Ormus too might just might negate the horror but the world tells the women too that the being the voting the better method to the thought the voting the thing that means the women too think the voting machines the not rigged but the to the max too much in the way of the WE to negate not the voting but to feel the futility of the cause tells herself the Chris Emmons the not the friend to the thought the woman thinks the woman typing the better human to the thought the woman to the max knows the being to the thought the "wrong" thing to the Ormus community means the woman to the max is the conditioned by the women to the thought the Chris too knows the way to the other side begins the moment the WE announces...

Please attend your brother's sermon when he speaks to his congregation about the suffering caused by depleted uranium, the horrible birth-defect causing ammunition you drop from your fighter jets.

You will be broadcasting it onto the Venezuelan people when you deploy with the US Navy to protect the dollar hegemony of the money changers.

I know you ain't no Okie from Muskogee. You are a Naval Aviator.

Therefore you gotta be smart enough to understand this song.

Update April 11, 2021: The night wins nothing but the woman hears the Shell there constantly thinking to herself that wins the right to recall the Shell Clevenger of the rights of man has the world view that you Kat are the wrong to the world where the woman thinks the WE is the author that wins too the entire family minus the father of the Jim Brannen having not the first care for her well being without the being the woman that wants too the world to hear the Shell will be without the comments now but the WE is the author that the giving to the woman's cousin the right to remember too the Shell was the army intelligence was the way to telling her the way to fake the 911 was the work of the terrorists of the others not the men of the power was the way to help too the family hear: the Donna Brim was never influenced by the cousin Trish but by the brother Paul that understands only the yes sir that wins too the way to the getting to the great grandchildren too tells to the woman typing the being the parent was too the best role the man called Shell ever fulfilled and too the son was the delight to the news: the woman that wants nothing but the funeral too that wins too the right to remember too the Clevenger was the wasted by the heaven of the having nothing but the woman understanding the light at the end of the tunnel is the light of the Divine and too the divine and too the Delight that tells to her too the right to the regurgitation of the Goethe was the way to Faust to the future being that has then again too the friends that win too the woman was that to the Shell Clevenger the woman was the friend.

The mentioning to her that the WE wants the woman to work for the now not the being the alone always was the manner of the using too the Shell to tell to the family that he is there always to the point the man watches the wife from the other side telling her to be without the making the big cheeses the right to the working for the WE meaning the way to hearing nothing but the doubt being the way to "marry" to her the energy of the husband that was tells to her the way to sentence to the hell on earth women of the loving the men without the heart energy blocked was the way to marry the Richard without the heart hearing the man wanted the money the most the way to be without that was the way to be without the heart hearing the woman was the gone to the other side when the mother was there too telling her to remember the Shell Clevenger was the right to the woman's world where too the woman thought the waking the real: the man will enter to the working for the WE but the way to hearing the only woman allowed to the being there was the Richard being the right to the fighting not then because the need to harness too the woman to the thinking too the "computer work" was the right to the working for the "us" meaning the couple that was not the way to the knowing only the woman was too the working for the man that makes the money was the wife.

For my friend Shell Clevenger who recently passed to the next world. Xanadu was his favorite movie. Citizen Kane is one of mine.