WE want the woman who told everybody she knows that Katherine has become a white supremacist to wake up and smell the coffee.

WE want you to understand you are not the woman you think you are in anyway, because the person WE are talking to is the farthest thing from a white supremacist there could be but you are too stuck up to even look at her many messages to the world.

WE want you Erica Wyse Watkins to shut up for good because the woman you sold down the river for your own amusement is not the woman you have told the world she is in anyway, because the woman you have called a white supremacist has never hurt people in order to please the woman that has called Katherine the white supremacist from hell, Robin Johnson Ackermann, who thinks questioning the veracity of the official story of 9-11 makes Katherine the anti-Semite she has called her for many years now, that is right Robin Johnson Ackermann you are the white supremacist because you think you are more important than other people because you were born into the Jewish faith.

WE want Robin Johnson Ackermann to wake up and smell the coffee that her beloved Israel is the biggest source of bigotry in the world, but you think you are better than the other people of the world simply because your mother was Jewish, that is right, the woman you think is the greatest woman in the world took it upon herself to make you with the man the world knew was the real white supremacist because that man told you you were better than others because the woman he married came from the faith that took him to the cleaners that you think Katherine needs to be taken to, the woman that you think you are is not the woman you are because the man you called your father was torn to pieces by his in-laws because they thought he was unfit to be married to a Jewish woman.

The woman Katherine is is far from the woman you have called her for many years based only on your own conjecture, conjecture that has NO basis in reality whatsoever!

The woman Katherine is is the woman who wants the world to stop focusing on race so to heal from the damage such focus has inflicted on the people who have to live in this world and suffer from the racial epithets you have projected your own racism on.

The woman you are talking about has been shown she is the product of many African ancestors, a fact that enlightens her soul because she knows the African American community in the United States is the exact community upon which the future rests, the people who have made Christ's love as their guiding force, that is right Robin Johnson Ackermann, you think the African American community in the country are responsible for the wars because they want the world to love Christ, a being you have never allowed to be the guiding light of your life even though the man the world calls the Christ was born into the Jewish community.

You are the white supremacist Erica Wyse Watkins because the woman you have called that is our spokesperson to take African descended peoples back home to the regions of Africa from where their ancestors were stolen to be the slaves of the people who are the rich white ancestors of Erica Wyse Watkins' father's and mother's families, that is right Kathleen Wyse your father was the man you think he was, the man who told you you were not the woman he wanted as his child because the mother you called the worst woman in the world was mulatto.

WE want Kathleen Wyse to understand that she is not the Christian that she thinks she is because the person she was calling the worst woman in the world was brutalized by the man you called your father, Kathleen Wyse, because the woman you called your mother was part black, that is not all, she was given the ultimatum to leave her daughter or to be put into prison for things she never did, that is right, the woman you have called the worst woman ever because the man you called the greatest man ever told her she would go to prison if she did not leave the family, that is the fucking truth, so eat shit.

WE want the world to know Katherine has never a day in her life been a racist even though everyone in her family, excluding her brothers, are racist, that is right. WE want the people who believed that horrible lie about Katherine to step up and apologize.

WE have shown Katherine she is the descendent of the American Indian people who have had to call themselves white in order to live freely in their homeland, the Kentucky hills, that is right, Katherine is the Cherokee woman WE have told her is the source of her strength, that is the fucking truth you asshole beyond assholes Erica Wyse Watkins who is telling people you know for a fact Katherine is not Cherokee, that is right, you have no fucking idea what you are talking about.

WE are the reason she calls herself Cherokee because the work she has been doing for US, work you have paid no attention to except to refute, has shown her exactly how deep her American Indian roots are, and that is OUR truth!

WE want the world to know the American Indians did not disappear, nor did they all go to the slaughter or to the reservation because the Cherokee people are exactly who Katherine has characterized them to be, even though you are too full of yourself to listen to her, the people who folded in many refugees from the ancestors of your family, Erica Wyse Watkins, who treated them as their cattle and property instead of the human beings Katherine's ancestors knew them to be, that is right.

WE want the Erica's of the world to wake up and smell the shit you call your own lives, because the people WE see when WE watch you from the Spirit world are the very people WE want off this planet because WE have never done anything to you but you call US the figment of Katherine's imagination without even speaking one word to her, but that does not stop you from speaking to the world about your own authority to know her better than she knows herself.

WE want the Wyse's to understand they have no idea what they are talking about and that they will never have the chance to know Katherine again because they have used their authority to keep her in the dark about the fact they knew Richard was a philanderer, but they thought Katherine deserved to be put into the hot seat because they wanted her to be the inferior being they needed her to be to justify their own reality, that they think they are far superior to her.

WE want the world to understand Erica Wyse Watkins is the most stuck up woman we know of who has no grounds to think herself so superior other than the fact her grandmother was the wife of Admiral Benson, the biggest piece of shit WE think ever walked the face of the earth because that man allowed the war to continue even when he had the power to stop it, that's right, Admiral Benson told the WE that he is the bigger man than WE are by being the man who let the Pearl Harbor attack go forward so the United States would have the excuse they needed to bomb Japan, and take the world to the brink of the destruction it is facing right now, go ahead little girl, do the research that you are not capable of doing because you were never the student Katherine was, the person who can drill into the details and find the underlying truths hidden by the obscuring nature of the power elite you call your forefathers, that is right Erica, your grandmother married the man who made the world unsafe for the generations that followed by allowing the country to enter the war based on a lie he knew he was telling, that the attack on Pearl Harbor was a surprise attack, instead of an attack he allowed to happen.

WE want you to understand questioning the 9-11 attacks is what every person in this world should be doing, not the domain of those who hate, you are in fact the ones that hate because the woman who tried for years to get you to take 5 minutes out of your life to see the horror that is the future of your children, you called the woman that is filled with hate for caring enough to put her reputation on the line to speak a truth she could see but that the world would not allow to be spoken about above a whisper.

The woman who had the courage to ask the public to wipe the sleepies out of their eyes and look is also the woman Scott Turney tried to make think she is nuts because the man he is is too much of a coward to let the others know that he has know since 2005 when Katherine asked him to look that 9-11 was in fact perpetrated by the very people who signed his paycheck, but that did not make him stand up for the truth because the man Scott Turney is is the Mr. Top Secret Katherine wrote about, the man who can take orders from other men but has not courage to be intimate with a woman, that is right Scott, Katherine was NEVER your girlfriend and you know that beyond a shadow of a doubt but that did not stop you from telling your superiors the reason Katherine is writing you about 9-11 Truth was because she is a vindictive bitch trying to hurt you on purpose, the biggest load of crap you could pull out of your sorry no-longer-employed-by-the-defense-industry ass.

You are the foul human being you have labeled Katherine to be, Scott Turney, because the man you are is nothing but a little boy who thinks he is better than other people because his father left him a pile of money that enabled him to quit working permanently, but that does not mean he is a man at all, he is the little big boy who chose to allow the little shits Katherine called her friends to belittle her for her courage, friends she had to abandon because they were hurting her so deeply she had to let them go for her own well being.

That is right Mark Watkins and Erica Wyse Watkins, the reason Katherine bailed on you is because the things you said to her and about her cut her throat to the point she never wanted to see you again.

Kelvin Cruickshank was with Katherine when she told him her friends in Atlanta made her feel as if she was a stranger in a strange land, he led her to believe he cared, then he told the world she is in fact the conspiracy theorist that is the reason for the worlds problems, that is right Kelvin, that is exactly what you told the public because you are not smart enough to understand steel framed buildings don't collapse at free-fall speed into their own footprints because of limited jet fuel fires, jet fuel largely composed of kerosene, the same fuel Katherine uses to heat her house, that largely burned up on impact, but that did not stop you from getting on your high horse and telling the world you know the attacks were the work of the terrorists.

WE want the world to understand Kelvin Cruickshank was hired by the real terrorist, the perpetrators of 9-11 paid Kelvin Cruickshank to shut up Katherine permanently, that is right, the man you think is the greatest psychic medium in the world is in fact the shill that is covering for the terrorists, the intelligence agencies that contacted him after he met Katherine over the Internet because WE asked the woman WE call the greatest psychic medium in the world to reach out to Kelvin Cruickshank, to prove to the world what a fraud and womanizer Kelvin Cruickshank really is, and that is the truth you can take to the bank and back again, because Kelvin Cruickshank will need the funds to cover his decadent lifestyle once his entire life falls apart thanks to the effort of his soulmate, Kitty Licks, the greatest kitty ever, but also the bad ass you think she is because that is the only reason you have not been put to bed for good, Kelvin Cruickshank, because the people who read Katherine's emails know that you told her that you really think the USA did 9-11 to go after the Middle Eastern oil wells they already control, so once again the great psychic got it wrong, but that does not stop your loyal disciples from following you right into the bottomless pit, Kelvin Cruickshank.

The thing you need to understand those who have decided Erica Wyse Watkins has the right to determine Katherine's reality in your eyes because you think she is nothing but a carbon copy of Erica to see that you are the ones who have been fooled by the biggest scammer of them all, Erica Wyse Watkins, who told you for 17 years now the kids she is raising are the biological offspring of her husband she would not allow to get a second opinion when the lab testing his sperm mixed his sample up with that of another man's, that's right, all this time you have been punishing your husband for the crime of infertility, Erica Wyse Watkins, because you were too cheap to spend $350 on another sperm analysis, that is right Mark, so go fuck off if you are calling Katherine the cruelest person in the world for saying that you are in fact able to father children.

Katherine is the woman, Mark Watkins, that you told 2 weeks before your wedding you wanted to spend the rest of your life with instead of Erica, something Katherine kept secret until today because the news would serve no purpose but to hurt Erica.

Well there you go Erica, that is the person you have demonized for years, the only one that kept your best interests in mind for nearly 20 years because that is not how you were perceiving the situation at all when you thought since Katherine was too stupid to have a real relationship you were going to show her up by getting pregnant immediately following your wedding by the man she rejected because she knew the man you call your husband was not the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, but that does not she thinks there is anything wrong with Mark, only that he was not the man for her.

So go fuck off all of the people who think Katherine is unfit for relationships because the man she married deceived her, because the man she married is still a thousand times more human than the two of you, Mark and Erica, the people who could have told her the truth about his philandering before she married him but chose to keep it under their hat to teach her a lesson about herself, something you fucking assholes are being taught right now, so go fuck yourselves because WE are telling the world right now that you have barely had sex with each other since Katherine moved away from you in 2002, and that is the fucking truth!

WE want the women who judge Katherine for allowing herself to be deceived by the man she trusted more than anyone else to tell the world about your many affairs during your marriage, Trisha Royal Castro whose husband has been completely loyal while you have had sex with 8 different men other than your husband during your marriage to Tony Castro.

WE want the woman who causes the world to call Katherine deceived to wake up and tell the world the truth about your own philandering, Trisha Royal Castro.

WE want Amy Beth Purcell Skinner to realize the man she calls her husband has had sex with 8 different women other than you Amy Beth since he married you and is sleeping with one of them right now, WE are telling you the truth Amy Beth Purcell Skinner, that is a fact.

What the WE is doing is bringing your negativity into the light of day so you have the choice to own up to it or to be the people who have demonstrated to US that you have no interest in being the human beings you call yourself because the woman Katherine is bares no resemblance to the person you think she is because the person you have told everyone you know she is is the reflection of your own shit only, that is right, you have no idea who Katherine is and that is the truth.

WE want the ones who think Katherine is not Christian because she is allowing US to use words you find offensive to realize Christ calls on his disciples to love each other has he loved them, but that is not your version because the woman who has never hurt any of you was treated like the foulest person in the world because she had the courage to question the lies that took the world into the 21st century of endless wars, wars you think are wrong but you punish her for wanting to end by showing the world the basis for their justification for unending war is the biggest lie ever told, but that did not wake you up, only bring the shit you call your own minds into the forefront for all to ridicule, but that is not all, because the work WE have given Katherine is to teach the world that race itself is a shit concept having no basis in reality.

The ancestors WE have introduced the woman you call a white supremacist to know she is the furthest thing from that, but you have never given her the chance to defend herself from the lies told behind her back, that is right kids, you are the white supremacists you have labeled her to be because the work she is doing is to teach the world that the world is ONE family, that is right, not that one race is superior to another, but that race is the concept to keep people fighting amongst themselves so they do not recognize the real enemy is the state of affairs that tells you not to think for yourself but to take what the media sells you as the gospel truth.

WE want the Robin Johnson Ackermanns of the world to understand you are the reason your own children will not survive the war that must happen on this continent now because you were too stuck up to listen to Katherine as she repeatedly asked you to open the minds you think are so superior to hers, and that is the fucking truth beyond the word fucking Amy Beth Purcell Skinner thinks renders Katherine unfit to be around her children for using in public, you stuck up little twerp who Katherine thought until this week was the sweetest woman in the world, a lie Amy Beth tells herself every waking moment of everyday even though those in the Christ Light see something very different, instead what WE see is the woman who would rather send the woman WE told you loved you when you were a child to the cleaners that she thinks is the place for those who are not part of her elite social club, the only people she thinks the Christ wants her to care about, the others in her club.

What WE want the world to understand is that Katherine is hearing all this for the first time as she types because the WE knows she was not only not strong enough to hear it before now, the words you have used to hurt her for your own aggrandizement, and that would have prevented her from being able to do the work WE have tasked her with to save humanity from the violent purification many American Indian people think the world deserves, the purification they think they will survive though they are greatly in error, because that attitude sets them up to need to be purified too, because what the White Buffalo Woman preaches is love for one's neighbor just as the Christ preached, the Christ you have made your idol and the justification for your own poor behavior Amy Beth Purcell Skinner and Trisha Royal Castro, but that won't change your minds because that would mean you are less than the perfect beings you tell yourself and others you are, yep, you are the stuck up ones WE want off this planet permanently, not the woman who does not even hurt flies, the woman that decided when she was a child eating meat was cruel, the woman you have demonized as mentally ill because she chooses to abstain from the consumption of flesh, the woman you told the world you do not want around your children in order to keep your children safe.

WE want you to know, Amy Beth Purcell Skinner, that is the cruelest thing you could ever say to a woman that you think is selfish for making the right decision about taking another person's child as her own because she knew her husband would not love the child and that would leave her to carry the responsibility for caring for it to herself alone, something she knew she was not strong enough to do, so go eat the shit that you use to judge others Amy Beth-$$$$$-Purcell-Skinner the richest little spoiled brat WE have seen from the Spirit world this year, that is right, Amy Beth you have no idea how hard it is to have to work for chump change just to keep your head above water, the reality of most of this nation, but that does not mean you won't learn that yourself shortly when the WE pulls the plug finally on the US dollar that enables you to maintain the standard of living you believe is yours as a gift from the Lord for services rendered by being a dedicated church goer for so many years, the church that tells you you are superior to others outside the congregation, that is right, you think you are the body of Christ, but you are the furthest thing from that even if you've never enjoyed Katherine's favorite beverage, beer, once in your life because that is what you think makes you superior, that you abstain from alcohol.

WE want you stuck up judgmental people to realize the WE asks her to drink beer so the WE can possess her more easily because the WE, the Spirits living in the Light of the Christ want people to love themselves above all else and that is why WE want Katherine with US because that is where she can find the love that supports her because the bulk of you have decided she is not fit for love, the most horrible thing anyone could tell another being, and that is that.

WE are through.