Update 15 April, 2020:
The answer is clear
Stir the Capital Houses
Steal the law books
Burn them
In the Fire of Redemption
As Gretchen and the Faust Redux x2 Burned
Now is the time

Update 10 April, 2020: Looks like what the WE told me last winter is what is coming to fruition: the USA/NATO attack on the Venezuelans in order to take control of the oil reserves and to sabotage the Russians from trading that oil with the Ruble instead of the US Dollar. How fun! The Western Hemisphere now gets to be terrorized. I'm proud to be the type of American that understands the rights that are ours as well as the Venezuelans are endowed by the Creator not given to us by the constant flushing down the toilets the lives of the many good men and women that believe the story that going to the warzone in the many decorated uniforms means freedom is given to the people. Hey let's flush this song down the toilet too permanently "cause there ain't no doubt I hate this song."

Your choice people to be the stooges that believe the COVID-19 complete to the max bullshit with your many masks and delightful sentencing of the other neighbor to be the sick one by distancing yourself. Ha ha ha. The truth is the social distancing is the modern version of the Riot Act that you gullible Americans line up to lap into your troughs to be that important that you comply with the wishes of the masters in the Raleigh/Washington stolen from the Natives areas to be given the right to lovingly by your paternalistic big brother in the cities the right to recall that you too have the right to refuse the orders Americans and reclaim your many selves your American Indian heritage meaning the notion that nobody is the American Indian anymore is the hogwash of the century meaning the very mention the Ghost Dancers were that means you have a lot to learn Brooke Medicine Eagle the woman that works with the WE too for her pay.

It's up to us.

Dismantling the Doomsday Machines

Do you think the maniacs in Washington who 9-11'd us and continue haunting the world with warfare and economic bullying are not gonna use nuclear weapons? They will try to save US dollar hegemony at all costs.

It's up to us.

"There's a man with a button over there. Kitty Licks says you got to be aware."

Everybody look what's going down. Venezuela. It's not permisible for other countries to deal outside the US dollar. There's a lot of oil underneath Venezuela.

The Currency War Will Escalate as China’s ‘Petro-Yuan’ Challenges the U.S. Military-Backed ‘Petro-Dollar’
By Timothy Alexander Guzman

Venezuela is also ready and willing to make its move against the U.S. dollar. Reuters did report on the decision made by the Maduro government to implement a new system of international payments for its oil exports. The report headlined with ‘Venezuela’s Maduro says will shun U.S. dollar in favor of yuan, others’ quoted what Maduro had said during a session of the National Constituent Assembly at Palacio Federal Legislativo in Caracas, Venezuela:

“Venezuela is going to implement a new system of international payments and will create a basket of currencies to free us from the dollar,” Maduro said in an hours-long address to a new legislative superbody, without providing details of the new mechanism. “If they pursue us with the dollar, we’ll use the Russian ruble, the yuan, yen, the Indian rupee, the euro,” Maduro said.

Update 28 June, 2020: The son of the employee of the woman entitled the yogini that buttfucks the others after hours in the basement took his own life. That is the word from the man himself that wants his mother Sheri Kay to take to the bank the need to become the more compassionate the moment the woman told her that the words "Are you suicidal?" turned to the being the never going to tell the Sheri Kay the answer to the max is NO but the child that you raised to begin the thought the man was the never able to please the mother nor the father nor the greater family that loves too much the accolades of the being the more important humans means the woman too knows the woman typing not the Jewish woman suspected but the Cherokee woman that knows damn well the being the suicidal to the max the not the shunning material especially to the employed so called invented by the Martia yoga therapist. Eat the truth Sheri: Your own son committed suicide and that is the message he wishes you to take to the bank building each time you decide to condemn the woman that was the impressionable not young tyke but the woman sent to the Black Mountain Yoga Center to rid the world too of the scum that tells the world he has the goods to be the veterinarian without the proper credentials too. The cats are the reason the woman knows the woman typing is the truth teller so take the medicine Sheri Kay the being too smart to eradicate too the fluoride in the water being the potential to calcify the pineal and the reason the many kids develop both adrenal fatigue, thyroid deficiency and the dreaded to the max type 1 diabetes. Cheers Mom!

WE want the world to comprehend the Rachmans of the Black Mountain Yoga Center to be confiscated during the COVID-19 cover up of the systemic economic collapse have the nerve to regurgitate the rarely not repeated bullshit the ex-husband known now as the drummer from hell to the friends out in the Western Hemisphere meaning the very thought the man not only followed the woman through the grief too her friend Erica Wyse Watkins of the "ugliest person I know" designation told herself not my issue is the feeling that not the first human under the designation "this generation" has the balls nor the heart to accept the human that worked to the max during the 1990s to become the internet artist today that her abilities arrest to her the story that her mother too has not corrected to the point the very thought the Martia "knows for the fact the woman typing gave children to the state of Georgia for the being the child molester" to the point the father of her children the Richard Foulk, Jr. then legally wed to the woman typing is the real child molester to the point the record expunged from the Mitchell County North Carolina Courts was the action of his worthless family trying to save their God awful name from the mud to the point the very thought the woman too took the cats that now have to suffer constantly away from the woman typing tells her the Rachmans too are the lowest form of humanity too since they too told the Jimmy on the River the bullshit to the point he told himself the right thing is to take the Miriam Allen to the backroom, fuck her up the asshole and then give the jism to the slice and the salad to never see that patron again but still had the audacity to tell her hello from across the other bar that now remains the defunct entity telling the bullshit purveyors that you too have the karma that pays.

The Marci Rothschild Robbins of the Cocaine Kingpin's wife designation too has the audacity to tell herself the continuing the giving to the others the bullshit the woman actually is not the purveyor of tells her to stop the talking out loud lest the WE take her to the cleaners meaning the very idea the Rachmans think they are the therapists too is the laughable thing.

The husband that gave to his wife instead of the child the tumor that gave to her the 7 years of the cleansing that felt the hell every day of her life to the point the man then accused her of infecting him to the max with the HIV that today he too infects the many unsuspecting women too that get the dirty pregnancies being the meat eaters instead of the now residual free woman typing meaning the Rachmans too preach the diet that includes the flesh tells the woman entitled "The Town Pump Pumper" to the point the thought too the Jimmy on the River folks too considered the woman thinking them the new friends the woman too that goes to the cops to the point the drugs moving through the Jimmy's on the River on the Highway 70 during the Swannanoa River times that means the thing that matters to the woman typing is the man too beget the headache that regrettably turned her stomach thinking especially about the cum of the two boys then employed by the Jimmy to make the pizzas with the drugs that if the woman had not regurgitated would have been the fatal dose tells the OFFICER COOMER OF THE BUNCOMBE COUNTY COURT'S BUTTHOLE FUCKING SUCK OFFS CALLED THE SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT the manner to serve and protect is to protect the customers of the restaurant never once cited for the violation instead of the infecting too himself with the goo of the Jimmy meaning the very thought the Jimmy too has the HIV...

Katherine Brannen never once engaged in the act of the social distancing to the point the very thought that her choice is to be locked away to the point the man took the car too registered in the name not his to be his to the point the very thought the Rachman known to the daytime people the yoga therapist but to the late nighters the big butted butthole that fucks after the hours for the fun of the showing off her many movements tells her the very thought that her goal to the max was to ruin the woman that is the therapist that has the clients too tells the Rachmans to beget the insurance too to the point the thought the social distancing to the max tells them the center goes to the grave instead of the "suicidal" google bad reviewer tells them to stop the charade and be the assholes they are that never again repeats the bullshit that they too know is that being the children that must be the raging assholes the moment the world begins to make the sense to the others too that give to the White Buffalo Woman in action the wrong designation to become the ego maniacs that lose the game plan to begin the next thing in the Soulfood Show arena being the Last of the Mohicans this time as the tykes of the other side of the coin realize the thing that makes them the foulest of the lot is that Richard Foulk, Jr. told them too to ignore the fact the Coco has the other woman too to take care of her until the Withers too told themselves the right thing is to run the woman that "is the child molester in the hiding" out of the neighborhood. So see ya Withers. The grass will be cut but then again the thing that made you the "big land lord" was the hiding too the regurgitation the car too has the years but the amending the story to tell you the going to the Richard instead of the woman to the point the man that was never the real husband seeing as he was already wedded to the Miriam Allen to the point the Jimmy on the River that took the word of the "other woman" scorned over the word of the woman that gave to him the respect tells her that he too is the scum with the potential to reform but that means being the big boy not the big man that cums to the butthole designation the thing that makes the woman the released is the releasing the feeling the freedom is the needing to beget the right feeling that I too have the right to exist even if the "stolen lands" tell her the "white" fuckwads win the show.

Attention All Musicians Looking For A Drummer: The man took the grief of the woman typing and turned her instead into the child molester to tarnish his reputation seeing as the woman not once took the child to the bedroom unlike the Jimmy on the River too who fingers his daughter to this day to the point the very thought that the woman typing too was the working 7 days a week first call neighborhood babysitter before embarking on the career experience detailed below to teach the Rachmans the 7th grade science they call themselves the "experts" too of the Ayurvedic field to expect the others.

Katherine Brannen

Work Experience

Jan 2002 – Oct 2003   Georgia State University Professional Counseling Program College Of Education   Atlanta, GA

Georgia State University Department of Counseling and Professional Services - I went back to school for a Masters in Professional Counseling in 2002 (which I didn’t finish). For my student assistantship I put their practicum-internship process online. I built a web-based front-end for students to signup for and maintain their practicum-internship information. This front-end was written using ASP and writes to an SQL Server database. The application also featured an office/staff front-end to oversee students’ practicum-internship information. The “office” front-end was written in MS Access. It interfaced with the same SQL server database backend the students’ information is written to.

May 1999 – Apr 2002   Insight Systems, Inc.   Atlanta, GA

Insight Systems is a small consulting firm specializing in custom billing and accounts receivable software for telecommunications and ISPs. I worked with several clients, primarily the conference calling company InterCall supporting their billing system.

Project Manager – Coordinated all billing, A/R, and sales system development for the telecom client, Intercall. This included needs analysis meetings with client, supervising 5 programmer/analysts’ project design, coding and data dictionary changes, QA/testing, implementation, documentation.

Development was Progress CHUI version 8 database on AIX, Linux and WebSpeed 3.0 on Solaris, Linux.

Programmer/Analyst – Wrote financial reports. Bug fixes and modifications to InterCall’s billing system.

In 2000 I designed, coded, tested, and implemented an internationally used conference calling reservation website for telecom client InterCall’s European operations.

In 2002 I worked with client EarthLink. I wrote a partner collection system as an adjunct to their regular billing system and documented their credit card processing system. I joined the company with clients of my own. I continued to support these clients, American Health Consultants and World Travel Partners.

Development was Progress CHUI versions 8 and 9 databases on AIX, Solaris, Linux; WebSpeed 2.1 and 3.0 on Solaris, Linux; WebSpeed 2.1 on NT, Active Server Pages on NT.

Jan 1999 – May 1999   Independent Contractor   Atlanta, GA

World Travel Partners – Continued working for the Meeting and Incentives Division. Modifications and bug fixes to a custom web based Meeting Management system written in Progress WebSpeed. Wrote small websites using ASP to MS Access on NT Server that allowed people to register for meetings. The data retrieved from the websites was then fed into a backend travel management system written in Progress Version 7.

American Health Consultants – Supported custom renewal system I wrote while an employee several years before. Development was Progress Version 7 on Sco UNIX.

Loaded Medicare Reimbursement data into Medic Vision systems for two medical practices. Medic Vision is written in Informix and lived on UNIX machines.

Oct 1998 – Jan 1999   WorldTravel Partners   Atlanta, GA

Programmer/Analyst/Web Developer – Used Active Server Pages and MS Access to create online conference registration system web pages running on NT server that interfaced with backend travel system written in Progress version 7.

Maintained meeting management applications written in WebSpeed 2.1 on NT with databases on Sco UNIX.

Mar 1998 – Oct 1998   Premiere Technologies   Atlanta, GA

Premiere Technologies is a telecommunications company originally specializing in calling cards. At the time I worked there they had acquire voice mail and faxing companies that were being integrated.

Programmer/Analyst – Modifications to web based and chUI telecommunication voice mail billing systems written in Progress version 7 on Solaris, WebSpeed 2.1 development on Solaris.

Created small system that dumped telecom call data from FoxPro in Windows environment, FTP’d to Solaris and uploaded into Informix database. Created web enabled user interface using Perl.

Feb 1997 – Feb 1998   MAG Mutual Healthcare Solutions   Atlanta, GA

Programmer/Analyst – Wrote shell scripts to work with Medic Vision practice management system on AIX. This included scripts to support different login types, handle printing issues, and sed/awk scripts to parse data. Wrote SQL scripts to access, load, and update data in backend Informix database.

Configured remote, network and local printers on AIX.

Helped setup new practice management clients, installing practice management software in their offices.

Nov 1995 – Feb 1997   American Health Consultants   Atlanta, GA

Manager, Data Services – Managed circulation system for medical publishing company. Wrote a customized system to handle renewals specific to the company’s business needs. Produced reports for marketing and finance. Development was Progress version 6 on Sco UNIX.

Sep 1993 – Nov 1995   Various Short-term Jobs   Atlanta, GA

Industrial Paper Corporation – Created reports from inventory system written in Progress version 6 on AIX. Trained sales force to use laptops.

Future First Publishing – Layout and design of university career guides and government marketing materials using PageMaker.

Geriatric Psychiatrist – Created MS Access database to track patient visits, schedules, medications and diagnosis.

Cisco Systems – Managed databases of training materials and sales contacts. Various office duties.

MacTemps – Temp jobs working with Macintosh computers. Usually Excel, MS Word, FileMaker Pro, PageMaker.

Apr 1992 – Sep 1993   Gerontology Center   Atlanta, GA

Research Assistant – Assisted in research for NIH funded aging study at the GA Tech facility of the UGA Gerontology Center. This included test preparation, testing subjects, scoring tests, maintaining data, data analysis, library research, and project writing.


Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology   Georgia Institute of Technology   1992.

Some say Kitty Licks is a direct descendant of The Princess of Cups.

Question the update 8/Nov/2008 meaning the woman wants only the distinction between murdering the many and murdering the one is the way to giving to the many the mandate to vaccinate too the children meaning the murdering too the womb babies wins the right to choose too the way to knowing only the world wants the woman to comprehend too the mask makes her madder than hell to the thought the murdering the many the better than the compliance to the oligarchs not masking to the point wanting too the cousin "the Ant" to teach to the many the better off in the desert of the going home to the world that Las Vegas too wins the right to shut off the lights tells to the terminating too the making too the cashiers the enforcers of the masking means the piggies rule the entire globe now thanks to the need to the meat eating that spells: GREASE WINS the right to remove too the murderers of the children of the corn meaning the woman typing is not the kind loving nor compassionate when too the world hears I only want to be the normal again but the normal is not normal at all meaning the children forced to the making too the organic food now the suspicious comments the way to recognize the Ingles will too remove the masking when too the Ingles closes the doors because they too will be irrelevant to the few left following too the irrational decisions to make too the bombs the necessary including too the right to refocus on the Venezuelans means the woman knows only the way to get to the point: the warfare happening in the Middle East too wins the right to reverberate to the woman the killing off many of the compliant women and men on the American Animal Farm wins too the right to consider too the lifetime is that the fictional event meaning too the return too the incarnation turning around to the point the world is the really really tired too of the needing the mask to participate in the political theater meaning I want to give to the women and men of the Highland Brewing the right to recall the "conspiracy" theory that your beer will end in the end times is the reason too to recall too the Swannanoa the better filled with the many alive women and women enjoying themselves than the many that want only the right to recall animal husbandry too wins the right to remember to the husbands of the other women are the factory farmers of the modern age meaning the way to giving to the wedding vow I am the big kid that produces too the farm animals to become the right to the oligarchs too to tell to the mass slaughter of all the cattle that the extinction event will follow with the humans being the gone too meaning that is the plan of the Gates Foundation to remove too the cash you kids of the compliance is the conditioned into me since I am the post-9-11-attacks generation not new to the scene but too buttfucked to comprehend too the attacks the reason you will be the slaughtered too meaning the way to give to the world I am too hot to trot to be heard tells to the Victoria Nuland is the reason too the woman laughs out loud when the Iranian president too works for the UN to become the better informed the man is too ignorant to recognize too the UN the better off without too the security council spelling the organization is useful but the security council is the not right at all meaning too Israel wins the right to recall I want you to be that the recognizing the many Palestinian humans told to be without the first right are too the fucked hard by the Israel to the tune too the making the Baptist the man that wants too to be heard tells to the woman I supplant to you the way to give to the Ant the right to be the executioner is to be with the story too he is the man working off too the sluff by loving too the woman called Katherine Brannen now meaning I want the woman to hear the man is there with her as the guide and will never leave her side meaning her back has the friend.

Benjamin Fulford writes about the battle to save planet earth. In last week's piece he pens,

"...inside the U.S., targeted assassinations of key individuals have been taking place at an accelerated pace in order to restore democracy and the rule of law, CIA sources say."

How is it possible to "restore the rule of law" through murder? Does that not put the assassin above the law?

Won't we then be ruled by an army of assassins? When will the assassins know that the earth has been properly cleansed and they can stop killing? Are they omniscient in their selection of targets?

The thing that disturbs us is only the sound of the low spark of high heeled boys. How do those assassins kill in those heels? Meow.

Spirit is something no one destroys. When a critical mass of humanity conquers their fear of death and lives in the vibration of Spirit, then we will have won the battle for planet earth.