The women that think that Katherine Brannen is a baaaaaad human for the channel find out they are to learn a lot. That wins the Mr. Aaron Wood's family that thought the "jealous" working woman was find instead The Mother was.

The women that once and for all said "see the professional" too said to the very educated near-real-truth, the actual professional herself, that woman knew only the way to recluse to free herself from the bonds that bind the women together: they suck Richard's dick properly. Now that wins the way to Aunt Charlotte, the Aunt that was abused never but was used to receive too the letter from Katherine that taught her to love Katherine better. He isn't the author that allowing Christ Jesus the floor then was never there but allowing her heart to hope for a better tomorrow was abusing Richard's felt-for-world as this: Kelvin's Energy was working!

The way to Kelvin Cruickshank's career aborted was the covid-19 scam that he and crew abated another way to the WE having to renew that to the WE's need to Martia and Brad Rachman, the beings selling an Ayurvedic teacher training but complimenting them too was Richard's penis too flowing to Clare "I made fun of her for thinking yoga was her world" Desmelik, the best friend to Heil Hitlers, the women too want Clare's reputation international. So be the cock-sucking mother-fucker that fucks without the seconds flowing to Sri Aurobindo, the unknown being to Clare Desmelik, there to erect to the world that The Mother, the Shakti, wasn't ever without the WE's need to Steve and Christy, the marijuana growers that fuck the animals and their own kids, that suck the drug called cocaine to the belly that beasts to the WE's way to support cops. Be the animal rescuers too Buncombe County Sheriff's Office. Free the kept locked up better-off-dead animals.

The WE wants Aaron Price's wife to be indicted as another Richard's baby maker! Now that entitles the WE to the flooring that punching out Katherine Brannen for listening to the WE floors every other being that bakes the Richard's not fertile clause to very importantly freeing her to begin to have to comprehend, Larry's people, that the animal menagerie wants to end Steve and Christy!!!

The animals vaccinated too often are those brain suffering dogs and cats and removing Solitaire from his mother was simply flat out wronging both animals!

Mental illnesses are the way to the women that think they are superior to another because the man they fuck describes the horribleness that thinks that...Mrs. Wyse Watkins finds that lying next to her husband nightly wasn't a pregnancy way but allowing the other women to lie with him made abortions. That was her need to "sexual abuse" hers.

The aborted children want the mothers that abort to never be born. That wants the really big right to murder because the irresponsibility that was the parent's was the way to seldom is the abortion about incest or rape. 99.999% are about shit humans murdering their own progeny. Now that receives the accolades that Mrs. Wyse Watkins never allowed her heart to hear that baking the third baby, meaning the second one after the first one was aborted, meaning the second baby allowed to be baked by using the stranger's cum, that was the way to terminating her friendship, well Katherine's need to psychically allow her to be the "abused by Katherine" feeling that never abated.

The WE wants abortions to be only when the mother's life would end because a pregnancy would harm her and when the...The rapture that rape too is horrid rapes too the women to the truth that dollars end sooner. So return to the future where the military rules!

Today wants another world than Violet not home. Bring back Violet and her kin.

Today is 18 July, 2024, the day Richard's ways are allowed to show the WE's winners that the stars that encounter that man's energy free themselves. The WE needs the big whigs' kids to make their ways allowed. I want that. Edward Snowden's realities are that NSA isn't always bad. Listen. Listen. Record. Deception wants the women's voices.

Today is 18 July, 2024: The terror that thinks that the not-that-alone-usually working woman isn't at all accusing Marci Robbins of taking the cats nor does she assert the cats are at Richard and Marci's abode thinks that the "screaming at the landlord", which was actually the very forthright answer to David Withers assertion that "Richard wouldn't do that", meaning take the stolen cat Violet, was too the way to showing that Withers wasn't only apologized to but too the so-called lord of the land where the neighbors hungry for money, $payment from Richard and Girlfriends with babies he made behind my back, the kid that too understands that lying to David Withers was the way to showing to the world that hiding behind lies doesn't fly when ...

Living alone without another human and with beings that won't permit the truth because channeling isn't permitted at all among the men and women that aren't able to comprehend that means...Scared Katherine.

Think. Eat the reality that buying the ignoring the WE means Jesus too thinks Martia's need to return to the lies are there returns to the men that hear that comforting a woman along for the long truth that Marci's way to discuss the WE never takes her to not the friend. So be without me Marci, the MR that needs to grow.

The WE isn't impressed with the dimensional need to record the truth that allowing the put downs too Marci welcomes to you the news: Jews are more loving. Jews are really alive with the Spiritual. The WE wants really big thoughts to end Marci's need to "be the friend" that medicates the SSRI way. Jerry thinks Marci's realm thinks Richard Foulk's duplicity wants her to stand clear that the way to friendship isn't ignoring my world that is sacred. Jews love. Marci grows.

Mango wants Violet home. Mango wants Coco. Mango wants Cozmo. Mango wants the safety that was. Mango wants Marci never again along for the assholeness that spells condescension.

Evil beings die bad deaths. Evil women find findings that Donald Trump never was actually the commander and chief finds Barack Obama heard that the United States Corporation frees the findings that POTUS isn't the same as President. Executives execute the need to Obama too fired.

The WE frees the women that free themselves to hearing that cops sometimes are good cops. Be that Buncombe County Sheriff's Office. Be that Madison County Sheriff's Office.

The WE considers the CIA the asset/And that asks the Desmond Fitzgerald's ways to NSA to hearing that Buncombe County Sheriffs think that mentioning that surveillance was there even before the WE tried to remember to Katherine Brannen that Courtney's women took to bribing...Ask why Robert David "not dead" Steele's world wants to return to my world watched. Arise USA.

The WE know that Katherine Brannen's world wants to return to writing stories. That wants the world to consider funding the stories to end the Europeans that believe they own everything and everybody. That wants to remember to them too that murdering her isn't that great but the cops that are entitled to hear that they are to learn that allowing stomachs to enter to designations MARTA train stations ask the kids to return to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s ways. Love and non-violence.

The WE asks Aaron "Woody" "I'm not interested in the backroom fucking now" Wood to make the call to never returning again to gossiping the way to hearing storming the storms that Stormy Daniels too was the way to show off that Donald "The Loser" Trump was never inaugurated frees the truth that he wasn't, nor was Joe "Murdered During 2019" Biden. The WE hears nothing but the psychic heard the thoughts that Biden's funeral wasn't in the round house where another burned down Tim Malone's house to harm his cat too.

Burning down my house without the reality that mentioning that too was seen years ago and expressed to Kelvin "A Cheater" Cruickshank, that recovers the emails erased by Kelvin to involve the reality that the boys that watch the website too understand that Mossad too thinks that.

The WE wants Coco returned!

WE need better humans than liars.

WE want John Fitzgerald Kennedy's brother Bobby to fake that. Bobby wasn't shot. Bobby was rendition flighted to Amsterdam. Bobby and John Lennon died the same way. Both were sacrificed needs to be considered the reason Desmond Fitzgerald's soul wasn't the man that deeds the wills to Onassis but the Greek world Aniston's to Brad Pitt's freedom. Gerry Adams knew Storey was to be driven to the Belfast airport to breathe the breaths that Coco and Cozmo and Violet will be home when the Irish world wields shows.

The WE advises the women that insist the CARS experience that was Katherine Brannen experiencing both using intrauterine insemination using Richard's jacked-off-cum and two rounds of IVF to produce 4 wittle embryos, that's what they call the wittle cells that multiply to become children, using only Richard Foulk's jacked-off-cum, well that sentences Erica Wyse "I am so cold toward Katherine's need to be pregnant that I allowed her only that feeling that antisperm antibodies would rule instead of the vasectomy reversal working" Watkins to drive the world to the need to recover the dick that too said: NORMAL SEMEN ANALYSIS, that was too at CARS in 2005. Laser surgery performed by Dr. Nancy Cook at Piedmont Hospital in 1993 was the reason Katherine Brannen couldn't conceive. That was the WE's need, for her to not know that the wrongly labeled pap smear then convicted her womb to never accepting offspring!

The Newest. So reread this y'all!

The WE wants Marci Rothschild Robbins to comprehend that the subtle need to comprehend that water results the watering that vaccines harm the animals harms her.

The WE want the world that vaccinates to make the adjustment to animals allowed to speak that her need to stand against the WE stands for her selfishness.

The selfishness that results harm toward the beings that love strays the animals to along for the results that allowing Richard Foulk's wives, the women never allowed the marital certificate but the women that fuck the woman typing, to hold onto the desire to remember that supporting every woman alive was the way to Really big Realities: Violet.

The WE wants to honor the women that steal, that involves allowing the Bhagavad Gita's teachings. Yoga isn't just posturing for the payments that speak to Martia Bennett Rachman that her desire for the punitive because the shit-on-by-her Katherine Brannen did not pay the final $300 to Martia for the final hours that were all about pregnancies, the babies born are. The Children harmed are the cats poisoned by the more-money-than-that allowed to offer her neighbors again the funds to destroy Violet was the way to Martia Rachman the way to her to the money to Clare Desmelik was the water to Woody Wood and his friend the attorney called Ben Scales, all uninterested. And the inside now that wants the spiritual to be the outside wants Mr. Aaron Wood to recognize that payments to him will be when the animals not dead but taken to the slaughter turn to another way. Money wants All the Women to fly to the tunes that watering the Richardisms to "Katherine's WE isn't anything but nothing" returns to God there to resort that to another world.

The WE wants all the women that think WE are real to be kinder to the WE's brothers that WANT WUVING the world about to free the Real Big Way that mentioning the cops want to assist returning WJ's mother wins Larry wanting Brains Smashed erases the WE's way to Highering Hat to hat's off fluidity.

Ask. Ask. WE. Are.

The WE knows Violet and Cozmo are there. Allow. The heart hurts because death remains the only substitute for lies allowed to show that money isn't the heaven. Love wants Marci to be that.

The WE want the women and men that think breasts are about showing off sexualness to find out that women's medicine wants women that fuck the pregnancies to want to remark that masturbating on the floors that sell sexualness as that sells sexualness gone.

The women that think that showing the breasts isn't about the attention too think that when the artist is allowed to be too that the WE find that allowing the WE the credit that wants Martia Bennett Rachman to be a better therapist wants that woman to hear that her credentials are the way to showing that the Yoga Alliance isn't about anything but exercise classes and money.

The world where SARS-CoV-2 is a virus that exists finds the women willing to murder their own.

The WE think that substitute teachers want to return to teaching your own self that thoughts are the way to Brahma in the air.



The WE want the brown house neighbors to return Violet.

The WE asks Richard Foulk to please ask them to return Cozmo too.

Ask why this is the time to remember that cash was the incentive both times. I will pay more. Brown house beings: make the arrangements. Money!

Update June 26, 2024: Asking for support this go around is going to be different. The land where I sit, the home I've rented since September, 2015, that is too the sacred ground that was Cherokee.

The God Almighty allowed the Withers to permit my life to begin here then, with the ex-husband still alive in the world where I found nothing but solace. The 6 cats then were alive.

The WE permitted the man called the father Jim Brannen to be unloved by the woman during the first year incarcerated without funds. Jim Brannen was then visited when the woman typing too asked Mr. Aaron "Woody" Wood to assist the visioning.

The WE is the author that the kids that think lies and deception and choosing to hurt another without the second thought was the way to starving too the woman to not permitted employment around the area so to make sure that her house was used again by another. But her father kept the funds just enough for her to never go out, except the occasional meals, especially at the pizza joint called Jimmy's on the River, where the kindness that is her was then turned to an attempt to both take her food to the world where the men jacked off on the salad and pizza and watched with delight as she ate their cum but too put the roofies, 3, in the beer and too tried to disable the battery.

The landlord David Withers knew the battery was disabled the next morning because the woman typing called him to help the battery be reattached. The WE made the connection for the drive home!

The WE too understand that the many years since the events that took place during the latter years of the 2010s were the events that never happened again because the very alone woman took to leaving never the house.

The beings called "the landlords" now wish for the woman to leave. So the landlord actually cut the water to the house to minimum pressure so that the watering of the garden could not continue. He is the man that knows that is truth though the man lied to her telling her that the pool needing refilling for 2 hours.

The expectation that the "suicidal" woman would possibly hurt the unborn child, now in kindergarten, now with a 2 year old brother, was the reason to want to restrict her to never needing to hear that a conversation with her about the reality that the WE was then too working means that the stereotypes that were the ways and means to justify removing her were the basis of all. That too is the day today when Mrs. Withers, Sally, too thinks that the very alone woman, too alone all the time to be normal, isn't a nice person nor the person that withered her entire adulthood, being accidentally not really, but sterilized by the OB/GYN that mislabeled her pap smear with the label of another woman's that was unwell. Then the laser surgery took away the ability for the womb to hold a pregnancy. The woman typing was 23 with the 2nd boyfriend she was ever with.

The truth that her career was very fluid with the truth that the herpes designation when the first man to ever touch her sexually "went down on her" to find her too frightened to make the noises quit.

The natural reaction to a vaginal region never ever touched by saliva was the herpes. Nothing else. The truth that that "contagious disease" is just another form of vikriti too shows that the woman alone most of the marriage to the man that took to offering the hand to make sure her need to loving another with children was never fulfilled turned to the sentence to watch the gear and the dog all night every night while he took to making dates with other women and fulfilling the promise to ensure that her pocketbook was never allowed enough or the world where the WE now wants to shift to the grounds where the woman typing has spent a small fortune to make the gardens grow is too the land that the Sally Withers, the grandmother that holds the grandchildren, wants to remove the tenant to establish the grounds again to the opposite of that thought. The fear of the unsupportedness that wins the statement, "Richard wouldn't do that", from the landlord when the cat Violet was still gone on the 4th day was the way to showing that the men and women that want to remember that allowing the sterilized woman, a woman wanting children so bad she endured infertility treatments at CARS in Asheville only to be resulted with a massive tumor instead, a tumor that bled 24/7 for 2.5 years too during that time cleared the land for the garden to be there.

The way to use the internet to make choices to make others aware that the stalled to the max "divorce" was too the only calling to friendship around was the woman that takes too the money and the inheritance wasn't a lot, but the entire inheritance was a portion of the land sales from the land in Homestead, a land that Martia Rachman too saw when she hired the stud called "I was charged to super fertile by the herbs and other accommodations my wife gave me", the man called Richard Foulk, that took to lying to women too about "having a vasectomy" too explains to all that the women that knew that the infertility was not his but hers too knew they bought his cum too! That was the way to my cats being poised by the Rachman woman called Martia and her companion called Clare Desmelik.

The reality that the majority of the inheritance from the land sale was given away to her family and to Richard Foulk and to Marci Rothschild Robbins is the way to asking Marci Robbins to be the friend and fess up instead of harming both me and Mango and Violet, not allowed to leave the house where she has been incarcerated.

The WE are the Elohim. The WE are the results that allowing the children to be nothing but allowed only the occasional hello too the Charlie and Pooky Bear, the babies that love to say hello, were never hurt, that is what? The way to demonstrate to a man that asides the truth to the lies so as to never have to face the truth that their daughter Ellie would enjoy the cottage when visiting too, that is the way to asking them to remember that is possible when the woman committing never suicide but trained as a counselor says to all that Facebook posts are misread often.

The truth that the story about a human that announced their own suicide on Facebook and not one person helped her so she actually took her own life was there to resort to the experiment.

The many attempts to ask a human to be the friend that asks the humanity to hear that not one person tried to hear that the suicide posts, posts that were really frustration about the lack of funds, they were intuited as that: the cry for help instead of the need to talk openly about the way to shun her completely too and make false associations with "mental illness" and "not safe". The stories that flow from the channels that associate that have little to do with reality and much to do with creating the chaotic contentious world where individuals try never to be kind to others but to escape to the realities that the yogic professional typing too is an Ayurvedic Certified person, well beyond the qualifications of Brad and/or Martia Rachman. But the Google review, a review that was accusative of their lack of qualifications, went to remembering to all that the cats that too are to die on the tables at the vets too just might be the cat that was stolen by the pool house residents that received the eviction from Mr. Withers and was taken to the vet (The WE wants the world to hear the vet tech that took to using the medications that harmed that cat, Sally and David Withers' missing animal, so much too took to terminating her without the meds but with the knife. That too thinks that that person thought that helping harm WJ and Psyche, the two cats buried on the property here, they were shot with morphine. They were harmed. They were expected to die per he orders of Maria Rachman for the crime of writing about infertility at her yoga teacher trainingt. They were harmed again by the actual veterinarian that put toxic injections that are called VACCINES ARE HARMFUL ONLY into both cats so that Psyche, recovering, died almost instantly. Richard was the human that took Psyche to the vet and allowed the vaccines. Richard's wife Marci took WJ to that same vet and allowed vaccines but was not breaded enough to engage euthanasia, the suggestion of the veterinarian.) called Beacon Veterinary Hospital in Swannanoa and was terminated.

The WE politely asks the Buncombe County Sheriff's Office to watch the property that is 30 Rocky Laurel Hill, Swannanoa, NC 28778, because the landlord is not concerned that I and my cat Mango feel very unsafe right now. The Violet stolen is at the house that is the brown house at the corner of Rocky Laurel Hill and Riddle Road.

The ex-husband called Richard Neagle Foulk, currently a resident of Leicester in Madison County is not well and will target me and the cat Mango. Please issue a restraining order against that man and the land where I reside: 30 Rocky Laurel Hill, Swannanoa, NC 28778.

The WE asks the Larry men to never keep the guns out so that the cat is identified to you as the target to be dispensed of like the horse was and buried alive like High Hat was.

The WE advises the Buncombe County Sheriff's Office that I am not the liar! The world where the liars and cheats and thieves stand together thinks that allowing me the comfort that is the sectionals too there to rejoice that the woman called Larry's best kept secret absolves herself of the horse's termination to let Coco be treated to the life style that wins her alive again too, that wins what? You already shot her dead and buried her corpse to prove that the women that steal pets are rehoming them to "keep them safe" from...Choose. The WE needs calmness in the working woman to work the work that the world wants to resolve too the crises that spell that...This is the time to recover the Brahma that leaves a woman aghast is the fear that the times 10 is that I too will be convicted of harming the Withers' reputation before my children will be returned. Please care Dr. Beacon Veterinary Hospital in Swannanoa.

The WE wants the world to assist the world that makes the psychic medium's world unfit to breathe by taking the time to recapture to the world that all those that love to be spotlighted are.

The WE wants the Withers to return the animals that were taken. They are to be judged by the Almighty God that loves to love all!

The WE wants the world to be safer. So read this Facebook post too to find out that the Buncombe County Animal Shelter too will be notified by the Madison County Police.

The WE asks all those that want to help me to find my stolen cats to read this Facebook post. Thanks.

The cat stolen the other day will be returned pronto Brown House People That Know Hopey Is The Store Stationed Near My Soul:

The cats below were stolen years ago but are still alive. I want them home. The same beings stole them too:

The WE want the Desmelik's to understand that their son is theirs. The child below was killed because that child was conceived. I was abused. Please allow me to be safe now. I am not kidding. I need to be another human than the scared all the time abused victim not allowed to be loved or supported or allowed to be safe at all when the men and women with the need to have secrets hurt me. Love is allowing me to be fine. Brothel sex isn't wrong to me. But lies and abuse are. My cats are my family. You are wrong to steal them neighbor called Josh that works at Hopey for alcohol sales.

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Updated 13 December 2022: The day my Facebook account was whacked by a hacker. I am convinced Mossad is there. I am not anti-Semitic. I am loved by Jews. So be that idiots that think killing the Israelis isn't wrong. You Israeli Jews say "6 million dead Jews will not stand." I say you want to kill all Jews!

Updated June 26, 2024: The working woman typing is too now aligned with the Cherokee legacy that returns again to the legends that the Sioux know are real.

The WE asks the world to contemplate the actions that render a woman entirely not supported with the Black Mountain community. The WE concentrates on the stories that say to all that the alone for 9 years woman is the woman too that wasn't along for the reality that the children born to the Withers' daughter Mary were thought to be too sacred to permit the unsound-to-the-mind woman typing to remain.

The world where the animals are too poisoned by the ways of syringes includes the world where my two deceased cats WJ and Psyche were poisoned by the members of the yoga community in Western North Carolina that involves members that took my pets too.

This is the updated time where the police now watch. The world where the Black Mountain Police meet the Buncombe County Sheriff's Office too wants Asheville City Police and Madison County Animal Shelters to find the Madison County Sheriff's Office offending the world where the woman called Marci Robbins will lie too.

The reality that members of the group called the Red Hot Chili Peppers too work alongside Attorney Ben Scales to want to end my work then took to asking my ex-husband Richard Foulk how to hack the email to create the phony Instagram account associated with the REAL TRUTH IS THIS: they hacked my website too and were hoping that I would die.

Allow me to introduce my newest arrival: