American artist Katherine (Kat) Brannen is a gifted psychic and free spirit, naked and playing.

The We wants the world to be there to remember that judging the Ancestors as not there because you are "indigenous" and I am not, that is wrong. And the way to rewarding me as the welcoming a newer normal where the White Buffalo Woman too wants the hippies there to re-enchant the world as the way to the next thing asks why Charles III's world is there to show off Helter Skelter?

Please Note that I removed many references to Ancestors and the White Buffaloes and the White Buffalo Woman, though she is on the Other Side wanting to speak through me, and to the Ancestors of the American Indians that too write through me, but then again, I am confused right now. I am deferential to the tribal heroes that think helping me scope to the new normal where the American Indian/Native American world is unfitting to the world where I am there to remember that practicing the realities that I am too tired to be anything but wanting to end this now, finds that asking for supportiveness from "the indigenous" turned to my world collapsing to wanting to remember, the White Buffalo Woman works to heal. And the healing me now asks me to cease and desist asking to be there at all. I am too tired to care about the results. So the many references not abused by the need to be angry too means that the ***Not Allowed*** should be re-inserted above all references to the Red Road too, since I am not well now. I am too tired to want to write anymore about anything. I want to leave. And that isn't a "suicide" threat, but the wanting to regard the need to care about the others of the world where I am too tired to want to try to hear, Jesus too belongs to the "Christians" that hold to the shunning me too for Elohim is too "The Bible" not the way to the world where my world is permitted anything but the stone cold truth that along for the 7 years alone is that. Alone is.

An Important Message From The ***Not Allowed***. Please Listen.

Prana Vs. The Machine: The Heart Wins The Rights Now That The Life Members The Woman Is Not The Machine "The Man" Wants You To Tell Yourself You Are

The vaccine industry and the G7 central bankers are the reason the so called "pandemic" happened to correspond with the anointing too the Rishis too the higher authority than the David Frawley on the being too the reason too the so called "cases" have dropped via too the vaccines telling to the completely irrelevant so called RT-PCR test to the positive covid diagnosis tells to the David Frawley: You are the in error realizing too the agni not the man's ego to the thought the being the branded too the anemic reminds to the woman the man is that too the holding to the medicine of the money men that want to end too the Vedic reality that the giving to the higher norm too the right to the "Nature's Medicine" tells to the Frawleyites that they are the selling too the bullshit to the Indian public as too the American colonialists told to the colonists when too the Indians of the Cherokee and Creek and too the other side were told to end too the righting too to the thought...

Why I Quit Graduate School

Jan 2002 - Apr 2003 Georgia State University Atlanta, GA

Designed online/backend system to handle practicum/internship for the Department of Counseling and Professional Services. Used Active Server Pages with Access database and SQL Server backend.

May 1999 – Apr 2002 Insight Systems, Inc. Atlanta, GA

Insight Systems is a small consulting firm specializing in custom billing and accounts receivable software for telecommunications and ISPs. I worked with several clients, primarily the conference calling company InterCall supporting their billing system.

Project Manager – Coordinated billing, A/R, and sales system development for the telecom client Intercall. This included needs analysis meetings with client, supervising 5 programmer/analysts’ project design, coding and data dictionary changes, QA/testing, implementation, documentation.

Development was Progress CHUI version 8 database on AIX, Linux and WebSpeed 3.0 on Solaris, Linux.

Programmer/Analyst – Wrote financial reports. Bug fixes and modifications to InterCall’s billing system.

In 2000 I designed, coded, tested, and implemented an internationally used conference calling reservation website for telecom client InterCall’s European operations.

In 2002 I worked with client EarthLink. I wrote a partner collection system as an adjunct to their regular billing system and documented their credit card processing system.

I joined Insight Systems in 1999 with clients of my own. I continued to support these clients, American Health Consultants and World Travel Partners.

Development was Progress CHUI versions 8 and 9 databases on AIX, Solaris, Linux; WebSpeed 2.1 and 3.0 on Solaris, Linux; WebSpeed 2.1 on NT, Active Server Pages on NT.

Jan 1999 – May 1999 Independent Contractor Atlanta, GA

World Travel Partners – Continued working for the Meeting and Incentives Division. Modifications and bug fixes to a custom web based Meeting Management system written in Progress WebSpeed. Wrote small websites using ASP to MS Access on NT Server that allowed people to register for meetings. The data retrieved from the websites was then fed into a backend travel management system written in Progress Version 7.

American Health Consultants – Supported custom renewal system I wrote while an employee several years before. Development was Progress Version 7 on Sco UNIX.

Loaded Medicare Reimbursement Schedules into Medic Vision systems for two medical practices. Medic Vision is written in Informix and lived on UNIX machines.

Oct 1998 – Jan 1999 WorldTravel Partners Atlanta, GA

Programmer/Analyst/Web Developer – Used Active Server Pages and MS Access to create online conference registration system web pages running on NT server that interfaced with backend travel system written in Progress version 7.

Maintained meeting management applications written in WebSpeed 2.1 on NT with databases on Sco UNIX.

Mar 1998 – Oct 1998 Premiere Technologies Atlanta, GA

Premiere Technologies is a telecommunications company originally specializing in calling cards. At the time I worked there they had acquire voice mail and faxing companies that were being integrated.

Programmer/Analyst – Modifications to web based and chUI telecommunication voice mail billing systems written in Progress version 7 on Solaris, WebSpeed 2.1 development on Solaris.

Created small system that dumped telecom call data from FoxPro in Windows environment, FTP’d to Solaris and uploaded into Informix database. Created web enabled user interface using Perl.

Feb 1997 – Feb 1998 MAG Mutual Healthcare Solutions Atlanta, GA

Programmer/Analyst – Wrote shell scripts to work with Medic Vision practice management system on AIX. This included scripts to support different login types, handle printing issues, and sed/awk scripts to parse data. Wrote SQL scripts to access, load, and update data in backend Informix database.

Configured remote, network and local printers on AIX.

Helped setup new practice management clients, installing practice management software in their offices.

Nov 1995 – Feb 1997 American Health Consultants Atlanta, GA

Manager, Data Services – Managed circulation system for medical publishing company. Wrote a customized system to handle renewals specific to the company’s business needs. Produced reports for marketing and finance. Development was Progress version 6 on Sco UNIX.

Sep 1993 – Nov 1995 Various Short-term Jobs Atlanta, GA

Industrial Paper Corporation – Created reports from inventory system written in Progress version 6 on AIX.

Trained sales force to use laptops.

Future First Publishing – Layout and design of university career guides and government marketing materials using PageMaker.

Geriatric Psychiatrist – Created MS Access database to track patient visits, schedules, medications and diagnosis.

Cisco Systems – Managed databases of training materials and sales contacts. Various office duties.

MacTemps – Temp jobs working with Macintosh computers. Usually Excel, MS Word, FileMaker Pro, PageMaker.

Apr 1992 – Sep 1993 Gerontology Center Atlanta, GA

Research Assistant – Assisted in research for NIH funded aging study at the GA Tech facility of the UGA Gerontology Center. This included test preparation, testing subjects, scoring tests, maintaining data, data analysis, library research, and project writing.


Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology   Georgia Institute of Technology    1992