Ooooooh. The remover of obstacles is Ganesh.

Close enough for me.


Or is it?

Update November 10, 2020: The Versailles treaty was not the work of the men that wanted to rid the world of the fascist dictatorship but was the way to engineer too the Weimar to the toon the woman hears the way to give to her too the heads up too the ending the war of the first world that was then the war that spells I think vivisection resembles too the way to giving too the Spanish flu the old heave-ho to the now I understand the vaccines then were the culprit tells to the being the woman to begin to hear too the armistice was not that but the ending too the end times of the devastation of the moronic need to build too the trenches to the thought the hellacious ability of the white world to designate too the enemy the pathogen is the way to give to the head trip the right to reinfect the way out of the Weimar epidemic meaning the way to consolidate the climax to the going to the houses without too the right to recall too the banks own the deeds tells to the fractional reserve schematic reserves the right to indicate the scammers are the banks telling now to the many mortgage holders the right to the property involves the need to refinance with too the loans written to the perpetuity meaning the ever renewing alongside too the immunity passport telling to the new and improved landed gentry the landlord of last resort is the Mother of Nature Herself being too the right to the fact too the Chinese will buy too the Federal Reserve to the tune...ahem...the deed is theirs already.

WE are done.

Update 2/Nov/2020:

Update: In a 26 June 2018 article Paul Craig Roberts addresses how the current monetary fraud works: How Long Can The Federal Reserve Stave Off the Inevitable? — Paul Craig Roberts

Our present economy, the ability to wage endless war, all brought to you by the Federal Reserve System and its petro-dollar.

The petro-dollar is going away. But that's another story.

The Federal Reserve System is fraud institutionalized. It is reverse-Robin Hood by design, sucking wealth up to the wealthiest while the rest compete for an ever-reducing slice of the pie.

The mainstream media places much emphasis upon wealth redistribution as the solution, take money from the rich to give to the poor. That's the solution of the super-rich, people. Give the poor a monthly stipend. Then he dare not bite the hand that feeds him. Meanwhile, the reverse-robbing-hood remains and the endless world-bullying continues unabated.

Jesus asked, "which master do you serve?" It's time to seriously consider that question. Then build the correct answer into a new monetary system. Remember? He turned over their tables.

Update 19 April, 2020: As the Foghorn blows I will be coming home.

I need a man with big enough balls to tour the magical mystery, to ride the magic carpet with me.

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WE want the world to understand the Easter celebration time is the time to recall the resurrection of the WE, aka the Elohim, within the body of the individual not just the coming together in the buildings across the land.

The church of the poisoned mind is not that but the poison is the reality that you too have to recall that going to the building is not the advice of the man that is being recalled as being resurrected who told the many to go into your own chamber and to be with the God that is the Father the Mother and the Union of the Two as the One being that gives the world the reality that Mary was the mother the father and the so made into the child that became the mother the father and the daughter.

Kill the messenger the woman that wants to be without the slightest hesitation in the words by being given the support of the masculine instead of being the support to the masculine that prefers to support the brothers while being with the mother as the wife figure and the many others as the lovers that give the dick the satisfaction but give not the instruction to care that I need satisfaction too meaning not just the pussy licking that gives you the feeling the cumming is the same. The truth is the clitoral orgasm taken for the greatest part of the sexual fulfillment of the woman is nothing compared to the heartgasm that comes from the love that is the bedrock of the monogamous relationship that is based in the trust and honesty that gives the other partner the right to remember taking the love that goes to another woman to be given to that woman's child while the woman that was the wife suffers the legacy of the ha ha ha she could not get pregnant gives the man the bad rap not the big ego that gives him the right to recall the woman that was the wife is not the slave that was bought and paid for and the inheritance that was not wasted but was not spent being used to foulk himself to death by snorting the cocaine that gives the arrhythmia conveniently forgotten about during the doctor's visit that gives the man the right to foulken consider himself the "sick" man with "heart problems" tells you to give the other men the right to want to be without the need to jack the heart using the coke instead of the love that is the need to the point the woman that will not be satisfied until her heart is healed tells you that giving the brood mare the right to remember the only thing that matters is that the farm animals never take it harder than when the trusted farmer slits their throat or worse butchers them alive.

Kill the messenger the woman that expects nothing from the men or women of this culture other than to be considered the item not the human tells you that being the big rock star is not the turn on since you already have the access to the many women that make the man the big boy to the max but the truth is the very heart that needs to be healed too is there instead of the normal man that needs only his dick serviced and his buddies to be satisfied.

When the WE is the author the need to be supported will not be the defining characteristic of the world view that gives the woman the "Gretchen" syndrome meaning the very need to be loved in the manner that Faust the young version redux was finally ready to love but the interference of the dark side meaning the very many in the community with the judgement to tell her she is not fit to live anymore since she loved the man with her body that was the man that wanted to be with her but the interference of the big boy in charge tells you that giving the others the right to want to remember the Christ is the Way the Truth and the Life.