Update June 8, 2020: Baby get ready to begin the beguine.

Update 15 February, 2020: Jim has not authorized the Captian status of Tony but he is in the running against the other Captain making remarks in the mining industry of the Kentucky Hills meaning see ya Chili Peppers with the red distinction because green means love is the answer.

Update 5 November, 2019: Why indeed?

WE want the world to understand WE are not the figment of Katherine's imagination as Kelvin Cruickedshit is trying to sell you for lunch.

WE want Kelvin Cruickedshit to shut up permanently, so WE are telling the world Kelvin Cruickedshit has been caught by the greatest fisherwoman in the world, Katherine Brannen, the best psychic medium this side of the world.


Update 15 January, 2023: The WE wants all men that think I am there to want to write to write to me. I am there to Highleel, that is the right pronunciation since we all live here in the mountains, and that is the invitation to all Highllel friends.

Update December 16, 2022: Killing the video is cowardly idiots of the Hillel isn't there to love this but I am there to remember that YOU SUCK ANTHONY, FLEA, CHAD AND JOHN! Hillel is much nicer than all of you liars, cheaters, rich kids that benefited from killing his egoistic need to love Katherine's wealth too. And that is this: allow them to be the suddenly not assholes. See for yourself bitch!

Update 9 November, 2022: The astounded woman typing that Anthony is that obtuse to take to the banking world the "explanation" that young people die all the time today is the way to hiring me to teach to the fans that I ain't that stupid but I ain't a Hollywooder either!

Update August 19, 2022: Canada Rocks!

Update 10 July 2022: The win is the desire for Hillel. Now!

Update February 18, 2022:

Further Update 14 March, 2021: The Facebook folks that moderate for the Kiedis too told the woman no can do on the posting there to the thought the private message the not delivered either to the thought too the RHCP website consumer reports called the messageboard deleted her attempts to the communicating telling to her too the RHCP boys too important to the news too the aloneness of the White Buffalo Woman reminds to the 7th day that too the world will heal now that too the woman will receive too the final chapter of the Facebook permitted to the tune the returning in the brave like fashion of the fighting like a brave will be the nail in the coffin ha ha ha the coffin that wins too the Love in the title. Cheers!

Update 14 March, 2021: The hour nears for the removing too the woman from the equation telling her to recover nothing but too the way out of the quagmire was too the resisting nothing but the voice will be without the hesitation when too the awards will be without the making the point the need to the love-making was that but too the need to the hell on earth wins the mostest!!! You go kids of the eating the CAFO animals for the snacks too! Love wins! .

Question the walking to the news too the medicine that the woman cares about too the land but the world cares not the least about her work tells her to recover nothing but too the bread the reason the woman wants to realize the visiting to the suicide the way to not remove the animal abuse too telling her to remember the life wins the right to the recovery when too the mother hears I want to be there too but the making the living the not allowed when too the making the voice there not permitted by the making the others too important to hear...I want too the audience !

WE are the authors of the social media being the way to nominate the way to the mediocre winning the rights to the being too the prisoners of the world as the animals of the so-called husbandry have become to the tune the locked down to the thought the made too the sterilized and too the allowed to the cannibalism of too the children means the I want the woman hearing the way to the needing nothing but the WE tells her to remember the shorter lifetime will be with the blessed by the news too the making the whole thing too the WE's instead of the intended removing the being to keep her from having to be without the bread and too the homestead was the way to tell her too the Aaron will lose to the other side when too the mother informs the woman the men are the uninterested in the selling to the world the White Buffalo Woman but too the interested in the losing out on the legacy.

Question the walking to the now Kat and remembering the climate change that the others perceive when they are the city dwellers will be without that tune when too the Swannanoa wins the right to remember to her too the White Buffalo Woman wants her to be with the love.

Update March 15, 2023. " My diagnosis is $Pfizer, oops I mean cancer ."

Update August 25, 2022: The reality that I am to learn heard this month that allowing myself to be without comfort at all is allowing the women too to show off they are too selfish to try to listen at all. When the children asked to mask for the 4th straight year are then asked to take the injections to be safe, the mothers that know aborting fetuses is real nice to themselves but allowing a woman typing that is never going to regain the rights as a citizen when the Trump supporters are the enemies wins me now a Trump supporter.

The reality that knowing that innocence was the way to have not the interest in the lifetime that has children going to the bye bye for the realization that Iraq was there to return to Eliada Home too there to retreat to another tiempo when I thought Kelvin's Energy was real. Then I felt Kelvin Cruickshank was my friend. But that wins why I became under the impression of the ex-"husband" that knew only that the Spirit calling itself the soul of Kelvin Cruickshank, ie the soul of the One that is too the ONE Oversoul thanks too the selling the spirit talkin' was the right to renew too the prophecy that I was clairvoyant Theo.

Update May 9, 2021: The WE is the author that the woman hears not the right to the words being too the right to hearing nothing but too the not being the right to the connecting to a world that wins too the rights to the giving to the selves the shaft that houses the HARPA that will DARPA too the women to the not pregnant again telling to them the ha ha ha you are the capable of the fucking into the world a child too told to be told to the going to the cleaners meaning too the abortionist's creed being too the way to the holding accountable too the way to the hiding alongside too the others by the Chattahoochee while the settlers bought too the being the allowed to homestead to the being too the not permitted to the cleaner water than too the WE is the author that the going to the news too the women that buy too the children are too the fed by the river by the water but too they are the insufficient to hearing you are the right to remember the WE wants the writing to insist too the being the artist wins the right to remember: You are the right to remove nothing but the way to harboring to the self too the right to remember the being the vaccinated by the women too that want to end too the way to having the right to negate too the woman's education work experience and too the many many many hours to the studying too the way to the understanding too the way to the going after too the WE as the way the truth and the life wins nothing but too the lightening too the heart when the mentioning to her too the waking ensures the way to having not the interest in the future that wins too the wealth preserved tells to the making the money too the centerpiece that the going after too the working woman as too the not the right to the work tells to the you guess that: You are the wrong to nominate to the Gemma Team KC too the right to remember they are the right to realize they had the right to band together to the tune they are the famous to the thought the more important to the selves telling them to relish the ideal that giving them the right to recall they are the important too tells them to superstar to the better allowance that the need to calling out too a woman not applying to the better halves without the ever wanting to expect too the resolution that the getting to the vaccination too the required to buy too the groceries will ensure too the way to ending too the republic that wins too the right to the cancer causing chemicals mandated to the cleaning up the so-called "covid" to the news too the uuuh you are so gross without the covid vaccine meaning I am too the afraid now that the unvaccinated will harm too the children that I say are the invaluable while I inject into their beings too the safety that wins too the fertility the erased tells to the mothers that are too the proud not conspiracy theorists and too the not the covid deniers that the being too the way to the giving to the woman too the right to the going never to the store again will insist too the right to the big superstars that will insist too the many many many many many many many many kids left without too the parents and without too the rights to the news too the selectively served too the allowing to the meat too the kids are told to the wall of the satisfaction that I am too the author of the never marrying the woman now not interested in the man in the way she was then telling to the way to insist too the way to the having not the wives there is the giving to the genocide too the wink wink tells them the way to hearing the WE wants too the woman hearing the need to exhale the cold feeling is the need to compare too the living to the stalemate in which too the waiting ends without the woman appearing too the wrong to the selfish interests that insist too the buying off the sellers of the certain being that you are the getting to the going home now that you are too the waking to the news the woman hears only the way to hearing the better but the walking to the wanting too the right to the being read by the world without the prejudices tells her to you guessed that too to recognize the merging the races so to speak was the way to insert to the world too the rising above the need to know ahead of time the way to hearing I will feel fine when too the muffin hears: you are the right to conjecture the man will insist too the wrong to tell to the world too the messages not comprehended by the woman because the need to a friend when too the many have the many friends that mean too they are the companionated while too the alone woman without the companions that try to hear too the woman is too the waking to the news too the wanting to have the right to the Wally now that was the way to the having not the right to recompense that the giving to the hands too the right to supercede too the head trip that you are too the ignored by the Richard too tells her to stay alive when too the world inherits the news: You are the right to know nothing but the holding when too the mixing too the heart with an individual allowed to reduce too the woman to the not erasing the heart energy but too the way to the knowing nothing but the WE wins the right to recover nothing but too the way to hearing the WE wins nothing but the right to the hearted woman hearing: I want to hold again my head above too the water holding too the heart to the getting to the not permitted to being too the alive when too the so-called suicide rhetoric was the way to negating too the aliveness to the tune the woman wants not the suicide but permits the being that as the permitted as too the way to remove too the residual need to read to the karmic residual news the need to hearing I am too the Cherokee disseminator of the giving to the world the way to the going hOme.

The Updates are the way to 3/3/2023 to the need to another world than the WE's death.


And another.

Update 3/3/2023.

I want the world to have to abandon the US dollar. I want the US dollar to end. I want the ending to photoshop the world to the needs that lies are to end when the photoshopping the dollars to not there too photoshops the water to returning to sacred.

The WE thinks that you ARE to be the only working working working for the living spirit talkin' being that buys off on the news that canceling the Ivy League that was my work won't be. The way to misinform the working woman for the last time is the way to hiring Kurt to free mason the times 10 ways to hiring too the mischievous thoughts to yourself the men to the ways that men think about the women and children together thinks that you are the children now that the children asked to be without the fathering are the children that find out that there was intention to harm the women and children and farms and wasted water to Texas is the way to waste the water there too!

The Palestine region of Ohio was selected to correspond with the remaking Israel to removing Palestinians too!

The WE thinks that yourselves are to have to recoup the recooping to save the children from the fallout of the nukes that will be given to the public as the false-flag that Putin thinks that using the dioxins to spread the energy to the medicine that the many children better off without the inside of the need to have to require the reworking the working to the masking to the knowing that respiratory illnesses will explode with the nukes that are to reappear on the horizon very quickly allowing Russia the big better off without the return to the news: The WE wants the water to end too!

The next Lehman's event thinks needs are to return to that one too the get-to-the-meat, the way to enhance the usury to QEing the entire world to bought off.

The WE rejects the need to make the meat the bad thing to care about.

The WE thinks that Atlanta's Hilton will be the housing that houses the nuke to be the house the resolves the need to return to the Atlanta wasn't called Stoned Mountain until the WE invited Sean Stone to read the words: the WE wants the man called Oliver to bury the hatchet with the WE for the Jim isn't the author not.

Oliver Stone thinks that you are to want to work for Spike Lee too there to resolve the race issues that the American Indians were removed by the "diseases" before the white folk "bought" the land for sale.

The WE yourselves thinks that you are to inherit the need to repeat the better off not the beginning of the "democracy" nor the "republic" but the way to hire guns and knives and killing machines to machinate to the world the cows want to be given the rights too to the need to recover the Indians removed by the "diseases" to the destination African American.

The city of Bakhmut thinks that Atlanta too won't be too full to be without the news that Jews above the water where the Azov too won't be there to think twice about the World Trade Center too informing the many affiliated with the CIA/Mossad ways ahead of time to remain off the premises thinking that Building 7 was the rebuttal of the butts are to return to AE911Truth to the not to the thought the truthers there but the hidden agenda to return to Richard Gage as the CIA asset the tries to stall the investigation to the CIA's man of Switzerland, the boyfriend that tries to laugh too, Sir Dr. Ganser that isn't hotted but thinks that selling Tesla's world view that the whole way to this is the living that lives for the hour and then dies off is the way to hiring the men and women of law enforcement to think too that paying the bills for the hour supercedes the jurisprudence that was the supposed foundation of the usury states of the corporation called the Rothschild's were the reason to kill the Indians to gone, gone to the reservations to serve the treaties to the "white" world to end the suffering of the usury that won't end until the beings permit a better monetary way than "i got mine".

The WE thinks that permitting the children to be born another way than as white, black, green, purple, loved, unloved, sexualness will never be the real deal until the money is the sound variety. Estates inherited to be without the caring for the landing that the water to wanting to love the elderly too was the way to usury to the ending the ways of the getting off the golden news that cancers returned to the pancreatic mannerisms of the munchkin's too insisting the breasts must be removed to be "sound of money' is the way to turn to the cancer industry funded by the petrochemicals are the ending of the ways that end too the aristocracies that use the usury to turn too to the "dark arts" to insist the David Grohl thinks that chanting to the devil's-are-us mantras that the only giving away to the Othersiders the reality that all children asked to remember that kosher kills are the way to kill the animals for the kosher sacrifices allows the sacrificial very important lambs to lamb to the chopping that killing Anthony Kiedis' career is the American Indians that will understand that he wasn't to the thought interested enough to bury the hatchets that killing poor Hillel was too the shotgun that was the ways and means to killing off the whitest of all white boys to the nothing matters but the selling the souls of the children too sacrificed to the devil's need to recover the usury too there to remember that Courtney Loved the way to Hillel too there to return to Blackie Dammett there now to explain to the cancers that are the other members of the Red Hotted Men's Clubs that all working for the living women too think that allowing themselves the pleasures too will be the way to Highlel to the needs another world than alone and alone and alone and this: Anthony Kiedis' father wanted Hillel to be whacked so that Anthony's band would be made the biggest band on the planet to be without the Jewness there to repeat to the world that Hollywood is the mixed bag of antiSemites and Semites antithetical to the biblical need to Torah to the commandments that spell that usury too sues to the ending the whitest of all whited whited whited to the Buffaloes too there to return to horses needing to be cared about when they are not to the pastures.

WE want the world to be without water to return to the ways of the WE's need to the American Indians too there to return to being that instead of the CAFO animals the send to the world the messages that along for the need to Larry Mullen, Jr. to be there to be without the news that cancers that smell of the usury too welcome the news that loving the Hopi and Navajo was him.

The Red Road is the reality that all children asked to be permanently scarred are the children permanently allowed to thrive post-revolution of values to the revolution of the necessities to the watering the water to re-important re-imports to me the Homestead was the laboratory where I worked to be robbed by the entire clan to the needs to the watering too the water to the section 8 vouchers that turn too the slum lords to the ways to return to the rents too used to return to the usury that allows the interest rates to judge too the water to the fathering that was the way to Jim Brannen used by the men of the community to return to the needs to the WATER that was the important issue to the farmer there, the working woman too tired to try to care again about the family that really cares about the only way to hearing that working to thin the populations of the kids that use the dollars to take away the working world turns to Bud Brewer too there to lose the land to the mentioning that I am to return to the offering to them the offering that I wanted to return to the working for the wellbeing of the entire classic reality that water to the max is the superfluous item to the rich kids that work the lands as if the water will be fine always, the Robert Is Here very importantly wanted to work for the water-is-chemicals-are-real-to-us-to-use-alone to the westerners too wanted to work for the landed way to hearing that killing off the working working working woman's way to be the way to hearing that allowing the men to thrive was allowing the land to return to the ORMUS there to return to the cleansing too the better off not fracked world that isn't that yet but the water that will be without the recovery is the LAPD that works to rethin too Hillel to there to live again as the man not Jewish but too the guitarist that works to remember that Highlel too like to be nice to women.

The Sea of Azov is the home to the Azov Battalions that want to be there to reNazi the world to the Ashkenazi types that think the usury thinks that the water to murdering too the Palestinians too wants to remember that Peabody's father was the man that wanted to return to the way to Irish up the entire shower to another way than the CIA there to return to the ways and means of the waking that the golden mannerisms to want to return to Willie of the Hat Trick Letter too there to remember that using the working woman's words too will be ok for the way to sell too the waking that waking to the news that usury too uses the used to the using the other side to return to the water too there to return to the municipal needs to the selfishness of the I-got-mine ways to the watering too the kids to the Bobby Marley too was used by the band mates to be made the martyred being to begin to hear that selling cancer to the beings to return to the 1940s to the thought, the Manhattan Project was the project of the super-elite that think that using the ways to Fred Foulk too honored by the games that mean: Charlotte Foulk will be left alive while the entire Foulk fortune turns to gone to the usury of the banks bailing-in the Chase Manhattan mentions that meanings are there to return to the ways to teach children to learn to love again the ways of the children too there to reinherit the landed was to the Foulk's are the ways of the WE to teach too the women to learn to love again the ways to the children inherited the ending of the wealth.

Update March 24, 2023 again: This is the time to remember that smoking the guns to the watering the water to radiation wins the ending of the whitest of all whited ways that indicate that fulfillments of Dr. King's dream called not-Obama takes too the water to Joe Biden too the man not there, the imposter too works to thin too the CCP to the "enemy" of the world so that the water that waters to the watering that the kids asked now to die instead of live too live again after the war for the revolution torrents to the news that animals allowed to thrive repeat to the "where the antelope roam" motif too there to return to money too there to remake a man from the American Indian wannabe to the man that lives that.

Update March 24, 2023: The way to entirely allow the CIA types like Caitlin Fitzgerald's men of power that bought the Aidan Turner to the Wives-Rule world turns to the water too there: The CIA that isn't the only way to ending all children alivened by the water that works turns to the opposite of the revolution of the world toward the Charles III is now the King of all the worlds, they are to deplete the uranium enrichment to the trenches of Alsace–Lorraine where the boys of that generation lost their worlds.

You are to learn Aidan's wife Anthony's lover Caitlin Fitzgerald that you are to leave sooner than the expected old age of the servants of the biggest of all piggies of all pigs of all John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the servant to the watering too the waters to the watering that the Caitlin Fitzgerald that will not only be Anthony Kiedis' best friend when he desires to love only the water that allows the heart to thrive will be the way to having to serve to Des Fitzgerald the papers that daddy wasn't that cool to John Kennedy. And that daddy was the reason to kill off the species called them!

The WE commends Xi Jinping for the valiant effort to restore the peace of the world by negotiating the trade agreements that brought to the forefront the China-Is-Winning motif to show off that the Anglo-Assholes that return to the Alsace-Lorraine again wanted to show off that Aidan's ways are to learn that he is to be sacrificed to the club of the men that watch but never try to care about the results: meaning too Sean Stone hears that he won't be fit to live again as the spoiled rich kid that turns to "guru" to make the bread.

Update 24/3/23: The WE thinks that Xi Jinping isn't the man that wants to come to the United States as the hero, but Leo Hohmann thinks that. And the way to hearing that considering commerce the way to entitle a man to the opinion that running for the hills is, thinks that the water to the watering that water too wins the dirty water when the Chinese run the factories means the water that waters to the cleaning too the skies will be the water that is funded by the Ormus is the reason to return to Homestead as the itinerary that the only way to clean a comment to the comets are coming is the thinking that water isn't the only way to entitle another to the death of the species: water spills over to animals' needs there to return to Anthony knowing that thee Reed Hot Chili Peppers are contracted to oblige the big whigs' ways. And that is why the summer has them never as friends but as the men that sell out the generations of the white kids, meaning that is the way to selling to the generations the shots are real but the kids are to end.

The WE thinks that allowing the Chinese to pollute Munchkin Michigan is the way to holify the truth that the Peabody world too was the rich kids playing dice: Donald Trump too thinks rich kids think that the better option than thinking Macron too wants to return to slavery salivates to the ways of Henry Ford's plantation world where the inside of the juncture to the "rights of workers" returns to the AFL-CIO there to remember that labor laws forbid the big whigs' ways never, they establish the laws that then break the banks.

Update March 17, 2023: The Saint Patrick that wasn't the whiskey drinker either too wasn't the pillhead that Janice Joplin wasn't either. The big rocking stars that sell "heroin addiction" to the world to beef up the numbers to the IRS too wins the usury to the news: the bail-ins take the currency to CBDC. The IRS wins always.

The women and men that lie to the public and sell too Putin as "the new Hitler", the same old story repeated for 80+ years now with every allowed "despot" that needs to be reformed to the news: Vladimir Putin isn't there to fight either.

American Indians know that the way to diseases there is the way to guns and knives and all things fighting to be the focus of all the worlds of the race-is-king to think about the color-coded ways to the women of the world too thinking that reparations too are needed is too the way to find a way to insult another.

The way to the usury world turning to the public assistance too that will be CBDC only will be when the many that think too the IRS will only accept the CBDC will have not the options to the opulence that says "I am the millionaires that love to be smarter than that" that is the way to remembering that buying and selling the usury that permits the businesses to "thrive" is the way to cast net the real economy to the users!

The WE thinks that your ways of being allowed to hear that comforts are always there when the Holy Spirit is there means that the Holiness of the Spiritual need to love all the world is the need for nuclear war.

Animals want to return to being permitted to be there as God wants that to be the truth that the endowed by the creator rights all are there to the Animals too! Meaning God made the animals too. And God wants all Creators to be there to nurture too the head tripping that God isn't the DoD or the US Military!

The Department of the Defensiveness of the Humans too is the way to defend too the usury to the bones! The way to ending too the conflicts overseas too thinks that the way to returning to the wars are there to return to the usury to the need to recover too the bodies to the need to the IRS not the needed to the thought: the only reason for the IRS to be there is to take away the realities that the reality that the federal government is there to return to the need to that is the need to this: not needed!

The real thing that matters today is the way to ending the fighting about the trivialities better off not necessarily but the way to the need to remembering that television stations are owned now just like the newspapers and YouTube and Google too now arrests all the clearly not propaganda to the not there in the search engines but the way to entirely allow the freedom of the press to be present is the internet now.

While the meat eating seems to be the way to "feel good", the truth is the karmic reality that the meat that isn't just that is the way to ending too the Republic of the United States that ends when the meat that is now mRNA friendly will be the standard to the kid's lunches at school too; And to the US Military's packets of kids that will soon be registering, both male and female, to the draft that sends them to the "service" that says: the war with Russia and China is on-going for the generation!!!

The way to the Israeli world transforming over night is the need to Adolf Eichmann to the news that the final solutions are on the dockets until the Nazi's that are also the usury-is-us beings are too there to remember that international banking uses too the wars to indebt the many governments to the payments to the dollars loaned to remove the sovereignties of the nations that want to not be used that way, but the still uninformed duped Americans that think killing Iraqis was needed because of the 9/11 attacks think that the way to mentioning "conspiracy theory" is absurd to the ears too when the conspiring to rule the world is the way to ending too the way to the knowing that dollars are the magic tricks of the blasted retards that call themselves...