Update 17 July, 2020: COVID-1984 scamdemic...Brilliant! Just think. The "leaders" that tell you to believe in the so called COVID-19 pandemic are laughing at you for falling for it as hard as I am laughing at the brilliant reference...the adding the 84...that so to the point sums up the current...cy.

Further Further Update 15 July, 2020:

Further Update 15 July, 2020:


Update 15 July, 2020: Check back soon for the explanation to the max of the giving to the world the way to the other side meaning the Red Road. The ancestors tell me they are giving to the world the heads up the Red Road the turning to the going to the choice: nuclear war or the Red Road. Kill the messenger the world has the chance but to the max the compliance to the COVID-19 scam tells the woman the fiat money with no reserve requirements as well as a population desperate to pay the bills spells a class of bureaucrats with no problem harassing their neighbors based on the lies from the overlord class that runs the show all the way from the Ingles checkout line to the end times meaning the war to the max happens as long as the individuals need to understand they too have the responsibility to care for the neighbor but the paycheck says my time is here.

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”
-Joseph Goebbels

Update 10 July 2022: The win is the desire for Hillel. Now!

Update February 18, 2022:

Further Update 14 March, 2021: The Facebook folks that moderate for the Kiedis too told the woman no can do on the posting there to the thought the private message the not delivered either to the thought too the RHCP website consumer reports called the messageboard deleted her attempts to the communicating telling to her too the RHCP boys too important to the news too the aloneness of the White Buffalo Woman reminds to the 7th day that too the world will heal now that too the woman will receive too the final chapter of the Facebook permitted to the tune the returning in the brave like fashion of the fighting like a brave will be the nail in the coffin ha ha ha the coffin that wins too the Love in the title. Cheers!

Update 14 March, 2021: The hour nears for the removing too the woman from the equation telling her to recover nothing but too the way out of the quagmire was too the resisting nothing but the voice will be without the hesitation when too the awards will be without the making the point the need to the love-making was that but too the need to the hell on earth wins the mostest!!! You go kids of the eating the CAFO animals for the snacks too! Love wins! .

Question the walking to the news too the medicine that the woman cares about too the land but the world cares not the least about her work tells her to recover nothing but too the bread the reason the woman wants to realize the visiting to the suicide the way to not remove the animal abuse too telling her to remember the life wins the right to the recovery when too the mother hears I want to be there too but the making the living the not allowed when too the making the voice there not permitted by the making the others too important to hear...I want too the audience !

WE are the authors of the social media being the way to nominate the way to the mediocre winning the rights to the being too the prisoners of the world as the animals of the so-called husbandry have become to the tune the locked down to the thought the made too the sterilized and too the allowed to the cannibalism of too the children means the I want the woman hearing the way to the needing nothing but the WE tells her to remember the shorter lifetime will be with the blessed by the news too the making the whole thing too the WE's instead of the intended removing the being to keep her from having to be without the bread and too the homestead was the way to tell her too the Aaron will lose to the other side when too the mother informs the woman the men are the uninterested in the selling to the world the White Buffalo Woman but too the interested in the losing out on the legacy.

Question the walking to the now Kat and remembering the climate change that the others perceive when they are the city dwellers will be without that tune when too the Swannanoa wins the right to remember to her too the White Buffalo Woman wants her to be with the love.

Update August 9, 2022: The reality that Hillel's father was shot too was the reality that all the men that understand that prosecuting the boys that took too the record contracts to the hour without the prize that their own lives have begun again was the right to reintroduce the mother that took the baddest of all falls, Hillel's precious mother that hears nothing but the junkie was the son that was never a junkie!

Hillel's father was shot to the thought the junkie that left them was the men that think that I am there to watch them too Whiley to knowing that Courtney and Whiley selected Hillel to the bye bye to watch the other boys have to never think about fighting like Braves again. That is why Henry Aaron wants the children to learn to fight less and play ball instead.

The waking will involve remembering the actually murders specifically without the resound residue of the LAPD's lapdogs that lie to the house to stay abreasted of the way to inherit the wealth of the liars lies.

You are to hear that Terry knew that Atkins was innocent of all bloody methods and was used to sex up the show to the Sexy Sadie motif.

The reality that all women used include Patricia Krenwinkel that was never once on the Cielo Drive property nor was her world about the sexualness but her world was a murder was committed by Anthony's father to prove to the overseers at the Spahn Ranch that the man called Hinman was murdered too by the father to Red Hot Chili Pepper artist called Anthony.

Patricia Krenwinkel is innocent of all charges but the men that stay to the jailing her are the men that know that her confession wins the right not the human being framed by the men that lie involving too the mother to Kiedis and too the father to the man's father called the grandfather that worked too to the thought as the westerns artist.

Steven Parent was arrested by the police, shot and left in the driveway to frighten the maid.

Actually Sonny knew that Hinman had been murdered by Dammett but the reality that Cher was there to watch too the fucking for fun is.

Cher was pregnant without the shadow when the same mother that lies to the self was never there meaning that Sharon was allowed the pregnancy never not but the right to feel the deliver was.

Sonny wanted Cher to hear that Sharon's baby was eaten to the thought they were permitted Chastity. Oops. I mean Chaz.

I want all that think Cielo Drive 10066 was rented to Sherlock Holmes stand the fuck up and watch the documentary when the production involves the styles of the Irish singers too.

Vincent Bugliosi was the architect of the showing to the public too the Redded men got to Hillel to the not charged.

Dammett knew Hillel was to die that afternoon by the hands of Anthony but the men called the Red Hotted Friends did not.

Roman Polanski was hired.

Update June 8, 2020: Baby get ready to begin the beguine.

Update 15 February, 2020: Jim has not authorized the Captian status of Tony but he is in the running against the other Captain making remarks in the mining industry of the Kentucky Hills meaning see ya Chili Peppers with the red distinction because green means love is the answer.

Update 5 November, 2019: Why indeed?

WE want the world to understand WE are not the figment of Katherine's imagination as Kelvin Cruickedshit is trying to sell you for lunch.

WE want Kelvin Cruickedshit to shut up permanently, so WE are telling the world Kelvin Cruickedshit has been caught by the greatest fisherwoman in the world, Katherine Brannen, the best psychic medium this side of the world.