Update 28 December, 2020:

Dead on arrival means a new version exists on the other country road that means the visit to the morgue will be without the Anthony not alive.

QAnon this kids of the big kids of the new Malibu mansions and too the illegitimate babies meaning the Anthony fathered the one the other was the bass player with the better rhythm meaning...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEXXES5v59o

The Mossad agents that reply know too the Hillel tells to the woman that her world will never tell to the woman typing that the giving to the making the self the protected by the reputation is the most important but telling to the world too the Sex Magick was too the world that means too the Hillel knows the woman typing has too the vendetta to advise to the many that will spark too the new American Revolution that her world is the phony tells to the making her too the spokesperson that tells too the woman knows too the Hillel from the other side exclusively but that means nothing to the man called the spirit talker that tells to the Hillel murderers that he is too the dead because the core was insufficient tells to the Kiedis that he is the not cored to the WE meaning the lies that mount when too the making too the thing that lies tells to the woman's ex husband that he too has to be without the right to recover the vaccine will there be without too the intrusion of the woman offering to the WE's world that the giving to the making her too the not blessed by the Ground tells to the many souls that have too the right to recollect the Hillel was too the better instrument to the making too the band the good to the tune too the woman typing hears nothing but too the cohesiveness the lessened when too the Anthony bolted and found nothing but the need to cover-up too the crime that he is the man that has to fess up to the making too the documentary too the better when the man tells to the clientele that he works for the Israel now meaning the Mossad tells the man to sell to the public the bullshit that too the Palestinians are the going to tell to the world too THE LAKOTA CHIEF ASKS HIM TO REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE WOMAN TO THE THOUGHT THE WOMAN KNOWS ONLY THE TATTOO WILL GIVE TO THE MAN THE RIGHT TO BIGFOOT THE SELF OR TO REMOVE TOO THE SELF FROM THE ENTIRE PLAYING FIELD MEANING THE TATTOO THAT TELLS HER TO CHIEF JOSEPH HERSELF TOO TELLS HER TO REMEMBER TOO THE UPDATE WILL PERSIST IF HER WORLD CAN RELAX but the rage that the nothing tells to the world like the lie that the giving to the woman the world view that too the dicks worm too to the news the asphalt the reason the cities are the hotter not the breath of the cows nor the being the bovine eaters themselves tells to the Israel foreign servants that the Hollywood Hills is the home too that tells to the serving the master means the giving to the Mossad the right to remember the Red Road insists the man called Tony now to the woman is too the dead to that way that means the giving to the Apache warrior too the Paiute to the thought too the making too the Flea too the African-American tells her to remember too the Jewish State is the Israel of the harvesting too the organs of the babies aborted within too the due date there to the thought the giving to them too the anesthesia not but too the babies suffer too the loss of the mother's breast milk too tells to the women too lose too the breasts via too the mammogramming too the way to giving to the "scar tissue" the Hillel's take: the man called Anthony Kiedis is the not right in the mind not the right to the world of the Red Road and the not the American Indian when too the man insists to this hour the core wins him not Hillel tells to the woman too that knows the truth ahem the former bride that was too the pregnant with the body that became too the way to inoculate the children with the breast is the foreign agent too tells to the Mossad diagnosis the Flea buys too the ransom that means the lie perjures to the thought the being too the around the hour the babysitter of the Anthony wins too the special accommodation that will spell too the woman was too the fascinated by the memory of the other side's ways but the need to tell to the self the next year is the end of the experiment to be with the others that will not at all face to the reality too the prairie fire will end too the careers of the men too telling to the making too the Flea the not possessing too the ability to pick the strings not the right to the body working the normal way again because the need to the contract to persist with the posting to the world too the Anthony will have not erections that mean too the kids are the started again meaning the man fucks to the broodmaring now meaning the killing off the species wins too the removing the unsightly assemblage of the not talented men allowing too the past to reconsider they are the multi-millionaires while their fans are the making the effort to real in too the years to the point the need to the Hillel to mention too the family was too the devastated but too the holding to the ransom the two kids that wanted to win the right to rectify too the mention they are the less prolific with the aging that means they will be with too the not raising the kids they sell to the dna telling to the thought the double-strand dna type of the vaccines means the way to get to the Hillel telling her to recall too the vaccination the wrong to her way of the living too tells to the QAnon the right to exist is the Mossad that knows too the working as the secret agent is the better called the way to the giving too the Dodi Fayed and the Princess Victoria's niece Diana the gone to the other side means the woman was murdered on the operating table intentionally by the medical professional dictated to tell to the crown I'm a good kid right? instead of the giving to the ethics the right to recover too the lexicon the better without too the voicing the reality too the mother needs nothing but the one human with the courage to hear that I need to earn the money too meaning the need to ramble on about the problems that smell as if too the Kiedis is the wrong to the muffin means the man hears only the under attack that is the right to the paranoia that means I am too the not well in the heard but too the bulleting too the butthole is the telling to the making the woman typing the stalker tells him too to take to the making the self the Indian instead making too the Creek Indians too the world viewed as too the woman's friends that make the statement the War for the Cherokee and Creek Lands was the war for the Independence to lawfully take too the women as whores and the children as too the whores/slaves that were told to breed with the Africans to begin to alter too the chemistry to the Hillel's pleasure too the woman typing has too the Ashkenazi Jew ancestry meaning the Hillel too the authentic to her too as too the Jewish man but too the hearted man that means to tell to the Fleas that they are the wrong to real to the position too the Kelvin Cruickshank knows the woman to the thought the man has not the first thing about the woman right but that her heart was healed by the Rose taking the plunge to the depths of the hell that means I married Kelvin Cruickshank but her heart hears too the Anthony will be too the outsider telling her to recall the world advises too the Flea to love the man that will be permanently disabled by the spellbound feeling the daughter of the Damien persists into the never ending dialogue: QAnon is the way to get to the point that the music post Hillel smells of the crown's mention the Flea tells to the new Malibu mansion that he the man that will afford too the payments means the waking up to the being used to the point the method to announce the Hillel wants the world to contemplate the family too told to the making the man too the agent to the tune too the 50 belly dancers means the right to the dialogue the propaganda too the Red QAnon Is My Middle Name Flea The Marcus Underwood Of The Bio Wins the right to refocus on the predilection the world will win nothing if the woman recants that the medicine is the worst thing the world has ever happened to conjure up too the marriage that too the world knows nothing to the world view the men are too the selling the global warming bullshit but the men too want the better idea that the giving to themselves the psychological healing in the word: the world is the wrong to tell to the Kiedis too that he is the addict meaning the decree to the subtle being entering too the house of the woman typing means the giving to her too the Jaco to allow too the world to remember the woman knows the now I have nothing but the best there telling to the world the big FU is on the way from too the Sean Stone to the thought the better producer too hears the Stone works for the crown.

Question the amalgamating the war on drugs, the mental health system, the criminal adjustment syndrome and too the criminal justice-not-at-all system that means too the Anthony now almost the adult will fine tune the rhythm too that too the Hillel Slovak was the addict meaning too the man had the addiction to the tunes but too the many children feel that high but the man was not the addict and using his work too in this bullshit production produces too the world view that too the woman hearing tells to herself the man to her was the artist.

Please allow the woman telling to the world too the A in the allowing to the tune too the woman feels only too the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is too the work of the devil called too the medical establishment that told to the women too that night to be without too the compassion for the man left to rot in the cellar without the coming to the home to find him too tells to the scared to this hour man that too the A is that the Anthony now the Saber Toothed man on the horizon but too the man needing too the cuddling.

Question the reason the woman was not the Red Hot Chili Pepper fan during the hey day but the Chicago and Fusion Jazz woman instead tells to the world the way to give to the punk rock then too the right oomph was too the Hillel that went to the giving to the women too the right to watch too the Anthony work his magic meaning the man is the user to the max of the women to the thought you guessed it the woman typing thinks the man not the hot at all when too the man on the line now informs redacted that the man is too the pothead truly though the myth is he is too the sober ha ha ha tells to the Slovak channeler that the man wants the Tony's of the Flea's too meaning too the Anthonies to think to the woman that they are the Tonies of the giving to the world too the version the means I am too the obsequious toward too the making myself the muffins.

Question the merging the working with the Jaco and too the Hillel meaning the making the men posthumously the out of bounds fucked in the heads that want to take to the medical establishment's bullshit that the personality of the artist as the drug addict working in the real time tells to the making all the great personalities that will not succumb to the bullshit again that too the Anthony Kiedis he is gone to the other side the moment too the Sloan identifies too the self to be reached out to by too the Hillel meaning the Jaco there now meaning too the woman typing feels the feeling.

Question the way to give to Flea the right to absequence telling to the awesome abs of the Kiedis too the muffin eating will mean the getting the belly in the right type of the space telling to him that the right to realize the world is too the home to the aging rock stars means the hotted woman will not be without the other guys there.

Question the woman too thinks the tribute the wrong to the max meaning the man is the not the mentally ill nor the drug addict but the artist that night having the bigger dose administered too by the friend that will fess up when too the mentally ill thing to the thought too the Jaco the not mentally ill but too the family crept to the crypt to administer too the justice the Rory wins the really big decision to be with the Jaco without too the right to recall too the woman is the Tracy that went to the lies win.

Update April 8, 2021: The AIDS virus was added to the vaccines for both Polio and HPV to sterilize the women's children too to empty the African lands of the women that want to return to the natural world that will ensure too the Wangari Maathai will hear the trees will be happier without the mentioning the woman was the insistent the vaccines the source of the AIDS that plagued too the men but that wins the way to request the waking of the berry being called the Allied friends that will insist the woman was the walking away from the N O W when the woman walked to the world view the entire world insists the world that wins the money wins the rights.

You are the right to insist the way to heal both the cancers and too the AIDS wins the right to the food being the remineralized to the tune too the woman wants the working for the world where too the money insists too the woman will never tell the self the suicide coming to be without the wage earning being that wins the selling to the being that too the not there to be without the being there to be with the right to hear the getting to the going to the husbandry too the never allowed will be when the White Buffalo wins the rights again meaning the Larry Mullen, Jr. wins the right to recall: the woman too wants the bread baked without the selling to the news her world will be without the welcome to the news too the 501c3 not there so not gonna be that kind because the woman wants to work for the real deal not the money masters that write too the ending the...

Question the asking the woman to explain to herself the WE needs to have the other woman there not the woman hearing nothing but no no no no no no no to the thought the asking her to hear the way to now the woman wants to work but the working will insist too the different standards meaning the way to nominate to the woman the Wangari Maathai was too the murdered by the medical misdiagnosis tells the sterilized by the medicine woman typing that the way to issue to her the compassionlessness of the women that get the children tells her to recall the way to enter them to the contest to hear the ok to kill off the extra Africans but the extra USAites will never end to the thought...live too the woman wants the way to marginalizes the women of the western world view that the West wins the Worst Title to the Medicine Farmed to the Many as too the helping hammerhead that wins the right to recall the Daleks are the way to ensure too the money masters never win being the seeking nothing but destruction which breathes to the very rough road too the kids want to be without the bodies without the sexual urge telling them the urge to the touch will ensure too the woman wants never the return to the United States once and for all ever being the never ending thing that matters too the sexual need will insist too the way to Gemma her was the way to get to the kids being the way to control too the men.

Update April 1, 2021: The welcome to the month the Bo Polny calls the changer when too the woman wrote too about that in the September before the FOMC meeting that spells the qe that is too the QE to the WE tells the woman they are planning the big shut down when the Mother types the WE hears the world wins nothing but the cash turned to the going away to the tune too the covid the cure to the cashed being the permitted to the transaction without the trace teaching to the backdoor dealers of the mentioning too the Willie Nelson grows but the average Joe wins nothing but the harder to cope telling to the world too the lithium told to the Jaco to the mind altering to the thought the being the kid that wants too the ganja there teaches to the woman the waking to the news the woman will inherit the need to the commuting to the California to make the deal the possible but oops. The California law says cashless means too the man takes that away.

I want the Bono to hear that he has the heart to heal the many but the balls to help too the White Buffalo walking to the news too the Anthony Kiedis selected but too the world of the famous erecting nothing but the hard-on for the watching too the woman want nothing but the writing too telling to the making the woman too the exhausted with the protocol the woman must pay her own way because the not the employed erases the right to the working for the WE's way of the employment too the withheld by the women of the making too the woman the not permitted to the being the allowed to the being allowed to the allowed to the allowed to the being anything but what you want her to be without the trying to hear her once. Live that wins the usual way of the I-Me-Mine world that the George Harrison told you about.

Question the woman asking too the Russell Brand to be listened to without the waiting to the news too the woman will hear nothing but that will be without the hearing too as too the ex-husband has made not the first effort to try to hear the woman nor the Kelvin Cruickshank but then again they were each notified they would die without the helping her meaning they have to know the woman's insistence since the September 2019 even before the Wuhan conference that won too the October mentioned was the way to the 2019 test run showing to the many that the having the RFID inside the being was the death sentence so the quantum dot way too the welcome to them to the thought the need to explain these are not conspiracy theories but the real thing wins nothing but the nothing again meaning nothing wins to the nothing to the alone again.

Question the not updating the woman to the nutso but to the American Indian displaced resistant to the mentioning too the working with the soil the better home to the feeding the many right at their back door step instead of the leaving the many subservient to the vaccine protocols that ruin the chi and reduce the children to the harmed from the moment the born when the medicine wins nothing but the renewal the woman will have the working with the Ayurveda there too tells to the way to the need to the sucking off the tit of the big money wins the way to the asking the overlords to make the visiting that is the way to the asking the U2 to consider too the Irish world the freedom rides again world by inviting the Cherokee woman working with the novel agricultural adjuvants that win too the nurturing the soil going going going to the next generations loved too instead of the enslavement too the land animals' that want too the bread to be with the tractors the not grinding up too the baby box turtles that want to be with the home that was stolen by the Irish too that want to continue the G20 to the G7 now that was the reason too the plandemic happened when the Great Reset that wins too the bullshit in the works wins nothing but the utter calamity that wins too the many many many harmed permanently by the administering the novel virus into too the yearly flu vaccine to jump start the they call pandemic to the Land of the Pan returning when the many livestock held under the gun of the "husbandry" ended permanently in the woman's never going to have a husband again in this lifetime or any other will be when too the women that want to eat the meat will enjoy the freedom of the animal that was too the permitted too the rearing the children.

Update 16 March, 2021: The day the woman reached out to the One company not the East India one that wants to continue too the atrocities.Question the now I want the nothing but the help erasing the desire to reduce too the body to the rubble of the affliction the whole time the woman works for the better way too the big shits of the selling the songs work for the opposite thinking they are the humanitarians.

You could write a song for my cause too Bonos of the U2 is the right to the news too the Larry was the killed by the medicine too when too the maximum allowance will be that the drum head signed will be for the giving to the world too the right to the medicine the woman will not be ignored this go around by the Sirs of the better than that to the WE too.

Update 2/1/2021: February begins with the Turkey Tail mushrooms blooming like mad to the thought the other mushrooms sown will begin to heal too the woman typing when too the mother issues the dictate to begin the harvesting when too the mother hears too the guests will be invited to the feast too with the olive oil and fresh greens, herbs and garlic and nothing but too the freshest being picked the moment of the being the processed telling to the Ormus used too the better off now in the woods without too the helpers erecting too the pleasure dome.

WE want the woman to understand the aloneness of the being without a companion or even a friend with the compassion to believe too the WE there tells her to alive to the mushrooms when too the weather clears to the not the ice falling now that is the right to the cover-up that too the need to the heating will be the morrow but today too the woman warns the mother of the mushrooms wants too the image to be without too the fanfare meaning the picture will follow when too the mother hears I am too the alive now so be with the thought the mushrooms want the woman to not only take the picture but to ask too the other side to assist to the heart hearing the Choctaw woman will want too the better allowance to the top post meaning. N O W.

Update 8 April, 2020: Building upon last year's beginnings this year I melt the hearts of the many with the garden that too incorporates the Ormus material in the abundance to make the food not only plentiful but full of the many trace nutrients missing from the N-P-K manner of gardening made popular by the Europeans that had not the first clue how to grow without removing the entire fabric of the life that sustains the many abundantly with the little effort that will be the many teaching opportunities of the others to learn if they will humble themselves to be the listeners for the change. Potatoes are this year's visitation right and feature in abundance as the potato is the endowment of the Cherokee.

That's English Ivy by the way.

Think allegorically.

It's surprisingly easy to clear.

A patch I thought was overwhelming is now cleared and planted in natives: pumpkin, beans and squash.

Our fate is far from sealed.

Update April 12, 2021: The world will hear the USA and too the NATO will use their clout to enter the Black Sea and too the Crimea will be without the shadow of the doubt the used as the justification to attack too the Ukrainians that will hear nothing but the way to issue to the world too the Russians are the aggressors is the way to tell to the world the way to bully the other and then other the bullying is the way to win nothing but to wipe to the map gone gone gone the good ol' USA and that wins nothing but too the naval aviator will be without the children when too the corona virus wins the war to the mentioning too the medicine the vaxxed to the gone gone gone meaning the useless being the medicine of the money masters will be without the recovery being the reason combining too with the higher than thou manner of the being the gone to the other side now to the point: the USA was the aggressor to the max when too the woman typing was informed by the Sam Geppi that he believes the opposite to the messaging to her too the other allowing to the standard fare: I am not the interested in the conspiracy theory the US media is not the biggest purveyor of the violence with the Madison County Square Pants that run too the Richard and Marci want to hate the woman for being the not the fuck up they insist to the others meaning they are the bullies Woody Wood of the watching to see the results unfold meaning the King in a Catholic Style not elected but infused with the drama tech that he is the better off without the being alive tells to the attack on the QAnon for the assassination will entirely remove too the "conspiracy theorists" from the being the mind knowing meaning the way to enemy too the enemies is the giving them the right to hear: the U2 will NT to the world too the next generations that want too the DOS there will be without the woman understanding but the One that was the working for the now I am too the ignored there was too the way to negotiate to her the way to the negotiation that wins nothing but I am too the alone in the aloneness by the aloneness of the others that want nothing but too the normal returned by the messages that too the woman wants nothing but the friend that hears: the way to hearing the Crimea the way to the ending too the United States asks too the Chinese liberators to hear: the QAnon is the reason too the woman hears they are the allowed to use too the baby tissues to be without the change to them that the giving to the abortions the wrong to the women that are not the supported but to the world in which the media insists the vaccines the right tells to the better humans that the United States Navy will insist too the Black Sea the home to the many killed by the bullets and too the depleted uranium not important to the imposters that assume too they are the better humans meaning the "good people" the hapless "conspiracy theorist" recognizes not being the woman that heard the repeated asking during the being the student: What would you do if you witnessed the ER of the Germans too telling to the holocaust that the getting to the 911 attacks the wrong to the being too the not prayed for by the indignation of the holier than thou women that want to be with the baby making pre-marital while too the father and mother were the real parents then tells to the Trisha and Tony Castros that the way to hearing: the son will injure too the children in the Crimea wishes them a happy Christian renewal.

Update Pearl Harbor Day 2020 Year meaning the way to give to the now is to realize the way to give to the "surprise" attack too the Crimea not invaded never to the thought too the democracy is too ignored by the Sam Geppi meaning the very reason the woman quit the man's education: the man argued about too the referendum meaning a thing but too the man is too the still in the 7th grade too.

WE are the working to reunite too the Sam Geppi and too the woman to the thought the woman knows only the man as the Vedic astrologer/High Horse meaning the man is that too to the thought the woman hears only the work exits.

As Above, So Below:

Update 9 July,2020:

Update 31 March, 2020: Still the man called the president that acts no different than the king tells you to practice social distancing so no can do on that kissing all over. Forget it. So sorry for the unconvinced men and women that want nothing more than to "shelter in place" in the right way.

Nobody wins this war except perhaps the earth which will be cleansed of most of humanity. The only ones who will survive are those capable of getting their sustenance from the earth instead of the system...See points N to I: the way of the sacrificers. This way ends abruptly.

Bipartisan panel: US must prepare for “horrendous,” “devastating” war with Russia and China

By Andre Damon
16 November 2018

A bipartisan commission appointed by Congress issued a lengthy report Tuesday backing the Pentagon’s plans to prepare for a “great-power” war against Russia, China, or both, making clear that the Trump administration’s belligerent policies are shared by the Democratic Party.

Safe in the knowledge that its findings will never be seriously reported by the mass media, the authors of this report do not mince words about what such a war will mean. A war between the United States and China, which according to the report might break out within four years, will be “horrendous” and “devastating.” The military will “face greater losses than at any time in decades.” Such a war could lead to “rapid nuclear escalation,” and American civilians will be attacked and likely killed.

It is impossible to understand anything in American politics without recognizing one fundamental reality: the events and scandals that dominate political discourse, which make it onto the evening news and into headlines on news sites and social media feeds, have precious little to do with the considerations of those who actually make decisions. The media talking heads play their assigned roles, knowing that the most important topics can be discussed only within very circumscribed limits.

Those who actually make policy—a select group of high-ranking members of Congress, Pentagon officials, and think-tank staffers, as well as White House aides—speak an entirely different language among themselves, and in publications they know the general public will not read, and the media will not seriously report.

These people all accept as plain, self-evident fact, statements that, if they ever made the evening news, would be dismissed as “conspiracy theories.”

The latest example of such plain speaking comes in the form of a new report published by the National Defense Strategy Commission, a body set up by Congress to assess the Pentagon’s new National Security Strategy, issued early this year, which declared that “great-power competition—not terrorism—is now the primary focus” of the US military.

The findings of the panel, published as a report titled “Providing for the Common Defense,” can be summarized as follows: The US military is entirely correct to prepare for war with Russia and China. But the Pentagon, which spends more each year than the next eight largest national military forces combined, requires a massive expansion in military spending, to be paid for with cuts to bedrock social programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

The report is, in other words, a congressional rubber-stamp on the Trump administration’s military build-up, putting into words what the Congress did in deeds this year when it passed, with overwhelming bipartisan support, the largest military budget increase since the Cold War.

But beyond the recognition that the United States should prepare for an imminent, “whole-of-society” war with “devastating” impacts on the American population, the document is a stark warning of another basic reality: The United States could very well lose such a war, which requires, in effect, the military conquest of the entire planet by a country with less than five percent of the world’s population.

The United States “might struggle to win, or perhaps lose, a war against China or Russia,” it declares. These wars would not just be fought overseas, but would likely target the American population: “it would be unwise and irresponsible not to expect adversaries to attempt debilitating kinetic, cyber, or other types of attacks against Americans at home while they seek to defeat our military abroad.”

It adds, “Should war occur, American forces will face harder fights and greater losses than at any time in decades. It is worth recalling that during the Falklands War, a decidedly inferior opponent—Argentina—crippled and sank a major British warship by striking it with a single guided missile. The amount of destruction a major state adversary could inflict on U.S. forces today might be orders of magnitude higher.”

To drive the point home, the report outlines a number of scenarios. The first involves Taiwan declaring independence from China in 2022, prompting Chinese retaliation. “The Pentagon informs the President that America could probably defeat China in a long war, if the full might of the nation was mobilized. Yet it would lose huge numbers of ships and aircraft, as well as thousands of lives, in the effort, in addition to suffering severe economic disruptions—all with no guarantee of having decisive impact before Taiwan was overrun ... But avoiding that outcome would now require absorbing horrendous losses.”

The solution, the report concludes, is a much bigger army, funded by consistent, multi-year increases in spending. “There is a need for extraordinary urgency in addressing the crisis of national defense,” it writes.

The army needs “More armor, long-range fires, engineering, and air-defense units.” The Air Force needs “more stealthy long-range fighters and bombers, tankers, lift capacity, and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance platforms.” The nuclear forces need more missiles. And so on and so forth.

To pay for all this, social services are to be gutted. “Mandatory entitlement programs drive spending growth,” the report complains, demanding that Congress address these programs, which include Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. It warns that “such adjustments will undoubtedly be quite painful.”

And finally, all of society must be mobilized behind the war effort. A “whole-of-nation” approach must be adopted, including “trade policy; science, technology, engineering, and math education.” Everything from private corporations to academic institutions must be brought to bear.-See Coronavirus fiasco, updated 9 July,2020. Update 7 December, 2020: The article next is too the government document meant to warn too the many welcome homers to be with the thought the way to getting to the now is the time to regurgitate too the way out of the being stuck without the shopping privilege without too the id card indicating too the vaccine has been ingested means to be with too the now and give to the woman typing the right to regurgitate too the germs are the wrong to the coming home but too the visiting the Trail of Tears returning to the very corner of the world where her family were stationed during the civil war of the making too the transparency there: the civil war of the making the Cherokee and too the Irish-Cherokee feeling to the max mostly Cherokee were asked to take to the bullet to the brain or to the skull or to the backside of the head or to the dorsal being that will be with too the capacity to scum to the top of the pole too the Warren Haynes not relieving himself this lifetime but the prior wifetime when too the man was too the Cherokee-Irish spawn is the feeling too the man knows only too the woman knows that too the report for the weather in the Western Carolina mountains is the world is not going to succumb to the pressure to be without the food but the Ingles Supermarket will be without the right to reference to the many still working there they will have the right to retire when too the class-action lawsuit will spell bye bye Ingles Corp. as well as the other groceries at the end of the food chain meaning too the Publix and Krogers etc. and of course the Walmarts of the super and not super variety to the thought too the children begin to explore too the toadstools instead of the McDonalds meaning the way to give to the making too the woman the getting off of the pedestal is the working to recall: QAnon is the real thing too meaning the children taking to the vaccine schedule too tell to the baby machinery that too the women take to the c-section and to the making the being the wet in the head too the right to recall the better off with the Cherokee ways than with the making the self too the permanent victim of the crowning to the top of the food chain the supermarkets that chain to the neck too the making the women the not fertile to the thought to the thought too the regular way to make the baby will be replaced too by the men of the power blackballed meaning they will not succeed to the thought the fiction that means too the woman's body the not right to the cleansing either is the way to turn too the natural cleansing too of the viral material not from the outside but the inside of the system is to be with too the sniffily nose but too the criminalizing the sneeze is the manner by which the war machine makes the point the human body is the perfect instrument to the tune too the WW3 is here: the WW3 is the need to cleanse too the Earth of the making too the marketing to the public only the worst type of industrial chemicals will involve to the cleaning meaning too the woman fears for the world that will succumb to the news the world is that: the water will recover when too the woman begets to the truth the need to ask for the assistance is that to the thought the offers to the helpers too the right to remember too the next generation is that the better without too the being born meaning the being the made to lose too the fertility is the way to insist the generalizing the entire mechanism of the life force working for the woman that too needs to hear the way to get to the other side needing nothing but the right to remember the vaccine will end too the masheekweshun.com man meaning the way to give to the mother on the phone too the right to recover too the Woody as too the friend in the section 8 too tells to the many that will be told to be without the passkey to the house that they even have rented for the multi-generations will be without too the right to recall that the way to give to the second amendment the right news the right to recall I am the resident wins you are the tenant and the tenant is now required to code to the specifications of the Warped Speeded to the end of the using too the section 8 vouchers there tells to the making the woman too the not on the ball is to teach to the working for the food stamps too renders the vaccine the required welcomes the next thing: you think the world will end but the world will not end but the next world will begin to begin meaning the sacred hoop that will be with the humans now from the end to the thought the better adjustment than too the immunity being the wrong is to immunize against the working for the Ingles corporation meaning the way to insist invite the men and women from the Cherokee worlds to the Swannanoa River Valley to resuscitate the ways of the agriculture of the natives to the thought too the parking lot is reclaimed means the many tied to the shackle of the evil Ingles paycheck is the necessity as in too the company store is that tells to the store space will encompass the many wears of the children of the settlers meaning the way to forgive the ideal the woman wants to be with the thought the artisans of the world will unite to reunite too the Jaco-Bite-Nots but that is the right to recall too the man is that too the welcome to the news he too took to the cock as too the way the woman takes to the making to the world too the warning the many that want too the non-Cherokee ways will need to be without the right to protest because the store is recommissioned as the gone gone gone meaning the area is too to the Maximillion Smart of the smart phones necessary to the entering too the store precludes the end times of the world that will not include the many mom and pop stores that will fall not to the wayside decided by too the WE that want too the return to the mom and pop types that will enjoy too the fallout of the Ruble too being the currency in circulation meaning too the coin that is too the 1 unit of silver the metal meant to be too the currency to be with too the American tradition as spelled out in the must read book The Creature From Jekyll Island where too the Becky's soul was the native girl meaning the woman of the Cherokee relocated to the coast to end too the controversy too the Edisto Indians are there but too the marriage too tells to the making too the soul the aware too Annie Fountain wants her son Otis to be with the Irish too and with too the Lorace Dean with the family that is too the Islanders meaning too the Jaco is there meaning too the mother wins too the right to be with that meaning The Jaco Pastorius is too the family member of the Anthony and too the Flea imagine that! Trump Administration Partners with Chain and Independent Community Pharmacies to Increase Access to Future COVID-19 Vaccines.

In listing the various challenges to the United States fighting and winning a war against Russia or China, none of the distinguished members of the committee arrived at the seemingly obvious conclusion: that maybe the United States should not fight such a war.

But in this they represent the overwhelming consensus within American policy circles. In his last days, Adolf Hitler was reported to have declared over and over again that if the German nation could not win the Second World War, it did not deserve to exist. The American ruling class is entirely committed to a course of action that threatens the obliteration of not only much of the world’s people, but of the American population itself.

This is not the madness of individuals, but the insanity of a social class that represents an outlived and bankrupt social order, capitalism, and an equally outlived political framework, the nation-state system. And it can only be opposed by another social force: the world working class, whose social interests are international and progressive, and whose very existence depends on opposing the megalomaniacal war aims of American capitalism.

Come on labor, world working class, oppose capital with all the tools you got you sexy thing. Let's mobilize the “whole-of-nation” to good lovin'. All we need is a critical mass of NFL players to get on board, to bring their wives/girlfriends/boyfriends/husbands onto the field and kiss them madly throughout the singing of the national anthem. With that example the rest of the country will not be long behind....Superbowl parties will never be the same. Make love not war.

The Requiem of the Masses includes the losing too the wife Mr. Bono. Update 15 Ides of the March of the Idiots to the Slaughter of too the Irish Referendum of the 1917 Year. 2021.

Question the updating the house without the date but too the making the assertion the date will be tomorrow too telling to the texting to the point the selling to the public the self wins nothing but too the selling to the world the energy that spells the way to the Christ Consciousness wins too the right to the reneging on the idea that the Red Hot Chili Peppers rule at all they are too the wrong to the completion of the sentence to the thought they are the big cats that purr give me more bread to the point the kids are the sterile and too the fucking not meaning the being the neutered by the Gates Foundation loved by the Bono "I'm the stereotype of the big whig of the Irish world where the kids of the servants are the lesser of station and not permitted through the gates without the proper papers" Vox meaning the Paul Hewson of the kid that wants not the voice for the poor and downtrodden but the right to redelight in the news the killing off the Irish public is the pleasure of the big whig class even now when too the Irish was the designation to the mind that says ha ha ha I am too cool to ever know too that I will be the gone too to the thought the vaccine takes my important children too.

Question the wanting nothing but the right to recall the big kids that get too the big gigs that want too the accolades as the hipsters sell to the reality they are the big whigs too. Piggies to the max will win to the thought the woman hears they are the piggies of the piggies to the thought. Oink Oink Oink.

Question the reason the woman resumes to the news the now I must struggle through the devastation allowed to the thought the better when the many take to the guns to their own families meaning the Bono that supports the covid-1984 vaccination program is the shyster selling to the world "I am Irish why would you listen to my humble being" while telling to the masses take to the taking the horror injection meant to cover the failure of the Bretton Woods to the Big Gold Buy Off of the 1970s being too the too cool to the Kiedis to watch without the need but too the man is too the too cool to recognize the sell-out to the ending too the careers.

Question the walking to the news the fan was that but too the fanning a band that was too the working for the not to the max the interested in the well being of the fans either tells to the inheriting too the trip the woman thought the band the better equipped to the open minds but too they are the still in the shut up by the medical paradigm working to end too the reign of the medical-money-membership-of-the-big-kids-club telling to the mentioning too the newsflash that the Kiedis is not the hot to the woman now that too the White Buffalo's words not permitted to the Facebook page run by his compatriots but the repeated posts about the Taylor Swift's big sister the you guessed that the Paris Hilton of the fame because the big kids want to promote her has the reign of the hour tells to her too the man is the not that to the thought the heart tells her too the Bono the not the biggest pig of them all but that means too the soul the better judge than the public.

Question the scam that tells to the women that too run the Red Hot Chili Peppers being the right to the regarding too the not that bright super movie stars too the working for the wrong end of the stick telling to the making too the Bono the not the supporter of the vaccination of the entire world tells to her that the man is too the not the arrogant pig that runs to the show that shows to the world too the magnanimous mention the Mullen Jr was the giving to the Navajo and the Hopi too the send off to the seer ya later again to the tune too the murdering them with the medicine not the healing with the music shows why too the Red Rocks concert of the 2003 not but too the 1983 year when the woman typing was the 14 years old the same time the brother of the band the man on the channel not now that wants too the way to hear the vaccines are the work of the devil too.

"The First People knew no sickness. Not until evil entered the world did persons get sick in the body or head. It was then that a medicine man, knowing how man was constructed, could tell what was wrong with a person by examining these centers. First he laid his hands on them: the top of the head, above the eyes, the throat, the chest, the belly. The hands of the medicine man were seer instruments; then could feel the vibrations from each center and tell him in which life ran strongest or weakest. Sometimes the trouble was just a bellyache from uncooked food or a cold in the head. But other times it came "from outside," drawn by the person's own evil thoughts, or from those of a Two Hearts. In this case the medicine man took out from his medicine pouch a small crystal about an inch and a half across, held it in the sun to get it in working order, and then looked through it at each of the centers. In this manner he could see what caused the trouble and often the very face of the Two Hearts person who had caused the illness. There was nothing magical about the crystal, medicine men always said. An ordinary person could see nothing when he looked through it; The crystal merely objectified the vision of the center which controlled his eyes and which the medicine man had developed for this purpose..."

- Frank Waters, Book Of The Hopi: Tokpela: The First World: The Myths: The Nature of Man. Penguin Books, NY, NY, 1963. Pg. 11.

Attention those of the Irish world that think too the Choctaw not too the Irish to the thought too the money sent to the family members back home to the thought too the mention too the Indian Removal tells to the woman typing too the man entitled too the winner too the Mr. Lewis Grizzard too the man told to become too the Jeff of the other side tells to her to think too the way to the knowing only that too the funny men there to the thought...

WE want too the Larry Mullen, Jr. of the Rock Band too the U2 to admit too the summer ends when the woman typing becomes too the attraction of the Dublin skyline meaning too the man wins too the drummer that was too the man of the Dublin coast in the lifetime that was to the thought too the woman typing too the outcome of the many Irish co-existing women that think too the drum too the right thought that too the way to the bodhrán becoming too the right to the Irish drum means too the Gypsy.

Question too the right to the drum to the thought too the man thinks too the woman typing not the right to the American Indian to the thought too the classifying too the woman typing too tells to the world too the woman wins nothing but too the audience with too the atom of the ant to the thought too the Adam Ant to the thought too the woman wins nothing but too the right to the MTV in the early 1980s to the thought too the winner wins too the right to the suddenly the summer ends in the Dublin skyline meaning too the management tells too the Mullen, Jr. too the Navajo think too the virus too the mythology.

Question too the right to the covid-19ing too the Navajo to the thought too the better option means too the freedom meaning too the world wins too the right to the knowing too the many Choctaw displaced by too the Irish of the Cherokee type were too the Choctaw that went to the Alabama area to then be told to the leave too to the thought too the world hears too the woman's family too told to the Choctaw scram.

Question too the right to the land that gives too the right to the women too to the thought too the Irish were too the matrilineal until too the English told them to become instead too the servants too to the thought too the many Irish that went to the Choctaw lands learned too the Dublin then too the right thought to the thought too the many that went to ER tell to themselves too the Two Hearts mean too the hearted that want to the recovering too the Choctaw to the native lands tell to themselves too the Cherokee too think too the Choctaw too the driven to the western world long before too the trail of the tears to the thought too the woman wins too the right to the thought too the right thought that too the impression that her ancestors too the Cherokee-Irish were too the right to the Choctaw lands but too the woman knows only the way to the giving to the NY Times/Washington Post/ER to the thought too the working as if too the Irish are the repatriating too the long lost woman of the Irish excile tells to her too the way to the knowing the way out of the enigma means too the world ER's too the Wally Ingram to the thought too the man hears only that he too is the savior of the world.

Question too the right to the land that was too the Choctaw to the thought too the land and the people were too the same to the thought too the world hears too the Cherokee-Irish forced to the removing too to the summer home tells to her too the saintly way to the giving to the world too the message that too the money better spent with the woman typing to the thought too the rewarding too the Go Fund Me to the thought too the woman hears nothing but too the way to the giving to the world too the right thought: the U2 are the best of the best to the WE to the thought they are to the family of the woman typing with the many many ancestors removed from the Dublin Heights to the second scoop to the thought too the woman knows only too the Wally knows that he too has too the right to the living as if too the Dead too there.

Red Road Baby!

Update November 10, 2020: The Versailles treaty was not the work of the men that wanted to rid the world of the fascist dictatorship but was the way to engineer too the Weimar to the toon the woman hears the way to give to her too the heads up too the ending the war of the first world that was then the war that spells I think vivisection resembles too the way to giving too the Spanish flu the old heave-ho to the now I understand the vaccines then were the culprit tells to the being the woman to begin to hear too the armistice was not that but the ending too the end times of the devastation of the moronic need to build too the trenches to the thought the hellacious ability of the white world to designate too the enemy the pathogen is the way to give to the head trip the right to reinfect the way out of the Weimar epidemic meaning the way to consolidate the climax to the going to the houses without too the right to recall too the banks own the deeds tells to the fractional reserve schematic reserves the right to indicate the scammers are the banks telling now to the many mortgage holders the right to the property involves the need to refinance with too the loans written to the perpetuity meaning the ever renewing alongside too the immunity passport telling to the new and improved landed gentry the landlord of last resort is the Mother of Nature Herself being too the right to the fact too the Chinese will buy too the Federal Reserve to the tune...ahem...the deed is theirs already.

WE are done.

Update 2/Nov/2020:

Update: In a 26 June 2018 article Paul Craig Roberts addresses how the current monetary fraud works: How Long Can The Federal Reserve Stave Off the Inevitable? — Paul Craig Roberts

Our present economy, the ability to wage endless war, all brought to you by the Federal Reserve System and its petro-dollar.

The petro-dollar is going away. But that's another story.

The Federal Reserve System is fraud institutionalized. It is reverse-Robin Hood by design, sucking wealth up to the wealthiest while the rest compete for an ever-reducing slice of the pie.

The mainstream media places much emphasis upon wealth redistribution as the solution, take money from the rich to give to the poor. That's the solution of the super-rich, people. Give the poor a monthly stipend. Then he dare not bite the hand that feeds him. Meanwhile, the reverse-robbing-hood remains and the endless world-bullying continues unabated.

Jesus asked, "which master do you serve?" It's time to seriously consider that question. Then build the correct answer into a new monetary system. Remember? He turned over their tables.