Update 6/7/2024:

The world where this is science is the world where the scientists are owned. And that is the world where the many are working now to show off that fighting the plandemics too is validating the conclusions that the Meta too funds the world where I am to be scapegoated.

The world where the men that called themselves too the banker's friends too took to making passes at the baby cook, the woman hired to clean up after them too. And they expected her to want to suck them dry, the right way, all the way to the tummy.

The people that put the tag on Mary then took the entire "scientific" world to the new normal: the world where the "symptomless carrier" is the potential.

The women that supported locking up the woman that was their servant too loved to watch that. They are the very people that hold themselves above others. They are the very rich and entitled that think their way to be wronging others is not wrong.

The need to reconsider the designation "typhoid" too as the "disease", the way to scapegoat the servant as the "carrier" means that the "scientists" that reinforce that find that "symptomless carriers" of "diseases" are to be the next normal. Just watch and become that proud pro-vaxxers!

The entitled class of individuals find that their club is to end when they are taught a lesson that God Almighty makes the decisions.

Update June 12, 2024: The mohawk hair isn't that hot. That is the way to the wittle bitch that wasn't there yet hearing that the children that think that longer hair is hot find that is the way to showering the silencing the drama that I want to be the long haired man, me, the brother/lover/permanent resident/Kurt/Energies of All the Others That Want To Teach/The stories needing to be written.

The men that mohawked to the hair cut that way too wanted to be Indians that play with the baby writing. They are the kids that want to refresh to her that styles are but the way to showing that her world thinks that warfare is the way to wuv finds that wuv is the stories that the Ukrainians that want to return to the Lovers treat the Ukrainian stories as too much time to talk that the WE thinks that the poetry as the prose thinks that running the sentences to the prose to the poetry to the love that making the statements that Lovers love to play the playments that the payments that the money laundered...

The water that waters the watering was the wuving the water that the enemies that are the designation that a man's energy was abused by the wasted world was the world where the energies Energize the thoughts energizes the babies that want to energize their money to available to resend the messages that the thoughts that control the messages that the energies sort the water to returning to the WE as the author that the money that sends the babies to the divorce court sends the monies to the lawyers.

The Energy that finds that fighting over the WE's words to free the minds that the WE is the author that the money takes the world to lawyers that fight to fight to fight to make decisions to take the living to the lies are the way to fighting for the Lovers are the ways to fighting for the lies are the Lovers are the Lies are the.

The posters are the truth that Love Loves Love but wuving to be wuved wuvs the times ten times that that man called "dead", Senior Cobain/Kurt's Energy, that Spiritual Me, that man called Spirit Kurt, that man called the hottest of all hotties hots the hottest of all spaces to hotting the hotred to the retorting returns that spirits are real.

Update 13 April, 2020: John Denver = Shawnee.

Update 4 March 2020: Well the clothes have changed on the continent too. The way of the former American republic the one run by the women that lived the Cherokee way was the way of the WE typing meaning the very mention of the tasty treat called the Sex Rap tells the woman that the drum is not her instrument of choice but...

Right on!Why?
Daniele Ganser is a Senior Researcher at the Center for Security Studies at the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, Switzerland.

I am descended from both the conquerors and the native people already here in North America,

I gotta say guys, I prefer the attire of the natives. Come on.

What if women had been the conquistadors? The USA and Europe would by now be filled with half-naked men with long hair or mohawks. If only.

It's time we reclaim our connection to the other ones who walk on 2 legs: the birds. In the bird world the males look good for the females.

The birds have got one up on us: they can fly without purchasing an airline ticket first. Maybe we can learn something from their ways.

Here's a newer song: 2 Legs Good, 2 Legs and Wings Better.

Update December 20, 2022: You are a coward Mikey Adams for removing the much sought after video below. Please restore pronto por favor. Thanks.

Update July 4, 2022: The WE knows Mike Adams is both the man that fucks around on his wife and the CIA agent.

Update 22 July, 2020: You guessed it the Bono in the feed...

Update 17 April, 2020:

"I am willing to sacrifice everything to fight for the future of this country."

Mike Adams made that oath to God.

Hey Mikey. God wants mercy not sacrifice. See Matthew 9:13.

Aren't you a sinner Mikey? A good Christian?

Get with the program Mikey.

Try this.

We've decided not to fight for America's future.

We've decided to love for America instead of fighting.

Why not put down your guns and your foolish pride Mikey and join us for a morning beer or an afternoon cocktail instead?

We want joy, not a bloodshed.


He likes it! Hey Mikey!

Does Mike Adams possess the maturity of our nation's and Life cereal's beloved Mikey? Mikey is quite comical isn't he?

Mr. Adams says American patriots must respond with spontaneous overwhelming force.

We say hearts of fire creates love desire takes us high and higher to the world we belong.

Choose us well.

Mercy or sacrifice?

This will help.

Watch both videos at the same time. If you watch all of Mikey's video I recommend replaying Earth, Wind and Fire after the first round, makes it more palatable. The 2nd round is the best. Do it.

Which seed do you want to plant?*

It is our choice.

* If you plant a flower and grow a pearl that means the future is your oyster. Choose well.

The so-called inaugurated-post-Beatrix-quitting-the-throne-boy called Willem-Alexander thinks that yellow-caking slavery to driven by "race" is the way to Stu the needs to his mother's sexuality being too the way to the thrones of England there to recollapse the scenes to the ways of the Crowley that were: sexual needs fulfilled by hate and Stalin too was one of the Orange's.

WE are the authors that paying reparations for slavery based on race alongside nothing but the hate that generates is the Crowley type of affair, meaning the using the truth to fan the flames of hatred to return to the genocide of the Indians of the American northern continent that was too the way to justify too the many fired-up fans of the WE.

The commissioned "study" that shows to the world that the "good ol' monarchs" that want to be prized as kings and queens know how to return to "science" too the real thing when they sign off on the pandemics-are-real-to-them-to-buy-their-own-selves-dead-too finds out that the covid-19 affair too was the way to locking down the future of humanity to fighting amongst themselves, allowing the "good people" that take the shots as "science" to be the real women and men of loving the kids, while the educated, aware and allowed the good news that the shots that were "science" too enable the reparations of the "science" clubs to the funding wins the way to return to the money there to be "reparations" to the kids that are Africanized by the color of the skin and the hair texture and the reasons for the ways of the WE here to return to the demonstrating that cows too used the clans of the cancers too there to return to the funding to return to the ways of the ways of the money to the House of Orange used and abused too the Scottish.

William of Orange wasn't the only patriarch to reuse the suddenly too the ways of the WE are allowed to penetrate to the aristocrats that return to themselves too there as the birthed-in but the "white" and "black" and stolen to never permitted the voicing them own selves, the American Indians, allowed now reservations, maintenance by, get that, "husbandry" of the American governments allowing them reparations too, was the way to returning to the monetary units too there to return to the returning to the "Christians" that love to be that because "In God We Trust" their own ways to the dollars are the way to returning to the ways of the who? The fighting amongst the selves to regard too the monarchies the "kings and queens" of distinction that returns to parenting too the kids to "mother gave me the shots at CVS" to prove to the other mothers that her world is "safe".

You are wrong Willem-Alexander. The commissioned study is bs.

You are to learn Willem-Alexander that the kids allowed to fight about "reparations" are the spoiled brats that understand only "I am a farm animal owned by the House of Orange of the Netherlands." And that is the way to return to the dollars that are too the yen and the reichsmark that mentions to the ways of the German father that too the Nazi regime was bought by the same assholes that today proclaim to "apologize" for "slavery" that is "racism based".

The way to return to Karl Marx is the way to return to money as the driver of the scalping too, associated by Sam Heughan's character in the abused-by-my-heart-to-laughably-absurd Outlander that mocks real history to return to the Indians as the scalpers, that then taught the Europeans how to do that, shows that the Outlander series is shite. And the way to understand scalping is to return to the monarchs that "owned" the land of the ***Not allowed*** that today too breathe alongside the whites in the blacks' world of "reparations to the niggers" ways to the remembering that bounty hunters wanted to get as much money as possible for the "heads of the traitors" that the insurgents were, as if too the same-old-same-old isn't still there, the Iraqis that were too "insurgents" on their own soil after BP and Royal Dutch Shell take to selling too the Iraqi oil now, in dollars for the now, as if too Saddam Hussein had to die so that the big kids that love to be "safe" can pray for the troops that too had to become "terrorists" by living in the Baghdad regions where the massive American/Allied European Aristocracies meets the Rothschild's banking dynasties wanted to build the now built embassy now used to command the central commandos to returning to the British run Petroleum Giants are the Balfour's that declared too that the declaration called the "Balfour Declaration" declared them the rightful returning to the crusades where too then the children used then too return to the aristocrats of the feudal-return-is-our-goal-specifically to kill too the allied partnerships of the artists that understand that crickets are there to return to the houses of the holy.

The WE wants King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands to recover the news that Sutcliffe wasn't used to raise the issues enough that the Crowley ways, that's Aleister Crowley, and the "magic" that removes all returns to the proclivities of standards of conduct that return to Israel too the way to brutalize the natives allows all patentedly balding head trips to return to the stuck-in-the-mudd ways that too Abraham Lincoln was murdered by the kids that return to themselves the "House of Orange" meaning the Irish allowed to the hour to be incarcerated by the monarchs' needs to knowing that killing Bob Storey was them too shows that the only way to retire the House of Orange to the oranges for the masters of the land but death and malnutrition to the beings that serve the monarchs because the king of all kings is the King called Christ, not your fucking asshole that smells so bad that the entire world is subjected to the whims of your need to prosper as the so-called "favored".

The WE wants King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands to understand that Alexandr Solzhenitsyn was a man that was used by the monarchs that know that the Royal House of Shell Chemicals too burned down the Reichstag to begin the horror called "The Holocaust" that returns again to the Balfour Declaration that treacherously allows the voice to end the many real historians, that sells to the world that shite that is then turned to Hollywooded types of showers that shows that Hitler wasn't the man that was the awesome guy either but was the stooge used to show off to the media in the United States and Britain that the thoughts of the masters return to the 1984 declaration of the returning to the technocracies too there to return to all children asked to return to the public school lunch menus that Heads Started to the Racetracks that then turns to horses too wanting to remember that stallions that feed on the rations of the restaurants will too be served lab-grown "beef" when the hamburgers are ordered.

Royal House of The WE IS THERE NOW treats all Willem-Alexander's as the boys that took to beginning to hear that the cousin Charlie that thought that fixing the hippies-are-a-problem-now-that-LSD-opened-their-third-eye found out that the Armageddon prophesied too was the waking of the masses to the need to return to Aristotle there to return to the removing the kids again, not by the French Revolution's ways, the guillotine, but by the smaller version that removes the cocks too!

Updated 7 April, 2023: So which is the team starting the new civil war in America without that: the "radical left", as Mikey Adams asserts, or the "right-wing" as mediamatters.org suggests? I wonder which one WE want? Go figure.

Click Here.

"Every phase of human experience and human relationship must be taken into consideration; just as indicated from that given, that we ARE our brother's keeper...For unless these are considered, there must eventually become a revolution in this country - and there will be a dividing of the sections as one against another. For these are the leveling means and manners to which men resort when there is the plenty in SOME areas and a lack of the sustenance in the life of others...For the Lord so loved the world as to give His only begotten Son, that whosoever would might KNOW that life in its manifestations, in its expressions and relationships and dealings as one to another is not a gouging, not a "gimmie", not a hate - not those things that belittle, but those that create hope, faith and understanding in the minds and the hearts of men EVERYWHERE! - Edgar Cayce Reading 3976-19.

Is The Media Deliberately Trying To Spawn Civil War 2.0?.

America Shows Many Signs of Impending, Catastrophic Collapse - a Pulitzer Prize Winner Explains

2 years ago I made this video. It's almost 30 minutes. That's pretty long for a YouTube video, I know. Your choice. Whether you watch it or not, our fate is sealed. The cushion is up to you and me.

The following video further refines the video above.

Here's your reward for making it this far into the post, a snippet from reading 3976-25.

"When many of the isles of the sea, many of the lands, have come under the subjugation of those who fear not man nor the devil, but rather would associate with that in which they may proclaim MIGHT and power as being right in that of the superman, that would be of the generations as would be established, - then shall thine own land see the blood flow as in those periods when brother fought against brother...When thou hast gathered thy hoards of the earth together, and have entrusted them to the keeping of those who are wastrels, what has been and is the result in thy own experience? Want and need has come to thy hand!...Let thy voice be raised, then, as in praise to thy Maker; not in word alone but rather in the manner in which ye meet thy fellow men day by day. For the prayer, and the living of same by those sixty and four who are here gathered, may even save America from being invaded * - if that is what ye desire.

* It's too late now. We must reap what we've sown.

DeBarge gives us the solution to our woes. Leave our differences at the house and dance. "The music's playing, it's a celebration", if that is what we desire.

Love your neighbor. It's a lot more fun than fighting.

Please dance with me.