Update 1 June, 2021: The Kingdom of the Heaven is too the God working for the living that too the Sat-Chit-Ananda to the better off without the woman hearing too the functioning to the max white lies that too the aliens are the disclosed after the many years of the hiding that is too the wrong to the WE telling to the woman that the airforce workers are too the working for the bread that spells I am telling to the world that the aliens exist to be without too the hesitation to the finding inside myself the right to remember the Anahata Chakra will insist to the world that the giving to the many special needs children that result when too the American Association of the Pediatrics that spells to the vaccine industry too the old hat to sell short the well being of the kids to the profits that mean too the irregular to the periods to the not allowed to the functioning normally to the impotent to the being the brainwashed to the aliens too the space aliens that star trek to the giving to the wars of the stars too the right to conjecture that the woman types being the right to recover nothing but too the Living God working for the Lord's Prayer with too the heart open is too the Israel that wins too the esoteric news the space aliens thought to be hidden getting to the various governments that want too the Iraqi children to deplete to the uranium tells to the many pregnant women not aborting too the fetuses to the thought the birth defects that resemble to the world too the depleted uranium that wins the right to recognize the giving to the world too the F-35s that fight to the genocide of the Gaza Strip tells to the going after too the world as too the "Christians are the Steve Quayle that insists the world is too the home to the ancient aliens but spells to the world I believe in the living God" is the way to hearing I am too the Greg Hunter that thinks I belong to the country club that is too the Christian club to the thought the christian club to the not capitalized telling to the convinced too the invincible to the not too the vaccinated tells to the children that have allowed too the Living God to inhabit their beings because lest ye be like the little child you shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven tells to the Anahata that the going to the world as the seller of the FAKE ANTIQUTIES BY STEVE QUALYE'S BOYS IN THE FIELD is the way to hearing the Living God is too the right to the remembering the beings that want too the Living God to rule too the so-called "immunity" to the thought the warfare to the body is too the warfare to the Living God's sovereignty telling to the woman admired by the woman typing as too the better human than too the Steve Quayle's big buddy on the phone of the giving to the right to the Christ the centered being is too the way to hearing the woman admired by the WE too the Dolores Cahill is too the wrong about too the natural law working for a world so buttfucked that too the way to hearing they are the Irish that resist too tells to the considering too the woman is too the protestant too tells to the going after too the breaded being is the way to the Cahill winning the right to recall I will enjoy the comforts of the new generation without the summer on the run telling to the canceling too the woman's interest in the Kiedis is the kid that will ensure too the woman typing is the insufficient to the news they are the unit too telling to the considering too the women that make too the kids too the subjected to the whims of the medicine men is the way to hearing I am too the wrong about the man that will ignore the woman typing being too the so-called "conspiracy theorist" without too the shame to hide too the children behind the masks that spell to the public the understanding too the woman's heart was shaken too tells to the vaccine injured women too that are too the prosecuted for the child reduce to the abuse that is too the medical establishments' that spells to the world too the questioning too the vaccine protocol is too the "conspiracy theory" now to the thought the many many many many and many more individuals brushed under the rug to the tune they are the immaterial to the selling to the public the right to the big names that are too the unreliable to the woman being too the way to the Gemmaization of the field by the need to posture to the "Facebook is Kelvin Cruickshank's work website" tells to the over abundance that is too the wasted land of the white ways tells to the scrimping to the need to the nothing there tells to the conservation of the matter to the Spirit is too the Living to the end times that are too the Heart Chakra belied to the giving to the woman too the hope that the understanding too the Cahill Dolores is to the White to the carrying too the feathers that spell to her too the better off when too the Mother of the Shakti to the Kali too tells to the woman the understanding herself as the alive not the foul hurtful being that spells to the mental illness for the understanding not the importance of the lying to the public for the bread to the thought

The WE is the author that the Steve Quayle is the full of the shit that sells telling to the canceling to the world too the Jesus Christ on the line through the open channel to the Spirit domain while giving to the shills too the right to recompense to the need to hearing too the woman recognizes the WE as too the walking to the news the space aliens are the disclosed to the fiction that is that. The WE is the Spirit domain accessible through the soul power of every individual inside too the being being too the way to the Kingdom of Heaven is Within to the thought the within is too the within too the writing that the going to the world as too the channeling from the Spirit domain while the big kids that get too the attention and too the $millions for the fake artifacts on the Mexican border to the white matter of the brain being too the gray to the mentioning too the multi-colored disclosed now aliens to the thought Greg Hunter was asked to afford too the woman typing the attention to the WE being too the American Indians allowing too the karmic focus to retain too their worthiness as too the land lords of the Akashic resonance that is too the ground of the grounding to the having too the polarity to the need to the Mother of the Earth asks the Steve Quayle to talk to the second amendment instead of the giving to the world too the right to the making too the self so important that the expensive webinars that cha ching him for to the berry not but very very very happy that the selling to the Steve Hunter of the Greg is too the shill often when too the Israel tells to him I am too the "Christian" to the thought the giving to the wives too the right to recall too the killing the Palestinians locked to the max in the West Bank too tells to the Gaza Strip club that too the going after the IDF as too the Satans in uniform is too the right to the WE.

Update 30 May, 2021:

Kill the messenger and too the waking will insist to the world I am too the WE wanting the woman typing to relax and enjoy too the species that will inherit too the Earth telling to the so-called "Space Forces" that the science fiction that reigns to the max on the cable news tells to the making too the taking to the house phone too the Other Side wins too the Way to the Means that wins too the right to recover too the Jerry Again telling to the Jerry Garcia children he is here and too the allowing him to take you home will be when too the comforting too the woman as too the right to the life again instead of the hell on the WEarth that wins the right to recompensate to the "doing what is right" by following the overlords' way to the canceling too the rights via too the covid allowance to the so-called "pandemic" telling to the cold and flu symptoms reclassified to the vaccines rule too the roost tells to the obsequiousness to the status quo that you are too the fashioning too the whip that sells to the world I am too the walking to the next thing where too the Indian Removal removes too the classification to the being too the permitted not to remember too the waking includes too the waking to the news too the canceling too the right to the woman wanting to watch too the waking as if too the waking is the way to hearing I am too the QAnon supporter being too the so-called "conspiracy theorist" when truly the woman will be judged by the superficial manner to the section 8 too telling to the canceling too the right to remember too the walking to the news I am too the working for the money now that I am too the monkey allowing too the right to the going too to the Monkees to the thought the woman will classify to the world too the waking to the news: You are the in error again humans of the television is the spectacle to the thought.

Update 18 April, 2021:

Yesterday afternoon I went out. I knew I was going to the bank, other than that it was a surprise.

The Spirit Guides directed me to drive to the Highland Brewery. One pint of porter and live reggae.

"I've got two tickets to paridise. Won't you pack your bags we'll leave tonight." Yep. The Eddie Money song all done up reggae.

The band took a set-break. I finished my beer. Time to split. Reggae playing on the house music: Everything I Own, reggaed. That gave a whole new perspective to "Jah provides the Bread."

In the car again. Playing in my head was Californication. Surfing radio stations. The fourth station I hit...."Dream of Californication..."

I was directed then to the GoodWill in East Asheville. It was slammed. Had to wait for a parking place.

Enter the store. I'm walked to the dress section and shown a beautiful dress covered in roses.

My guides have guided me to many a rose-covered outfit.

Update January 24, 2022: My work is to love again without the pain that the loser wins not the right to return to the angeress.

Update April 8, 2021: The AIDS virus was added to the vaccines for both Polio and HPV to sterilize the women's children too to empty the African lands of the women that want to return to the natural world that will ensure too the Wangari Maathai will hear the trees will be happier without the mentioning the woman was the insistent the vaccines the source of the AIDS that plagued too the men but that wins the way to request the waking of the berry being called the Allied friends that will insist the woman was the walking away from the N O W when the woman walked to the world view the entire world insists the world that wins the money wins the rights.

You are the right to insist the way to heal both the cancers and too the AIDS wins the right to the food being the remineralized to the tune too the woman wants the working for the world where too the money insists too the woman will never tell the self the suicide coming to be without the wage earning being that wins the selling to the being that too the not there to be without the being there to be with the right to hear the getting to the going to the husbandry too the never allowed will be when the White Buffalo wins the rights again meaning the Larry Mullen, Jr. wins the right to recall: the woman too wants the bread baked without the selling to the news her world will be without the welcome to the news too the 501c3 not there so not gonna be that kind because the woman wants to work for the real deal not the money masters that write too the ending the...

Question the asking the woman to explain to herself the WE needs to have the other woman there not the woman hearing nothing but no no no no no no no to the thought the asking her to hear the way to now the woman wants to work but the working will insist too the different standards meaning the way to nominate to the woman the Wangari Maathai was too the murdered by the medical misdiagnosis tells the sterilized by the medicine woman typing that the way to issue to her the compassionlessness of the women that get the children tells her to recall the way to enter them to the contest to hear the ok to kill off the extra Africans but the extra USAites will never end to the thought...live too the woman wants the way to marginalizes the women of the western world view that the West wins the Worst Title to the Medicine Farmed to the Many as too the helping hammerhead that wins the right to recall the Daleks are the way to ensure too the money masters never win being the seeking nothing but destruction which breathes to the very rough road too the kids want to be without the bodies without the sexual urge telling them the urge to the touch will ensure too the woman wants never the return to the United States once and for all ever being the never ending thing that matters too the sexual need will insist too the way to Gemma her was the way to get to the kids being the way to control too the men.

Update April 1, 2021: The welcome to the month the Bo Polny calls the changer when too the woman wrote too about that in the September before the FOMC meeting that spells the qe that is too the QE to the WE tells the woman they are planning the big shut down when the Mother types the WE hears the world wins nothing but the cash turned to the going away to the tune too the covid the cure to the cashed being the permitted to the transaction without the trace teaching to the backdoor dealers of the mentioning too the Willie Nelson grows but the average Joe wins nothing but the harder to cope telling to the world too the lithium told to the Jaco to the mind altering to the thought the being the kid that wants too the ganja there teaches to the woman the waking to the news the woman will inherit the need to the commuting to the California to make the deal the possible but oops. The California law says cashless means too the man takes that away.

I want the Bono to hear that he has the heart to heal the many but the balls to help too the White Buffalo walking to the news too the Anthony Kiedis selected but too the world of the famous erecting nothing but the hard-on for the watching too the woman want nothing but the writing too telling to the making the woman too the exhausted with the protocol the woman must pay her own way because the not the employed erases the right to the working for the WE's way of the employment too the withheld by the women of the making too the woman the not permitted to the being the allowed to the being allowed to the allowed to the allowed to the being anything but what you want her to be without the trying to hear her once. Live that wins the usual way of the I-Me-Mine world that the George Harrison told you about.

Question the woman asking too the Russell Brand to be listened to without the waiting to the news too the woman will hear nothing but that will be without the hearing too as too the ex-husband has made not the first effort to try to hear the woman nor the Kelvin Cruickshank but then again they were each notified they would die without the helping her meaning they have to know the woman's insistence since the September 2019 even before the Wuhan conference that won too the October mentioned was the way to the 2019 test run showing to the many that the having the RFID inside the being was the death sentence so the quantum dot way too the welcome to them to the thought the need to explain these are not conspiracy theories but the real thing wins nothing but the nothing again meaning nothing wins to the nothing to the alone again.

Question the not updating the woman to the nutso but to the American Indian displaced resistant to the mentioning too the working with the soil the better home to the feeding the many right at their back door step instead of the leaving the many subservient to the vaccine protocols that ruin the chi and reduce the children to the harmed from the moment the born when the medicine wins nothing but the renewal the woman will have the working with the Ayurveda there too tells to the way to the need to the sucking off the tit of the big money wins the way to the asking the overlords to make the visiting that is the way to the asking the U2 to consider too the Irish world the freedom rides again world by inviting the Cherokee woman working with the novel agricultural adjuvants that win too the nurturing the soil going going going to the next generations loved too instead of the enslavement too the land animals' that want too the bread to be with the tractors the not grinding up too the baby box turtles that want to be with the home that was stolen by the Irish too that want to continue the G20 to the G7 now that was the reason too the plandemic happened when the Great Reset that wins too the bullshit in the works wins nothing but the utter calamity that wins too the many many many harmed permanently by the administering the novel virus into too the yearly flu vaccine to jump start the they call pandemic to the Land of the Pan returning when the many livestock held under the gun of the "husbandry" ended permanently in the woman's never going to have a husband again in this lifetime or any other will be when too the women that want to eat the meat will enjoy the freedom of the animal that was too the permitted too the rearing the children.

Update 16 March, 2021: The day the woman reached out to the One company not the East India one that wants to continue too the atrocities.Question the now I want the nothing but the help erasing the desire to reduce too the body to the rubble of the affliction the whole time the woman works for the better way too the big shits of the selling the songs work for the opposite thinking they are the humanitarians.

You could write a song for my cause too Bonos of the U2 is the right to the news too the Larry was the killed by the medicine too when too the maximum allowance will be that the drum head signed will be for the giving to the world too the right to the medicine the woman will not be ignored this go around by the Sirs of the better than that to the WE too.

Update 2/1/2021: February begins with the Turkey Tail mushrooms blooming like mad to the thought the other mushrooms sown will begin to heal too the woman typing when too the mother issues the dictate to begin the harvesting when too the mother hears too the guests will be invited to the feast too with the olive oil and fresh greens, herbs and garlic and nothing but too the freshest being picked the moment of the being the processed telling to the Ormus used too the better off now in the woods without too the helpers erecting too the pleasure dome.

WE want the woman to understand the aloneness of the being without a companion or even a friend with the compassion to believe too the WE there tells her to alive to the mushrooms when too the weather clears to the not the ice falling now that is the right to the cover-up that too the need to the heating will be the morrow but today too the woman warns the mother of the mushrooms wants too the image to be without too the fanfare meaning the picture will follow when too the mother hears I am too the alive now so be with the thought the mushrooms want the woman to not only take the picture but to ask too the other side to assist to the heart hearing the Choctaw woman will want too the better allowance to the top post meaning. N O W.

Update 8 April, 2020: Building upon last year's beginnings this year I melt the hearts of the many with the garden that too incorporates the Ormus material in the abundance to make the food not only plentiful but full of the many trace nutrients missing from the N-P-K manner of gardening made popular by the Europeans that had not the first clue how to grow without removing the entire fabric of the life that sustains the many abundantly with the little effort that will be the many teaching opportunities of the others to learn if they will humble themselves to be the listeners for the change. Potatoes are this year's visitation right and feature in abundance as the potato is the endowment of the Cherokee.

That's English Ivy by the way.

Think allegorically.

It's surprisingly easy to clear.

A patch I thought was overwhelming is now cleared and planted in natives: pumpkin, beans and squash.

Our fate is far from sealed.

WE are the authors of now: 2020 on the end times road meaning Happy Halloween!

Update 25 August, 2020:

Update 7 November, 2019: WE want the world to stop wanting to want. Jim is the author. Now is the time.

Update 2 November, 2019: Response from The Great KC: "Your nutter.. what you going to do when I come for youuu crazy?", the spiritual master speaks his spiritual truth to the WE who asked him to love US. Guess it's Gameygarg forever. Ride on Party Smurfs, let's play without the wicked wizard tagging along and spoiling the fun with his endless negativity.

The answer to your question Gameygarg is: What I do is the way of the world.

Get it from the main vine.