Updated again 8 January, 2023: Brian here. I am not the biological father of Barbara Marion. I am the man that isn't the only man lied about post-mortem. I am the man that Woody too thinks is the man murdered by the reality that the crown of the English monarchies lie all the time and always get their way.

Updated further 8 January, 2023: The WE thinks Anthony knows that China isn't the dark side of the mooned but is the way to end the Republic of the Liars in Charge since the man knows Hillel was chosen to size up the shower to him indicted for the murder of Slovak and that's all folks!

All that jazz that Anthony wants to walk to the best friend of all is the jazz that he too understands that murdering the man was impulsive, not expected, the results of the water in the wine that waiting for the results that Hillel isn't High but marijuana isn't bad today like in 1967 is the result that all bongs fill. (Hint:Add the below soundtrack to the above video and contemplate the monarchy's that think Winnie the Pooh is too Aleister Crowley's what?)

The WE too thinks that Anthony was under the pressure to perform for the audiences as the most biggest fan of the WE too! And that is why Brian Jones knows that lies stick easier than flies to paper tape getting to the news that too flies have feelings. But the truth that dropping like flies thinks that all children wanting to remember that all certain situations take MTV to another level, to the Devil's Are Us but that isn't the whole story, the Aleister folks that know men that want to fuck off are too the men of the world of posthumously heterosexual too are the Michaels too that know children accused of hurting the men of power know that George Michael thought Elton John was a man of honor. But the "crown" that rules the world isn't nice at all, but stingy, cruel, kindless and cold to the maximum of all stoned men to hear: join the choir Anthony's boyfriends Stones.

The house of the Winnie the Pooh wasn't the mansion owned by Jones to the working woman's consciousness but that wins why the man isn't there yet. The way to end the career that isn't well to the mentioning that all Anthonies that want to end the Hillel isn't the junkie fiasco too want to corner up and teach to commodes that coroners too keep secrets like the records of the land sale to Mr. Jones are false and the records of the land to the selling to the world the Cielo was the homestead of Sharon and Roman Polanski, yuck, that isn't the truth: Roman is the liar. And Terry Melcher too knew that Dennis Wilson was to be removed by the same method: syringe to fill the coffers of the sellers of the Aleister manner to support the subjects to subjecting to the satanic rituals the disgusting manners of sexual perversions that retired Sharon to dead on the floor with the baby insider her too.

Roman knows that Jews run the world of economics not but financial usury that isn't really Jewish run but Satanic run. And the "money changers" that are the Robbins' ways to Christopher to God's poety wins Rothschild's too on the floor laughing now that Cherokee ways learn too: banking industries subside to Cherokee casinos win the usury back!!!

Updated January 8, 2023: Brian isn't dead either. The man Brian Jones wasn't dead yet when the stomach filled with distress to teach to the world that all sudden deaths don't just add up either that a man "found dead" too died then.

Balzary knows that Anthony too knows that Kurt's remains too remain. And the suddenly the entire world hears the coffin buried that afternoon or was it morning? that thinks that Anthony too wants to remember that Brian died on the night time that wasn't the July 4th reunion either. The man died on the night of the holocausted memoir that all cancers that result from the need to hide the results that the murder of the man called "my best friend" was the death out of no where is the way to Sgt. Pepper up the night time to the ways of the devil mentioning that the Royal's that think they are too smart to learn learn too that Satanists are real. And the "money changers" are the enemies of the Christian world but the "Christians" that serve the money first are the silent lambs that understand that sympathy for the devil classes that are too Her Majesties' ways to His Majesty now that He isn't Charles III but God is the way to thinking that Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, was the waking call.

The 27 club is a lie since Hillel too wasn't 27 yet. But the Brian, marketed to the world as 26 when the mentioning the news articles repeat that age, is morphed to well 27, like Kurt and Jim and Janice and Jimi and on and on and the drugs and alcohol that were the reason are what? The cover stories that sell that?

And the truth is the man isn't.

Update May 7, 2024: Or are they?

Update April 30, 2024: The Choctaw wanted to relive the experiences. The experience that wins along for them as brutal is the experience that wants the children sold to the slave drivers to be both Indian and Irish. And the color-coded world where only the Africanized looking people are allowed the heritage that wins slave, that history is so incorrect that Harriet Beecher Stowe too wrote about that, a book now considered by the really big news stories that her work is in no way racist!

The war for the revolution that was entitled The Revolutionary War wasn't for the revolution to the commoner, it was about abusing both the commoners and the stated-with-the-way-to-steal-all ways that wanted to remember to the world that wuvs to concentrate, the Washington general, General George Washington, worked directly for the Rothschild's.

The war brought the fighters over from England. And the Scotsmen that took the northern parts of Ireland too commissioned the displaced then to fight the war for the removal that was the Cherokee broken.

The women that took to the bedrooms that were then wedded to the men that took to the grants that landed them to the better off never hearing that the men that bedded wives to make then the martyrs, they are the Williams' fathers.

At the time the settlers began to make the deals with the Choctaw to think about the waters too there to return to the wasted ways, they took the liberties. They bought the children to the slavery. That wastes them today. They sold the kids stolen by taking the guns to the parents, and then sold them again. They sold them to make the slavery the way to slaves today many times over the African-Indian variety. That wins the way to showing to the many African Americans that the slaves were brightly allowed to thrive best when another worked the land. That is the way to showing that showing to all that slavery is brutality that isn't based on race but on meanness, that is the way to showing that funding the wars to end that is funding the reality that Dr. Martin Luther King's world isn't about racism. He fought that!

The way to recovering the American Indian to the Native American is the semantics. And the way to showing to all that I am not the American Indian nor the Native American is the way to showing that stereotypes are the way to end the summers. And summers are the times when the living isn't just easy, the living is love.

Q. The way to the women that think that being the aristocrats entitles them to everything find that eating human flesh isn't healthy. And the big important investors that buy up the lands by usury think that the way to regarding the world theirs to own is the way to regarding the in-error world the world where the money is changed.

The world where money is the monitor of the realities that monetized really big ways makes all that lives the ownership that reflects those that serve the money.

I want the world to have to take the fall.

You are to learn to hear the ways that the experiences are there to retrieve the memories.

I want to return to Hiram Williams' sons, Hank Williams, Jr. and Shelton Hank Williams III, the man that wants to regard the invitation to work for the records that record the revelations that scripting for the television audiences the stories wants too the men that write the scripts.

The world where the scripting is the way to the stories written and then converted to screenplays is the world where the world where I work is there to work for the ways, the way to filming too the stories that retell the stories that say to the Rothschildren that their worlds will be funded by the world where artists are available to low-budget the realizations that working for the techniques that say to all that computer science is there now as the world where I worked before says to the monetization that is hiring the stories to be filmed with the technology that is expensive never will be the rawness that reveals all rebels to rebellions that art to the artistic the way to fund the reality that Hank Williams, Jr. has some dough.

Update April 28, 2024:

All I asked was for a conversation that involves the Other Side's need to showing to the world that nothing is real but the Facebook world that exhausts the need to wuving any celebrity is.

The world where I work for no pay, and am there to help, and to be generous, and to be loving, and to share, and to give to the women the real truth that wuving the boys called the Hiram Williams' twins that say they are the better beings than I am ends.

The men that think they are more important because they inherited the crosses that bear the light to another way than inheriting the golden ways that say to the Rothschildren that I wasn't the asshole but asking for assistance from "men" that think they are more special because they have fans, well that ends the fanship on my end.

Today I hear the truth that Pure Prairie League heats me. And being outside is better than fucking Facebook! Shit, that is the only holding pattern, being used to know that being alivened to the truth that the liars win never but the idiots don't hear nothing but themselves looking to the mirroring that the man called Ronnie Van Zant died, never through a plane crash. Ask Tom Dowd.

The Jews that are involved as Rothschild' agents are too the self-immolating assholes that self-medicate to the opposite of the Jewish ways. So call the working woman unfit to be there because the word chosen by the Other Side is that, so be that, assholes that know that Screwdrivers were hired to make millions too, that is this: shit is the open season.

The WE wants the world to understand the inversion here. Dr. Leary is explaining reality, while Bill Buckley is not.

The AMA explains to all that LSD is scary, tiresomely the same story as ?fill in the blank?

LSD isn't the mind altering drug purported to make those smoking pot too deranged. LSD is the opposite, but the kids that think that important jokes too make suits smarter, this is the time to reconcile to the world that the truth prevails.

50+ years to the hour from this interview I am smoking marijuana of better quality than 1967 and of lower cost. Now whose theory is that?

I feel like a puzzle piece separated from the rest of the puzzle. Please find me puzzle. I'm useless without you.

Late afternoon addendum: The Spirit took me out this afternoon. It was a pretty sunny warm afternoon. I got in the car and the Spirit directed me where to go. I know that sounds weird but it is my truth. "They" move my body, indicating which direction to turn at intersections when I'm driving or at street corners when I'm walking.

I ended up at the One Stop Deli and Bar in Asheville for the Grateful Dead tribute show, which happens every Friday, though I'd never been before. For that moment I felt I had some semblance of peers (though I did feel I was pushing the envelope a little in my conversing, mainly not, but a little. I chose to hold my tongue at times, which is not unusual.)

What if we all embraced the ways of the Dead-Head on tour, for a little while at least? I'd feel a lot more at home I think. There's nothing like hugging a stranger, calling him 'brother' and really meaning it.

The days are getting longer. Soon I'll be able to stay out until 9:00PM and still get home by dark. I think I'll do the One Stop Dead show again.

Update November 28, 2022: The WE advises all Jackasses that the WE isn't into being the ways and means of tantalizing to the ways that Jim Sinclair ain't the man that deals the way he does: shyster when needed.

Shysters voice too.

The Voice loves me now.

The WE too knows that Bill Holter retired to end the website to the not needing to be supported by Jim Sinclair because Sinclair ain't dead yet.

Update November 10, 2020: The Versailles treaty was not the work of the men that wanted to rid the world of the fascist dictatorship but was the way to engineer too the Weimar to the toon the woman hears the way to give to her too the heads up too the ending the war of the first world that was then the war that spells I think vivisection resembles too the way to giving too the Spanish flu the old heave-ho to the now I understand the vaccines then were the culprit tells to the being the woman to begin to hear too the armistice was not that but the ending too the end times of the devastation of the moronic need to build too the trenches to the thought the hellacious ability of the white world to designate too the enemy the pathogen is the way to give to the head trip the right to reinfect the way out of the Weimar epidemic meaning the way to consolidate the climax to the going to the houses without too the right to recall too the banks own the deeds tells to the fractional reserve schematic reserves the right to indicate the scammers are the banks telling now to the many mortgage holders the right to the property involves the need to refinance with too the loans written to the perpetuity meaning the ever renewing alongside too the immunity passport telling to the new and improved landed gentry the landlord of last resort is the Mother of Nature Herself being too the right to the fact too the Chinese will buy too the Federal Reserve to the tune...ahem...the deed is theirs already.

WE are done.

Update 2/Nov/2020:

Update: In a 26 June 2018 article Paul Craig Roberts addresses how the current monetary fraud works: How Long Can The Federal Reserve Stave Off the Inevitable? — Paul Craig Roberts

Our present economy, the ability to wage endless war, all brought to you by the Federal Reserve System and its petro-dollar.

The petro-dollar is going away. But that's another story.

The Federal Reserve System is fraud institutionalized. It is reverse-Robin Hood by design, sucking wealth up to the wealthiest while the rest compete for an ever-reducing slice of the pie.

The mainstream media places much emphasis upon wealth redistribution as the solution, take money from the rich to give to the poor. That's the solution of the super-rich, people. Give the poor a monthly stipend. Then he dare not bite the hand that feeds him. Meanwhile, the reverse-robbing-hood remains and the endless world-bullying continues unabated.

Jesus asked, "which master do you serve?" It's time to seriously consider that question. Then build the correct answer into a new monetary system. Remember? He turned over their tables.