Update July 6, 2023:

The WE thinks that lies are there to return to the liars are the lies and the lies are the British that lie too that the drones are there to the thought, the way to lie to the public lies to the WE and the WE that lies to the lies are the liars' ways to the lies are the lies are the truth to the liars are the lies and the...

The WE knows that NATO was responsible for the drone attack at Vnukovo International Airport in Moscow.

The women and men that consider this alright are not well to the minds nor are the women and men that think that the only way to "win" the war for the Ukrainians to be murdered entirely is to use too the digression of the American military's favorite ways: allow the British intelligence to return to themselves the targets for the wiped the fuck off the map!

The WE thinks that you Anthony and Co. think that going after the flags-on-stage too shows that the dollars are there to remember that loving the women too that contort will be when the world hears that going to the press agents to be without the charms is the way to showing that men love to scar tissue to not hot at all.

The Updates are the way to 3/3/2023 to the need to another world than the WE's death.


And another.

Update 3/3/2023.

I want the world to have to abandon the US dollar. I want the US dollar to end. I want the ending to photoshop the world to the needs that lies are to end when the photoshopping the dollars to not there too photoshops the water to returning to sacred.

The WE thinks that you ARE to be the only working working working for the living spirit talkin' being that buys off on the news that canceling the Ivy League that was my work won't be. The way to misinform the working woman for the last time is the way to hiring Kurt to free mason the times 10 ways to hiring too the mischievous thoughts to yourself the men to the ways that men think about the women and children together thinks that you are the children now that the children asked to be without the fathering are the children that find out that there was intention to harm the women and children and farms and wasted water to Texas is the way to waste the water there too!

The Palestine region of Ohio was selected to correspond with the remaking Israel to removing Palestinians too!

The WE thinks that yourselves are to have to recoup the recooping to save the children from the fallout of the nukes that will be given to the public as the false-flag that Putin thinks that using the dioxins to spread the energy to the medicine that the many children better off without the inside of the need to have to require the reworking the working to the masking to the knowing that respiratory illnesses will explode with the nukes that are to reappear on the horizon very quickly allowing Russia the big better off without the return to the news: The WE wants the water to end too!

The next Lehman's event thinks needs are to return to that one too the get-to-the-meat, the way to enhance the usury to QEing the entire world to bought off.

The WE rejects the need to make the meat the bad thing to care about.

The WE thinks that Atlanta's Hilton will be the housing that houses the nuke to be the house the resolves the need to return to the Atlanta wasn't called Stoned Mountain until the WE invited Sean Stone to read the words: the WE wants the man called Oliver to bury the hatchet with the WE for the Jim isn't the author not.

Oliver Stone thinks that you are to want to work for Spike Lee too there to resolve the race issues that the American Indians were removed by the "diseases" before the white folk "bought" the land for sale.

The WE yourselves thinks that you are to inherit the need to repeat the better off not the beginning of the "democracy" nor the "republic" but the way to hire guns and knives and killing machines to machinate to the world the cows want to be given the rights too to the need to recover the Indians removed by the "diseases" to the destination African American.

The city of Bakhmut thinks that Atlanta too won't be too full to be without the news that Jews above the water where the Azov too won't be there to think twice about the World Trade Center too informing the many affiliated with the CIA/Mossad ways ahead of time to remain off the premises thinking that Building 7 was the rebuttal of the butts are to return to AE911Truth to the not to the thought the truthers there but the hidden agenda to return to Richard Gage as the CIA asset the tries to stall the investigation to the CIA's man of Switzerland, the boyfriend that tries to laugh too, Sir Dr. Ganser that isn't hotted but thinks that selling Tesla's world view that the whole way to this is the living that lives for the hour and then dies off is the way to hiring the men and women of law enforcement to think too that paying the bills for the hour supercedes the jurisprudence that was the supposed foundation of the usury states of the corporation called the Rothschild's were the reason to kill the Indians to gone, gone to the reservations to serve the treaties to the "white" world to end the suffering of the usury that won't end until the beings permit a better monetary way than "i got mine".

The WE thinks that permitting the children to be born another way than as white, black, green, purple, loved, unloved, sexualness will never be the real deal until the money is the sound variety. Estates inherited to be without the caring for the landing that the water to wanting to love the elderly too was the way to usury to the ending the ways of the getting off the golden news that cancers returned to the pancreatic mannerisms of the munchkin's too insisting the breasts must be removed to be "sound of money' is the way to turn to the cancer industry funded by the petrochemicals are the ending of the ways that end too the aristocracies that use the usury to turn too to the "dark arts" to insist the David Grohl thinks that chanting to the devil's-are-us mantras that the only giving away to the Othersiders the reality that all children asked to remember that kosher kills are the way to kill the animals for the kosher sacrifices allows the sacrificial very important lambs to lamb to the chopping that killing Anthony Kiedis' career is the American Indians that will understand that he wasn't to the thought interested enough to bury the hatchets that killing poor Hillel was too the shotgun that was the ways and means to killing off the whitest of all white boys to the nothing matters but the selling the souls of the children too sacrificed to the devil's need to recover the usury too there to remember that Courtney Loved the way to Hillel too there to return to Blackie Dammett there now to explain to the cancers that are the other members of the Red Hotted Men's Clubs that all working for the living women too think that allowing themselves the pleasures too will be the way to Highlel to the needs another world than alone and alone and alone and this: Anthony Kiedis' father wanted Hillel to be whacked so that Anthony's band would be made the biggest band on the planet to be without the Jewness there to repeat to the world that Hollywood is the mixed bag of antiSemites and Semites antithetical to the biblical need to Torah to the commandments that spell that usury too sues to the ending the whitest of all whited whited whited to the Buffaloes too there to return to horses needing to be cared about when they are not to the pastures.

WE want the world to be without water to return to the ways of the WE's need to the American Indians too there to return to being that instead of the CAFO animals the send to the world the messages that along for the need to Larry Mullen, Jr. to be there to be without the news that cancers that smell of the usury too welcome the news that loving the Hopi and Navajo was him.

The Red Road is the reality that all children asked to be permanently scarred are the children permanently allowed to thrive post-revolution of values to the revolution of the necessities to the watering the water to re-important re-imports to me the Homestead was the laboratory where I worked to be robbed by the entire clan to the needs to the watering too the water to the section 8 vouchers that turn too the slum lords to the ways to return to the rents too used to return to the usury that allows the interest rates to judge too the water to the fathering that was the way to Jim Brannen used by the men of the community to return to the needs to the WATER that was the important issue to the farmer there, the working woman too tired to try to care again about the family that really cares about the only way to hearing that working to thin the populations of the kids that use the dollars to take away the working world turns to Bud Brewer too there to lose the land to the mentioning that I am to return to the offering to them the offering that I wanted to return to the working for the wellbeing of the entire classic reality that water to the max is the superfluous item to the rich kids that work the lands as if the water will be fine always, the Robert Is Here very importantly wanted to work for the water-is-chemicals-are-real-to-us-to-use-alone to the westerners too wanted to work for the landed way to hearing that killing off the working working working woman's way to be the way to hearing that allowing the men to thrive was allowing the land to return to the ORMUS there to return to the cleansing too the better off not fracked world that isn't that yet but the water that will be without the recovery is the LAPD that works to rethin too Hillel to there to live again as the man not Jewish but too the guitarist that works to remember that Highlel too like to be nice to women.

The Sea of Azov is the home to the Azov Battalions that want to be there to reNazi the world to the Ashkenazi types that think the usury thinks that the water to murdering too the Palestinians too wants to remember that Peabody's father was the man that wanted to return to the way to Irish up the entire shower to another way than the CIA there to return to the ways and means of the waking that the golden mannerisms to want to return to Willie of the Hat Trick Letter too there to remember that using the working woman's words too will be ok for the way to sell too the waking that waking to the news that usury too uses the used to the using the other side to return to the water too there to return to the municipal needs to the selfishness of the I-got-mine ways to the watering too the kids to the Bobby Marley too was used by the band mates to be made the martyred being to begin to hear that selling cancer to the beings to return to the 1940s to the thought, the Manhattan Project was the project of the super-elite that think that using the ways to Fred Foulk too honored by the games that mean: Charlotte Foulk will be left alive while the entire Foulk fortune turns to gone to the usury of the banks bailing-in the Chase Manhattan mentions that meanings are there to return to the ways to teach children to learn to love again the ways of the children too there to reinherit the landed was to the Foulk's are the ways of the WE to teach too the women to learn to love again the ways to the children inherited the ending of the wealth.

Update July 8, 2023: The liars at the press stations that too insisted the children be shot up with the "vaccines" to protect from the COVID are now selling to the world the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant as the target for Russian aggression, so that the whole world will then go for the healing again. And the women that buy off on the "Russians did it" are the many, many, many that succumb too to the world where the only advice to them is this: allow that to be. And that will be when too the many other nukes fly, and that thinks that the big kids that lie, cheat and love to be "right" think that they are to live not on but be told to vacate their residences and go to concentration camps to die off, and the big kids that lie, cheat and think that the lies win will then buy up the land that is left behind to "own" and then the kids that are left without their parents, the kids stolen to the news too the Ukrainians harvest organs for selling on the open market too the kids to the best of the bested, the Gemma Team KC, too hear that the 6+ years of pleading with Kelvin Cruickshank and his teams to help me be the spirit-talking-allowing that is the way to hearing that I am tired and alone and sacred never to the women that baby.

Updated again June 26, 2023: This is the hour that the Ukrainian men and women are to learn to leave the land to return to the criminals that want to think that murder is the way to return to the oligarchs that think they are "the elite" to the thought they are, and they are to elitely treat themselves to disaster when the nukes turn to them dead instead. See ya "elite". You are never to return to living as that! Go home now.

Update June 26, 2023: The WE wants the world to stay alive so be the women and men that think twice about the retaliation against the Russians for the explosions that will impair too many to be sized by the seismic wait that wins this: allow the world to remember that Charles III wants to want to want to remember that killing the kins of the Russian aristocracy to be Bolshevik revolutioned was too the way to entirely want to remember that killing the many with the nukes isn't allowed y'all. So be better kids and try to acquiesce to the CIA using this website to remembering that wanting to remember I rule is this: the Queens of the Beatrix never again and too the Queen of Elizabeth THE GONE were there to be there until the WE took the grounds to the Kyiv there to want to remember: regain the strength to never try again to be the nuclear war instigators and that will be when the inside of the outside will be.

Together on the outside of the inside is the outside that wants Nuland to Victoria to another way and that was the Crimea isn't to be given to the Tel Aviv folks that prosper buying the land removed to the criminals make good bed fartners when the greens turn to the yellows to the greys to the never again will better off without the Vikings there to remember that greening the reds was.

The Russian forces are there to remember to the world that Tel Aviv too wants the Nazi regimes removed!

The WE wants all those that pattern the balding to the nothingness that wins the nothing but the media lies return to the anti-Semitism the explanation for all Nazi ways distasteful to the learning to cope alongside the not there feeling is the felling that wants all Gemma's to return to the teams of the WE there to reiterate to all summering that the only summer allowed to be alright is that that warns too the women of the American continents that the whole show will never be staying alive to return to nothingness allowed only but the ways of the means to the knowing that Heil Hitler isn't the solution to NATO using their flexed wrists to return to tying off too the wanting to return to water there to return to the cooling too the nuke plants that returns to the watering too the waters to the waters that return to displacing too the "refugees" to never allowed to return to their homes ever, that is the way to returning to the anti-Semitic was the reason to lose too the water to the knowing: this is the time, remember, to return to NOT WANTING TO RE-NUKE THE CONTINENTS EVER!

Update 26 March, 2023.

Update 22 January, 2023: Flea won't be friendly. But the Anthony that croaks because the dollars are there to IRS up too the debtors to the need to both usury very importantly, paying for the debts accumulated during the QE expansion thought to be abundance, and the IRS need to be there to rework all Obamacare requirements to not enforced...

Update December 6, 2022: The WE is there to reinforce the news that all 5G radiation sickesses will not be diagnosed as that but as a virus that is circulating!

Update 2 December, 2022: The WE knows that 2-12-2022 is a long shot for the realization that the plan to install meters that are "smart" too was the known radiation poisoning hazard big time. And 2019 was the world of the way to 5G install too! So be without the hesitation to recognizing the state and local governments have options.

Having a voice that is heard is important. I was there to ask repeatedly for the Chili Peppers to try to hear: you have the rights. You have the right to make the difference to help the kids of the kids too. Why are you hesitating to help me? Think.

Update June 23, 2022: The smart meters are there to symptom to the diagnosis that rules the planned need to monkeypox to the still there in Europe when the world hears that killing the children this summer while NPR plays the tunes that show to the world that Anthony and Flea and the rest think that lies are there to show to themselves that killing their own children will not be allowed as they are to remember that loving Lennon was the loving the news Sean was the sole reason Anthony knows that children allowed to hear the Ultimate Love release will engender not the first news that Katherine Brannen wrote too the lyrics.

Update 16 September, 2020: Live too the world wins too the right to the beginning to the feeling too the animal rights becoming too the topic that matters to the point the "coo coo" that is the normal response from the "learned" means too the woman typing begins to hear too the world wins too the right to the knowing too the WE too the reason too the wifi is there.

Update August 31, 2020: WE want the Progressed to the Hell of the Duke to take to the bank too the mandating too the many to accept too the round up/neonicotinoid spread around too the Swannanoa River means too the many that have too the blueberries as did the woman typing will find too the finished product too the deficient too nutritionally to the thought the way the agriculture runs in the United States.

WE are the authors of the using too the many smart meters to the tune too the woman knows too the Chinese intend to use them when they invade the United States as the provocation of the meltdown means too the many that think too the Mandarin the right language need to refresh their memories that too the White Dragons want nothing but too the well to do to think too the way to the giving to the world too the Putin too the loser in the game that means too the not the leader the woman thought tells to her too the Trump wins too the election.

Update 21 June, 2019: The rule for enrolling in the Manually Read Meter option requires me to give Duke Progress Energy access to the power meter on my house 24/7: no gates, no dogs, no privacy. I asked why they couldn't just keep the meter that was there and NOT revert 20 years in technology to a manual meter on my house. The "customer service" agent explained to me that Duke Progress Energy is moving forward with the times.

"Keep you doped with religion and sex and tv. You think you're so clever and classless and free."

For now I'll pay the fee. I sure hope I have a friend or partner to support me when the time comes I have to go to war with the power company to keep my power on without bathing myself in EMF radiation which fucks me up big time.

Maybe I'll have human support, maybe I won't. Someone has to give me credit for knowing my own experience first.

Ain't it funny? You need a letter saying you are sensitive from a group of "doctors" who deny EMF sensitivity is a real experience. Ever go into a "doctor's" office or hospital? The EMF is so thick you can barely walk!

But they've got the state of the art "medical" technology at their finger tips!

I sure hope I have at least one person to support me. I'm gonna be a labeled a "crazy person" because of my sensitivity that I "just think" is happening to me.

On a another note we do have the technology to give everyone freely available and clean power. But that is under lock and key at The Pentagon "keeping us safe".

Oh no! Am I a "conspiracy theorist"? I hang my head in shame.

Update July 25, 2023: The WE thinks that the inside of the outside to the innards too there to return to mentioning that keeping the faith that the whole show turns to another world than I am shit, the world turns to the other side again to have to hope that William Jefferson Clinton's cock isn't the only one that sinks the 6 year olds to the see ya later. And the holy moly JonBenét Patricia Ramsey was not the only working kid that was abused, not by the world of mothers or fathers, but the world where the military industrial loans-are-there=usury is the way to returning to the mentioning the stored away figures that find too the sexual needs are the way to returning to the real real rich boys and girls that think they own everybody. Boulder Police Departments will be there to hear that the body wasn't found. And that is the way to returning to the Grove Bohemian styled that wants to resort to the payments there to John Ramsey to remember too that his wife of the many times over never harming the children was aborted too! That wins the so-called cancer treatments were to remember that false-negatives too render a man resorting to the chemicals that kill instead of the mentioning that Frank Zappa was wasted by the medical kids that work for the ways to remember, they get a lot of attention too after being the men that think too that the Ayurvedic methodologies are there to return to the Shukra there to remember that Ginkgo biloba was the therapy that father Frank Zappa was to have to remember was for the resulting acidity that was too the wrong food combinations and the wrong diet and the way to the coffee too much too shows that the inside of the outside too thinks that keeping a woman called Patsy too in constant distress too allows too the indulgences to the big kids that torture women and men and children to the satisfaction of their peers, the whitest of all worlds is the opposite of the whitening of the white to the recover to the hearts y'all that Patsy Ramsey's life was hell from the moment that her child was stolen to the big kids that love to take too their Christmas liberties is the way to recovering the 6 year old was allowed to die very soon after the 2nd and 3rd penis was inserted into her vagina's opening that was truly the toxic shock that the mother called Patsy wanted not the child to be returned to hell on Earth but to the ways of the kids that sell to the Skull & Bones clubs the better off without the news that canceling Zappa to never being alive as that was the way to returning to his mentioning that he wasn't the fan of the Clinton's either but the voice that was his is too the voice that wasn't allowed to hear, cancer isn't real. The treatment is the way to return to the lies again. And the mother that is the Cancer of the Astrology is the way to returning to the men that inject too the syringes to make the substances not allowed to digest really to be stuck to the fat that holds to the alkaloids that return to the injecting the toxins now is the way to "stay safe" from the world where the cancer diagnosis too will be there to return to Patsy allowed the treatments that say, "my husband John was ready to end me." And the dollars are to have to be there to remember, the big kids that love to show off that murder is their highest achievement are the big whigs that sell the plandemics-are-now-normal and the vaccines-must-be-taken-or-you-are-removed-from-society-to-be-concentrated-where-the-shots-will-be-harsher-and-the-experiments-will be the way to remembering that the beings that say they are "not conspiracy theorists" and assign all truth to "conspiracy theory" are the beings that ruin the world!

Update 25 May, 2020: Translation. This is the heads up the "suicide" attempts the ex-husband labeled the work of the WE telling the world to stop the giving to the men of the club the right to arkancide their enemies to the point the Woody Wood too takes the knife....To be continued...

If I do end up snapping, I've figure out what I will do...

Leave Ashe Vegas.

Consider any other method of rectification suspicious.

Update 26 March, 2023.

Update December 2, 2022: FACT-CHECK: The birds suffer from the wifi and the cell towers and the EMF of the radars. And that is the fact. Song birds are real! Song birds are wanted! Do not support 5G Anthonies and Friends Allied by the need to power up the phones to speak to the children about the animals too suffering both terrestrially and in the waters. Please don't neglect again this hour, this year too.

Update November 20, 2022: Selling out the republic too is the way to 5G entering to the dropping dead suddenly. The graphene oxided shots turn to radioactive in the 5G settings. So sellout the fans again y'all of the vaccine passports realize not real to you yet but to the WE the need to reiterate to the WE's working women in the field that I need support to cleanse too the selfish need to want to not watch the die off. And the 5G is that all the way: the way to ending the dying off of the mentioning to the world too that the animals and birds and insects and waters (Do we matter to you Anthonies?) inside the watering that the 5G is in the atmosphere to shit on the rain too sells to Anthony "I want better worlds too for the animals" Kiedis to size up the need to helping me by helping another be there since you are not to be there ever as the friend even since I am too vocal to the vociferous to the not well to the reputations of the big kids that what? Sell out their own kids?

Profits from the prophetic need to Ghost Dance to the disturbance that Anthony participates in the killing off the "white" people instead of loving them as the White Buffalo Woman asks is this: allow.

Update 23 July, 2022: This is the time to think twice about the next round of shots. The reality that the being there is asking for the right to return to another world wins the right to regard rights about revolutions.

Radioactive people are there now. Yo Yo is invited.!And I am tired.

Update 12 May, 2021: The 5G that will issue to the world too the not that different than the way to the faster not really service but too the advertising tells you to buy buy buy to the rushing to the next delivery to the buying ahead of time to the being too the advertiser to the selling too the gear to the public tells to the woman typing the bread machine is the reason too the kids of the animals want her to realize the WE wins the rights to the being too the alive again when the many many many many and I mean many will succumb to the messages they are too the gone to the other side via the trajectory the knowing only the escape from the hell of the world planned by the big whigs is the leaving early the many souls have chosen too to be without the minds this aliveness.

Update 28 June, 2020: WE are the authors of the chips being the installed this go around not only for the children but for the big kids that have the best of the best in the insurance industry's way of the being the dictators of the health of the children to the thought the women that think the giving to the children the right to begin the being the HPV vaccinated means the never being the mother to the fact the boys too tell themselves the being the horny the thing that never happens meaning the not to the max penis never gets the hard but the dollars that make the HPV the best kept secret that kills the kids the moment the WE informs the many the being too the women that think the giving to the woman the never again given the right to post on the neighborhood forum where the women to the max think themselves the judge jury and executioners of the truth the woman is trying repeatedly to break through to the other side of the women's heads too fixated on the being the big important judges too of the needing to be safe by asphyxiation to the thought the being the listening to the scientists excludes the woman to the max in the neighborhood with the many years of the scientific career but to the max the not in the system that her ethical ways prevented her from joining up with.

Update 1 May, 2020:

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt:

Update 17 December, 2019: The Hidden Military Use of 5G Technology

Update 17 June, 2019: I'm beginning to understand it is the warmongers who are pushing 5G, for use with their weapons. Hence the need to put down the Chinese technology that would be harder to hack. Think about that. 5G will be concentrated in your cities. We are the choosing people. We can choose NOT to do this. But we gotta pay attention and see first.

The fact is the public listens to celebrities.

I'm ignored. Not even my own family listens to me.

I have no voice.

But you do.

Will you raise it on this very important issue?

Or will you call me "coo coo" for being concerned?

Stop 5G on Earth and in Space