Update September 28th, 2021, the day after the RHCP men of power removed my questioning the band on the youtube website too telling to the moderating to the not permitted to have too the woman as the friend much less the fan is the right to remembering the worshipping them is the expected but the so-called "fan" is the feared.

You will never meet the RHCP with the thought the working for a way to entirely show to the world the way to have the right to the White Buffalo Woman is the way to hearing the woman is the imposter to herself when the world has the fair shake of the Cruick's tail the woman is too the right to knowing they are too the imposters to her.

Instructions: Mute the Chili Peppers. Play together and enjoy the humor of the woman not getting the point but having fun waiting for the snowfall meaning the way to give to the now is that.

Update 12 April, 2022: The WE advises all that think the passing over too the Passover that the Hillel that allows not the sandwiching without the breading wins the right to remember that Sir Elton will flower too when too the Passing OVER too the right to the BAPHOMET too the right to bapho to the Metropolitan Transit that rides the rail to the C's will be when too the other side wants to walk.

Like John Lennon too allowed the buttfucking literally to the Apple Records wanting to record the rights to record too the Whitening to the Records too the right to invite to the beddening too the rights to Kurt too the right to the thought Kurt was allowed the sex magic y'all that wins too the right to return next time together and that wins rights.

Naked and playing.

Update September 28, 2021: I want the woman trying to cope with another year alone on the right to the White Buffalo Woman working to remove the need to remember the collecting to the being the permitted to heal before the working for the right to re-emerge as too the fed by the system remains the right to recover nothing but the Iraq war was the removing the right to the United States to remain.

Further Update 23 February, 2021: The WE wants the world to know the mass die off coming is the right to the WE telling to the world too the generations of the first and second world wars were told to leave early this time too the choice is theirs telling to the making too the long hair the style again will happen. Yippee to the woman typing that thinks the Kiedis was much hotter with the hair and without the 70s porn star mustache.

Update 23 February, 2021:

My hair like Jesus wore it.

Looks more like a jock strap to me.

Question the Update Now February 18, 2021 the day the women on the nextdoor.com forum again deleted my voice that too the woman hears nothing but I am not the welcome to the community forum that wants the covid to be real and the vaccine protocol to be the mandated to the thought the alternative opinion was precluded to the not permitted by the neighborhood women that run the forum called https://nextdoor.com/.

WE are the advising too the neighborhood that too the working to the max that too the better understanding the world view that the medicine woman that works for the now knows only the way to the getting to the thinking the white world of the wasichus designation not the USA-color-coded-black-white-hispanic-etc. will be without the news too the many that think too the kids are the protected too by the not playing outside not getting too the sexual urge fulfilled by the making too the dancing too the permitted not now telling to the Ghost Dance too the woman hears the karma that that too tells her to relax and enjoy the planning too the wigwam park where the many displaced by the corporate take over of the real estate world with the making too the tenants the hot under the collar are to be with the making too the world the safe for the Buffalo Run which will be when the many under the water with their mortgages and under too the water to the drowning in the credit card debt to be made illegal to discharge to the thought the bankruptcy not there but too the suicide the wanted to the thought the thinning the herd to the being too the group-thought tells to the woman too the cleansing tells her to recover too the outside the home of the Vitamin D that works the best to the skin needing too the earth.

The history of the Indian and the history of the American have now come full circle and are intertwined in the dictatorial policies of those that control the monetary system of America. And They have done such a bad job of it that they are destroying themselves. It's ludicrous at best.

Update 13 April, 2020: John Denver = Shawnee.

Update 4 March 2020: Well the clothes have changed on the continent too. The way of the former American republic the one run by the women that lived the Cherokee way was the way of the WE typing meaning the very mention of the tasty treat called the Sex Rap tells the woman that the drum is not her instrument of choice but...

Right on!Why?

I am descended from both the conquerors and the native people already here in North America,

I gotta say guys, I prefer the attire of the natives. Come on.

What if women had been the conquistadors? The USA and Europe would by now be filled with half-naked men with long hair or mohawks. If only.

It's time we reclaim our connection to the other ones who walk on 2 legs: the birds. In the bird world the males look good for the females.

The birds have got one up on us: they can fly without purchasing an airline ticket first. Maybe we can learn something from their ways.

Here's a newer song: 2 Legs Good, 2 Legs and Wings Better.