Update 31 March, 2020: The King Has Spoken To His Minions Listen!

Update 29 March, 2020: Coronavirus scam to the max. Take it easy folks the tykes at the top think you have to die to be reborn into the next age meaning the very thing it says.

Further Update 17 March, 2020: "Why of course the people don't want war. Why should some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally the common people don't want war neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country." - Hermann Goering Famous Nazi who was not the communist nor the socialist but was the fascist working directly for the pentagon forerunners.

Update 17 March, 2020:

Update 23 January, 2021: The water of the Chattahoochee as well as too the other rivers with the many disguided beings that pollute too the watersheds with the need to both the feces and too the chemicals to "clean" up the feces filled watersheds tells her to recover too the shit that will reside too to the thought to the constipation the consuming the elixir the Ormus will heal too the rivers that want the elixir too the woman will work with the Dr. Reich to the thought the Wilhelm wants her healing now too the thought the man knows too the better without the posting but too the woman hears nothing but I need to help the watersheds.

Update August 29,2020: Live the thought too the WE the authors of the being too the shitholed to the thought too the Hollywood the indicted as the authors of the being the safe by infecting too the mask instead of the neighbor breathing correctly to the thought too the breath too the held in the long run but the rest of the world knows the big boys recognize too the leaving too the homesteads to the thought too the cocaine the too much money to the thought    .   .   .   

Update 14 January, 2022: The youtube bartab takes to the bank the video positioned below was lost for why? Not sure. The high art that was there is linked here. The ending number was 2008.

Update 21 June, 2020: Contemplate 0% reserves by the many banks that then bail-in the dollars the world earns the laborin' that turns to the unsecured credit payments to the banks that then liquidate the need to derivative the others to the bad seed department.

By the fifteenth century Europe was divvied up and owned. Even aristocrats had to accept their family home will be inherited by a sibling or cousin, leaving them landless.

So they founded the "new" world where "everyone" has an opportunity to own land.

The Europeans' new world was the old world of native peoples, their ancestral home.

The native peoples in their old world lived without property ownership, written laws or prisons. They shared the land.

In order for the Europeans to have their New World, the native peoples of this land had to give up their old world where they shared the land without written laws or prisons.

Now we have homelessness and the biggest prison population in the world.

But we have a whole new class of lil' property owners, lil' lords and ladies on their lil' estates.

Hey lil' lord, Attention lil' lady. Do you hold a bank loan for your lil' estate? Do you understand fractional reserve banking?

Update September 28, 2021: I want the woman trying to cope with another year alone on the right to the White Buffalo Woman working to remove the need to remember the collecting to the being the permitted to heal before the working for the right to re-emerge as too the fed by the system remains the right to recover nothing but the Iraq war was the removing the right to the United States to remain.

Further Update 23 February, 2021: The WE wants the world to know the mass die off coming is the right to the WE telling to the world too the generations of the first and second world wars were told to leave early this time too the choice is theirs telling to the making too the long hair the style again will happen. Yippee to the woman typing that thinks the Kiedis was much hotter with the hair and without the 70s porn star mustache.

Update 23 February, 2021:

My hair like Jesus wore it.

Looks more like a jock strap to me.

Question the Update Now February 18, 2021 the day the women on the nextdoor.com forum again deleted my voice that too the woman hears nothing but I am not the welcome to the community forum that wants the covid to be real and the vaccine protocol to be the mandated to the thought the alternative opinion was precluded to the not permitted by the neighborhood women that run the forum called https://nextdoor.com/.

WE are the advising too the neighborhood that too the working to the max that too the better understanding the world view that the medicine woman that works for the now knows only the way to the getting to the thinking the white world of the wasichus designation not the USA-color-coded-black-white-hispanic-etc. will be without the news too the many that think too the kids are the protected too by the not playing outside not getting too the sexual urge fulfilled by the making too the dancing too the permitted not now telling to the Ghost Dance too the woman hears the karma that that too tells her to relax and enjoy the planning too the wigwam park where the many displaced by the corporate take over of the real estate world with the making too the tenants the hot under the collar are to be with the making too the world the safe for the Buffalo Run which will be when the many under the water with their mortgages and under too the water to the drowning in the credit card debt to be made illegal to discharge to the thought the bankruptcy not there but too the suicide the wanted to the thought the thinning the herd to the being too the group-thought tells to the woman too the cleansing tells her to recover too the outside the home of the Vitamin D that works the best to the skin needing too the earth.

The history of the Indian and the history of the American have now come full circle and are intertwined in the dictatorial policies of those that control the monetary system of America. And They have done such a bad job of it that they are destroying themselves. It's ludicrous at best.

Update July 8, 2021: The California Sunshine awaits the right to the Swannanoa Valley too telling to the sudden telling to the staying alive that too the woman wants the man to be without too the shame to the gray hair.

You are too the right to want to end too the updating the world to another world where too the mentioning I am too the television producer to the Watkins Tom tells to the considering I am too the walking to the need allows the conjuring to the diatribe too the dialogue too the right to the dielectric world.

Update 25 January, 2021: The woman typing hears that the so called Science Moms think the Susan Gerbic is the bomb meaning the giving to the skepticism too the propaganda in the action of the karma that tells to the epigenetics that the knowing too the industry sponsors the right to the so called science meaning the way to navigate the funding is the way to yellow cake too the individual's consciousness to the tune too the Thomas S. Kuhn made the point the compartmentalizing too the so called physicists was the way to nominate to the top of the pile the best of the Quantum Men of Science the man called Dr. Amit Goswami that tells to the science mums that the giving to the industry too the right to fund too the so called research with the karmic residual need to allow too the vivisectionist to the point too the only scientists so called permitted to the Obamacare fiasco with too the insurance making the discussion that the procedure codes supported to the payment via too the identifying too the clauses of the specific to the individual or group that coalesces in the comfort the insurance team knows better than the practicing physician which procedures to perform as if too the making the bread were too the important more than too the residual need to assume too the observer of the so called observation questions the why from the Vedic perspective the observer the observed and the act of the observation are the same event to the thought the top down processing discussed by the esteemed physicist mentioned above the best of the quantum physicists that wins too the right to the being that was too the raised by the Vedic world that will be too the right to hear too the Lohith Hoysala was too the now the man that knows too the woman will hear the man was too the working for the world of the needing too the counseling that was too there but too the withheld being too the Shakti wants her to realize the man was too the working as the double agent to tell to the making too the Goswami too the richer was too the man that took to the being too the instructed that the so called science of the white world of the wasichus is the on the way out.

WE are the authors of this post being the top post to tell to the woman too the thought the comfort might just happen if the men think I have the good grace with too the working in the field meaning I need to work to the max as if too the psychic channel to the max means the rest will unfold but I am too hot under the collar to remember too the making the self the alone this long is the way to re-encumber not one human to be with the thought the right to the words Jesus Christ too talks to the many wins nothing but too the sailing wins the right to remember I am not the artist with the erect penis but the woman needing too the right to the remembering the locking down the economy to win the race to defeating the fictional pathogen is the way to remember the harder times are to follow meaning the right to the leaving too the land to the other side to convert to the many shelters that will be paid for by the many that think the freedom the more important than the need to convert too the housing to the big whig's basketball meaning I need to be loved too but the work is the primary importance meaning I am that the psychic medium with

My mother listens to what she hears on TV. She ignores me.

For 2.5 years I've told her I'm in constant communication with the Spirit World. I am becoming a medium.

The Spirit Guides said I was becoming a gifted psychic.

I talk about it. I write about it again and again.

Last week mother pays money to visit a psychic fair. She tells me, "Some of the people seemed good, some of them didn't seem any more psychic than me or you."

So. I guess I just must think this is happening to me.

I spend almost all my time without the accompaniment of other humans, but I am constantly communicating with beings who guide me in everything I do, from a vantage point that is not human.

I experience the benefits of that guidance every day.

I guess I must just think that is happening when it isn't really.

I say it is the greatest thing ever to happen to me.

Mother ignores it.

I live this gift all day everyday and want nothing more than to share it with others.

Mother ignores me.

Surely out of 7 billion people on this planet there is 1 who can meet me in my space.

A lot of people listen to the TV.

Can you help me oh Great Television?

Can you help me find someone who listens to me too?

I sure need a voice TV.

Update 18 July, 2020: The Elvis Presley to the max was the cremated but the way of the world informs the many the man to the max to the thought the coffin to the thinking maybe the woman wonders why the world ends the moment that he tells the world the medical establishment took the time to tell the woman too the way to the beginning to the hearing means to allow the man to respond: The world ends when the world wonders why they took Elvis to the coffin room.

Update 10 June, 2020: No Reservations! was not the outcome the man thought would become the choice to take the life but the truth is the man was the murdered to the thought the song remains the same: kill the messenger to remember the being the messenger begins the moment the woman typing remembers the taking to the moment the being the outaged to the thought the being the alone too remembers to the woman the being the alive to the max mimics to the point the being the better equipped to re-inform the Gemma types the being the stage managers means the being the getting to the max the boot to the other side's way of teaching to the other side of the world the American continent runs the show.

Update 7 April, 2020: Jerry is not the only man that wants Seth to wake up and smell the coffee at the ranch in the Swannanoa River Valley. The coffin is labeled with the smell of the other side's way of telling you that giving yourself the right to remember the only thing that matters is the reality that you too are the target tells you to be the man that remembers the Kitty talking to you has the ways and the means to amend.

Cheers those of the staying home variety.

Further Update 5 March, 2020: Yes. Elvis is stuffed too. Put that chain around my coffin and pull it anywhere oh let me be...

Update 5 March, 2020: WE want William of the Brannen clan to remind his father that buttfucking means more than the sexual act that tells you that the very mention that buttfucking is the way of the Brannen family too means that you have to use the grain of salt to listen to the WE giving you the medicine that tells Aidan Turner your coffin is already labeled for the kings of the English monarchy to play with in the manner they still play with Jim Morrison's naked body to this day meaning the very mention that the Alarm actor, the movie that creeped out Katherine the most regarding Aidan that she really wants to talk to the actor about his part that is still enigmatic to her being the very film that WE identify to her as being the alarm bell for you Aidan the reason the WE has brought you into the buttfucking arena is to tell you the BBC owns you to the point they are prepared to turn you into their property meaning the very mention of you being the man that brings the Chili Peppers too to the Emerald Isle in order to protect them too from the authorities that the New Zealand police also work for: the crown's secret service meaning the very mention that you have been identified as the next coffinator means that the Anthonies might better reconsider the cover up story that Flea is not the HIV one either because the very mention that your only holdback is that she has the ability to eradicate the entire issue with the serum that makes her the most important woman in the Florida Keys where the problem reigns supreme.

Kill the messenger and the message that Jerry Garcia too was harnessed by the bad man and told the rehab that too was the end of the Dennis Wilson now reminded to the woman of her relationship to him when she was the other woman that is now in the new body meaning why take that chance boys in the hood?