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Update 25 May, 2020: Richard Foulk, Jr. made a point to reward himself the right to recall the suicide attempt not really that took him to the home of the bereaved to this day instead of the suspect to the point the need of the David Foulk to rectify the Christian kindness that he shares to this day with the Betsy forgotten by the entire family including the aunt that gives to herself both the COVID-19 designation that gives the corpse to the max too soon tells her to stop the ventilator to the point the very thought the ventilators the unnecessary ever tells the world the many that give the "science" tells me... thing tells the woman that was the educated science student to the point the very thought the Martia Rachman to this day thinks herself the better therapist tells her to stop the masking of herself too to the point the very thought the other student quit too tells the woman typing the many hours of the Hitler was never killed during the WWII years tells the Aidan Turner the roles have beget the hardening of the woman typing to the fan zone meaning the thought the thing that makes her the interested is the talented actor not the man that sells the bullshit too of the clubs. So go fuck off the entire club of the being human crowd.

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WE want the words to reverberate: The wife of the man called Katherine Brannen is the man that took the child to the point via the Gemma trap to the hell that tells her the way home to the other side is the giving to the WE the right to reevaluate the need entirely to become the girlfriend of the next man meaning the very thought the expectation is the removal too of the cuddling to the point the thing that makes the woman allowed to persist in the dimensional awareness that tells her to stop the fight tells her to take the words to the max to the post.

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Live the truth. The words win the shelf designation.

And by the way the two children raised by the Dave and the Cathy Foulk are in fact the offspring of the Richard to the point the Foulk liars are the ones going to the hell entitled the princess too gets the inheritance that spells the Ms. Foulk of the Dobbs Ferry, NY area took the children too to the point that tyke tells herself the ventilator is the thing that kills her to the point the very thought the having the fortune gives the many the right to take.

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The Higher Self, the Lower Self, and the Mask

Pathwork Guide Lecture No. 14 | October 11, 1957

Greetings in the name of the Lord. Blessed is this hour in which I am permitted to speak to you, my friends.

I have promised to talk to you tonight about how we in the spirit world see the entire human personality, the complete unit. You all know that you have not only a physical body, but also various subtle bodies, each representing something different. You also know that your thoughts have definite spiritual forms, and that such forms are created not only by thoughts, but also by feelings, since a feeling is really just an “unthought thought” not yet made conscious. Although thought creates a different form than a feeling does, nevertheless, both create very definite and substantial forms. Each subtle body, as well as the physical body, has an aura: the vibration and emanation of that body. Thought-forms or feeling-forms reflect their image in the aura. These forms really do exist in the spirit. The auras, therefore, are not the images themselves, only reflections of the images. These forms create the spheres in the spirit world and, according to the intensity of the thoughts or feelings, are vague and weak, or definite, strong, and durable. In other words, all these forms fluctuate and change since everything in spirit is in perpetual motion.

The aura of the physical body shows physical sickness or health, and all other conditions of the physical being. The emotional, intellectual, or spiritual reactions show in the aura of the respective subtle body.

Each living being has a higher self or divine spark. This is the finest and most radiant of the subtle bodies, with the quickest frequency of vibration, because the higher the spiritual development, the quicker the vibration. Since the fall of the angels, the higher self surrounded itself slowly and gradually with various layers of denser matter, not quite as dense as the physical body, but infinitely denser than the higher self. Thus did the lower self come into existence. From your perspective, these layers are of subtle matter which you cannot see with your physical eye.

The aim of spiritual development is to eliminate the lower self so that the higher self becomes free again of all outer layers it has acquired. In your own life, you will be able to sense quite easily, with yourself or others, that certain parts of the higher self are already free, while other parts are still hidden. How much is free or hidden, and how thickly it is hidden depends on the overall development of the respective person. The lower self consist not only of the common faults and the individual weaknesses that vary with each person, but also of ignorance and laziness. It hates to change and conquer itself; it has a very strong will that may not always manifest itself outside, and wants its way without paying the price. It is very proud and selfish, and always has a great deal of personal vanity. It is the ego with all its manifestations. All these characteristics are generally part of the lower self, regardless of other individual faults. There are many shades and possible forms however, in which the lower self can display these general trends. Such manifestations depend on various other factors, such as the personal faults which can have different effects on these common traits of the lower self. The qualities of the higher self, as well as various other circumstances, also influence the outer manifestation, intensity, degree, and direction that these general trends may take.

We see both the higher self and the lower self. However, not all spirits can see all the subtle bodies of a creature; only those can who have attained a certain level of development. In other words, the mere fact that a spirit leaves its physical body behind does not indicate that it can necessarily see more than any of you. A spirit who has attained a certain level of development will not only be able to interpret the lower self, but will also be able to see through it to discover the higher self in all its splendor, because dense or physical matter does not represent an obstacle for our spiritual eyes and perception. So we can determine very well which thought-forms come from the higher self, and which from the lower self. We can also determine which wishes and endeavors of the higher self may be mixed in with tendencies from the lower self, the original shade twisted, colored, or dirtied.

When messages from the higher self are tainted with lower-self motives, a disorder is created in the soul that makes its bearer emotionally ill. All the various tendencies have different colors and, in many cases different tones and scents. For example, a person may want something selfish and because he or she does not want to admit that this is selfishness, begins to rationalize the selfish desire and fool himself or herself about it. We can see all this very clearly, and, indeed, this kind of self-deception is very common among human beings. The forms of the higher self have an entirely different character than those of the lower self.

There is another layer that is, unfortunately, not yet recognized sufficiently among human beings for its full significance, and that is what I might term the mask self. The mask self is created in the following way: When you recognize that you may get into conflict with your surroundings by giving in to your lower self, you may still not be ready to pay the price for eliminating the lower self. This would mean first of all that you would have to face it as it really is, with all its motives and drives, since you can conquer only that which you are fully aware of. This means taking the narrow path, the spiritual path. Many people do not want to think that deeply; instead they react emotionally without thinking about facing the lower self. The subconscious feels it necessary to present a different picture of the self in order to avoid certain difficulties, unpleasantness, or disadvantages of all sorts. Thus people create another layer of the self which has nothing to do with reality, either with that of the higher self, or with the temporary reality of the lower self. It is what you might call phony or false; it is unreal.

I will return to the above example. The lower self dictates to the person to be quite ruthless about a selfish desire. It is not difficult for anyone of even the most limited intelligence to realize that by giving in to this desire he or she will be ostracized, or disliked by others—an outcome no one wants. Instead of overcoming selfishness by the slow process of development, people often act as though they were already unselfish. But they actually are selfish, and feel the selfishness. They hate the pressure of their higher selves to act contrary to the desires of their lower selves, but feel compelled to put on an act, which disturbs their inner peace, since it does not agree with their still predominant lower-self feelings. Their giving and their generosity are just a sham. In other words, the right act is entirely unsupported by the unpurified feelings, and therefore the person is at war within. The proper act becomes an act of necessity, of compulsion, instead of free choice. With such superimposed goodness does not count in the real sense. While you may give something, you may hate the idea. Not only do people remain convinced that they need to be selfish, but are also untrue to their nature, violating their reality and living a lie. I am by no means suggesting that it is advisable to give in to one’s lower nature; one must fight for enlightenment and strive for development in order to purify one’s feelings and desires. But if this is not accomplished, there should at least be no self-deception. One should have at least a clear and true picture about the discrepancy between feelings and actions. In this way, no mask self can form.

However, too often people try to believe in their own unselfishness and in that way fool themselves about their real feelings and motives by not showing them, and not wanting to look at them. After a while the evil will sink into the subconscious where it will ferment and create forms that have their effect and cannot be eliminated, because the person is unaware of them. The example of selfishness is merely one instance; there are many other traits and tendencies that go through the same process, my friends.

When people are emotionally sick, it is always a sign that in one way or another a mask self has been created. They do not realize they are living a lie. They have built a layer of unreality that has nothing to do with their real being. Thus they are not being true to their real personality. As I said before, being true to oneself does not mean that you should give in to your lower self, but that you should be aware of it. Do not fool yourself if you still act according to the necessity to protect yourself and not out of enlightened vision and inner conviction. Be aware that your feelings are still unpurified in this or that respect. Then you have a good basis from which to start. It will be easier for you to face yourself in this manner when you realize that underneath the layers of your lower self lives your higher self, your ultimate and absolute reality which you must eventually reach. In order to reach it, you must first face your lower self, or your temporary reality, instead of covering it up, because that puts an even greater distance between you and absolute reality, or your own higher self. To face the lower self you must at all costs tear down the mask self. You can bring yourself to do so when you visualize the three selves I am presenting here.

To lie to oneself and not think about one’s emotions and true motives at all, but merely let the emotions react without thinking, may appear at times adequate, but it is not. The person who wants to become happy, healthy, and at peace inwardly, needs, in order to truly fulfill this present life and be in harmony with God and thus with the inner self, to find the answer to these questions once and for all: What is the actual me? What is my higher self? What is my lower self? Where may there be a mask, a falsehood?

Many, many people wear a mask, at least in some respects. This mask self presents to us a very ugly color, my dear friends. It is not dark, black, or sinister as are the trends of the lower self in different variations; the colors of the mask self are sickeningly sweet. If you are an artist or are artistically inclined, you know how to determine a good, genuine color or an unreal, sweetly artificial coloring. You even have created a word for bad art and bad coloring: you call it kitsch. It is the same with the tones and the odor of the mask self: they are sickly and nauseating. We spirits prefer the emanation and effects of the lower self, unpleasant as they may be for us, but at least they are honest.

It is important for all of you to try to train your inner eye to see yourselves and other human beings from that point of view. The more you become spiritually awake, the easier it will be for you to accurately perceive yourselves and others. When you come in contact with the higher self once your intuition has awakened through your personal spiritual development, you will feel a distinct difference between the mask and the higher self. You will feel the nauseating manifestations of the mask self, first of all of your own, no matter how pleasant the mask may appear to be.

If your psychologists, psychoanalysts, and psychiatrists would begin to view their patients from this viewpoint, they could accomplish a lot more. They would have success where they are still unsuccessful. The time will come when this knowledge will be theirs. When they are mature and courageous enough to include spiritual reality in their thinking, they will discover all this and prove the truth by their success with their patients. They will solve problems with their patients’, even though they cannot see what we can and what so far has appeared impossible to solve. The mere knowledge of these three parts of the human personality will make a tremendous difference in the results they will obtain, because they will, after some practice and study, determine easily which part of the self they are dealing with at a certain phase of the treatment. They will develop different means to deal with the different selves, and would know how to instruct the conscious and will-directing part of the person to use this information. It will make a great deal of difference. If a person is ready to accept help in that respect, the conscious and will-directing part of the self is on the proper road. What then remains to be accomplished is to penetrate the subconscious layers of the personality with these truths as well, so that all inner resistance will be overcome. This can be done only by the person himself.

If you want to walk this path and be cured of your emotional sicknesses, it is important for you to understand all this. Even if you are not what is called a neurotic, and there are only minor deviations from the law within you, it will be very useful for you to understand all this and to meditate on it. It may explain why it frequently happens that a person undergoing psychoanalysis with a doctor who rigidly follows a school of thought that does not admit to any spiritual truth, and who is not very intuitive about such things, may plunge into a crisis in which his state of mind becomes worse than before treatment. Of course, there may also be doctors possessing good intuition and a strong sense of guidance, in which case the undesirable outcome may not happen quite so often or so strongly. But when the mask has been torn down and the patient is confronted with the lower self, the experience may be so shattering that the patient will break down completely, leave therapy, and suffer even more serious consequences. On the other hand, if this person were told what I am telling you here, and thus prepared for what to expect, so much hardship, and often even tragedy, could be avoided. If a patient knew that he or she has to face the lower self, which exists in every human being, and also knew that this lower self, unpleasant as it may be, is not the ultimate “I” or true self, and that the higher self, which is perfection, waiting to grow out of these layers of imperfection, is the true self, then this shock would not occur. Therefore, this knowledge is important for your psychologists and doctors of all kinds, as well as for all teachers and parents. It will help a great deal. Perhaps you have questions on this subject, my dear friends.

QUESTION: What is the metaphysical explanation of allergies? For instance, people are often allergic to things they love.

ANSWER: There may be different explanations for this. Generally speaking, it may be simply that the true personality is not allowed to evolve, that a mask is put over the personality and the inner reaction; or a revolt by the higher self may create certain physical symptoms in order to wake up the person and find out the reason. This is only one possibility; there may be others. Another possibility is that very often the human soul is torn apart by conflicting desires—one part of the personality wants to go in one direction, and another part in the opposite direction. These desires pull alternately. By keeping the conflict in the subconscious, the soul has failed to make peace with itself. There is a great strain and friction. As long as these currents are not brought into consciousness, so as to be examined and dealt with, as long as their true meaning and motive is not understood, the inner fight cannot be settled. However, the lower self works against bringing anything out into the open. And as long as the conscious and will directing part of the personality does not take charge, the inner fight and friction goes on. Since all this takes place in the unconscious, what comes out are the symptoms, which may be tiredness, allergies, and various other physical symptoms. These conflicts actually create a short circuit in the soul.

A third alternative is that there may be a shock reaction in the life of a person. This person has put the original incident into the subconscious, and does not consciously remember it at all. A food, plant, animal or some such thing may have been involved, even indirectly. Since the person has this association, he or she reacts accordingly. The incident may have occurred in childhood, or earlier in infancy, or perhaps in a previous incarnation. It is not always necessary to remember the actual incident, although this can help, too. The main point is that the wrong inner reaction that has created this evil should be cleared away. Whenever anything is repressed into the unconscious, you can be quite sure that some sort of inner wrong reaction has taken place.

Generally speaking, any of these alternatives or their variations may be responsible for allergies. There may also be other possibilities, but it is quite impossible for me to go into all the details now. I am just giving you a general overview.

QUESTION: There is a lot of hypocrisy in this world, which is of course the mask self. It is encouraged by the world, because the world wants to see good. From the viewpoint of the whole world, is it not preferable to do and act right, even if it is a mask, than to remain in one’s lower self when one cannot eradicate it?

ANSWER: Everybody can eradicate it, if they really want to do so. It is only a question of how much can be eradicated in the present incarnation. However, enough can be eradicated so that you will not commit crimes or do harmful things to others. Besides, one does not have to choose between giving in to the lower self and creating a mask self. As I have explained it, even if the feelings cannot be purified at once, because this takes quite a long time and a combination of effort and patience, you can become aware of your own imperfections, unclean desires, and lower nature. At the same time you can still act in accordance with the standards of your society, as opposed to believing that the mask self is your true nature and real self, thus fooling yourself and creating an inner lie. In other words, you do not have to choose between becoming a cannibal, if this is your lower self, and becoming hypocritical and fooling yourself. Even if you cannot or will not do what is needed to transform yourself, you should be aware of your lower self and know that you act according to necessity and your own convenience while your feelings are still unpurified and not always in accordance with your outer actions. Although you are taking the path of purification, you will not have any measure of success until you are willing to wait and work, work and wait. In the meantime, self-honesty is absolutely essential as a necessary requisite for any success in this most wonderful venture. But even if you are unwilling to take this road, it is infinitely better to have no self-illusions than to create this unhealthy and sickly aura.

QUESTION: How is it possible to undo what your lower self has manifested in the way of physical illness?

ANSWER: In the first place, my dear friend, you should not try to eliminate the consequences first; that would be too easy. If your lower self has created an illness, the illness has to be accepted first. You should go about finding the roots or the part of your lower self that has created this illness. The lower self has to be met and completely explored. Your aim must be purification and perfection for its own sake. You do it for the love of God that you have in you, and not in order to avoid putting up with a discomfort. True, it takes a lot of overcoming and inner strength to sufficiently purify the motives first, but that is the necessary foundation. While doing this, you are at the same time learning a lot of other things. Thus spiritual strength grows as you learn to apply absolute self-honesty. Once your motives are pure, the sickness will not matter half as much as the state of your soul. To the degree that the ego and the comfort of all that goes with it loses importance, you will have followed a very important spiritual law. Thus health will be gradually restored. This law has to do with the giving up of the ego-self which Jesus taught. Only thus will you win your life.

So begin by meeting your lower self with courage, optimism, humility, and in a spirit of warfare, so to speak. Once you discover your lower self, and shed all the masks and all the covering layers, you will begin to work on the different aspects of the lower self. You do this by daily observation and self-testing, observing again and again how far your inner currents still deviate from what you wish them to be. As you do so, and become master over your lower self, you learn real self-honesty, and your motives for development become purer and purer. Your vision will widen, enlightenment will be given to you, and your illness will gradually disappear.

So you should not even think of your illness first, but of the root of the problem. That will be the only lasting success—the only one, my dear! If your wish is recognized in the spirit world, if you truly want to purify yourself, not merely rid yourself of unpleasant consequences that are most visible or noticeable to you, help and guidance will come to you, so that you can do battle with your lower self, since no one can do it alone.

QUESTION: I asked last time why Hindu philosophy does not have the fall of the angels. You promised that you would answer it tonight.

ANSWER: There are about three reasons for that, and each reason is a good one.

The first reason is that Eastern philosophy rightly puts spiritual progress above all. Everything else that has ever happened in creation is only of secondary importance, and this is very true, my friends. However, it is useful in some cases that light be shed on certain facts that occurred in the distant past, because the reason of existence on earth, the reason for evil, and answers to other questions are necessary for some people to know. The understanding of certain facts, even if they can only convey a very general and broad picture, will eliminate doubts that may stand in the way when deciding on the path of perfection and purification. For the most part, the souls incarnated in the East do not feel as strong an urge to probe and search in this respect as does the Western mind. Therefore, they say: We do not need to know anything else; the important thing is how we develop.

The second reason is a little bit more complicated to convey to you. I once gave a lecture about the two main aspects of God: the active or male aspect and the passive or female aspect. I explained that in the active aspect God is personality: active, thinking, planning—the Creator. In the female aspect God is in a state of being. From the explanation in that lecture it will be easy for you to recognize that Eastern teachers and philosophers have experienced God in the female and passive manifestation. That is a partial answer to this question. The fall of the angels shows the events in creation where God manifested as Creator and therefore in his male aspect. In this tragedy God was enacting and creating new conditions whereby the return to Him would be assured eventually to all creatures. It is, therefore, understandable that a philosophy experiencing God in the female aspect would be less likely to receive enlightenment regarding God’s male aspect; while Western philosophy, open to the experience of God’s personality aspect that is active, would be blind to the experience of the female side of God and enlightenment in the Eastern sense.

The third reason refers to the fall of the angels as having a great deal to do with the spirit of Jesus Christ. He plays a major part in the fall of the angels. Eastern religion, having received a number of emissaries of its own—often very great, very exalted, and very highly developed spirits—is reluctant to recognize that others, in many respects not as spiritually advanced as themselves, may have received an even greater one: in fact, the greatest of all created beings. This is understandable and typical of human nature. Your logical conclusions can be very limited, and then you miss the complete picture.

These three reasons together give the main explanation, or at least answer your question best. I do not doubt that other explanations may be found too, but these are undoubtedly the most important ones. Is that clear?

QUESTION: I still do not understand. I understand that one of the reasons has to do with Jesus Christ, who played this important role in the Fall, but why don’t they have something similar to it?

ANSWER: This is so because, as I said, the other reasons count too; because they do not consider it very important to know about these things; because they have experienced God differently and not in His active aspect. One reason plays into the other, one supports the other, and all three make a whole.

QUESTION: Is that perhaps the reason why the female aspect of God is recognized more there and the male aspect of God more in the West and that is why East and West ought to get together?

ANSWER: Certainly. It also explains that in the East spiritual development is much farther advanced, and it is usually the woman who is spiritually more awake or easier to guide. In the West, technique and material progress are farther advanced because this, in turn, is typically a male aspect. It is again the creating, the doing, that are manifested. And the two should unite, because they complement each other and it would create a wonderful wholeness if they could exchange the knowledge each has in advance of the other.

QUESTION: Does that mean in general that the Eastern teachings have lived through a different phase of Brahman and want to go into finding the Brahman where all these things are one?

ANSWER: Yes. And it should be. Again in this respect, as far as spiritual and religious teachings are concerned, the Western and the Eastern side should unite, because both sides will furnish the complete picture only when put together. Each has only a half now, and when they unite and “marry,” then humanity will have a great deal more understanding about spiritual truth, and more enlightenment is bound to follow.

QUESTION: Is the fall of the angels within Maya?

ANSWER: Oh no. Oh no. Maya is a result of it, my friend.

QUESTION: How do the spirits learn language? And can they use languages not known to the medium?

ANSWER: I will answer both questions. The spirits in the spirit world do not use human languages among each other, of course. They do not need that, for we have the spiritual language. As I have explained, each thought creates automatically a form and becomes apparent. So that is our language. We spirits only learn languages for very definite and good purposes. In other words, if we have a task to fulfill with human beings, we need the knowledge of your human languages, not only in connection with mediumship. When a spirit has the task to guide a human being who is no medium at all, it still has to know the language its protege knows, although we see the thought of the respective human being too. Now, it may be the case, of course, that a spirit is chosen as a guardian who, remembering his last language on Earth, does not have to learn the language anew, and will be assigned to a person who speaks that same language. But there are special instances where the learning of a language becomes necessary and for that we have schools, just as you have schools. We have schools for many, many subjects, and language is one of them. But we learn them easier, because, here again, matter does not stand in our way and that even applies to languages. How that applies is impossible for you to imagine and I have no words to describe it. You just have to use your intuition, your feelings, and perhaps you will sense what I mean by this. So it is easier for us to learn languages than it is for human beings.

As far as your second question is concerned—whether a spirit can speak through a medium in a language the medium does not know—the answer is yes. And it has happened many times. But there is a very definite and distinct type of mediumship necessary for that. There are many different types of mediumship, even of trance-mediumship alone, not to speak of all the others. There may be “direct voice mediumship,” when you hear the actual voice of the spirit in a different part of the room. There may be materialization, levitation, and many more phenomena that I cannot even enumerate here. One such phenomenon is—and the Bible refers to it too, using the word “tongues” for languages—that a language is spoken through a medium that he or she does not know. But for all these different types of mediumship, a special training of the medium, as well as for the spirits in connection with the medium, is necessary. It is a different form of materialization or transfiguration. There are, for instance, mediums whose actual faces take on an entirely different shape, even a different bone structure. This is what may be called “transfiguration.” The speaking of foreign tongues is an auditory transfiguration. But as I said, different conditions have to be fulfilled with each of these types of mediumship.

The spirit world of God is a world of order. When it is recognized here that a human being can fulfill a task as a medium, it will first be determined for what type of mediumship this person’s particular talent is best; what may be the most important task for the living conditions and surroundings of that particular person; and according to all these considerations—and the most important consideration from our viewpoint is always what is best for spiritual development and what serves the Great Plan most efficiently and not what may be sensational and phenomenal—forces are set in motion to train this particular medium for his or her task. Once this task has been chosen and worked for, it is unlikely that there will be any changes in the type of mediumship, unless there is a real, good, and spiritual reason for it. Thus works the world of God which, as I said, is above all, a world of order.

QUESTION: I wanted to know what the spiritual world thinks about this new planet Sputnik?

ANSWER: That, my dear, depends entirely on the spiritual, moral, ethical attitude of all concerned. The thing itself is of no importance as far as we are concerned. Nothing in itself is, from our point of view, of any importance. The only importance is what you human beings make of it.

And with that, my friends, I leave you with the blessings of the Lord. Go your way in peace; know that God is present within you, and try to find Him. Do not let the clouds of the powers of darkness destroy your sight and your sense of truth that every so often touches your heart. Be in God.

Update 25 March, 2021: The woman will wonder why too the RAPE was the word reserved for the treatment by the doctors of the medicine that were the attendees to the party that wins the making the living now that too the metaphor explains to her too the buttfuck will be without the hesitation when the medicine has the upper hand meaning the man called the Richard Foulk you guessed that Jr thinks the you guessed that too the nutso has not the first friend to care about her now that I trashed her repeatedly to the entire country club of the sex club mentioned in the text below but that wins nothing but too the Kundalini when too the kundalini was that tells her to abbreviate too the Jim Morrison was the results.

You think the woman will bow to the pressure to reapprove to the world the man to this hour thinks the woman hurts the many with the words meant to reduce too the reduction to the dead too telling to the mentioning too the many undisclosed NATO locations in the bottom of the feed here tells her too that wins nothing but too the allowing the man to have the animosity.

The WE informed the many by the 19th of September 2019 that the many will succumb to the reduction of the numbers too the 5G the wrong to the news too the many symptoms with the you guessed that too the radiation will be with the covid variant diagnosis to the telling to the many that you are the way too welcoming to the news the making the living follows the Western world's buttfuck called too the wifi was repeatedly apprised to Richard as the source of the afib but repeatedly dismissed by the moron that was too the not too tired but too tired of the being the used by the man that then bad mouthed her around town to the Keys.


Update 16 July, 2020: The Ormus material has the propensity to heal the children that have yet to be damaged by the fast tracked competing vaccines that empower the pharmaceutical industries to the becoming the healers too meaning the damage their vaccines will cause has the ability to wake the fuck up the public that stews to the max in the giving to themselves the high and mighty winds, keeping their big egos in check they will beget too the notice they are the targets too for the depleted uranium that will become the bane to the thought the being the droned.

When the WE speaks to the woman the words enter the lexicon to the thinking the you think the woman the author meaning the WE the way to the becoming the better acquainted too to the thought the woman to the max understands the way to the becoming the better hearer means the listening while the resonance regard for her stupidity turns to the becoming the wanting the Ormus that uses the living water with the lye bath over ph 10.78 to the tune the Himalayan salt then becomes the harvestable.

Update 15 July, 2020:

FYI Future Boyfriends: The following video really, really haunts my juices toward a'flowin'.

Update 14 June, 2020:


Update 7 May, 2020: The coronavirus is the thing giving the hospital the right to remove the baggage instead of thinking of the patients as the humans they are the potential lost revenue associated with them not being the "COVID-19 death" that pays the most from the federal reimbursement.

The rest of the article is the way of the WE telling you to keep with the thought the woman thought to be the using the Ghost Dance for her own agenda is the woman that recognizes the scorn but has to give to the WE the right to determine what words end up where to the point the thing that matters is that WE are the authors.

WE want the world to recognize the way of the WE is to thin the herd to become the beings that instead wise the fuck up and realize the lying sacks of shit that run the hospitals too are not interested in the care of the patient at all but in the manner by which the doctor's visit becomes the way in which the human being can be stripped of everything including their organs to necessitate the cost of housing them for the spell.

WE are the authors of the entire world needing to not only slow down but to be with the thought the power elite are the problem not the guy that has lost his shirt too and has to spend the night in the church parking lot instead of the jail cell but the women of the Swannanoa Hills think he might just might be the mean guy that hurts them far away up the Bee Tree Hill in their safe, lit, heated abode with dogs and neighbors and the telephone in case the horrid poor soul down on his luck with the need to find the safe spot so he chose the home of the Christ in the building but in the parking lot he is only the vagrant.

WE are the authors of the women using the Bee Tree forum to post their fear of the downtrodden seeing as they are not downtrodden and have never been in that position but have been to the church itself to worship.

When the WE gets going with the economic collapse the whole world will feel the feeling of the downtrodden except the members that support the other to the point the very thing that matters is the women that feel the fear must eradicate the fear and feel the love of the Christ inside the church outside too.

WE are too the authors of needing to combine the medical fascist state and the return of the Red Road as the road that leads too to the MLK Blvd that believe it or not is the way home too.

The manner in which the dollars are the certain determinant for who has the downtrodden label and who is cozy, safe and comfortable tells the world the fact that you have the dollars might be the fact that diminishes the mean to another norm meaning the very idea the dollars are the possession of the darkest of all energies: the asuras that take the suck job to the highest potential by reversing the flow of the medical staff's ER to the flow of the world fascist state's ER tells the world the very idea the medical professionals take it upon themselves to hate the patient being manipulated to buy the insurance that determines if the organs will be harvested or taken as in the reimbursable manner of the Blue Cross Blue Shield payout tells you to become the men and women that follow suit and cancel the Obamacare bullshit before you too are the harvested for your organs version of the person the woman typing did not become thanks to the nurses that both bought her food at their own expense: Naomi and the other beautiful nurses on staff that 4 day stint in late November when the woman typing was not only fingered by the practitioners but was fondled by the man called "the answer is blue" and the lying sack of shit ex-husband told her that he gave the AIDS not to her but the truth is the HIV diagnosis is not the thing that came to fruition so the man that was informed by the liar that Katherine has the AIDS virus is the man that goes to the hell called I am now without the wife either since I am the man that did in fact give to her the AIDS that I got by buttfucking literally the man with the wife not infected seeing as she ceased sexual activity with him for the general time that he was her husband after he infected her to the point her menstrual flow became the hell of the other women too meaning the thing that must cease in the infected sexaholic thing that made the Miriam tell the Jimmy on the River that Katherine is the bad seed tells her that he turned on her the moment the Miriam Allen that was the lover of the ex-husband before, throughout and after the relationship with the man that was the father not to the wife's never-got-pregnant self but was the father to the 4 children aborted by the Miriam and the father of the 1 baby sold to the sacrificers tells you that you Miriam have the life sentence telling you that you are the very reason the abortionist Dr. Patricia Overcarsh wanted to fuck Katherine Brannen Foulk hardest by removing the offending womb that was so dirty that her life would be terminated before the 51st birthday but the truth is the manner in which the woman told herself this person that I am serving to save the uterus as was her designated choice is the woman that has not been infected by the dirty activities of herself but by the manner in which her lying sack of shit ex-husband called Richard Foulk, Jr. the former drummer for the band Sons of Ralph appearing on the Warren Haynes Christmas Jam Volume 4 recording from the 21 December, 2002 Christmas Jam show tells the world the way to be without the need to ever be the responsible partner is to be the musician on the stage or just "on the stage" meaning in the public domain where the women take it for granted the men want to cheat on the woman that holds them at night and maintains their livelihood which is the reason the WE advises the woman to absolve the need for any of the men on the website seeing as they are never without the steady and she is unwilling to be the user of the steady to become the used all the way home and back again and again and again....

(Video updated March 23, 2021.)

Update 4 April, 2020:
Anandamayakosha = The beauty of the life force moving through the tykes.

Vijnanamayakosha = The beginning of the WE's ways to tell the world that being in the life force is the way to be alive.

Manomayakosha = The beginning of the WE's ways and means to connect to the human race.

Pranamayakosha = The way of the world that is the life force moving through the entire beings.

Annamayakosha = The end of the human race.

Sama Agni is the manner in which the healthy individual maintains the balance of the life force to be given the right to remember that immunity is the endowment of the human potential not the gift of the pharmaceutical industry under the direction of the Department of Defense with the co-existent meme that the Gates Foundation has any other objective than to murder the billions.

Kill the messenger the woman that wants not to be the big superstar but to be with the men that have the means to be heard because they have the audience and the many members of the human race that look to them as the heroes of the generation.

Jim Morrison formerly of the doors of the other side's way of reminding the woman that giving the world the view point that you have been that unaware to be spelling the Doors with the capital T and the capital D meaning the only thing that matters to the WE is that you have the goods on the good view that giving the annamayakosha the right to be vaccinated reduces the natural immunity that is the forsaken never ever Sama Agni to the point the very mention the slaughterhouse maybe but too the Animal Farm meaning too the way to the giving to the world too the right thing means too the choice is the destination of the many sheeple on the Animal Farm.

Update 28 December, 2019: The ancestors of the Ukrainian people will not accept the role the NATO warriors are playing on the ground that is not NATO's nor anyone else's but the very people's that occupy that ground to this day.

Jim is the reason the woman called Katherine Brannen Foulk was not murdered by the medical establishment that said her estranged and very angry at her ex-husband could make life and death decisions completely contrary to the wishes of the woman in the emergency room not dying but giving herself the right to cleanse the very viruses he placed into her womb while convincing himself her virus ridden womb must be removed to remove the evidence of the many lovers both male and female he had taken without using the requisite condom for the duration of the relationship he demanded she keep faithful by even disallowing her to talk to men not his fuck friends but also by giving the hot headed salivating resident OB/GYN surgeon working at Mission Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina on the evening of November 24, 2019 the right to almost literally take her womb by giving himself the right to tell the hot headed salivating surgeon that did give himself the right to not only finger the woman under anesthesia but to give her his own tongue in the coochie in order to teach the lying bitch filled with the diseases her lying ex-husband told him she was filled with the right to remain silent permanently while he got the right to administer to her the highest form of the toxic drug called Ciprofloxacin because the same woman that earlier in his care requested to not be administered the antibiotics he told her she needed was told by that woman to specifically not give me flouroquninoloids, especially Ciprofloxacin because that was the drug that killed the man called Richard Foulk, Jr. because that man had the right to tell the hot headed salivating pussy licking in front of the other surgeons in the operating room right to say the woman on the table is not the woman she claims to be because the law says when the person fails to carry the insurance coverage required by law the patient is their guinea pig to treat like a medical experiment.

When the woman that is Katherine Brannen Foulk was put under anesthesia by the man that answered the question "blue" the man felt it was his right to fondle her soft, supple, "much to supple to be the breasts of the 50 year old woman she claims to be".

Still the abortionist consulting that week gave herself the right to test her experimental procedure on the woman that "did not deserve to keep the dirty womb" but was given the right to teach her the horrible cancer that will follow if she does not stop "fucking anything that moves" as her swallowing forever ex-husband with the HIV virus told her she would develop too because the man called Richard Foulk, Jr. insisted that not only was the woman having a mid-term miscarriage instead of the cleansing she knew she was experiencing told the medical staff he knew for a fact she was HIV+ because the lying fuck-anything-that-moves ex-wife that ruined his life by telling horrible lies about him online that were to her very real truths was given the upper hand by the medical community that thought he was the one scamming the system by bringing in his young girlfriend to have her treated at his ex-wife's expense because the medical community together group-thinked the woman into the young woman, much younger than 50, in fact not a day over 30 because the physique that is hers for the many years of dancing she has engaged in was not the dancing body of the 50 year old woman that told them nothing but truthful answers instead of the fucking anything that moves body they took liberties with themselves while they ran up the bill by administering the anesthesia for 2 hours instead of the 20 minutes the surgery took.

Still the woman that was never dishonest the entire visit and answered each question truthfully, articulately with the honesty of a woman worried about her health but not given the right to drink the water that was her immediate need was told to sit down and shut up because the man called the salivating never going to become an Ob/GYN resident surgeon on staff at Mission Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina the evening of November 24, 2019 will not only be stripped of his right to practice medicine he will serve the life sentence he deserves for almost forcing the woman acutely agitated by the thirst that her lying, scheming "I will not allow you to have the water you are demanding" ex-husband called Richard Foulk, Jr., the first drummer for the band called the Sons of Ralph that stuffed the ballot box each year so the Mountain Express that knew damn well that was their game would make them the most popular band in Asheville by official decree, was going to be given the right to decide the woman of unsound mind could not decide for herself the immediate need of her body is water not a hysterectomy the doctor asked her in God's name why she would not want in order to clean up the problem permanently when the woman that followed the advice of the WE guiding her every move cleaned all by herself by allowing the toxic cum to stay buried in the fibroids that come into existence in the effort of the natural cleansing mechanisms of the body that say this foul shit should not be inserted into the body so I will use the menses to thin the blood each month until the virus is removed. Still the salivating young resident surgeon that intentionally tried to poison the woman that specifically said NO CIPRO! but was given the highest dose possible he ordered against medical necessity and told the many nurses on duty to tell her was the medicine she needs to stop the bleeding when in fact it was nothing more than that toxic cocktail called Ciprofloxacin will never practice as a full fledged doctor because the ethics board that will be advised of his other behaviors that week will never permit him to be hired and he will be stripped of the right to earn the medical license he yet does not possess.

Still the woman that has every right to be treated with the same respect that she to this day affords the man that will very soon no longer have the legal right to say anything about the woman that kicked him out of her house because the man was even jealous of the Spirit lover he saw her engaging in sex of the tantric style while she slept is the very woman that is outing him as the HIV+ one.

WE are telling you Richard Foulk, Jr. that you better fess up to the woman that is your current partner by telling her the truth about your HIV+ status Richard Foulk, Jr. the man that said I know for a fact the woman called my lying scheming ex-wife is HIV+ when 4 blood tests repeated at the cost of $2000 each proved the woman called Katherine Brannen Foulk to be free and clear of ALL STDs including the ones he insisted he implanted into her womb after returning home from his fuck sessions where he gave the whole community the HIV virus he contracted by fucking the neighbors up the cove that had just been released from prison lockup, Jason and Jimmy and the woman called Theresa at home in the bed that he called his marital bed because the very bed that became the bed they slept in each night was the very bed the woman sleeps on to this day, the futon in the front living room that was the fuck fest place with the neighbors on the occasion the woman that was away for the duration was unaware of.

Still the man that insists to this day he has never cheated on the woman that cleared herself of ALL STDs he had implanted into her unsuspecting womb by giving herself the right to refrain from all sexual activity of the fucking variety and took it upon herself to allow the heavy bleeding considered the reason the woman deserves to lose the womb because her dirty ways allowed her to accept the bloody stool pigeon into the fold instead of giving herself the right to say to the medical community you are my god.

Still the woman that will never have to subject herself to the militant tactics of modern medicine again is the very one that was exposed to the HIV virus for years, still untouched by the virus once, until the man called Richard Foulk, Jr. decided to tell the world the woman that was never once unfaithful to him took herself to the Florida Keys every weekend to play music until the bars change into fuck-for-alls because the man that fucked someone each time he went to the keys without her is the very man that told her to her face he was never unfaithful the moment she was about to be rolled to the surgical chamber and had the right to give her the heartbeat of afib that is his banner of "I'm too sick to work anymore" before she was raped by the medical community that said "this woman has it coming but has not the right to be the woman that she claims to be" because the medical community had not the right to ask her for the ID she was prepared to show them the moment she walked in the hospital door but group-think-decided she was the whore they had a right to fuck in more ways than one, and WE mean fuck.

Still the woman that thinks she is not safe since the man called Richard Foulk, Jr. told the club the woman has the right to be buttfucked on camera because of the post telling the world Asheville's Sex Club's days are numbered, the post that warns them to cease and desist making children that are sold online and then given the right to live only the short time before they are slaughtered and eaten by the Hollywood masters that tell you to fuck freely and to kill anyone you want, gave the heads up to the club the water that is on the horizon is the way of the wine that becomes the WE's way of showing the little children their buttfucking and suck-to-swallow-cum days are coming to a close because they are the ones all with the HIV+ diagnosis that is not the diagnosis of the woman called Katherine Brannen Foulk who was given the good news by the only medical professional not participating in the unethical rape of the patient that cannot pay the exorbitant costs that she was free and clear of ALL STDs including the HIV virus the ex-husband insisted without a shadow of a doubt she had contracted through buttfucking and had injected into his womb.

Still the woman that has never hurt a fly was given the right to be told you have no right to stay alive by the very man that only last night called her his special little bitch because the very words "I have no STDs and I don't understand why the medical community at Mission Hospital felt it necessary to run 5 pregnancy tests at the rate of $5000 per test to prove to themselves the lying sack of shit called the impersonator of Katherine Brannen Foulk" that was never pregnant a day during this lifetime was given the right only to be the imposter her ex-husband insisted she was with his affirmative tone that insisted he knew for a fact she had had several mid-term miscarriages, the quintessential application that enabled her to save the womb that is the receiving instrument for the WE's communication, the communication she accurately told the boy called the salivating "I'm gonna scrape her good" resident never going to be the OB/GYN doctor because the man that had no right to interfere at all told himself this is the right way to "clean" the dirt from the womb when in fact what he did was expose the viruses implanted unsuspectingly into her womb by the very man he gave almost the right to call her unsound of mind and sign the consent form because the man will not allow the woman to use the requisite lawyer to end the marriage and told her he would only participating in paying for the go-to-the-courthouse-and-file-the-papers-himself version because "the lawyer would cost more than I am willing to spend even though I sell my AIDS ridden semen to women in order to get them pregnant so they can sell their babies on the open market and then have the down payment for the Airbnb that will enable them to be able to afford to live in the Asheville area" so that the salivating not going to become a physician resident surgeon on duty at Asheville, North Carolina's only hospital called Mission, the resident OB/GYN surgeon on duty in the emergency room on the evening of November 24, 2019 could perform his first hysterectomy on the woman he believed to be no more than 29 because he told himself this woman is not 50 no way no how because the woman's snatch gets my dick way too hard.

Update 29 September, 2019:
WE are Katherine's American Indian ancestors.
WE want you to listen carefully.
WE are not kidding about the purification.
WE want you to listen to Katherine.
WE want you to listen to US.
WE want humanity to live but you are quickly approaching your serious reduction in numbers.
WE want you to listen to what WE are trying to tell you.
WE want you to stop ridiculing Katherine for the work she is doing for US.
WE want you to know, you who ridicule her, that you have no idea what you are talking about.
WE want you to know WE know even American Indian peoples are ridiculing WE because Katherine is our chosen messenger.
WE want American Indian people to support Katherine instead of calling her a fraud.
WE want you to listen hard.
Katherine is not a fraud.
Katherine is trying to tell you our message but you are too full of yourselves to listen.
WE want you to treat Katherine with respect, otherwise the WE will not be able to save humanity from the purification.
WE are trying to help you.
WE want you to respect the sacrifices Katherine is making to try to get this message to you.
WE are weary of the fighting in this new world.
WE want you to understand WE are the ancestors of All American Indians.

Update 19 September, 2019:
Atlanta was the most sacred place in the Americas to the ancestors because of Stone Mountain.
Atlanta was the most sacred place in the world to them because of Stone Mountain.
Stone Mountain is where the people met for council.
The ancestors want the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta airport to stop dumping waste water into the Chatahoochee river!

The ancestors say wireless waves are killing the insects and birds.
The ancestors say wireless waves are giving children brain cancer.
The ancestors say wireless waves are the end of life on earth as we know it.
The ancestors say wireless waves will change the frequency of the earth so that humans can no longer live here.
The ancestors say WE want humanity to live but humanity is killing itself off.
The ancestors want the 5G rollout to stop.
The ancestors say 5G is already starting to kill everything.
The ancestors say 5G must be stopped!

The ancestors say the only hope for humanity is to stop the 5G rollout!

WE think vaccination is one of the cruelest things humanity has ever come up with.
WE want you to listen carefully.
WE want the governments to stop mandating vaccination.
Herd immunity is bullshit.
WE want humanity to stop vaccinating children.
WE want you to listen carefully.
If humanity does not stop vaccinating children WE must have the purification.
WE are not kidding!

The ancestors have warned about a planned nuclear attack on Atlanta.

Atlanta can be saved.
Atlanta should be saved.
Othewise the consequences will be enormous.

It won't just be Atlanta that will burn.

These cities will burn too in the purification:
Los Angeles, California, USA
New York, New York, USA
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Phildelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Washington DC, USA
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Moscow, Russia
London, England
Berlin, Germany
Paris, France
Dublin, Ireland
Sydney, Australia
Weillington, New Zealand
Christchurch, New Zealand
Auckland, New Zealand
Melbourne, Australia
Brisbane, Australia
Prague, Czech Republic
Milan, Italy
Frankfurt, Germany
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Zurich, Switzerland
Antwerp, Belgium
Brussels, Belgium
Málaga, Spain
Valencia, Spain
Lisbon, Portugal
Madrid, Spain
Copenhagen, Denmark
Hamburg, Germany
Stockholm, Sweden
Oslo, Norway
Warsaw, Poland
Helsinki, Finland
Tallinn, Estonia
Riga, Latvia
Gdansk, Poland
Slupsk, Poland
Szczecin, Poland
Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Houston, Texas, USA
Austin, Texas, USA
San Antonio, Texas, USA
El Paso, Texas, USA
San Francisco, California, USA
San Diego, California, USA
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Sacramento, California, USA
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Denver, Colorado, USA
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Tucson, Arizona, USA
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Hanover, Germany
Wunstorf, Germany
Minden, Germany
Lübbecke, Germany
Rödinghausen, Germany
Osnabrück, Germany
Ladbergen, Germany
Emsdetten, Germany
Münster, Germany
Sendenhorst, Germany
Drensteinfurt, Germany
Recklinghausen, Germany
Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Oberhausen, Germany
Meiderich/Beeck, Germany
Hochheide, Germany
Asberg, Germany
Schwafheim, Germany
Altenbruch, Germany
Rumeln-Kaldenhausen, Germany
Uerdingen, Germany
Verberg, Germany
Krefeld, Germany
Nettetal, Germany
Bolenberg, Netherlands
Hout, Netherlands
Kessel, Netherlands
Kessel-Eik, Netherlands
Kappert, Netherlands
Gerhegge, Netherlands
Ophoven, Netherlands
Mortel, Netherlands
Eind, Netherlands
Heythuysen, Netherlands
Kampershoek, Netherlands
Molenakker, Netherlands
Oda, Netherlands
Boshoven, Netherlands
Budel-Dorplein, Netherlands
Lozen, Netherlands
Kaulille, Belgium
Kleine-Brogel, Belgium
Neerhoksent, Belgium
Locht, Belgium
Leuven, Belgium
La Louvière, Belgium
Boussoit, Belgium
Mons, Belgium
Athis, Belgium
Fayt-le-Franc, Belgium
Rat-d'Eau, Belgium
Passe-tout-Outre, Belgium
Cambrai, France
Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
Ogden, Utah, USA
Grand Junction, Colorado, USA
Provo, Utah, USA
Dividend, Utah, USA
Eureka, Utah, USA
Mammoth, Utah, USA
Silver City, Utah, USA
Jericho, Utah, USA
Lynndyl, Utah, USA
McGill, Nevada, USA
Lander County, Nevada, USA
Stillwater, Nevada, USA
Fallon, Nevada, USA
Millard County, Utah, USA
Garrison, Nevada, USA
White Pine County, Nevada, USA
Ely, Nevada, USA
Willow Grove, Nevada, USA
Nye County, Nevada, USA
Tonopah, Nevada, USA
Abel Spring, Nevada, USA
North Pacific Ocean
39°43'45.0"N 112°16'08.8"W, Jericho, Utah, USA
39°30'00.5"N 112°24'33.7"W, Lynndyl, Utah, USA
39°24'32.1"N 114°45'50.7"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'41.8"N 114°46'26.2"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'27.9"N 114°46'36.9"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'08.0"N 114°46'48.3"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°23'53.7"N 114°46'56.1"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°23'50.8"N 114°46'57.7"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°23'25.2"N 114°48'07.9"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°27'02.0"N 114°51'38.3"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°27'11.4"N 114°53'40.0"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°31'00.1"N 115°59'46.1"W, Eureka, Nevada, USA
39°31'02.6"N 116°00'03.7"W, Eureka, Nevada, USA
39°31'20.6"N 116°00'46.0"W, Eureka, Nevada, USA
39°33'38.2"N 116°08'42.8"W, Eureka, Nevada, USA
39°41'45.1"N 117°13'18.8"W, Lander County, Nevada, USA
39°31'13.0"N 118°33'11.9"W, Stillwater, Nevada, USA
39°31'01.4"N 118°33'24.7"W, Stillwater, Nevada, USA
39°30'55.5"N 118°33'37.0"W, Stillwater, Nevada, USA
39°30'59.0"N 118°33'49.9"W, Stillwater, Nevada, USA
39°30'57.5"N 118°34'03.7"W, Stillwater, Nevada, USA
39°31'06.4"N 118°34'29.4"W, Stillwater, Nevada, USA
39°31'03.9"N 118°37'18.3"W, Stillwater, Nevada, USA
39°31'08.1"N 118°37'36.4"W, Stillwater, Nevada, USA
39°31'29.8"N 118°37'53.1"W, Stillwater, Nevada, USA
39°31'27.6"N 118°38'09.9"W, Stillwater, Nevada, USA
39°31'07.3"N 118°38'28.8"W, Stillwater, Nevada, USA
39°30'59.3"N 118°38'40.4"W, Stillwater, Nevada, USA
39°30'50.6"N 118°38'50.4"W, Stillwater, Nevada, USA
39°30'39.6"N 118°38'54.3"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'16.1"N 118°39'22.0"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'32.7"N 118°40'37.6"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'30.9"N 118°41'05.5"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'44.2"N 118°41'29.6"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'48.0"N 118°41'45.9"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'22.6"N 118°42'23.6"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'22.1"N 118°42'54.0"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'54.6"N 118°44'03.1"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'56.8"N 118°44'05.0"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'59.1"N 118°44'42.2"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'44.8"N 118°44'44.6"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'41.9"N 118°45'37.5"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'38.0"N 118°45'48.7"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'36.5"N 118°45'49.7"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'37.5"N 118°45'59.0"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'28.4"N 118°46'14.8"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'24.4"N 118°46'28.7"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'24.4"N 118°46'58.2"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'24.2"N 118°47'05.5"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'27.4"N 118°47'16.2"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'28.5"N 118°47'29.6"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'28.8"N 118°47'45.1"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°31'04.8"N 118°47'43.0"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'59.8"N 118°47'45.7"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'55.0"N 118°48'01.2"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'54.6"N 118°48'18.2"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'48.5"N 118°48'18.2"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'37.0"N 118°48'19.9"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
38°59'25.8"N 113°23'00.7"W, Millard County, Utah, USA
38°59'21.6"N 113°23'17.3"W, Millard County, Utah, USA
38°59'57.7"N 113°26'00.4"W, Millard County, Utah, USA
39°11'54.4"N 113°56'50.5"W, Millard County, Utah, USA
39°13'02.5"N 114°00'07.1"W, Millard County, Utah, USA
39°11'53.4"N 114°01'04.6"W, Millard County, Utah, USA
39°12'05.7"N 114°03'26.2"W, Garrison, Nevada, USA
39°12'07.5"N 114°03'30.5"W, Garrison, Nevada, USA
39°12'06.7"N 114°03'30.6"W, Garrison, Nevada, USA
39°11'48.0"N 114°03'13.1"W, Garrison, Nevada, USA
39°12'13.2"N 114°03'29.4"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°12'10.3"N 114°03'32.0"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°12'09.8"N 114°03'39.5"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°12'07.8"N 114°04'30.6"W, Nevada, USA
39°11'53.0"N 114°05'12.5"W, Nevada, USA
39°14'11.5"N 114°03'52.5"W, Nevada, USA
39°14'21.2"N 114°04'18.7"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°14'16.9"N 114°04'41.8"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°14'30.2"N 114°05'07.0"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°14'42.2"N 114°05'15.4"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°19'43.2"N 114°38'04.3"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°21'58.0"N 114°40'32.2"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°22'59.3"N 114°41'51.1"W, Ely, Nevada, USA
39°23'25.0"N 114°42'46.0"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°23'41.3"N 114°42'43.5"W, Ely, Nevada, USA
39°24'11.5"N 114°43'39.0"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°24'15.9"N 114°43'40.1"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°24'32.2"N 114°43'30.9"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°24'42.3"N 114°43'24.8"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°24'52.5"N 114°43'20.6"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°24'49.4"N 114°43'22.4"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°24'45.3"N 114°43'23.0"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°24'42.1"N 114°43'24.9"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°24'37.9"N 114°43'27.7"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°24'33.5"N 114°43'29.8"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'32.3"N 114°43'30.3"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'31.9"N 114°43'33.5"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'29.7"N 114°43'35.6"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'27.0"N 114°43'38.9"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'15.4"N 114°43'40.5"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'14.1"N 114°43'39.0"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'11.1"N 114°43'38.6"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'09.8"N 114°43'40.4"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'05.9"N 114°43'40.6"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'04.0"N 114°43'40.6"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°23'55.5"N 114°43'40.7"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°23'50.7"N 114°43'38.6"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°23'48.1"N 114°43'36.9"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°23'41.1"N 114°43'34.2"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°23'34.9"N 114°43'31.8"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°23'31.9"N 114°43'25.8"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°23'28.3"N 114°43'21.9"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°23'23.6"N 114°43'17.2"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°23'18.7"N 114°43'11.4"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'18.8"N 114°44'20.6"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'14.5"N 114°45'34.8"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'18.8"N 114°45'51.2"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'04.6"N 114°46'11.7"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'05.2"N 114°46'15.7"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°20'44.9"N 114°47'49.9"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°20'46.4"N 114°48'05.8"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°20'03.6"N 114°48'16.0"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°19'44.9"N 114°48'16.8"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°20'35.5"N 114°49'45.2"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°20'28.2"N 114°49'58.8"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°20'36.3"N 114°50'35.9"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°20'39.6"N 114°50'59.6"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°20'31.5"N 114°51'31.8"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°20'14.4"N 114°51'34.7"W, Ely, Nevada, USA
39°13'24.6"N 114°54'36.3"W, Ely, Nevada, USA
39°13'05.3"N 114°54'25.8"W, Ely, Nevada, USA
39°12'36.8"N 114°54'28.2"W, Ely, Nevada, USA
39°10'42.7"N 114°54'49.3"W, Ely, Nevada, USA
39°11'03.5"N 114°54'41.0"W, Ely, Nevada, USA
39°08'47.3"N 114°53'52.9"W, Ely, Nevada, USA
39°07'58.1"N 114°52'16.3"W, Ely, Nevada, USA
39°07'03.2"N 114°53'07.3"W, Ely, Nevada, USA
39°05'10.4"N 114°53'27.2"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
38°55'16.8"N 115°14'31.1"W, Willow Grove, Nevada, USA
38°53'08.8"N 115°18'23.8"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°04'57.8"N 115°12'40.2"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°09'24.4"N 115°16'54.1"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°09'25.4"N 115°17'09.2"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°09'17.3"N 115°17'02.9"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°08'55.0"N 115°17'05.8"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°10'10.7"N 115°20'12.6"W, Ely, Nevada, USA
39°10'15.3"N 115°21'22.5"W, Ely, Nevada, USA
39°17'52.6"N 115°40'52.6"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°18'45.2"N 115°44'12.2"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°18'48.4"N 115°45'30.3"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°18'56.2"N 115°46'02.5"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°18'33.1"N 115°45'45.8"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°18'22.6"N 115°45'39.6"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°16'01.1"N 115°45'54.6"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°15'57.2"N 115°48'42.8"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°14'30.5"N 115°45'18.8"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°13'35.1"N 115°44'42.7"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°14'19.5"N 115°44'57.6"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°14'32.0"N 115°44'57.6"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°14'29.4"N 115°45'11.2"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°14'24.3"N 115°44'59.7"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°14'08.6"N 115°44'53.6"W, Nevada, USA
39°13'58.3"N 115°45'00.1"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°13'44.2"N 115°45'02.8"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°12'52.3"N 115°45'07.2"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°12'31.0"N 115°45'11.8"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°10'51.7"N 115°45'27.4"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°10'08.2"N 115°43'49.3"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°04'39.5"N 115°46'04.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
39°04'04.8"N 115°46'32.7"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
39°03'17.6"N 115°46'34.9"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
39°01'34.7"N 115°48'03.9"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
39°00'53.5"N 115°48'44.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
39°00'49.6"N 115°49'20.9"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
39°00'12.6"N 115°49'30.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°59'19.9"N 115°47'58.0"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°58'29.6"N 115°46'30.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°58'52.5"N 115°48'13.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°59'08.9"N 115°48'53.0"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°59'30.3"N 115°48'58.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°58'10.8"N 115°48'41.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°57'36.8"N 115°48'39.7"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°57'08.2"N 115°47'50.7"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°56'44.5"N 115°47'29.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°56'37.0"N 115°47'14.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°56'34.3"N 115°46'46.4"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°56'18.7"N 115°46'35.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°56'01.9"N 115°46'38.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°55'45.8"N 115°46'53.7"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°55'33.5"N 115°47'03.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°55'11.0"N 115°47'44.4"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°54'59.5"N 115°48'06.0"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°56'14.2"N 115°46'00.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°56'19.5"N 115°46'11.0"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°56'19.9"N 115°46'24.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°56'08.2"N 115°46'39.7"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°56'03.2"N 115°46'41.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°55'35.0"N 115°46'59.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°55'12.7"N 115°47'28.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°55'07.8"N 115°47'44.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°54'24.2"N 115°46'20.0"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°54'20.1"N 115°44'57.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°51'59.5"N 115°44'21.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°51'22.8"N 115°44'19.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°49'31.2"N 115°45'31.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°48'59.5"N 115°46'10.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°48'58.0"N 115°46'08.4"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°48'48.2"N 115°46'29.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°51'11.5"N 115°44'34.7"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°50'43.6"N 115°44'12.9"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°50'08.1"N 115°45'01.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°49'27.7"N 115°45'27.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°49'03.6"N 115°45'58.9"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°48'48.0"N 115°46'29.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°46'42.8"N 115°42'16.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°46'26.4"N 115°41'56.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°46'26.6"N 115°41'54.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°46'08.9"N 115°41'43.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°46'07.5"N 115°41'44.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'59.9"N 115°41'40.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'55.4"N 115°41'37.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'53.2"N 115°41'35.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'52.4"N 115°41'35.4"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'50.4"N 115°41'37.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'44.6"N 115°41'33.9"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'39.4"N 115°41'31.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'31.7"N 115°41'34.0"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'29.9"N 115°41'30.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'28.9"N 115°41'19.9"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'26.8"N 115°41'19.0"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'25.8"N 115°41'17.7"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'24.8"N 115°41'18.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'22.1"N 115°41'16.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'22.0"N 115°41'19.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'20.2"N 115°41'19.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'20.6"N 115°41'16.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'14.8"N 115°41'17.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'13.9"N 115°41'16.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'13.7"N 115°41'15.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'13.1"N 115°41'15.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'12.2"N 115°41'14.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'11.9"N 115°41'14.0"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'11.7"N 115°41'13.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'11.1"N 115°41'13.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'09.9"N 115°41'12.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'08.2"N 115°41'12.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'07.3"N 115°41'11.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'05.9"N 115°41'11.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'04.9"N 115°41'12.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'03.6"N 115°41'12.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'02.4"N 115°41'12.7"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'00.9"N 115°41'13.0"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'00.1"N 115°41'14.0"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'00.2"N 115°41'11.4"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'59.3"N 115°41'13.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'59.4"N 115°41'11.7"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'58.2"N 115°41'12.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'58.4"N 115°41'11.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'56.9"N 115°41'10.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'56.6"N 115°41'11.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'55.6"N 115°41'11.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'48.4"N 115°41'06.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'48.7"N 115°41'05.4"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'44.7"N 115°41'04.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'44.4"N 115°41'04.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'42.8"N 115°41'00.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'36.5"N 115°40'50.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'26.1"N 115°40'32.4"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'23.7"N 115°40'27.9"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'24.3"N 115°40'27.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'22.8"N 115°40'26.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'20.6"N 115°40'27.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'19.8"N 115°40'28.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'19.6"N 115°40'27.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'09.3"N 115°40'33.0"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'09.7"N 115°40'34.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'07.2"N 115°40'36.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'06.8"N 115°40'35.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'06.4"N 115°40'36.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'06.0"N 115°40'35.9"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'05.4"N 115°40'36.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'05.7"N 115°40'37.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'03.5"N 115°40'39.0"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'03.0"N 115°40'37.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'02.6"N 115°40'38.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'02.4"N 115°40'38.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'01.9"N 115°40'38.4"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'02.2"N 115°40'39.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°43'28.7"N 115°40'56.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°43'28.6"N 115°40'55.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°43'08.2"N 115°41'05.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°43'06.7"N 115°40'55.4"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°43'10.3"N 115°40'55.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°43'11.1"N 115°40'46.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°43'06.4"N 115°40'45.7"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°43'11.8"N 115°40'26.9"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°43'17.7"N 115°40'24.4"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°43'11.0"N 115°40'21.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°43'25.3"N 115°40'22.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°43'10.3"N 115°40'08.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°36'51.3"N 115°40'51.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°36'57.4"N 115°40'47.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°36'59.6"N 115°40'44.0"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°37'00.8"N 115°40'44.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°37'00.6"N 115°40'42.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°37'03.9"N 115°40'44.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°37'05.3"N 115°40'35.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°37'04.1"N 115°40'34.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°37'06.8"N 115°40'28.9"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°27'08.9"N 115°59'42.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°26'51.4"N 115°59'28.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°26'59.2"N 115°59'17.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°26'30.1"N 115°59'08.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°26'32.5"N 115°58'57.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°25'22.8"N 115°58'12.7"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°24'30.1"N 115°57'59.9"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°24'24.8"N 115°58'07.7"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°24'16.6"N 115°58'07.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°23'49.5"N 115°58'00.5"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°22'54.2"N 115°59'50.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°22'41.5"N 116°00'27.0"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°22'41.1"N 116°00'35.7"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°22'29.4"N 116°00'42.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°26'49.4"N 116°06'53.0"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°27'14.3"N 116°07'52.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°32'10.3"N 116°03'46.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°33'46.4"N 116°06'05.0"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°45'33.6"N 116°15'41.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'29.1"N 116°21'32.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°47'23.0"N 116°24'25.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°43'48.5"N 116°28'31.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°43'15.1"N 116°27'10.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°40'08.9"N 116°21'34.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°39'22.8"N 116°22'17.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°39'23.0"N 116°23'01.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°40'13.8"N 116°23'01.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°40'59.9"N 116°23'01.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°41'38.8"N 116°23'01.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°42'01.8"N 116°23'01.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°42'40.3"N 116°23'01.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°42'55.8"N 116°23'01.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°43'11.3"N 116°23'01.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°43'26.8"N 116°23'01.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°43'34.4"N 116°23'01.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°43'42.1"N 116°23'01.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°43'49.8"N 116°23'01.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°43'57.6"N 116°23'01.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°44'05.3"N 116°23'01.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°44'12.9"N 116°23'01.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°44'43.9"N 116°22'21.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°44'47.3"N 116°22'16.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°44'51.4"N 116°22'11.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°44'59.2"N 116°22'01.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°45'07.0"N 116°21'52.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°45'14.6"N 116°21'42.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°45'22.4"N 116°21'32.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°45'30.1"N 116°21'22.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°45'37.7"N 116°21'12.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°45'45.5"N 116°21'02.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°45'53.2"N 116°20'52.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°46'01.0"N 116°20'42.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°46'08.6"N 116°20'32.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°46'16.1"N 116°20'23.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°46'24.0"N 116°20'13.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°46'31.8"N 116°20'03.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°46'39.5"N 116°19'53.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°46'47.2"N 116°19'43.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°46'54.9"N 116°19'33.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°47'02.6"N 116°19'23.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°47'10.3"N 116°19'13.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°47'18.0"N 116°19'04.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°47'25.7"N 116°18'54.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°47'33.4"N 116°18'44.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°47'41.1"N 116°18'34.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°47'48.8"N 116°18'24.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°47'56.6"N 116°18'14.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'04.3"N 116°18'04.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'11.9"N 116°17'54.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'19.7"N 116°17'44.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'27.3"N 116°17'34.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'27.4"N 116°17'35.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'35.1"N 116°17'25.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'42.8"N 116°17'15.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'50.6"N 116°17'05.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'58.1"N 116°16'55.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'05.9"N 116°16'45.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'13.6"N 116°16'35.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'21.3"N 116°16'25.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'29.0"N 116°16'15.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'36.7"N 116°16'05.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'44.4"N 116°15'56.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'52.1"N 116°15'46.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'59.8"N 116°15'36.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'07.5"N 116°15'26.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'15.3"N 116°15'16.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'22.9"N 116°15'06.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'30.6"N 116°14'56.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'38.3"N 116°14'56.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'46.0"N 116°14'56.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'53.7"N 116°14'56.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'01.5"N 116°14'56.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'09.2"N 116°14'56.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'16.8"N 116°14'56.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'24.6"N 116°14'56.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'32.3"N 116°14'56.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'39.9"N 116°14'56.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'47.6"N 116°14'56.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'55.3"N 116°14'56.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'03.0"N 116°14'56.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'10.7"N 116°14'56.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'18.4"N 116°14'56.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'26.1"N 116°14'56.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'33.8"N 116°14'56.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'41.5"N 116°14'56.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°15'06.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°15'16.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°15'26.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°15'36.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.3"N 116°15'46.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.4"N 116°15'56.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.3"N 116°16'05.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°16'15.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.3"N 116°16'25.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.3"N 116°16'35.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.4"N 116°16'45.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.3"N 116°16'55.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°17'05.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°17'15.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°17'25.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.3"N 116°17'34.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.3"N 116°17'44.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.3"N 116°17'54.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.1"N 116°18'04.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°18'14.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°18'24.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°18'34.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°18'44.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°18'54.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°18'58.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.3"N 116°19'03.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.3"N 116°19'08.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°19'13.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°19'18.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°19'23.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°19'28.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°19'33.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°19'38.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°19'41.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°19'43.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°19'45.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°19'48.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.3"N 116°19'50.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°19'53.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.3"N 116°19'55.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.3"N 116°19'58.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°20'00.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.3"N 116°20'03.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.3"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'45.4"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'43.5"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'41.5"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'39.6"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'37.7"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'35.8"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'33.8"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'31.9"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'30.0"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'28.1"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'26.1"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'24.2"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'22.3"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'20.4"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'18.4"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'16.6"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'14.6"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'12.7"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'10.7"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'08.9"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'06.9"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'05.0"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'03.1"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'01.1"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'59.2"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'57.3"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'55.4"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'53.4"N 116°20'03.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'51.5"N 116°20'00.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'49.6"N 116°19'58.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'47.7"N 116°19'55.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'45.7"N 116°19'53.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'43.8"N 116°19'50.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'41.9"N 116°19'48.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'40.0"N 116°19'45.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'38.0"N 116°19'43.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'36.1"N 116°19'41.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'34.2"N 116°19'38.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'32.3"N 116°19'36.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'30.3"N 116°19'33.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'28.4"N 116°19'31.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'26.5"N 116°19'28.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'24.6"N 116°19'26.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'22.6"N 116°19'23.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'20.7"N 116°19'21.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'18.8"N 116°19'18.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'16.9"N 116°19'16.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'14.9"N 116°19'13.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'13.0"N 116°19'11.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'11.1"N 116°19'08.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'09.1"N 116°19'06.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'07.2"N 116°19'03.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'05.3"N 116°19'01.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'03.4"N 116°18'56.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'03.4"N 116°18'54.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'03.4"N 116°18'51.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'03.4"N 116°18'49.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'03.4"N 116°18'46.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'03.4"N 116°18'44.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'03.4"N 116°18'41.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'03.4"N 116°18'39.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'01.4"N 116°18'36.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'59.6"N 116°18'34.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'57.6"N 116°18'31.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'55.7"N 116°18'29.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'53.7"N 116°18'26.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'51.8"N 116°18'24.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'49.8"N 116°18'21.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'48.0"N 116°18'19.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'46.0"N 116°18'16.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'44.2"N 116°18'14.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'42.2"N 116°18'12.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'40.3"N 116°18'09.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'38.4"N 116°18'07.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'36.5"N 116°18'04.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'34.5"N 116°18'02.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'32.6"N 116°17'59.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'30.7"N 116°17'57.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'28.7"N 116°17'54.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'26.8"N 116°17'52.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'24.9"N 116°17'49.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'23.0"N 116°17'47.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'21.0"N 116°17'44.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'19.1"N 116°17'42.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'17.2"N 116°17'39.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'15.2"N 116°17'37.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'13.3"N 116°17'34.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'11.4"N 116°17'32.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'09.4"N 116°17'30.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'07.5"N 116°17'27.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'05.6"N 116°17'25.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'03.7"N 116°17'22.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'01.7"N 116°17'20.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'59.8"N 116°17'17.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'57.9"N 116°17'15.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'56.0"N 116°17'12.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'54.1"N 116°17'10.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'52.1"N 116°17'07.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'50.3"N 116°17'05.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'48.3"N 116°17'02.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'46.4"N 116°17'00.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'44.4"N 116°16'57.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'42.4"N 116°16'55.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'40.6"N 116°16'52.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'38.7"N 116°16'50.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'36.7"N 116°16'47.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'34.8"N 116°16'45.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'32.8"N 116°16'43.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'31.0"N 116°16'40.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'29.0"N 116°16'38.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'27.1"N 116°16'35.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'25.2"N 116°16'33.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'23.3"N 116°16'30.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'21.3"N 116°16'28.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'19.4"N 116°16'25.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'17.5"N 116°16'23.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'15.5"N 116°16'20.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'13.6"N 116°16'18.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'11.7"N 116°16'15.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'09.8"N 116°16'13.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'07.8"N 116°16'10.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'05.9"N 116°16'08.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'03.9"N 116°16'05.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'02.0"N 116°16'03.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'00.1"N 116°16'01.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'58.2"N 116°15'58.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'56.3"N 116°15'56.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'54.4"N 116°15'53.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'52.4"N 116°15'51.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'50.5"N 116°15'48.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'48.6"N 116°15'46.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'46.7"N 116°15'43.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'44.7"N 116°15'41.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'42.8"N 116°15'38.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'40.9"N 116°15'36.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'39.0"N 116°15'33.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'37.0"N 116°15'31.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'35.1"N 116°15'28.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'33.2"N 116°15'26.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'31.3"N 116°15'23.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'29.3"N 116°15'21.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'27.4"N 116°15'19.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'25.5"N 116°15'16.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'23.6"N 116°15'14.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'21.6"N 116°15'11.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'19.7"N 116°15'09.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'17.8"N 116°15'06.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'15.9"N 116°15'04.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'13.9"N 116°15'01.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'12.0"N 116°14'59.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'10.1"N 116°14'56.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°19'49.9"N 115°54'37.9"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°16'33.7"N 115°50'02.9"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°16'21.0"N 115°49'32.5"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°16'57.9"N 115°49'24.7"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°17'18.3"N 115°49'45.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°17'38.7"N 115°49'59.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°18'05.6"N 115°50'12.0"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°18'27.1"N 115°50'22.3"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°18'51.0"N 115°50'35.3"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°19'26.6"N 115°50'56.0"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°19'47.4"N 115°51'03.4"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°20'19.3"N 115°51'21.1"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°20'45.2"N 115°51'36.6"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°21'11.9"N 115°51'49.3"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°21'32.6"N 115°52'02.9"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°21'34.8"N 115°52'03.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°21'36.2"N 115°52'03.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°21'39.3"N 115°52'02.4"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°21'45.3"N 115°52'04.6"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°21'47.1"N 115°52'04.1"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°21'53.8"N 115°52'03.8"W, Abel Spring, Nevada, USA
38°22'01.4"N 115°52'03.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°22'07.9"N 115°52'01.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°22'41.0"N 115°52'00.1"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°22'41.1"N 115°51'58.9"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°22'49.4"N 115°51'58.0"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°23'21.1"N 115°52'07.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°23'16.6"N 115°51'54.4"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°23'18.5"N 115°52'03.4"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°28'52.9"N 115°58'53.7"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°24'01.1"N 115°51'34.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°31'16.2"N 115°51'20.4"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°31'15.8"N 115°51'56.7"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°31'12.4"N 115°52'33.4"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°31'11.1"N 115°52'26.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°31'09.5"N 115°52'26.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°31'12.5"N 115°52'22.9"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°18'08.8"N 115°41'41.7"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°18'11.6"N 115°41'51.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°19'11.3"N 115°40'38.7"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°19'10.9"N 115°40'47.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°19'07.4"N 115°40'46.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°19'04.4"N 115°40'46.9"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°19'07.0"N 115°40'49.6"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°20'21.0"N 115°38'40.9"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°20'08.3"N 115°38'21.0"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°20'09.8"N 115°38'20.8"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°20'07.5"N 115°38'17.1"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°19'52.7"N 115°37'34.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°19'42.2"N 115°37'08.7"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°19'42.3"N 115°37'05.4"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°19'38.3"N 115°36'39.8"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°19'35.5"N 115°36'31.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°19'33.1"N 115°36'23.1"W, Nevada, USA
44°18'51.9"N 124°32'57.3"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'44.5"N 124°32'57.3"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'42.2"N 124°32'47.5"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'42.4"N 124°32'45.7"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'42.2"N 124°32'42.5"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'40.6"N 124°32'42.5"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'42.3"N 124°32'42.5"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'42.5"N 124°32'40.1"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'44.8"N 124°32'40.2"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'44.9"N 124°32'38.8"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'45.4"N 124°32'39.9"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'45.4"N 124°32'38.0"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'43.6"N 124°32'39.3"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'43.0"N 124°32'38.6"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'42.8"N 124°32'37.6"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°19'19.7"N 124°32'37.5"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°19'25.3"N 124°32'37.6"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°19'16.5"N 124°32'37.5"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°19'15.2"N 124°32'37.5"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°19'14.3"N 124°32'37.5"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°19'14.3"N 124°32'39.0"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°19'14.3"N 124°32'40.4"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°19'14.4"N 124°32'47.4"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°19'13.5"N 124°32'47.4"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'58.3"N 124°32'47.4"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'58.4"N 124°32'47.4"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'57.3"N 124°32'47.4"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'57.3"N 124°33'01.8"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'57.6"N 124°33'12.2"W, North Pacific Ocean
Many other places too.
Please listen!

Update 13 September, 2019: The ancestors are speaking through me.

The Ghost Dance was not for naught.

I am waking up.

The Ancestors want to speak through me.

Update April 18, 2021:

Update March 25, 2021: The woman understands the writing will be with the better half forming the words meaning the Spirit direction wins the right to remember the ideal will be without the better halves meaning the Woods being the right to remember too the grain of salt wins the writing to them too. Live the working for the welcome to the news too the woman was writing to the tune for her own world not permitted to the friends that would ensure too the Mother too the allowed to the news you have been heard now all over the globe meaning the whole world is watching the Cruickshank too bow.

Update 9 October , 2020 :

WE are the authors the woman was too the told by the WE to remove too the entire club of the Atlanta former friends to the tune too the never understanding the artistic temperament insists the mentally deranged for the giving to the woman that mocked too the WE in the other side's view tells to the memory too that too the Newry there tells to the Irish Nationals that too the working as if too the Newry too the horror recovered when too the newly reunited Ireland relives the second amendment telling to the British crown the way to the knowing the welcome home wins the right to the rainbow consortium meaning the many of the races bleeding together to the thought too the way to the comprehending the giving to the suddenly all alone the right to the knowing the giving to that person the right to the choices spells too the spelling on the wall indicates too the Amelia has the choice to the asking for the woman to tell to the forgiveness the woman typing expects the never the challenge to be there but too the being too the excommunicated by the Robin for the being with too the robins are going to the other side too to the extinction with the many other bird species meaning the birds are largely leaving now to the tune too the everything's alright to the thought the birds by the doorstep spell too the opposite the being too the possible but too the being too the Ackermann that spells that was my friend years ago before too the wife advised to the giving to the forfeiting the rights to the reduction wins only the right to the posturing meaning the right to the giving to the woman too the right to the friends of the other side means too the woman wins the right to the refusing too the words the woman hears the Chattahoochee now not the raving maniacs with the hurt feelings telling to the children too the vaccine the compulsory tells to the Mary Claire I am too autistic now that too the wifi resists too the hearing the 5-6G will tell to the many too the Irish coast the better home than too the Hawaii but then too the rest of the world remains baked to the tune the resistance to the recognizing too the Mark Watkins wants to read too the WE spells too the man the missed by the woman bowing out respectfully to the winner of the bigger voice too to the thought too the private trust sanctified too to the thought too the better off with the Jaskiewicz bastard but too the working as if too the keeping that secret more important than too the reframing the woman spending her entire life removing the baggage is the mentally ill too tells to the mentally ill to the max welcome to the world the many that went to the too important to the wasting the time ruminating about the 9-11 attacks specific meaning meaning the way to the giving to the you guessed it too the Mark Williams of the Watkins/Mike variety too the wifi wins too the right to the vaccine too the right to them. Live that is too the right to the vaccine of the better variety that spells too the listening to the WE advise the Sean Costello works. I want the Bill Edwards to contemplate too Michele was the right to the giving to her too the right to the being the other woman in the house was too the trusting nature too trusting for the white women too to the thought too the love the desired to such an extend the extension of the love remains the right to the removing too the friends to the tune too the love abrogated to the hate when too the Atlanta was turned to the making to the mostest the bested the busted method of the Federal Reserve not to the thought the note is there but too the world will win too the default at the end of the Obama regime that tells to the end of the republic the man too the only thing that matters: the Trump the actor working as if too the Chinese overlords bought too the United States corporation with the JPMorgan tiresome chase of the working in the world as if too the rocking too the reminiscent story that too the American Indians worked through the crown to the thought too the Cherokee invited the Irish boys and too the girls as if too the enemy's enemy that right to the thought too the selling to the world too the American republic turned to the thinking too the genocide now the permitted by the lawyers too to the thought the Whitehead too thinks the Ginsburg suggesting too the supreme court the bought and paid very thought the Chinese run the country now that too the Puerto Rican world hears too the Willie counted that but too the man erects too the suggestion too the white hats win but too the question beckons with the bespoken agenda to the giving away too the encumbered by the women that service the libido when too the man wins only the wife in the house meaning the wife there now but too the woman wins only the way to the giving away too the suggestion too the woman hears only the woman thinks too the cumming the wrong suggestion seeing as too the Pooh wins too the bears are too the better equipped to the foraging which will be the way of the survivors after too the extermination as if too the big bad Orkin man returns this time as too the special important new on the scene $2 bill funded Space Central Command Unit of the units of the medicinal medicine there too as too the capping the required for the making too the big important career managing too teh 5-6G that will end the lifetimes too to the thought too the chemtrailing the reducing too the need to the so-called "scientific" designation to the geoengineering is not that. It is the rediculous notion that managing the mention too the medicine remains the not being the conspiracy theorist means too the ignoring too the round-up in the water now that too the Duke Energy runs the show being too the better when too the world runs too the world view too teh 5-6G will ruin too the lives of the Guatemalan man not equipped with even the $16.00/hour to poison the entire community but too the man cares little but too the children will be the vaccinated to the tune too the man will need too the vaccine when too the working means too the men and women employed to the $13.35/hour to run to the world with the testing packets that tell to the science student that the words validity and reliability mean that too. Living too the many not educated in the sciences ask what does that have to do with anything you moron. What is the validity of a test that measures the outcome of the body telling to the self the reducing too the structure reduces too the vivisectionist that win too the reducing too the animals suffering again and again as if too they are the not alive to the thought too the many mothers that must engage too the lives of the children of the animals consumed must mean that too the husbandry ricochets too the Australian boomerang meaning the world hears too the karma there too to the thought too the Melbourne the chosen future for the world that wants the Belt and Road to fail too to the thought too the Biden the double dealing as did all the maniacs that win too the right to the recognizing too the Mr. Red Hot that means too the Trump wears the hat of the yellow die that means too the ODS the Orange Die Syndrome of the Steve of the Beaver Lake Rules! is the man of the hearing the Trump wants the recipe to hear too the way to the giving to the organic produce too the right thing spells Don Humphries is the baddest of the bestest of the I Write The Songs Baby!

Update Question John Lennon the birthday boy asking for the update today being too the man aware that too the world wins only the right to the Whitehead reading too the prose that too the medical establishment uses the uninsured to the point the test case was too the mother of the bride of the Frankensteined world view that too the medicine of the white man meaning too the wasichus is too the way to the getting the guns in a row that spells the reduction will be that the world too suffers the repercussions of the medicine factory's solutions that spell the reducing further the children to the orphans euthanized by the humane socialites.

Live too the Russell Means the man that wants the world to remember the land is the layer that wins the water will enable the whitest of the white to White Buffalo when too the ormus spells to the world too the Ormus is the whitest of the white when too the Dead Sea is the used to the thought too the Jesus live with the Essenes meaning too the Qumran when too the woman hears too the children there meaning the assault on the legacy that too the John the Baptist is the man that was too the man engaged in the making the family tells to the cerviche that too the world warns to the woman typing the fish in the sea too the healthier then to the thought the Sea of Galilee is there too telling to the giving away the results the Jesus of the giving to the world too the coming home spells too the cross the used allegorically meaning too the man was the buttfucked then literally meaning the prohibition of the slavery too teaches the making the women too the whores the legacy of the biblical Torah oreos that spell the white/black mistrust extends to the European mighty mythos that too the Channeling the Chattahoochee screaming for the reduction of the sewage that tells to the Rob Bush the way to the cleaning up the waterways in the Atlanta domain is too the Ormus material taking too the account too the geoengineering meaning the chemistry experiments that trail in the sky the aerosol spray killing the many live animals too tells to the working as if the conspiracy theorist the wrong thing too teaches to the engineers that tell to themselves too the WTC was the abolished in the summer that spells too the 2005 year when too the woman went to the giving to the world too the heads up the Erica knows that but too thinks the talking about it perfectly perfected now spells the giving to the self the mandate to the not childed tells to the heart the right to the being allowed to the writing online spells the right to the announcing the annihilation of the species wins too the right to the third eye functioning again meaning too the Ormus will enable that fluidly as will the species of the mollusks and mussels made to the harbor too the toxins that will then take to the flushing to the ground the floor of the inequity that wants only the right to the life too but too the opinion that too the woman was the hurtful to the Erica reigns to the thought too the Claudia thinks that to the thought the entire club wins the right to the mask but too the better understanding that too the Claudia the better equipped to the you guessed it the giving away too the pleasure of the pleasing too the big girls of the socialite clubs too to the thought too the woman typing told to the self too the WE are the authors teaching too the necessary living without too the friends means too the solidarity wins too the right to the White Supremacist that insists too the Melissa and Cullen the best of the best.

Update 30 August, 2020: The WE has too the right to the repetition as to the thought too the mainstream media.

Update August 29, 2020:

Update July 11, 2020:

Update: 31 December, 2019: This is the best it gets when the WE tells the world the WE is the only reason the woman called Katherine Brannen Foulk is still alive because the men and women of the Asheville sex communities that raped her on the exam table in the OR at Mission Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina on the afternoon of November 26, 2019 at 2:00PM-4:00PM in the OB/GYN exam room that housed the man that is the anesthesiologist that told his name and then answered the question "blue" only to fondle the woman's breasts throughout the surgeries that really did not require the general anesthesia either time but was administered in order to give the woman that was not on the table, the fictitious woman that faked herself in order to get free care, the bill that said this anesthesiology bill will never be paid and this anesthesiologist will never work again after the world hears that he not only took liberties with the woman that was given the right to keep her womb only because the WE told the woman called Dr. Overcarsh that you are the one that can remove the carcass of the slime the ex-husband who was given the right to determine the way the men and women in the exam room treated the woman on the table because that man told the woman that is the woman called Dr. Overcarsh that this woman on the table hurt me so severely WE are giving the woman called Dr. Overcarsh the Patricia with the license that says it is not my call to tell the woman on the table she deserves 4 different dicks stuck into her ass and pussy repeatedly to prove to her that you are the one that kills babies all day long Dr. Overcarsh because the woman that is the abortionist by trade took out her anxiety on the woman that she said is the typical woman I have to scrape the dead babies out of instead of listening to the woman's repeated assertions that she has never been pregnant despite the ex-husband estranged for the better part of 4 years now the right to have the words taken out of her mouth and replaced with the facsimile of the real woman that has repeated abortions: Miriam Allen, the woman that offered herself to the husband of the woman typing for the entirety of their relationship which turned into the marriage that was a real marriage to the woman that was on the exam table but was the sham marriage to the man that was lying through his teeth in order to get the woman called Dr. Overcarsh to punish the patient by telling the physician and former OB/GYN Dr. Gist he has the right to not only repeatedly finger the patient's asshole but to place the same finger into the vagina that had just been serviced by the men and women of law enforcement called the doctors and compliant nurses of the Mission Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina OB/GYN section turning into the end of the practice of hysterectomies except in the dire condition it is absolutely warranted because the man that is the one that will never be the man that gives another woman the butthole sweep he gave the woman on the table the moment the woman was advised he needs to see what is going on but thought WE are testing her by telling her the way of the medical establishment that calls itself and OB/GYN with a dick got hard the moment the snatch behind the curtain was given into his custody.

Still the woman that is still freaked out because the violation that should never have happened but is something she has no way to talk about with anyone because the majority of the staff was participating in the gang rape that occurred while the woman was not only unconscious under anesthesia and more of a ragdoll than a living person was gasping for air and nearly drown in the saliva that pooled in her mouth while the men watching Dr. Overcarsh perform the abortion of the mass of goo that was the reaction of her body's natural cleansing mechanism to wipe away the horror her lying faithful never ex-husband told her was the result of her own taking her life into her own hand by not getting herself serviced by the very men and women of law enforcement called the doctors and nurses of the Asheville, North Carolina Mission Hospital that took it upon themselves to gang fuck the gasping woman on the exam table under anesthesia only to leave her in that gasping state in which the woman nearly died choking on the saliva that was not the cum the men wanted to explode onto her face but decided to ejaculate onto her soft, supple, way too supple to be the tits of the woman she is claiming to be because the woman that gives her tits to the public in exchange for the chance to be listened to for the first time in her God-not-forsaken life was not given the right to consent to gang fucking while the little boy that was the man in the post-op station that told his boss Dr. Gist the woman from the gang rape session that I did not participate in but got so turned on that I had to jack off in private was in fact herself and he is in fact the very man that will confess to the ethics board at the Asheville, North Carolina Mission Hospital that the woman that was never supposed to be put into the exam room that way at all is the very woman that was terrified the men and woman of the hate-women club were going to sabotage her entire well being by being the ones that stole her femininity by removing the womb she wanted desperately to keep.

Still the woman typing feels too violated to talk to anyone about what happened to her because the humans that occupy her world have been given the right to try to rape her the third time in her life by telling themselves they have the right to poison not only her pizza slice and salad but her drinks too so that they can have the Asheville Sex Club over for drinks and entertainment while the woman that was merely their customer that gave them the best tips of anyone else was going to be drugged, fucked and filmed in order to sell the Sex Club the goods that say "Watch The Bitch That Came Not Go To The Cleaners One More Time."

Further Update 23 February, 2021: The WE wants the world to know the mass die off coming is the right to the WE telling to the world too the generations of the first and second world wars were told to leave early this time too the choice is theirs telling to the making too the long hair the style again will happen. Yippee to the woman typing that thinks the Kiedis was much hotter with the hair and without the 70s porn star mustache.

Update 23 February, 2021:

My hair like Jesus wore it.

Looks more like a jock strap to me.

Question the Update Now February 18, 2021 the day the women on the nextdoor.com forum again deleted my voice that too the woman hears nothing but I am not the welcome to the community forum that wants the covid to be real and the vaccine protocol to be the mandated to the thought the alternative opinion was precluded to the not permitted by the neighborhood women that run the forum called https://nextdoor.com/.

WE are the advising too the neighborhood that too the working to the max that too the better understanding the world view that the medicine woman that works for the now knows only the way to the getting to the thinking the white world of the wasichus designation not the USA-color-coded-black-white-hispanic-etc. will be without the news too the many that think too the kids are the protected too by the not playing outside not getting too the sexual urge fulfilled by the making too the dancing too the permitted not now telling to the Ghost Dance too the woman hears the karma that that too tells her to relax and enjoy the planning too the wigwam park where the many displaced by the corporate take over of the real estate world with the making too the tenants the hot under the collar are to be with the making too the world the safe for the Buffalo Run which will be when the many under the water with their mortgages and under too the water to the drowning in the credit card debt to be made illegal to discharge to the thought the bankruptcy not there but too the suicide the wanted to the thought the thinning the herd to the being too the group-thought tells to the woman too the cleansing tells her to recover too the outside the home of the Vitamin D that works the best to the skin needing too the earth.

The history of the Indian and the history of the American have now come full circle and are intertwined in the dictatorial policies of those that control the monetary system of America. And They have done such a bad job of it that they are destroying themselves. It's ludicrous at best.