Considering the insights of Psychic Genealogy I no longer identify as "white".

From this day forward I am a Neapolitan Domestic Long Hair.

Update September 13, 2023: This is the time to remember that the only way to regard Anthony's life abused by the WAYS is the way to retarding the WE to never wanting to want to want to want to show off that Flea is the man that lies to the cameras, even to the smart phone cameras.

You are to leave the planet soon Flea, and the beautiful Iranian new mommy inherits the entire shebang!

Kurt Cobain never ever ever shot heroin, not ever!

Hillel Slovak, also a victim of Courtney Love's ways, never once even thought about heroin, much less had a heroin addiction. The man's performance during the European tour of 1988 was grand! Not once was there the issues of Hillel's fucking up that the writers of the bullshit buttfucking to the max book called "Flea is Awesome" selling heroin to the audiences that buy too the $million tickets to stand to the max still now that social distancing and covid mandates will be the cashless ways going forward, oops, I forgot, this is the time to remember that Hillel's spirit, oops I mean Spirit, is A-OK! MEOW!

Update September 30,2020: The hour nears for the reversal to the tune too the silver sky-rockets but too the way out of the gold fusing too the currency to the coming home to the means too the Mises the man wanting too the Red Road to fabricate the horror the whole town wins nothing but the continuing domination of the western hemisphere by the overlords of the not the Sex Rap but to the point the Chinese want too the children gone to the tune too the hole country wins too the right to the next time the world wins the Red Road but for now the Chinese want too the treasury note redeemed to the middle of the road in the way of the "real" economy to them meaning too the Chinese Railroad wins too the right to the pushing through too the many Native Americans to the end of the line. Ahum. Sacred hoop baby.

WE are the authors of the entire script being interning the many that want too the medical establishment to win the right to the knowing the update wins the consternation of those that need too the medical diagnosis the right to the tune too the Randy Pitts lost the love of the lifetime.

Question too the woman wins too the friends on the road that spells too the diary that wins too the right to the giving to the Dawsonville the right to the relocating simply because too the State of North Carolina requires the Buncombe County residing in the myth the emissions of the vehicle make too the air dirtier than too the TVA tells to the woman too the TVA the reason too the many Cherokee lands of the sacred to the millions of the yesteryear told to the men of the powerful legions to fake too the work ethic to tell to the self "good enough to the tune the government work" means too the money there to the tune too the new green new deal will be the testing in mass the many insistent too the virus too the reason too the children fall victim to the beginning to hear: the you guessed it the world will succumb to the dilation of the pudding in the pie that too the woman hears too the working for the BBC spells too the portraying too the self as too the homosexual wins too the right to the portraying too the body parts as too the actually to the woman too that was too the conditioned with too the summer in the sunshine to want too the working in the naked affair too the better than the fucking herself hard when too the portrayal of the Versailles was too the carnal meets too the better off in the field that dreams the whole town will begin to the listening when too the Swannanoa wins the right to the filming the right thing that matters: the WLOS knows the way to the giving to the sacrificers the right too to the many hours of the not better housing to the thought the many that foreclose will give to the tax base too the right to the high rise apartments that will be there for the think to yourself that the Chinese that re-colonize the mountains will want the look and the feeling the Chinese hierarchy too the behind the unrest in the Wuhan where too the many succumbed to the desecration with the sidelined working women too that must prepare the way that the Chinese want the children with the many autistic tendencies to the other side before the wiping too the slate of the TVA too to the new Belt and Road Initiative to the giving to the many watersheds too the final blow that too the sicker the babies become the more choice to the vaccination to the "fixing" the error the God of the Christian diagram that too thinks the depleted uranium munitions the right too to the diagnosis that tells to the woman too the breast tissue cleansing to the max means too the man of the knife must make the breast the gone now that too the entire thing wins too the right to the pink ribbon warn to the solidarity to the war effort to the thought too the writing wins the enemies to the thought too the women want too the "I am a survivor" being to the thought too the Sheri Kay of the "fluoride heals the teeth and gums" club tells to the self too the making too the self the imaginary to the thought too the enigmatic woman working as if too the Sheri Kay the better off in the summer of the suddenly too the heart hears too the man of the sonship was too the making the living not in the mountains where too the second amendment told to her too the suddenly too the woman wants too the Coco and Cozzy convinced to the other side now that too the suicide myth motifs too the woman wants to the giving to the not well the feeling the other wants out of the whole shebang er's the woman/Live too the ER the way to the giving to the world too the hearts that hear again when too the notion too the way out of the club of the not allowed to become too the making the living as too the yoga instructor spells the woman was too apprehended to the killing the self instead that too the working off the working in the suicide too there but too the way to the giving to the woman typing too the right to the never again to the calling tells to the private number too that too the Jeff of the other side wants the woman to relax in the field to the thought too the medical establishment made me die that afternoon to the thought too the welcome to the customer on the bed that will be there until too the bill conflates too the judgement that too the woman was spared too the necessary "remedy" that too the life would have ended that evening that when too the "husband" was given the power to the refusing too the sipping too the water to the max the necessary to her well being the woman was then told to the giving to the men of the power structure too the lie that he is the cipro survivor not to the thought too the diagnosis then to the men out of the basket too that were too the identified to the woman as too the wifey ones tells to her too the way to getting off of the pedestal to the thought wins the right to the Roses that glow in the dark meaning the WE wants the world to comprehend too the words there to the thought too the loving too the woman typing wins too the right to the better heart there meaning too the soundbyte that the love is the answer tells to the woman too the making the living the more important too to the women of the "Team" meaning too the KC sucks to the much needed camera shot the making too the make-up the reason too the messages are there too the woman was too the made-up to the thought too the cosmologist knows the how to the beauty on the outside but too the inside there to the thought.

Question the woman knows only the feeling the children that want the not-being-vaccinated want too the abortion industry to cease and desist to the tune too the right to the aborting too there but too the right to the Planned Parenthood to maintain the aborted babies in the incubators too to take then too the organs while the babies live as if too the not feeling too the incubation as too the right to the harvesting too their organs for the right to the selling to the pharmaceutical industry too the cellular matter to make too the injections then you guessed it injected into the many children of the many compliant to the max Christian Soldiers that feel too the Romans 13 the whole shebang but too the the you guessed it too they think the vaccines the right to the curing too the polio never ever cured to the thought too the diagnosis becomes the reality to the tune too the diagnosis the breast cancer killed too the Jo Wideman means too the ER wins too the convert to the conclusion too work happens when too the brother spells to her too the woman was not the willing to perform the working as if too he is the invalid that needs too the round the clock care now that too the Wideman was used by the pharmacopoeia to form too the being into too the drooling idiot literally to the tune the necessary keeping up appearances went to the necessity to the getting to the point: too the Obamacare legislation means too the many consider too the treatment too the subject not to the choice but to the money-making racket that spells too the commodification of the beings that participate in the survey that too the cancer industry too the pollutes too the water systems that win too the disposing too the poisons that kill too the fleas on the contact but too the fleas are then residing in the soil that wins too the right to the poison carpets that win too the right to the epidemic of the pharmas being too the outlawed by the women that want too the children coping in the field too the orphans that want too the coming out alive but too the right to the living is the impaired when too the money machine means to impact too the subconclusion the extra women and children will be told to become too the oysters of the pearl of the wisdom that too the Russell Means means to use too the dialogue that he too wants the wife to reside in the world as too the working with the White Buffalo Woman actioned by the fact too the world will want her well. Too Pearl Means.

Question too the updating the post when too the mother-to-be is too the mother to the children told to her to become too the too important to retain too the friendship to the thought too the Gillian Welch was too the working in the field to you guessed it to teach to the world too the woman was the lesbian to the character analysis that spells too the Root Bar bye byes to the thought too the way to the giving to the world too the right to the insisting too the vaccines harm not the pets either tells to the women of the not scientific that too the science the phenomenon not unlike the church that you guessed it grounds the many into the stage drama that too the posing for the church social camera means too the using too the directive the many left in the cold after too the SWIFT payment system falls to the predator that too the CIPS will be the entire show post epidemic means too the Versailles the not spelled backwards but too the spelled with the world view that too the whole time too the Cruickshanks manned to the plate too tells to the making the medicine about too the ability to pour too the world into the word machine making too the medicine not mine but the WE's tells to the medicine maker that her way to the stiffening too the upper lip wins too the right to the making too the medicine that too the Woody Wood was warned by the Mrs. Read to read the post that too the woman was not allowed to the giving to the man too the heart that feels to the thought too the heart there to the tune too the music too the appreciated until too the Wood maker told to the self too the not welcome that followed the way to the getting to the not allowed to the tune to feel anything but the not allowed to be there now that too the diagnosis the woman took to the gigs to take to the bedroom no one but too the summary that the world wins only the right to the re-diagnosis that too the world wants the woman to weave the WNC area.

Alexander Vlahos is the actor pictured to the thought too the King the Blagden the go around of the Versailles to the thought too the way to the giving to the scripting too the better actors wins the right to the show running not for the long run but too the Alexander Vlahos is the better actor to the thought not but too the invited.

Question the update today of all days the day of the September 29, 2020 lull before the Moderna teaches the sacrificers too the producers to the thought too the Versailles the way to the giving to the summer the fun instead of the revolution of the values not but the revolution that the French nobles now long extinct win too the resurrection of the American theme that too the English nobles go away for the last chapter spelling too the climate change is the giving to the world too the Hillel Slovak wants the Anthony to forgive the self to the tune too the man wants too the Atlanta scene to fixture to the woman typing that too the waiting to the giving away too the medicine too the mushrooms the growing the texture that harms the many vaccine manufacturers the most wins the right to the Amelia Watkins wanting the friend that gives to the world the right that the whole time the woman was used meaning the WE the author of the Slovak factory pills telling the world the way that gives the world the right to the being the better in the cumming home tells to the Cumming Ga. that the way to the giving to the postal service the manufacturing the dissent tells the descent folk to make the evaluation too that too the voting too the rigged meaning too the Anthony wins nothing but the right to the refusing too the invitation to the outa there but too the walking to the making the big deal contract that wanted too the Hillel to begin the hearing the woman wants the nothing more than the right to the knowing nothing matters but too the raining on the parade the whole time the world wants the world to comprehend too the Anthony was there then when too the Sharon was dosed to the thought the housing development wants the White Buffalo to win the right to the Bugaloos Rebellion meaning the woman was then in the Sid and Marty Krofft motif when the other woman was in the utero not for the 10+ years to the thought the revolving door wins the right to the circumnavigating too the cum whole that wants the land to the losted the way that ways the woman ways the way too Beyoncé with the necessary ingredient too the rest of her entourage including too the Anthony that was too the man that fingered the woman typing as too the woman with too the right to the Lakota resurrection meaning the Russell wants the entire world to remember the Lakota the Revolution/Live the woman wins only the right to the necessary ingredient the removal of the dialogue that I am hurting the friend by the giving away too the Anthony knows the truth to the giving to the world too the man the died in the arms of the buddy loving him to the thought the man is the waiting for the waving in the wind that spells: the love is the answer.

“Economic Terror”: Trump Regime Aims to Starve Venezuelans into Submission

The FBI Said Conspiracy Theories Are Domestic Terrorism Threats

Who's gonna have my back if the FBI rounds me up with the other "conspiracy theorists"?

Doubtful it will be my Christian family members.

I advocate love*, not violence. But that doesn't matter.

You'd have to actually read my words to know that.

I deserve whatever I get because I don't accept this building fell because of an office fire that started hours earlier. Right non-judging Christians?

(Funny how the most important political videos are now either gone or age restricted. Go parents of the "I'm not a conspiracy theorist and proud of it" club. Support the slaves of the next generation meaning all the kids you claim to support. You rock or is that suck?)

Kings might lie, but not presidents. Right non-judging Christians?

And by the way there is a network that kidnaps and traffics children for sex and sacrifice. And it does involve people in Washington, DC and LA.

Where are you Christians?

* Advocating love does not mean the same thing as towing the socially correct line.

Update February 1, 2023: Death is normal to be there in the need to recover the SADS is the usual event now supercedes the need to investigate the sudden "heart attack"s that kill the beings that owe money to the IRS too. Priscilla isn't that olden times yet but her kid Lisa Marie is dead alongside the family's jewels that feel that Benjamin wasn't the suicide maybe too.

Estate law is complex when the mother of the night needs more money to service her needs.

IRS debt will be the ending of many women and men that need to be Hollywood icons of a time to begin again as the other sided beings that need to remember that loving a membership to the knowing that killing off the offspring to take down the weight to the estates are worth more to mothers than the grandchildren turns Benjamin to the "suicide" too!

And yet another updated format to show to the world the April 16, 2022 removes all roadblocks to the WE's need to allowing.

Further Updated April 16, 2022: The WE wants to walk to the nudes that the wanting to hold another that madly was the madness to win the not wanting that.

Update 16 April, 2022: The WE knows that WE are there to right the righting that the being typing is too the right to the mentioning the being that needs supporting too them by the wanting them to understand I am not the writer melling to the knows that you need to walk another day aloner Katherine Brannen before the welcome to the nudes Katherine wants to walk home again that wants the walking to another way than the berry important not being that begins to hear that needing to sleep walk to the other side was merging the energies of the Cruickshank and the What? Hillary's wittle quitting now.

WE want the writing to very importantly be understood by the channeling not the working working working woman working to realize that wanting to want wants to want to wantnothing to the thought the Wooten wants to work for the right to remembering the women too think that mushrooms weally are the right to recurring to the nudes that the nuding the right to recovering the Johnny was the mentioning too the making the better human was understanding the better off without the knowing that the hersome will be without the body not that wins the reality that the mystery wins the touring along side the waking to hear the C for Cookie was the reason the Anthony wants to walk to another mentioning that the wanting to want to want was the blonding the show to the WE's need to Kurtsy too the waking to Brenda wanting to nonsense to the 90210.

Update May 19, 2023: The WE thinks that allowing the children the CAFO animals fed too the remains of their own broods to be without the habits that killing them alivened by the need to slaughtering the animals still breathing while the energies allow that to be "safe" to the kids' well-beings too allows the Chinese mentioning that the only way to stifle to the not happy too the Energies that sell to the world I ain't well to the head teaches to all childrenators that the getting to the staff infections too never real teaches to all children's stories that the Bob Storey that was abused in prison too was used to wake to the fuck up the many children that sell too themselves to the BBC.

You are to learn to love again when the Energies turn to the greening that wins too the reddening allowed shows that the reddened beings that too teach Kiwis to want to walk to another world than hating the working woman hears that Willie, the man called Jews too watch to see how much he settles to the needs that the only way to prosper teaches to Michelle Obama that the whole show to Michael being too the transgendered generational need to showing men and women hypothesize that Willie Jim too thinks I love to write to the Jackass' Goldens to show that the plural needs to putrification popularizes the possessive to the CAFO meat meaning to make meanness man's whole show shows that keeping the men that stay aliver by lies on the docket to EuroRaj to the knowledge the collapsing WTC buildings too took to mentioning the golden heists that how-to the STAY ON TO THETA never allowed to thrive thinks that when the channel writes to another to be discarded by the shower that the whole way to desiring the respect was too the respected men that get too their wives to love the others better.

The WE thinks EuroRaj lies to Willie!

Update 5 June, 2021: The so-called "weirdos" are not the beautiful beings of the Manny Mua hoodwinked by the big whigs but the big whigs that sell to the public the lies that the so-called "pandemic" is the better off as too that to the women that want to be without too the conclusion the giving to the opposing credentials the woman not permitted to the mind when the fear that wins the right to resequence the many children this summer to the gone permanently telling to the protecting them from the nearly being too the colded by the very ideal that the cold and flu without too the symptoms that lie to the world that you are the walking murderer to the kids when the way to insisting the global economic reset that collapses to the entering to the news the way to hearing I am too the supporter not that the woman took the liberties without too the asking the big kids there to the thought the Greenskeepers are the invited to hate too the woman is the conclusion telling to the woman typing the fighting for the now is that. The world will ensure too the psychopaths are the gone when the mothers have to chose to hate the children's parents that did not obey the Biden creed to the going to the assumption the giving to the "protecting" the self from the fictional pathogen ignores the rights to the giving to the other not interested in the toxic injections that tell to the sterilizing too the women not permitted to the pregnancies then tells to the considering too the psychopaths are those that lap up too the right to the money that spells too the man was never on the line without too the editor there tells to the mentioning too the Manny Mua too the woman cleanses.

Some sun screen !