The WE Wants All To Recognize Sharon Tate's Sister Wearing The Exact Red Wig She Wore With Roman Polanski As the Photographer.

This woman was the actress. Her world isn't dead, the character Susan Atkins was removed by the scriptwriters. This is Hollywooding. This is the way to never getting "justice", not for the women that were never there, but for the women that tried too to emulate Sharon's voice too.

Pam isn't a woman that ever existed. Pam is the actors' worlds where the blonds that buy off on thinking that selling to all that junk science and junk bonds together spell the ending of the de Rothschildren, well that wins!

Update 18 May, 2020: To Jim Willie of the Hat Trick Letter: Richard Nixon disproves your opinion the women elect the most hottest of the men the president to the point come on man Nixon is not hotra at all in anyway but he is the man that sold Jim Morrison to the murderers after Jim told him during the Watergate meeting just prior to the "break in" that Sharon Tate had been murdered as the ritual sacrifice to raise the vibration not to the devil's lair but to the home of the Native American Medicine Wheel turning the green to the red to the blue to the yellow to the perfectly perfected purple to disguise the need to share the words to the point the WE is the author.

This year marked 47 years since Richard M. Nixon closed the gold window and 45 years since the recording of Led Zeppelin's The Song Remains the Same.

Question: With nearly half a century passed who has influenced humanity the most? Nixon or Led Zeppelin? In what ways and why?
Please keep answers under 1000 words and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in the subject line. Thank you. * Extra credit talks about Robert Plant's tremendous sexiness.

Update 22 September, 2022: And the time to collapse the economic reality that all women that live to fund themselves personally will survive the shortest. And the way to hiring the guns to the showers is the way to hiring the men to the clinics to shower to the abortions that they are the DNA, not the Spirit!

WE want everyone to recognize the Master Therion has humbled himself to engage in the assumption that having The Master on the line means something different than it did to him during his incarnation but now he is in the Spirit domain where the notions of the ruling class that the dominant ones make the rules means the dominant ones that master the love for the one in the sky called the lover of the love to the bone meaning now is the time to recognize the channeling woman that wants only to be employed by the world in the work that is natural to her instead of the make your name for yourself bullshit that tells you that you have not the first clue Chili Peppers that you have to regard the Tetragrammaton not your area of expertise yet still you took it upon yourselves to implement your fucked up not spiritual adaptation of the sex magick notation that means the Rosa Mundi that you identify as the abode of your expertise is not that important to the woman typing but the heart chakra that is your expertise too Anthony of the Kiedis variety is.

Update 18 July, 2024: Now that won't happen. The WE wants the now terrified working woman that just shut down never the world where lovers Love to lie lies to the world that "suicide" too is everywhere. Mr. David Withers wants to be talked about. Ask the women that think that allowing themselves to petition David Withers to intervene to harm the WE's ways to show to the big kids that watch that stealing and murdering and harming and lying win when the landlords don't want to ... Please intervene y'all.

Update July 1, 2024: The WE asks the women that think that hurting Katherine Brannen is the right ideal to think about the yogic realities that karma truly exists.

Update June 27, 2024: The WE knows that keeping up with the Jones too askes the men that too understand that the dancing devil boy too thinks that joining the Satan-Is-Awesome club means you work for the money changers.

Updated final time today, the day the police are to be informed that thinking that making me that was the way to staying the course that the boys at the River Pizza Joint owned by Jim that was there in Swannanoa thought that the roofies and the car tampering would end me then too thought again when the officer that never followed up when the woman typing called the Sheriff's office to find the solace that the children born to Sally Withers' daughter are never in danger but the woman typings world isn't allowed to feel safe feels like what? A lot that isn't there now to take by the decision to lie about the reason to change the gate lock but to say to all that the tremendous need to hurt Katherine Brannen was too Robert is Here folks wanting to murder her literally is this: what? Scuba gear too?

Updated once again today, the day my life is saved, the day called the police are now involved, the day called Mrs. Withers knew only that I was "suicidal" because the children that fake their own deaths never find that a woman too tired to hear that the "suicidal" motif is really the way to showing that Black Mountain Yoga's Sheri Kay's own son committed suicide!

The woman allowed to be sympathetic to Sheri Kay too was never treated well after the woman called Martia "I fucked Richard Foulk again to make the next twin" Rachman thinks that the dollar isn't the only way to showing that financing the removal of the Rachman's from business too thinks that bars that shit themselves find out that turning over the new leaf will be when the "team players" feel that children are more sacred than the way to thinking that Charlie and Pooky Bear are too safe to think that the woman's own offspring were never conceived but the animals that are keeping the faith that dollars are to return to the Withers when they try this time to help instead of hoping that I leave so they can really hear that the woman alone all the time because the world where individuals make choices to hurt another finds that the "clubs" that find too that allowing the man that loves to harm women by telling them he isn't able to make babies too means abortions are then allowed to be the "fault of the wife" that was uninformed the man's energy is this: David Withers, the owner of the property where I rent, was a participant that helps what this time y'all?

The WE knows that Sally Withers wasn't the only participant in trying to take Mango then too.

Updated again June 24, 2024: The real truth that the men that love to own the characters that the family that owns the land too thinks that the woman affording to spend $5000+ to restore the possibility to make more funds renting to someone else since she spent the entire time allowed to be renting the small house for the entirety of the near decade now finds that finding nothing but the reality that eviction would be fine to them too finds that the woman too tired now not to find the time to restore the truth that the babies allowed to hear that along for the loving partner too allowed to take the place of the working woman's hardship finds that God Almighty wants all those that worship Christ to find their place in the whole show that stealing the land to them is allowing the terror to persist so that the woman too tired never to try to hear that renting the land and healing the land and allowing too the animals to find a better place to breed finds that Sally Withers too isn't the fine woman that she appears to be when she is fine with the woman leaving the entire shebang to their need to re-up too the rent to a higher amount now that the grounds are perfectly perfected to a world where the Asheville City Police too find that Jack of the Wood too finds that...I am targeted because they can be fine without the woman there but with the work that she did with her own hands and her own money and her own time resumes a new normal where "their land" is now worth more means...What Dr. Withers?

The women that understand that allowing gossip to be there without the time to try to hear that Jerry Garcia's own friends signed off on the murder to make the promotion to the world scene where the big important "Christians" too take to lying about the cats removed finds that God thinks that lies are to resume too the acquaintances that the WE is too the God Almighty!!!

Update June 24, 2024: The WE is the informant that the Buncombe County Sheriff's Office will make the story public that targeting them as the bites are to be made too the world where Anthonies too want Mossad agents to understand the the Holocausted Jews are there to rearrange the world to me saved.

The world where my father was locked out of the property too was the world where the mayor of the city of Homestead too understands that men that lie to the cameras love to lose the lands that say to the world that loving to think that the woman allowed to hear that rehoming the cats was the way to targeting Mr. David Withers as the man that wanted the scared to death woman typing to move because the land that was rented to her was the land that his wife too wanted to be owned again by the opposite.

The cats removed by the Withers' need too to watch me treat myself as the working woman instead of the left alone too long woman too tired to try to hear that the "suicide" that was never there was the way to showing that Sally Withers too thought that was the truth! That I wanted to "commit suicide" was the lie all the way to the playfulness that playing with words on Facebook takes the crown to the chakras that the women told to be "safer" without the "suicide" that was never to be there water too the ground to making the societal world where the "Christians" too think that their daughters are safer without the world where their pets are so important to them but mine are rehomed to "keep them safe" wins the world where the Buncombe County Sheriff's Office too finds that grateful women are there to return the kittens that were never stolen for the truth but for the need to rehome the woman to another world where the psychos that think that the Mossad too wants to reawaken the truth that the women that think that allowing the world to treat them as the aggressors finds that the working woman never ever ever anything weller than anything but this: the shots are the way to stay the course that David Withers knew that the cats stolen were to be stolen again to the news that the animals now on trial are the people that landlord!

The working woman that hasn't ever been an invalid nor the worthlessness that isn't this but the truth that the Sheriff's office too will never need another world to play with than the damning truth that the man called Violet's hunter too thought that Mr. David Withers too thinks that allowing the cats to be taken by the landlord's approval too stinks when the woman alone for too long now has the CIA there to return to her as the psychic medium that wants to play along with the scripting that the babies allowed to be there now to be allowed to be fine with the children's story that the woman typing was always the first call baby sitter when a teenager too was the honors student and the person that was too the working artist at 14.

The world where I live as if the next person to die off is the woman called a nice person to the working woman but too the woman that took the cats says to the world where animals are rehomed too finds that allowing the woman to suffer too long finds that women that work together to heal finds too the women too tired to find out that the sentence to another story is now.

Update July 25, 2023: The WE thinks that the inside of the outside to the innards too there to return to mentioning that keeping the faith that the whole show turns to another world than I am shit, the world turns to the other side again to have to hope that William Jefferson Clinton's cock isn't the only one that sinks the 6 year olds to the see ya later. And the holy moly JonBenét Patricia Ramsey was not the only working kid that was abused, not by the world of mothers or fathers, but the world where the military industrial loans-are-there=usury is the way to returning to the mentioning the stored away figures that find too the sexual needs are the way to returning to the real real rich boys and girls that think they own everybody. Boulder Police Departments will be there to hear that the body wasn't found. And that is the way to returning to the Grove Bohemian styled that wants to resort to the payments there to John Ramsey to remember too that his wife of the many times over never harming the children was aborted too! That wins the so-called cancer treatments were to remember that false-negatives too render a man resorting to the chemicals that kill instead of the mentioning that Frank Zappa was wasted by the medical kids that work for the ways to remember, they get a lot of attention too after being the men that think too that the Ayurvedic methodologies are there to return to the Shukra there to remember that Ginkgo biloba was the therapy that father Frank Zappa was to have to remember was for the resulting acidity that was too the wrong food combinations and the wrong diet and the way to the coffee too much too shows that the inside of the outside too thinks that keeping a woman called Patsy too in constant distress too allows too the indulgences to the big kids that torture women and men and children to the satisfaction of their peers, the whitest of all worlds is the opposite of the whitening of the white to the recover to the hearts y'all that Patsy Ramsey's life was hell from the moment that her child was stolen to the big kids that love to take too their Christmas liberties is the way to recovering the 6 year old was allowed to die very soon after the 2nd and 3rd penis was inserted into her vagina's opening that was truly the toxic shock that the mother called Patsy wanted not the child to be returned to hell on Earth but to the ways of the kids that sell to the Skull & Bones clubs the better off without the news that canceling Zappa to never being alive as that was the way to returning to his mentioning that he wasn't the fan of the Clinton's either but the voice that was his is too the voice that wasn't allowed to hear, cancer isn't real. The treatment is the way to return to the lies again. And the mother that is the Cancer of the Astrology is the way to returning to the men that inject too the syringes to make the substances not allowed to digest really to be stuck to the fat that holds to the alkaloids that return to the injecting the toxins now is the way to "stay safe" from the world where the cancer diagnosis too will be there to return to Patsy allowed the treatments that say, "my husband John was ready to end me." And the dollars are to have to be there to remember, the big kids that love to show off that murder is their highest achievement are the big whigs that sell the plandemics-are-now-normal and the vaccines-must-be-taken-or-you-are-removed-from-society-to-be-concentrated-where-the-shots-will-be-harsher-and-the-experiments-will be the way to remembering that the beings that say they are "not conspiracy theorists" and assign all truth to "conspiracy theory" are the beings that ruin the world!

Update 25 May, 2020: Translation. This is the heads up the "suicide" attempts the ex-husband labeled the work of the WE telling the world to stop the giving to the men of the club the right to arkancide their enemies to the point the Woody Wood too takes the knife....To be continued...

If I do end up snapping, I've figure out what I will do...

Leave Ashe Vegas.

Consider any other method of rectification suspicious.

Update June 3, 2023.

Update 24 April, 2023: The WE think that Rosie isn't the only person told to leave too their stuff behind to satisfy the desires of the women and men that love to rescue too the heart to the homing that the only way to accomplish the heartedness returned resembles losing too the Caitlin to about to be destroyed" . And that is the way to Rosie to the Cantina that Jerry Lee Lewis wasn't the only traveler that took to the knowledge that Bernician ain't wrong but the water to the swindling the world is. And the great British not at all are there to recover too the usury the way to critically think that allowing the NZ membership to the "Critical Thinkers" Clubs to the thought: the way to Bernician too the "conspiracy theorist" to them critically thinks that the world of the lies are the lies are too the socialization to the lies are the way.

Update March 2, 2023.

Update 17 July, 2020: COVID-1984 scamdemic...Brilliant! Just think. The "leaders" that tell you to believe in the so called COVID-19 pandemic are laughing at you for falling for it as hard as I am laughing at the brilliant reference...the adding the 84...that so to the point sums up the

Further Further Update 15 July, 2020:

Further Update 15 July, 2020:


Update 15 July, 2020: Check back soon for the explanation to the max of the giving to the world the way to the other side meaning the Red Road. The Ancestors tell me they are giving to the world the heads up the Red Road the turning to the going to the choice: nuclear war or the Red Road. Kill the messenger the world has the chance but to the max the compliance to the COVID-19 scam tells the woman the fiat money with no reserve requirements as well as a population desperate to pay the bills spells a class of bureaucrats with no problem harassing their neighbors based on the lies from the overlord class that runs the show all the way from the Ingles checkout line to the end times meaning the war to the max happens as long as the individuals need to understand they too have the responsibility to care for the neighbor but the paycheck says my time is here.

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”
-Joseph Goebbels