The mask.

One's perceived reputation is more important than truth.

It's a bullshit society in which keeping up appearances matters the most.

One's energy is put into the facade, hiding away one's shortcomings.

After a while the still-visible-to-others shortcomings must be denied, to keep up appearances

That's when people fight the hardest: to not see what they are trying not to see.

"American is GREAT! She's MY country you hater!"

Better be PC in everything you do, even if that means making lies the truth.

Wouldn't want to rock that boat.

The world would not be as good as it is without the influence of The Bee Gees. Can you imagine the '70s without them? I can't. Nor do I want to. Learn that men. Listen. The feminine wants sweetness. Barry, you've played your part beyond splendidly. You too Andy.

Thank You.

And KC. You said it all! Listen, and I mean listen and dance, my male friends and lovers. Reach forward. I know deeply KC's sentiment is for another generation. Be by yourself woman for now. Be your own boogie man. Your time WILL COME. Eventually there will be at least ONE man (If there is a Spirit World) who will support you. For now you need to grasp onto yesterday's bullshit: Sorry. I apologize. I am taking it all in stride like I'm supposed too. I am woman hear me roar! Ha ha!:

Update 5 September, 2020: The Cuban Connection Of Lillie Mae Lee's Genealogy completed online as is for now: The Cuban Connection Part 1, The Cuban Connection Part 2, The Cuban Connection Part 3, The Cuban Connection Part 4. Please pardon the cumbersome html. The effects of the now.

Update September 4, 2020 Redux: Astrology the paradigm shifter too. Cheers "Modern" or is that "Victorian Vivisection in the Mask" Medicine? Saturn conjunct Jupiter combust? Whatever! The Uranus connection spells the Prometheus in Aries conjunct Mars to the tune too the capping is the disaster as is every Windows release since the stable Windows XP. Of the 2000 Y2K time. Ha Ha Ha the virus then too the enamored with the technology folks banging the buck.

Further Update 4 September, 2020: Himmler or Heisenberg? More to follow. Read the book in the meantime and contemplate the question you covid-19-believers to the thought...

Update 4 September, 2020: Live this is the next thing on the horizon but now the world waits.

It's not just scientific revolutions that follow this pattern. It applies to all scholarship.