Update February 12, 2023: The WE acknowledges the values that Kurt Cobain isn't the only hotted man on the scenesters are the big whigs' kids to the thought, the "boyfriend" that will never take the bait to being that is the Kiedis that thinks that you are too better off with the other side's men that are that. And the way to hiring me to be the boyfriend is the way to signing off on the warrants to end the Cobain's world view that the watering the water to the Cherokee too there waters the whitest of all Indian liars to the way to lies are the ways to end the Indians! And lies are too the way to end.

Update Valentine's day following the orders of the WE shows that the men are too the right to return to another world where too the "boyfriends" wins too the friend that knows the WE is true. Which one of my boyfriends is that? Hillel? Kurt? You? Year 2022.

This scared the crap out of me when I was a kid. When bedtime came my older brother often suggested I remember these scenes.

Update April 19, 2022: Rolling Stone's absurdity wins the rights to resume nothing but the waiting is that too the unwanted now that I want to work too being the right to remembering the berry important Willie will find out that the greatest man alive was murdered meaning Rob Kirby of Kirby Analytics was wasted by the being poisoned by the thallium that will be Jim Willie's exit to the thinking that the writing to the world as too the messenger to the many that Kirby was too the best on the spot of the golden way to Golan Heights to the news that Ukrainian refugees are many to the thought they are generally Russian to the thought the Zelinsky is too the actor to the thought the wanting to remember too the twitter was never enjoyed until today tells to Wes Studi that the Cherokee Elders of the Other Side watch the shows that show to the world I want money more than the rights.



Waited too long to want to remember that the way to heaing the lover will include me too when the time thinks that I want to return to the Kirby was too there to remember to the women too that think being better off without the helluva never going to remember that the love of the WE regards the never ending waiting the way to never want a man in the house that wins not but the Other Side wants Kurt to remove all need to Anthony the man that flies.

September 2, 2020 Update: If you want your body to move, dance, sing, make the way to the Other Side means too the using too the Cobb to the thought too the man hears only the woman the pleading to the tune too the Kiedis too important to the thought too the woman too the only 6.5 years younger meaning the too old. Right?

WE are the authors of the better satisfaction for the sexual, the sensual and the mixed blood experience too the Guinness Stout to the thought too the Gypsy Brew.

WE want the world to exist to the point too...Together...Mute too the Minotaur to the tune played 3 times....Then The Sunny D with the 4th Minotaur. Oooooh yeah!!!

Update 28 May, 2020: The now is the time still. The time changes but the now stays the same.

Further update 20 January, 2020: I'm damn well aware you have been as good as you can be but I'm damn tired of waiting so please come home now!

Update 20 January, 2020:

And have mine.

I need to be grounded.

I need a dance partner.

Update September 9, 2020: What's up? Are you chicken?

I am a hippie chick. And I've got tits. 2 of them.

Free love? Sure thing, as long as love stays a part of it. Let's give it a try.

Kindness sure helps.

A free spirit.

And she has tits.

Update 16 March, 2021: The song "Surrender" from the Red Rocks 1983 show was twice there but copyright brought that to the close to the tune too the men of the Irish world where my ancestors that too overlap with the Bono's and more were forced to the "Ah oh she's a refugee" status with the Cherokee to hand them the helping hand but then again they weren't big superstars of the television...like the song says the cheap trick is that the reality that was to the U2 the real was that but now the reality to them is the TV. Cheers New Years to be there now...ha ha ha...that was the song at the bottom, the get to the foundation of the news: The WE are the ancestors too of the Irish women that will read this reduction and reduce too the woman to the "fan" alone. Love y'all too big important MTV sellers of the shit!

Update 24 March, 2020: Nope. I was surely wrong. WE want the world to understand Katherine was in error when she identified the U2 record her favorite though it reigns near the top for the incarnation. WE want the world to regard this the record the woman has digested more than any other repeatedly to be the woman that recognized the error in the truth and rectified immediately.

Update 11 March, 2020: WE want the women that fuck other men's husbands to realize sometimes that is what is necessary to release the woman typing from the bind that tells her that giving yourself to allow your spouse to fuck around with even the woman called Lyndsey to the woman typing to the point the very misspelling that hurt your ego is the only spelling the woman recalls given that you took it upon yourself to not only tell yourself that fucking him behind her back was the recently discovered manly way to behave to be the woman that then announces to her 2 months in the row that getting pregnant accidentally was not the intention to the point that you knew damn well it was his fault not that she had not conceived but your fucking stuck up need to consider her less the woman simply because her karma was to conceive the child with the man that has been identified as the real soulmate now being talked about as the worthless peice of shit that knows damn well is the woman's way of telling herself the only man that does not fuck the other's wife is the one that regards the heart as the sacred domain from which the real love emerges to make the fuck satisfying to retain exclusively to the point the very mention too that Justin Bass the man that Katherine to this day completes the Tetragrammaton to consider the best friend in her life knew too that Richard was not only making babies with other women but that was not something the wife had the right to be informed about to the point the very mention the new girlfriend describes the woman typing as the type of woman that thinks loving herself well enough not to dismiss the words of the woman that hatefully told her that she is not welcome in the neighborhood that houses the back stabbers to be the woman that knows that killing the messenger is not the message of the Marci that thinks giving herself the right to defile the womanhood of the person that became the estranged daughter attempted to be redeemed by the woman typing into the arms of the loving mother instead has to be told the worthless piece of shit that wants the furniture too instead of allowing the woman with no friends no family support not the first female that will give her the time of day and the man that will not fess up since the wife that is his gets it all too meaning nothing means anything to the woman other than being given the right to be loved but the selfish men and their selfish women say no can do on even keeping the cats now strategizing how to steal too to the point the only man asked to care about the women told himself his Gemma matters more to the point the very mention she knows nothing about the woman typing but that Kelvin was spooked to be given the right to be called the man that could make all the difference in the kitty's life but took it upon himself to warn the others to stay away instead of telling himself that karma is the destination of the woman typing to be the woman that gives herself for the first time in her life the right to consider the life force hers not the big blond bitches with the big blond blue eyes and the big blond egos that say your husband is mine if that makes me chuckle the moment he cums inside of me telling me I am Lyndsey Boggs that will get you knocked up to tell that bitch my loving wife what it means to represent the lowest form of humanity at the lowest time during the lowest meme of humanity meaning the see ya man of the hour never means the very mention that his wife is that backstabbing means that you have to regard the mention that his marriage is null and void in the character analysis of the woman walking the walk and talking the talk to the point the furniture that you want might as well take all the things consumed during the marriage so that you the man of the hour never again but the man that will never cease terrorizing the left alone to the max woman that she has to give it all to him in order to be free of the burden on the divorce that he intends to delay since she asked only to have the supportive trusting friend to represent her but that is not possible since there is not the first trustworthy person willing to acknowledge the woman has the right to exist in the world where she hardens the dicks of one side of the world team and frightens the well being of the back stabbers that ceaselessly tell her it is funny that you never got pregnant he he he Marci and Lyndsey and the other bitches that care not that you have the daughters that will not have the same world that is yours to exist in to the point the other meme is the economy that she has been trying to warn you about the precarious nature of will be gone in the flash of the eye meaning now is the time Flash Gordon to reconsider the position that WE are the architects of the removal of the other side's view point that you too care not for the well being of the Jade that you did steal from the proper caregiver to the point the very notion that you would never do anything but try to take her down too for memorializing the fact that the childless weirdo cat woman that the Martia of the Rachman club decided needed to be called in order to hide the notion that stealing her husband's dna and telling herself the Homestead property that holds her heart would be awesome to take too to the point that fucking her husband in her bed while she earned the bread is not the way the yonini that wants to remain employed as the "therapist" enjoys the lack of proper credentials that tells you Katherine the word is to allow.

WE want the surrender team to realize the very mention that the very mention that the Anthony Kiedis married the child bride in order to fulfill the need to be the papa tells you that you have to remember Katherine that the other man is the one that WE wanted for you to the point the very mention the off the charts never before experience intensity of the sexual draw to the man has to be maintained in the same way the selfish man called Kelvin Cruickshank took it upon himself to regard the love the woman typing sent him through the ether his right to regard that love as his to return to the selfish cunts that will take him to the cleaners meaning the woman might never get the cover shot for the Vogue or the Rolling Stone but she has the heart that like most Native American spirits wishes never to incarnate ever again if this is the notion of what the marriage contract means the WE is telling the Anthonies that sharing the child bride is not cool to the point the game is up the woman typing wants the friend and that means you Tony the Tigress not at all since you want the baby bitch to give you the heir that is the man called Anthony Flea's all the way but the paternity test is not the only thing that fakes not the WE nor the karmic wheel meaning the watching the wheel mama that keeps repeating the miffed riff that is far from the only identical riff noticed by the woman typing as she investigates the RHCP deep cuts meaning the very mention that you are that full of yourselves to prefer the child bride of the Frankenstein monsters called the wittle boyz too cool to want to watch the wheel of the karma that says this woman is of my generation but looks like the 20something to the point the vegetarian lifestyle has its perks big blond women that too understand the best friend of the kitty typing ever was the very woman that was in fact and still is considered the real and defined both super model and performance artist meaning let's get together Shana and be the friends that know the pipe of the world view means that you are the best looking of the crew too Lyndsey Boggs I know I have the nice ass that loves to have Richard Foulk's cock rolling into it and out of it repeatedly so that he then infects the woman meaning the very mention that you knew too that she was suffering with vaginal distress meant nothing to you he he he I got pregnant the second month I accidentally tried that I told her about at least I'll beat you bitch that wants to love the next generation to the point her still very fertile now that the distressing ammonia inflicted on her womb in front of the very man that distresses himself not with the discussion of how to meet her demands that he pay for his own vehicle with strategies of how to remove both her furniture and her pets from her care meaning the Woody Wood asked to consider the Higher Love tells himself not my problem to the point the very mention that the unsupported woman is kicked from every direction and will never be permitted to feel the love for Anthony Kiedis in her heart as long as he continues to insist it is the other woman this time too assholes of the fucking coastal waters meaning maybe it is the Pacific Ocean that ignores the reality you have not the cum that heals the woman the man called Anthony but the heart that too could care but not as long as the little woman of the Hills of my satisfaction means me me me me me me me me.

This album tops my list of hip new music listened to by my generation.

If you're gonna get with me remember...

If you wanna live you gotta die to yourself someday.

Many thanks U2.

So Surrender!

Update 17 February, 2022: