Update 13 October, 2023: My best work erased by youtube! Go bullshit assholes!!!

Update September 28th, 2021, the day after the RHCP men of power removed my questioning the band on the youtube website too telling to the moderating to the not permitted to have too the woman as the friend much less the fan is the right to remembering the worshipping them is the expected but the so-called "fan" is the feared.

You will never meet the RHCP with the thought the working for a way to entirely show to the world the way to have the right to the ***Not Allowed*** is the way to hearing the woman is the imposter to herself when the world has the fair shake of the Cruick's tail the woman is too the right to knowing they are too the imposters to her.

Instructions: Mute the Chili Peppers. Play together and enjoy the humor of the woman not getting the point but having fun waiting for the snowfall meaning the way to give to the now is that.

Update October 13, 2023: Videos repealed to not important by the constant reclusion of the need to show off that nothingness is this, the new videos fill my soul but I am not into the constant what? Nothingness that is stop that, not important to show off that selling the soul to the devil worshipers shows that love is, what?

Update 13/3/2024: This is the heads-up that the crypto markets, the free ones, have the potential to solve a lot of bullshit, but the CBDC, well that isn't well, but, then again, who gives a shit? Only "White-Anglo-Christian" people love to be loved by the news that the race question is solved by the gentlemen that think too that Atlanta Georgia is better never destroyed again like during the 1776 hollers and during the 1865 times. Reconstruct to the bosom, y'all, Christ loves His neighbors! Never will hate be Christian. So pray for those troops idiots that insisted the Iraqis deserved the horror. And the Indians that think that excluding new immigrant Muslims from citizenship, well go for that Brussels funded Modi, and find out that the last of the Mohicans isn't the only jive talk that will be refreshed to men and women that think that loving another by excluding them from the cumming during the pleasurable stranger's pleasure during the times when the wife back home is home but your penis is roamin', well that is the way to showing that all those that think I am a shit hole because I needed to be loved too, well...

Update 12 September, 2020:

Update 2 July, 2020.

Update 18 May, 2020: The way of the WE is to invite the man called the Hunted to begin the ways and means to allow the others too to have the opinions meaning the very thought the vaccine too has the resonance in his world tells him to be the good man and remove the removed message that he too thinks the Tom Watkins the shill to the point the very thought the woman thought the Tom Watkins the learned man back then when that man too walked the CNN halls of the inequity that tells her the 20th anniversary celebration with the most important Supreme was the show too that he attended that afternoon to begin the thought that he too has the right to recall that giving to the Tom Watkins the right too to recall that he too impressed upon himself the need to "hocus pocus" the woman typing's way of comprehending the medical establishment's preference for the returning customer to the healed individual tells him too to recall that he too has the Ormus that heals the diabetes but he is too stubbornly stuck on his own supremacy to tell himself the very thought that he too thought the Wyse woman the in error tyke to begin the dialogue the thing that makes the woman typing the most frustrated is to take the medicine to the point the very thought the thing that makes the human the worth listening too are the credentials demonstrating the capacity to walk the party designated path tells the woman typing the way out of the Red Road is what? question is to ask the man to open the heart too and realize the attack that will be planted in the minds of the few that finally follow the retribution path will be the Chinese that have the least questioning available to them to the point the very thought the "Mark of the Beast" is the thing that makes too the Aleister Crowley the man not only the relation of the man that sold the woman the first sack the Kenny Crowley that perished that afternoon in the dirt bike accident but the woman too that has never thought more about the fact the Crowley himself is the misunderstood to the max to the point the very thought the man that is the "going to reject her simply to be with the thought the Crowley is the foreign agent" tells her to remember too the Tom Watkins of the editors table at the CNN headquarters too rejected the 911 Truth the moment the woman informed him of the David Ray Griffin the man decided to turn off the channel to the other side to become the man too that ends the career. The truth is the thing that makes the man Greg Hunter the better subject than the Tom Watkins is the integrity that is the Christian's ideal to the point the very thought the woman uses the Aleister Crowley to right the wrongs hard shipped into the public domain by the very using the upside down version of the occult reasoning to think through the notion that you too are the afraid of the woman that has the capacity to hear the other side telling her to use the knowledge of the physics too but the men of the news desk are too arrogant to permit the titted female to posses the news caster's reality that giving the gold ribbon to the woman typing means giving to her the right to remember the Jim Willie not the sellout ever.

Thank you Catherine Austin Fitts for that very real insight that gives the world the right to choose the better manner of existence which gives the rights of the women and the men too the right to remember the truths held self-evident are that all people are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights. The government is the body elected by the women and the men too that support the visitation of the other side's viewpoint that giving the paternalistic government the right to manage the "plandemic" that Catherine Austin Fitts describes to be the real deal of the so called pandemic called COVID-19.

This is the test run for the next thing which will be the many getting sick from the radiation which is the 5G purpose to control the many with the vibrations of the head trip called the big boys are that big.

When the WE is the guide of the many the WE will be the ONES that give the heads up that Jesus Christ is not the only Christ, the Christ is the meaning of the life that Jesus demonstrated.

ER is the removal of the resonant regard for the dollar's reign, the reign of the beast.

The Master Therion told the world the new age began during the summer of the 1905 year but the thing that is not well understood is that his giving you that mandate to remember the way of the WE is to remove the residue tells the many that regard the Crowley as the enemy of the many that the way to the other side's thing is the remember the Jesus is the man that too wants the many to remember the way home to the WAY is the way of the big girl called Pippi.

Yes. There are two paths. But in the long run there is still time to change the road you are on. Don't forget.


Update 26 March, 2023.

Update 22 January, 2023: Flea won't be friendly. But the Anthony that croaks because the dollars are there to IRS up too the debtors to the need to both usury very importantly, paying for the debts accumulated during the QE expansion thought to be abundance, and the IRS need to be there to rework all Obamacare requirements to not enforced...

Update December 6, 2022: The WE is there to reinforce the news that all 5G radiation sickesses will not be diagnosed as that but as a virus that is circulating!

Update 2 December, 2022: The WE knows that 2-12-2022 is a long shot for the realization that the plan to install meters that are "smart" too was the known radiation poisoning hazard big time. And 2019 was the world of the way to 5G install too! So be without the hesitation to recognizing the state and local governments have options.

Having a voice that is heard is important. I was there to ask repeatedly for the Chili Peppers to try to hear: you have the rights. You have the right to make the difference to help the kids of the kids too. Why are you hesitating to help me? Think.

Update June 23, 2022: The smart meters are there to symptom to the diagnosis that rules the planned need to monkeypox to the still there in Europe when the world hears that killing the children this summer while NPR plays the tunes that show to the world that Anthony and Flea and the rest think that lies are there to show to themselves that killing their own children will not be allowed as they are to remember that loving Lennon was the loving the news Sean was the sole reason Anthony knows that children allowed to hear the Ultimate Love release will engender not the first news that Katherine Brannen wrote too the lyrics.

Update 16 September, 2020: Live too the world wins too the right to the beginning to the feeling too the animal rights becoming too the topic that matters to the point the "coo coo" that is the normal response from the "learned" means too the woman typing begins to hear too the world wins too the right to the knowing too the WE too the reason too the wifi is there.

Update August 31, 2020: WE want the Progressed to the Hell of the Duke to take to the bank too the mandating too the many to accept too the round up/neonicotinoid spread around too the Swannanoa River means too the many that have too the blueberries as did the woman typing will find too the finished product too the deficient too nutritionally to the thought the way the agriculture runs in the United States.

WE are the authors of the using too the many smart meters to the tune too the woman knows too the Chinese intend to use them when they invade the United States as the provocation of the meltdown means too the many that think too the Mandarin the right language need to refresh their memories that too the White Dragons want nothing but too the well to do to think too the way to the giving to the world too the Putin too the loser in the game that means too the not the leader the woman thought tells to her too the Trump wins too the election.

Update 21 June, 2019: The rule for enrolling in the Manually Read Meter option requires me to give Duke Progress Energy access to the power meter on my house 24/7: no gates, no dogs, no privacy. I asked why they couldn't just keep the meter that was there and NOT revert 20 years in technology to a manual meter on my house. The "customer service" agent explained to me that Duke Progress Energy is moving forward with the times.

"Keep you doped with religion and sex and tv. You think you're so clever and classless and free."

For now I'll pay the fee. I sure hope I have a friend or partner to support me when the time comes I have to go to war with the power company to keep my power on without bathing myself in EMF radiation which fucks me up big time.

Maybe I'll have human support, maybe I won't. Someone has to give me credit for knowing my own experience first.

Ain't it funny? You need a letter saying you are sensitive from a group of "doctors" who deny EMF sensitivity is a real experience. Ever go into a "doctor's" office or hospital? The EMF is so thick you can barely walk!

But they've got the state of the art "medical" technology at their finger tips!

I sure hope I have at least one person to support me. I'm gonna be a labeled a "crazy person" because of my sensitivity that I "just think" is happening to me.

On a another note we do have the technology to give everyone freely available and clean power. But that is under lock and key at The Pentagon "keeping us safe".

Oh no! Am I a "conspiracy theorist"? I hang my head in shame.

Update 6/6/24: Asking Terry L. Smith to be the man that makes the decision to tell the poison crews to refrain from spraying the ground around my house this year. Thank you.

Update September 14, 2023: The WE asks the working woman typing to stay aliver while the WE takes on the Terry L. Smith types without the assistance of the women that want to be without my helping hand too. I am not well to the mind now that the Cherokee women of the https://www.bigwitchindianwisdom.org/ told me to scram and never touch them as loving beings toward myself ever. And that wins the way to the ending of the need to cry out loud. I am not interested anymore in the Ancestors as the American Indians, now referenced by the ***Not Allowed*** throughout the website, but as the other beings of the world, where I am too allowed to be there as a human being. So I understand that loving another allows the other side to determine that leaving Western North Carolina sounds grand now that I am to be rejected here only, that is the way to remembering the lies of the heart are the loves of the landing that I am unsure how to be the worst fucking bitch on the planet without being that. So I am to leave when the time finds me on the ground of another world where I don't feel shitty always.

Update 10 September, 2023: Ask why the WE wants the Bigwitch Indian Project involved in solving the problems with the lines and the water and the herbicides that collect to the wasted world that needs renewal.

And the time to remember that nuclear waste water that comes from the bombs about to be dispensed to used to show off that Charles III is the owner of Carolina too shows that he isn't. And the way to ask again for the need to remember that love is there, asks why the WE wants Tyson Sampson to be the man that gets on with the renewal!

Update August 22, 2023:

The WE wants the world to imagine a way to make the land management better, no need to debate the toxicity of the compounds routinely added to the soils' vegetation to degrade to sick meat too there but the water too needs another choice than not allowed to be drinkable without the chemicals accumulating and mentioning that the water is still now, the movement gone by the need to damn too the rivers to return to the drinking waters of the municipal worlds too turned to toxicity wasted water.

The WE wants Mr. Terry L. Smith to be the man that changes the formulas to the kids working the land as if the permaculture is possible. And that removes the dumping the toxic chemicals on the Earth totally. Engage the 4H clubs of the local school systems. Ask the high school children to be able to be available to the world where they are employed through the education projects and the process of change to revitalize the soils will begin. And the wildlife will thrive again. And the children will take the energies they now store in their guts talking on the 5G wireless networks all day using their 5G cell phones and then waking to the wifi there too is the way to thinking outside. And that wins too the land is cleaned, the kids are learning to be stewards of the animals wellbeing too and the grown-ups that result will know how to manage the land so that using the land is permissible. Now that won't happen since the attempts to work around the wires is the attempt to fight with the water companies too. And the water stolen to the so-called "New Deal Works Projects" was taken away from the fisheries too, the natural trout streams don't exist anymore in the southern United States. And that is the reason too the Chestnut died: the New Deal!

Update August 21, 2023: And Mr. Smith woke me to another reality. The discussion about the toxicity of the spray and the smart meters wasn't allowed. But me being sued for slander will be contemplated again by his need to show off the penis envy that my balls are bigger than his.

Update August 20, 2023: And the ingredients are Mr. Smith, the list of ingredients in the herbicide are??? Bring them next week when you supposedly care about God too, this is the time to remember that killing the wildlife without a second thought is your game. And that ain't cool to me. So be there, man, and try to listen: STOP THE SPRAYING EVERYWHERE!

The "smart" meters are part of the genocide too my man Terry. And that is real. So understand lies are yours when you say "safe".

This is the truth, the spray that the man Terry L. Smith of Duke Energy says is sound to his mind too is the way to show off that a man that thinks he is "smart" because he sells lies for the oligarchs that own everything by owning the corporations that are Great Resetting the world to Armageddon done now are there to be there, so be a man instead Terry and grow up to know killing the trees ain't the way to be an arborist that is really that but the shill for the lies that sell to the world alright-to-murder-for-money-in-the-pocket-to-be-called "the man".

Ask Mr. Smith why the herbicide isn't unhealthy to the water? Ask Mr. Smith why the herbicide isn't unhealthy for the soil ecology? Ask Mr. Smith why the herbicide isn't harming the children and the wildlife.

And Mr. Smith's answer is: WHAT?

Update June 2, 2024: The WE thinks that China is involved with paying off the people that want to be there to remember that the war to end the ways that are the way to the women that take the payments to lie is the way to subscribing to them and then admiring them and remembering that the liars think that Christ Jesus too knows that the concerts told to be cashless too will be the cashed type when the mothers that love to hear that Karen Kingston won't be hard to hold when the summer finds that her world funds nothing but the lovers to regard the liars the "scientists" that believe "gain of function" is able to be anything but the science fiction that regards all the "science" believers the morons that mention to the world that I respected Karen's ability to read the documents until this hour. She is the phony. She is the moron. And she is the disappointment!

The world where the animals are really tired of the left out feeling finds that the "gain of function virus" believers take to returning to the pandemic treaty's resolutions now allowed to be "fought against" finds that the loves that know that food too will be fine but the prostitutes that say that China is to "invade" think that the liars are there to re-involve me to the tune that I have written about that lie since 2018. Well, that tells to the world that the liars are not to succeed.

The many young people are to die. And the deaths of them will repeal the Chinese agreement to buy off on the treasuries too sold to make way for the purchasing the world where the metaphysical need to knowing that the visions that the WE have given to the working woman typing sell another reality than the ending of the people that want to wuv.

The people that want to remember that selling to the world that the "under attack" Karen fled to Mexico thinks that I fell for that! I was a woman kindly loving the woman validating the veracity that the concerts too sold to the CBDC-is-there will find that the women and men that want to pandemic to the realities that the viruses are there find...viruses are not. Viruses are the bad science that the skeptics that say to me that I am the asshole instead too say to themselves that their need to "be right" determines their need to know that the musicians that think that I am too dumb to be trusted too think that Karen's need to represent anything on this website is now over.

Update the September 19, 2020:

Update 10 July, 2022: The real thing is the man killed the important Catholic friar's assertion the covid nightmare was the lies all the way through meaning kill the truth tellers to enhance the right to regard the truth the lie to erase the truthers too.

Fact sheet: The vaccines manufactured, the clinical trials the farce, the way to the "real time" clinical trial means the medicine there too the medicine means too the Facebook invests in the Moderna.

Question why K-9 wins the race to the best of the AI because the dog has the best temperature that means the way to the disguising the Moderna test run with the Medicaid reimbursement means the meeting of the minds.

How 'bout them partners? The Donald?