Update 24 April, 2021: The woman types without the reality that the giving to the medicine men the right to remember nothing but they are the educated by the very medicine that maintains the highest alive not rate telling to the side effects too the pharmaceuticals cause being too the unaware to them too when too they are the "fixed" by the pills Thelemas them to the needing nothing but the wyse cracks to tell to the getting off too the energy wasted to the breast plated being that has never been unkind to the Wyses but that is the way to the getting to the being the never aligned to their lights now that they are the buying too the vaccines the necessary telling to the reading too the blog when too the Facebook the you guessed that the better off dead too tells her to recover the way to having too the better allowing too the updates the right to the WE that you are to be without too the dignity when they are the authors they are the right to the mothering while you are the drug addict tells to the Wyse mother that her world will insist you are the life happens woman this go around but then again that is the way to the going too to the Presbyterian church and shining instead as too the woman that wants too the children not sterilized but then again its a lot of fun to poke fun at the woman that is the Kat now.

Update 27 March, 2021: The WE wants the members of the U2 that think the virus mutates to the new variants to the tune too the millions I mean $trillions$ are the wasted telling to the sellouts of the century that they are the wrong about too the virus but the derivatives that will be the reason the real reason the many will perish without the bread and butter meaning the entire Irish island and too the Isle of the Stolen about the world where too the woman wishes not the U2 are the wrong to the world where too the music was the rebel to her telling to the making the point the Bloody Sunday will include too the writers for the propaganda matrix machine ladle that wins too the way to soup spoon to the not real to the world of the here as the working again musicians tells to the Mullen Jr that the giving to the . the right to the making the living getting the better feeling that the Bell's Palsy and too the operating systems in the mouth will ensure too the Bono too the not there to the thought the man will be dead by the end of the year meaning the way to ensure too the super rich are the well fed by the making too the marriage with the making the functioning to the thought the mentioning too the One wanted the voice not.

WE want the woman hearing the way to nominate too the Kiedis there tells her to recall they are there to the thought the WE will guide . Update 19 March, 2020: The hour of the making the woman too the crying again tells her to remember the aloneness that was the way to telling to the woman too the American Indian wins nothing but the right to resurface to the world where too the voice the permitted to the thought the women of the charity will ensure too the green revolution will include them to the thought they will insist too the Mullen Jr will be without the . after the r to the thought the man will be when the woman knows him the Larry then.

Question the asking too the woman to watch the wheels turn to the green too telling her too the asking the women of the very heartfelt and loving and matriarchal mannered charity for the Hopi and Navajo relief to the thought the covid-1984 is the sham to the max but too the money wins the right to re-engineer to them too the right to the number of cases winning the number of sick is the lie to the ending too the canal to the other side that wants them to know too the channeling woman has nothing to offer nor the right to be heard by the many that want the world to hear the One company that was the admired not but was the erected to the news too the Catherine Austin Fitts is the resume'd to the making the woman the better off without the others now that the getting to the next thing will insist the energy not the wasted allowing the being to be without the healing because the need to hear: the Bono and Mullen Jr were never allowed to hear that the giving to them too the right to the contacting them via the contact pages was not the U2's being there not the One women not the Navajo nor the Hopi women of the charity but too the White Buffalo Woman hears: I want to begin to hear the Chief Joseph was the right to nominate to her too the women of that charity of the Navajo and Hopi Families Covid-19 Relief Fund will not fight with her but will be with the way of the television wins the right to the WE are the right to the news: the Bono not but the Larry Mullen, Jr. of the rock band the Rolling Stones I mean the U2 will be without the hesitation to call her too the wrong to the mind meaning the being the informed to them means the watching the CNN while to the woman typing wins nothing more than too the WE asking to the Mullen Jr. to be without that. Thanks brothers of the Emerald Isles I'm including the other islands around the corner where too the Isle of Islay was too the working to relocate to the New Zealand world the notion the mending the ways to the making the voice the permissible will be without the making the Ghost Dance too the not permissible to the woman being the kid of the Cherokee removed before the dancers were there. Live too the way to the Indian Removal recycling to the now wins the N O W the woman wants not the N W O there but that wins nothing but too the settlers won the war for the independence of the money masters to win too the Abraham Lincoln shot on the Lusitania not sinking day but the Titanic with the unsinkable Maggie Raindance Malone that was too the Irish to the thought the American brand without the hesitation to the dollars are the way of the world now that I am too the not the Typhoid carrier the father was the whore visitor too to the thought the killing her off was not the issue being the collateral damage to the Irish way to the knowing too the Bloody Sunday was the mentioned just then by the man of the most informed about the covid: the professor of the hour to the U2 clan too telling to the Adam Clayton and too the Edge of the Night that too the woman will be there for them too when too they are the asked to the modeling contracting to them too they will support too the WigWam to the WE the way to the making the Red Road the better featured will be without the waiting to the news: you are the not there now that too the woman wants nothing but the bread and butter too being the waiting to the news too the Ancestors are the training her in the arts of the cultivation of the Earth to the thought too the kiva the better home to the many that want too the Hopi and Navajo and too the Apache there meaning the Paiute too will be when too the Wovoka tells her to buck up tyke the children of the other side want the better returns to the American Indian motif of the living to the max long healthy lives without the sickness of the mind numbing making the money machine the best to the thought...

All the world needs to comprehend is the Israeli ambassador to the world the Mr. Trump wants too the world to hear the man works for the men of the power to end too the contraption that the Q is not the secret agent spelling to the many too the White Buffalo will emerge when the woman knows for the fact too the way to give to the making too the Reich the working is to tell to the world the Anon is too the anonymous voice of recognizing the many children stolen or sold on the open market are too the children told to be with the sacrifice to the thought the making the point too the dollars the reaped when too the children are sold to the royal families and to the bourgeoisie meaning the trafficking too the women to the thought too the "white woman trafficking" that means too the slavery is not the color coded tells to the making the children the told to eat too the shorts of the women that think the making too the slavery into the wrong thing to talk about when too the skin is the white teaches to them to consider too the Irish question that means the way to give to the Aidan not but too the cousin the Bono the right to reference too the man the being the married the many years to the prize of the Charlie Rose tells to the not asked to model to the thought the woman is the convinced too the other man too the not married now but that is the wrong to the thought too the Bono too has the invitation to the thought the being with the thought the many that want to model too have too the Party Smurf on the iconic asking the man of the hour too the Stephen Lendman that has the best analyses too tells to the not selling out the Party Smurf invitation flows to the entire country through the thought the woman is that too the White Buffalo Woman asking the better accomplished in the media members to read too the Global Research blog that is the best around.

Question the asking the men that want to be with the thought the Anthony is the asked but too the shielded from the crazy woman of the conspiracy thing meaning the way to give to the America that you sang about to the max on The Joshua Tree release that means the woman is the kept there to the max by the WE now meaning the way to ask to the Irish too the top post being too the writing to the Aidan to the thought the ha ha ha that is the right to the recognizing too the man the not interested in the worthless stupid visit to the making too the mountains too the Irish to the thought the giving WE the right to understand to the woman typing the self is the author of the alone the many years to the thought the visit to the factory farm is that too the way to give to the millions of the starving cattle too the right to recall too the other side the better feeling means too the way to identify too the Aidan the man with the audacity to hear too the working for the Big Foot is the necessary to the death too teaches to the dance student the woman knows the man is that too to the thought the website that you have thought was too the way to give to the artist too the recognition as the not that working as too the woman that has to be with the thought the way to get to the now I am too the artist that wants to work but too the need to the revenue that feeds too the coffers of the James Bond will be the offer to the man to the thought the big girl that is too the wife on the horizon wants the man to recognize the woman typing knows too the Irish are the pawns wanting to be the British crown's last resort again to the thought the maritime activity that tells to the making too the boat too the better vessel to return to the Irish continent after too the air travel resumes not means the way to give to the 007 the like the good book spells to the many the lies of the British crown foundation too the real deal the legacy of the colonialism is the resolution to tell to the world that I will stand with the Chief Joseph this go around and learn too the love-making that means the women that have too the babies in the belly live to the day when too the children think the life that has to be given to the sacrificers this go around is the better when too the land is the not with the other side meaning the way to give to the overlords the gone for the gone to the gone to the gone is the way to tell to the Humpty Dumpties of the Klaus Schwab variety to take a look at the rhyme and tell to the self the king's horses are the too sick now to enter to the men will be without too the encouragement to fight when too the money enters to the megamaniac's decision to reveal to the woman too I am there meaning the world will inherit the right to enter to the next phase in which too the money is that too.

Blackwater image is an advertisement in Rocoil Magazine January/February, 2019

Update July 4th minus the one day, 2020: If You Have Money in a US Bank Account Be Aware!

Vive La Révolution!

Further update 11 April, 2020: -$3.14, the balance in 'my checking account. Imagine if the entire country disposes of their "unsecured credit" by turning their balances negative. How 'bout that for fun! Come on accountants. Let's laugh.

Update 11 April, 2020:
22. For the Lord so loved the world as to give His only begotten Son, that whosoever would might KNOW that life in its manifestations, in its expressions and relationships and dealings as one to another is not a gouging, not a "gimmie", not a hate - not those things that belittle, but those that create hope, faith and understanding in the minds and the hearts of men EVERYWHERE!

23. All that is for the sustenance of life IS produced from the soil. Then there must be a return to the soil. Every man must be in that position that he at least creates, by his activities, that which will sustain the body - from the soil; or where he is supplying same to those activities that bring such experiences into the lives of all.

- Psychic Reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 24th day of June, 1938

The WE informs me this is the bank holiday. The WE advises the tykes to take the proper precautions before the banks Bail In your life savings as the unsecured credit that you have been informed repeatedly that your money has been legally defined to them meaning the last time the tykes told you the Bail Out is the manner that Obama and Big Boy Baby Bush told you that you had to sacrifice the future to the bankers of the now so that they can live in that much higher opulence now you take it for granted the Big Boys and Girls of the Washington Road To Hell have your back. Ha ha ha. They have your bodies, your checkbooks and your children's future.

Kill the messenger the woman that wants only to be with the WE to be with the notion that giving to the other is the manner that goes to the other side's view that the choice to be the you that goes to the bank bail in and leaves the ground without the many God given to the max dollars that you think is the wealth that you own to the point the very mention that you think that giving the woman typing the heigh-ho to the other side's view that you think you have the goods on the WE being the buttfuck the world that you know is the world that you think is the world that will be there for you and for the children that you competitively take to the cleaners now that your not being the conspiracy theorist proudly tells you that going to the home of the other side's idea that giving the educated person the right to return to the forefront of the reality instead of the educated critical thinker being the stupidest of them all as the NY Times wants you to believe the world will find out the hard way that arrogance is just that.

Live it. The banks will not only steal your life savings they will consider you the criminal if you have the problem with the law that you supported Big Boys and Girls of the people's party, the Democrats that think they are the free souls that have to wrestle with the up tight nature of the Republicans that are all the conservative Christian variety that concerns itself more with the judging of the other than with the Word of The Lord.

WE are through.

Update 31 March, 2020: As Catherine Austin Fitts calls it Secret Money for Private Armies. We do have the choice to do something different than sell ourselves down the river for the pocket change that gives the big boys of the "Top Secret" club the right to render us their boy toys to the point this is the only time in the history of humanity that the being called the being that gives the most to the cause of the best way to become the ONE world that is the way of the WE.

Humans need love and support.

Humans need to feel valued.

Human's need self-expression, to be heard.

If you ask me it's the people who feel "normal" in our culture that are mentally ill.

Pinnacle of evolution my ass.


Under international humanitarian law and the Rome Statute, the death of civilians during an armed conflict, no matter how grave and regrettable, does not in itself constitute a war crime. International humanitarian law and the Rome Statute permit belligerents to carry out proportionate attacks against military objectives,[18] even when it is known that some civilian deaths or injuries will occur.

... The U.S. military follows a technology-based process for estimating and mitigating collateral damage. The software used is known as "FAST-CD" or "Fast Assessment Strike Tool—Collateral Damage."

What if American security programs your family to be collateral damage?
American intelligence forcasts 2 out of 3 Americans to die by 2025.

You reap what you sow.

Instructions: Mute the Chili Peppers. Play together and enjoy the humor of the woman not getting the point but having fun waiting for the snowfall meaning the way to give to the now is that.

Question the Nazarene's message. All together now...

WE want the Asheville Sex Club to listen hard.

Sex is the enjoyment of the energy of another person.

WE want you to love each other with your hearts.

WE want you to be monogamous.