Update August 31, 2021: The Jim Brannen worried about is too the going home too soon because the many who took the vaccine were exposing the man to the being the sickened by the news: the WE needs the Kat to try to hear the going to the brother as too the father to care will be alright but the need to another there includes the trying to remember the killing the self was never the desire but the need to a man that cares was telling to the conditioning the woman works for the WE not the men that say to the you are right Kat, the man that was the "husband" would merely kick you in the face because the need for another is there because the money is the reason too the woman needs another there who values her too telling to the considering the woman wants to be harmed not but to be paid for the change by the standards that her value is there tells to the woman to try to hear: you have to hold to the thought the mentioning to the many the channel tells to them to watch the boosters take too the Will Brannen and the James Brannen Jr. to the not the alive but then again...

Update 10 August, 2021: The WE advises the world that the giving to the unvaccinated the stigma to the being the reason too the cash will be removed to the electronic currencies that will be used to monitor too the sales to the being too the marijuana will be the precluded to the not there to the millions that want to buy too the quarter bag this week telling to the conventions that sell to the being too the big important smart better off without too the right to the meaning to hearing too the sexual starvation to the going to the closet that wants to work for the need to remember the need to adhere to the going home will be when the need to want to work for the WE returns not just the having to hold too the breath to the waiting to the time when the telling you that the career was too the available to the woman that wants to hear: I work again when the falling down wins the rights to the vaccinated are the refused tells to the very important way to hearing you are to be fucked hard by the medicine, your realignment to the conditioning that the going to the fascist model retains that to the going forward tells to the woman typing the better off now.

Jimmy is on his way out.

I'm not far behind.

My brother said to me, "Just because you say it doesn't make it so."

I told him the Federal Reserve was composed of the big banks, the big American and International banks: Chase, Citibank, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Deutsche Bank...

He had called me, drunk, going on about how the purpose of life is to seek truth.

So I gave him some truth to chew on. Like a good American he rejected this new-to-him information right off the bat.

This is my brother, someone who should afford me brotherly respect and protection, as he is "the big strong educated man".

I feel disrespected and have no desire to communicate with him. He certainly is offering me no brotherly protection.

"Is your rant over Katherine? I don't know what culture you are livin' in, but in this one your brother is acting just like he's supposed to. He has no duty to you. Family? You kissed your family away when you chose to become a conspiracy theorist. You are just gettin' what's comin' to ya. Your words are worthless."

It's a mind-fuck to have no voice.

A living? Make a living? Are you serious? Who the fuck is gonna hire me?

You best stay far away lest you hurt your reputation.

My hat goes off to Dwight Yoakam. What an authentically portrayed asshole is Doyle. And I am from the South.

Interestingly I just googled Dwight's name to ensure I spelled his last name correctly. Turns out he's playing Asheville, NC tonight. Go figure.

Why am I posting this? I've no idea. Yet.