Update 18 January, 2022: Return to the news that the children stolen for the ritualistic sexual needs of the fantasy that the many profit too from the sex slavery that wins the results that the Sharon's need to leave was the turning the screw.

WE are to allow the 10050 Cielo Dr. to house the remnants of the slaughters that wins the realization that the lie becomes the truth to become then the way to hide the criminals that crime to the news: Susan Atkins is there too to talk. Be truthful Kat and hear: Jeremy Irons was not the man that was the actor that wins the awards but too the man that watched the beautiful woman's body being ripped by the knives that say I love to watch the shows of the big whigs that get to watch too the fashionable way to Jackass to the mentioning: I am available to write too.

QAnon is the lie.

Update May 24, 2021:

The world will hear the way to understand the "Radioactive" is the giving to the shedding too the right to the energy that suits too the woman typing as too the right to career to the top too the Yo Yo Ma as too the invited to the ORMUS working for the need to the healing too the virtuoso from the vaccine injuries that will ensure too the man makes not the living again playing too the cello. The way to hearing the woman typing is the foul individual without the capacity to care about those suffering from the covid-19 virus being the reason too the groupthink wins too the right to return to the selfish being typing the right to the foul again to herself tells to the resonance regard for the money men as too the right to the monetary unit diagnosed too the reason too the women and men shedding toward sickening too the women and men that understand too the Agni the right to the so-called immunity and too the cleansing of the toxins the diagnosis to the working for the sickening too the Yo Yo Ma to the needing too the cleansing of too the California kids that want too the cleansing after too the subjecting erections to the gone to the news too the canceling too the subscription to the punishing too the so-called "conspiracy theorist" is the way to hearing I will never enter to the going to the world as too the woman allowing the secret to include not the woman typing as too the working to hear: the way to having not the right to the world where too the working for the money exists unless the obsequiousness of the individual is too the working for the WE instead of the being the welcome to the news too the offending too the Yo Yo Ma is the asking to the tune to cleanse too the vaccine injury teaches to the world of the media men that make too the CDC the home they are the partially responsible to the needing too the correction to the thought too the Chinese Medicine was diagnosed by the Watkins Tom as the insufficient while the woman typing thinks the moving the center of the world's finance to the Chinese allowance will ensure too the better medicine but that wins too the right to the recovering the right to remember the giving to the world the not the right to take to the bank too the bastardized corn syrup that wins too the right to the obesity that wins too the right to the Coca-Cola building too the CNN there too tells to the mixing to the milking too the cows without the better hearing: You are the right I want that removed but I want too the way to the giving to the world too the right to the knowing only the way to hearing I will not try to hear the woman asking repeatedly to the hearing her when too the stereotype allowed to the Facebook was that her world is the mentally deranged too. The woman hears nothing but too the pointlessness of the trying to rephrase too the caring for the Earth as too the wrong to the message the money men want to ensure too the compliance to the vaccine mandate by the insisting the businesses shut the doors to the women and men that have not taken too the vaccine to the thought the asking the men of the hour to hear the woman typing about too the children being better off without too the vaccines of the other varieties tells to her too the pets want that and too the farmed animals that want too the fisheries the gone permanently to the freedom to the fishing too the better world will enable too the children without too the learning disabilities to win too the rights to the being too the capped not by the system that insists too the Ayurvedic medicine too the insufficient when they are the reason too the woman is the typing too telling to the Frawleyites they are the wrong to insinuate too the woman typing is the not respectful to the man they suck dry in the way the words are written telling to the left-hand path of the tantra of the sexual need to the being blown to the thought the being the sucked to the dick being too the hardened by the women that think too the "guru" there tells to the woman that the understanding the buying off on the medicine that the learning too the Rishis of the western world are too the rishis of the giving to the Baul types the boot tells to the misdiagnosis that the ormus is too the Ormus to the thought the waking to the working with too the gemstones, the minerals and too the metals wound around too the quartz to the thought too the orgonite there tells to the enhancing too the welcome home to the custom made solutions to the needs of the men and women harmed will be that being too the way to insist the huge amount of good food planted without too the working for the need to remember too the N-P-K type of the working the land in the rows will be without the woman typing's methods of the working for the worms there too without too the tilling tells to the wanting too the digging too the irrelevant when too the mushrooms advise too the working without the hesitation to the insinuating too the bouncy man is too the unattentive not tells the woman to comprehend the need to hearing I am to be ignored because I am the not the right to the world being too the uninterested in the being too the petty on the Facebook tells to the waking to the news too the canceling too the Cruickshank was the way of the giving to the women too the right to remember: I am too the WE now not the human that tries to be white meaning the need to the constant need to the lies to the public too to proselytize to the big whigs that fund too the concerts telling her to remember the going after the Kiedis was the going after the friend to the woman typing but the typical need to the covering up too the indiscretions to the thought the being too the sold to the magistrate that insists too the waking to the news I am too the sober off too the pot now tells to the woman that he is too the father that will insist too the waking to the erasing his son's right to the truth too wins too the reducing too the next generation to the thought the being the woman that recognizes the liars win the often when too the White Buffalo Woman insists the Anthony is the working for the woman now tells her to remember too the going after too the so-called "stalker" as too the wanting to harm them to the thought you want to take to the bank the armor is that too the way to relishing nothing but too the superficial is the reality while the better off without too the Chinese wanting too the Yo Yo Ma to hear: you are the test subject Mr. Ma to the thought the woman cries to think of you not the man that plays the cello. But that is because you are too the beautiful soul that will inherit the open invitation to the helping hand if that will be allowed to enter to the dialogue when too the mentioning to him too the diagnosis of the neurological impairment will be without too the covid vaccine allowed to the picture meaning the insuffiscience telling to the data that the obvious allowing too the protocol to include not the detoxifying the vaccine from the body tells to the infecting him further without the hesitation to the cancer too tells the woman typing to hear too the way to having not the right to remember too the body is too the inherently the Spirit first tells to the toxic overload of the world's agriculture to the chemicals added during the previous "new deal" was the way to the hyper-inflation that will insist too the Weimar to the Zimbabwe thing to the world. So you will not hesitate to the Buffalo Chips to be announced via too the crypto market telling to the Red Hot Men of the Pepper Variety they are too the right to the knowing only they are the right to the covering up to the thought too the Hillel was the stiff not when they bailed on him and too the way to the giving to the thought the woman wants Hillel to be there tells her to remember the other choice is the giving to the other side too the body telling them to indicate to the selfish beings the many that will succumb to the vaccine injuries not permitted to that by the diagnosis to the wrong treatments to the further along on the illness then is the way to the giving to the Yo Yo Ma too the kindness that wins the open invitation when too the groupthink shifts to the G7 being the proponents of the endless vaccinations to the chipping to the Allied Women and Men that Want to end too the All Caps on the Title Case on the Thinking The Way to the mixing too the WAY to the better reading is too The Cancer Biopathy before the allowing the HARPA to exist at all.

" Yo-Yo Ma isn’t successful because he’s lost in his own world. Rather, he’s successful, in part, because he is so deeply attentive to ours."

Update 18 May, 2020: To Jim Willie of the Hat Trick Letter: Richard Nixon disproves your opinion the women elect the most hottest of the men the president to the point come on man Nixon is not hotra at all in anyway but he is the man that sold Jim Morrison to the murderers after Jim told him during the Watergate meeting just prior to the "break in" that Sharon Tate had been murdered as the ritual sacrifice to raise the vibration not to the devil's lair but to the home of the Native American Medicine Wheel turning the green to the red to the blue to the yellow to the perfectly perfected purple to disguise the need to share the words to the point the WE is the author.

This year marked 47 years since Richard M. Nixon closed the gold window and 45 years since the recording of Led Zeppelin's The Song Remains the Same.

Question: With nearly half a century passed who has influenced humanity the most? Nixon or Led Zeppelin? In what ways and why?
Please keep answers under 1000 words and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in the subject line. Thank you. * Extra credit talks about Robert Plant's tremendous sexiness.


Heather is the shit!

You are to wander too Kat to the never did no wandering was too the respected as too the favorite of the big whigs' boys' movies to the thought the thinking that Allowing wins the right to the best of the best wins the Cobain too the right to return to the going to the cleaners to the thought.QQQQQQQ.

Update September 28, 2021: I want the woman trying to cope with another year alone on the right to the White Buffalo Woman working to remove the need to remember the collecting to the being the permitted to heal before the working for the right to re-emerge as too the fed by the system remains the right to recover nothing but the Iraq war was the removing the right to the United States to remain.

Further Update 23 February, 2021: The WE wants the world to know the mass die off coming is the right to the WE telling to the world too the generations of the first and second world wars were told to leave early this time too the choice is theirs telling to the making too the long hair the style again will happen. Yippee to the woman typing that thinks the Kiedis was much hotter with the hair and without the 70s porn star mustache.

Update 23 February, 2021:

My hair like Jesus wore it.

Looks more like a jock strap to me.

Question the Update Now February 18, 2021 the day the women on the nextdoor.com forum again deleted my voice that too the woman hears nothing but I am not the welcome to the community forum that wants the covid to be real and the vaccine protocol to be the mandated to the thought the alternative opinion was precluded to the not permitted by the neighborhood women that run the forum called https://nextdoor.com/.

WE are the advising too the neighborhood that too the working to the max that too the better understanding the world view that the medicine woman that works for the now knows only the way to the getting to the thinking the white world of the wasichus designation not the USA-color-coded-black-white-hispanic-etc. will be without the news too the many that think too the kids are the protected too by the not playing outside not getting too the sexual urge fulfilled by the making too the dancing too the permitted not now telling to the Ghost Dance too the woman hears the karma that that too tells her to relax and enjoy the planning too the wigwam park where the many displaced by the corporate take over of the real estate world with the making too the tenants the hot under the collar are to be with the making too the world the safe for the Buffalo Run which will be when the many under the water with their mortgages and under too the water to the drowning in the credit card debt to be made illegal to discharge to the thought the bankruptcy not there but too the suicide the wanted to the thought the thinning the herd to the being too the group-thought tells to the woman too the cleansing tells her to recover too the outside the home of the Vitamin D that works the best to the skin needing too the earth.

The history of the Indian and the history of the American have now come full circle and are intertwined in the dictatorial policies of those that control the monetary system of America. And They have done such a bad job of it that they are destroying themselves. It's ludicrous at best.