Use this.

Along for the reality is news.

Along for the need to be fulfilled is nooses.

Along for the Dahlonega the home to the money maching during Cherokee Removal is the removing the money that splits the hairs.

Along for the drama is the getting out of cunts realize the drama is the drama of the Removal Reversing the Reversals.

Update last March 11, 2023: Atlanta is to burn to the thought the nukes will be real!

Updated again March 11, 2023: WE think Anthony Kiedis' father too wanted Flea to hear that killing Hillel wasn't the WE's need not but the WE too think that Jo Whiley wanting to fuck off is.

You are to leave Anthony's heart to Flea's world that isn't going to last longer than the summering that waters to the watering that all removing all men to the not into the WE to be without the shame to the eating too Hillel's liver to prove to the world that sacrifices are there to reKurt to the IRS too there to remember that greed is the way to hearing that selling too heroin and the stuff like "drinkin' my juice my brother gonna love chugalug me" means that boys want to fuck off too when they sell to the girls the lies that men that dunk their donuts in Courtney's type of girl Jo Whiley to the under the ground is the play thing that wants to fuck the licking pussies.

Updated 11 March, 2023: All women that love to love to "be right" about everything they are unsure how to right too the righting that Marci's need to love to hurt Iraqi kids too was the need to posture to Richard's way of mentioning to other women that the moron called his wife isn't there now. And the moron called I am to die off because the Gemma types too think that babies are there to posture to the public before the stations that sell the vaccines to the kids are there to require all "mothers" to remember that shots that kill the Action Jackson too think that killing him at the Grove was.

Courtney loves the Bohemian Grove since that was the home to her father's father's father that took the oath to subtly take to the banking world the reality that Cecil Rhodes too was one of the men that Austin Cooper too thinks that all children asking to remember that all Austin's too are the home to Jimmie Vaughan.

The WE thinks that Atlanta wasn't about the removal of the Indians not. The land was allowed the removal to shopping centers, highrises, kids that breathe infrequently, as if the dollars are there to remove all living.

The world that ends when the summer begins to have a mother there is the world that ends when you are to hear that Jerry Garcia's mother wasn't the only working woman allowed to live on in the body of the higher than usual thinking working woman that isn't alive yet.

The WE thinks that Anthony isn't the friend yet. And the way to Woody Wood too scared of the WE is RL there to be his son not Richard's fucking offspring that was there to remember to all women that lie to cheat and take away a man's world to the lies win lie to themselves when the fathering is there to remember that RL is Woody's son.

The way to Gary Wiley there to remember that canceling RL to Jimmie's father too wanted to pay off the IRS thinks that all the women that have to Whiley to Jo there says that women that fuck off are the women that think that Jerry was used too.

Juries use the water rights to return to water sacred. The jury that Flea too wanted Anthony to remove the woman's website too was the way to hearing that killing her was alright to their lies are more sacred than the lives of the American Indians that are there to remember that Anthony Kiedis isn't one of them!

The American Indians that too posture are the Wiley types that think that keeping the faith is keeping the truth that Waters too know that Jeremy Saunders too thought that Katherine Brannen was the moron.

The WE thinks that asking for assistance from the women that lie is the way to lies working to remove too their worlds as if they are to hear that boomerangs too usher in the watering that the Atlanta regional airport will be bombed by the ways and means of the instant karmas that sell to the world the false-flags that then say that another is the target of the objection to the payments that sell to the world the karmic need to recuddle too Anthony to Flea loses.

Update January 19, 2023: To the much biggened delight of the typing artist the WE informs her that the markets will succumb to the see-ya-later this spring! And that is the way to Spring to the Springing that the 1984 will not be the harshest of all succumbing's but the way to hearing that the water to the Bitcoin's will too be wiped the fuck out. And the Dow goes down, down, and downer to the thought: bail now y'all and buy what? Cash? And the technocracy that digitizes the money too needs the internet wires to work. So understand that sabotage isn't the only way to end the children's future but the war against the Ukrainians that wants to take to the banking world all the oligarchs' wittle types that "Stand with Kyiv" too know that the only way to love the Ukrainians is to lose them too to the NATO is the way to ending all children that want to return to not-war-constantly. So be the big important "American Citizens" that vote and know that 9/11 wasn't the inside job but the spontaneously attacked too the kids too, just like the COVID (Certificate of Vaccination Identification)-19, meaning the 2020 was the year the markets would have succumbed to the losing the lost to the thought, the QE thought to be "normal" by the real eastate eaters of the land for sale too hear that buying and selling land will succumb to the resetting that too to nah.

Further Update FOMC Meeting To Reverse The QE To End Too The Many Small Businesses To The Catch Of The Banker Cast Debt Net: Sept. 15, 2020: The End Of The Good Times Of Easy Money Not Enforced To Bankruptcy To The Tune Not The Jubilee...To Come.

Update: Question Too The Repetition: The FOMC Day September 15, 2020: A Day That Will Reverse QE.

Update 24 March, 2020: WE want the world to know that Timothy McVeigh was the framed man to the max the man that was the America servant went to the grave to serve his masters. He was innocent. WE want the world to remember the very mention that giving the others the right to regard the detention of the man the way of the WE to tell you that giving the man Timothy McVeigh the right to remember his life as the sacrifice to the meme that freedom reigns to tell you that the woman that knows that he is the man that he wanted to be tells you that her way is to forgive the man for his role in the cover up but to tell you that he is the man that was the used one to the ways and means that giving the WE the right to remember the woman typing that loving the WE is forgiving the manthat was the instigator he is guilty of the crime of being one with the United States Buttfuck called the way of the world that wants to run the show tells you that Tim thought the world was the way the American public perceives it to be but he was warned by that song to see it otherwise to the mention that he is the dead man now.

To would-be revolutionaries: Prometheus enclosed the stolen holy fire in a hollow stalk which he carried back to humans. That stalk is the fire that lights the way toward the revolutionizing revolution instead of the typical one leading to greater despotism than was thrown off.

The power elite choose April for their attacks as a special 'fuck-you' to the promethean spirit. It was April 19, 1775 that Paul Revere warned the colonists, "The British are coming!", sparking the American Revolution. Afterwards revolution became the theme throughout Europe, challenging monarchical reign, changing the world's political landscape permanently.

April 18, 1995 the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was brought down by prepositioned explosives attached to support columns in the lower levels of the building but blamed on a Ryder truck explosion, a Ryder truck filled with a homemade fertilizer bomb.

I don't have the energy to argue anymore. Consider the implications. Look at the evidence for yourself. Or write me off as a nut and look away. That's what most people do. The question is: will they false flag us in April of this year?

Paul Revere's Ride
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, 1807 - 1882

Listen, my children, and you shall hear
Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere,
On the eighteenth of April, in Seventy-Five:
Hardly a man is now alive
Who remembers that famous day and year.

He said to his friend, "If the British march
By land or sea from the town to-night,
Hang a lantern aloft in the belfry-arch
Of the North-Church-tower, as a signal-light,--
One if by land, and two if by sea;
And I on the opposite shore will be,
Ready to ride and spread the alarm
Through every Middlesex village and farm,
For the country-folk to be up and to arm."

Read Paul Revere's Ride

Update March 23, 2023: Depleted uranium allowed to the shower includes ending the United States. Not allowed is not allowed to the Russians that want to end the conflict without the abusing to the thought: allow all children born to the real deal that keeping the reality that allowing the mental illnesses to return to the women that too think the toxic injections won't be still wait what do you mean? Depleted uranium to be used against Americans too?

Update September 20, 2022: The reality that these children will be born to the women that were exposed to the warfare that is the reality that Caitlin Fitzgerald's father too was there to remember that 9-11 was too his work to end too the families that love one another. And the site that ends the ending of that is the sight that sees that Caitlin is scapecoated now by the banal need to wear khaki. And the highly colorful way to brown shirt to the brownian motion of the Sorbonne the home to the Scottish men that too think that killing NATO wins the reality wins!

Update 9 July, 2020: From Louise Martin the neighborhood watch coordinator meaning the messages to the max mean the woman the usual suspect telling the world to watch the wheel turn to the becoming the Red Road.

"Dude you are seriously detached from reality and even delusional. Please get some medical help, prescription drugs are a wonderful thing when nothing else works."

Update 28 June, 2020: Spirit is the Life. The Holy Spirit means the human has the Holy Vessel for the Living God to habitate. The Department of Defense does not habitate the Holy Realm in the manner the Christ does. So forget the vaccines that harm the humans and give to the body the Love the Lord demands meaning: A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.

Children are the cornerstone of the WE's diagram to the world that gives to themselves the right to return to the Americans the reaping.

Still the coalition of the willing parents compliant to the words repeated incessantly in the news means the parents will this time take their own kids to the slaughter seeing as the being the compliant to the world view the dollar system is the way the truth and the life while the children are the property to be dispensed of just like the dollars trusted to both the banking institutions and the establishment parties.

Cheers kids. This is the year the many of you meet God meaning the WE in the Spirit domain that is the Home of the many while not incarnating.

What the Bush administration did to Fallujah the moment GWB "won" re-election was wrong. There is no justification for this. EVER!

That the Bush administration was complicit in the 9-11 attacks was not hard to believe after this battle.

Where are you Christians?

You reap what you sow.