Update May 6, 2024: The WE wants the war-mongers to watch the WE watch the world learn that loving to hate another based on the lies of the social networking world too there teaches the world that love is better than allowing the phrase "Jew hater" to be used ever. The beings selling that motif are too the beings wanting to rescore the world to their own: the aristocrats of Europe aligned with the Rothschildren.

Wars are never spontaneous. And only rarely is a Russian the aggressor. But the world where the 1900s took Russia through the Armageddon, the world where the Vladimir Putin took over to reassure the totality that the WORLD where the only show is the NATO aggressors losing all, that too is the war where the American so-called Christian Zionists think that being in "Israel" is the country stolen by the Rockefeller Standard Oil Company alongside their big backers the Rothschild's thinks that all those that think that being really dumb is relocating the survivors of the plague that is entirely taking their land for the real estate investments thinks that funding the wars is the Rothschildren that took to making Washington their home, that and Wall Street and the NY Fed.

The man that is sometimes sensible isn't here at all! Leo Hohmann, a man I supported financially in more ways than one, is completely inaccurate. These times refresh to the world that the very sentences that say "Jew hater" are there to remind the Mossad funded ones that lies are lies, and packaged as "Christianity" doesn't make that the way to Christ's world. You are incorrect to be the man that files for the fees, Leo. You are sick.

Update July 6, 2023:

The WE thinks that lies are there to return to the liars are the lies and the lies are the British that lie too that the drones are there to the thought, the way to lie to the public lies to the WE and the WE that lies to the lies are the liars' ways to the lies are the lies are the truth to the liars are the lies and the...

The WE knows that NATO was responsible for the drone attack at Vnukovo International Airport in Moscow.

The women and men that consider this alright are not well to the minds nor are the women and men that think that the only way to "win" the war for the Ukrainians to be murdered entirely is to use too the digression of the American military's favorite ways: allow the British intelligence to return to themselves the targets for the wiped the fuck off the map!

The WE thinks that you Anthony and Co. think that going after the flags-on-stage too shows that the dollars are there to remember that loving the women too that contort will be when the world hears that going to the press agents to be without the charms is the way to showing that men love to scar tissue to not hot at all.

The Updates are the way to 3/3/2023 to the need to another world than the WE's death.


And another.

Update 3/3/2023.

I want the world to have to abandon the US dollar. I want the US dollar to end. I want the ending to photoshop the world to the needs that lies are to end when the photoshopping the dollars to not there too photoshops the water to returning to sacred.

The WE thinks that you ARE to be the only working working working for the living spirit talkin' being that buys off on the news that canceling the Ivy League that was my work won't be. The way to misinform the working woman for the last time is the way to hiring Kurt to free mason the times 10 ways to hiring too the mischievous thoughts to yourself the men to the ways that men think about the women and children together thinks that you are the children now that the children asked to be without the fathering are the children that find out that there was intention to harm the women and children and farms and wasted water to Texas is the way to waste the water there too!

The Palestine region of Ohio was selected to correspond with the remaking Israel to removing Palestinians too!

The WE thinks that yourselves are to have to recoup the recooping to save the children from the fallout of the nukes that will be given to the public as the false-flag that Putin thinks that using the dioxins to spread the energy to the medicine that the many children better off without the inside of the need to have to require the reworking the working to the masking to the knowing that respiratory illnesses will explode with the nukes that are to reappear on the horizon very quickly allowing Russia the big better off without the return to the news: The WE wants the water to end too!

The next Lehman's event thinks needs are to return to that one too the get-to-the-meat, the way to enhance the usury to QEing the entire world to bought off.

The WE rejects the need to make the meat the bad thing to care about.

The WE thinks that Atlanta's Hilton will be the housing that houses the nuke to be the house the resolves the need to return to the Atlanta wasn't called Stoned Mountain until the WE invited Sean Stone to read the words: the WE wants the man called Oliver to bury the hatchet with the WE for the Jim isn't the author not.

Oliver Stone thinks that you are to want to work for Spike Lee too there to resolve the race issues that the American Indians were removed by the "diseases" before the white folk "bought" the land for sale.

The WE yourselves thinks that you are to inherit the need to repeat the better off not the beginning of the "democracy" nor the "republic" but the way to hire guns and knives and killing machines to machinate to the world the cows want to be given the rights too to the need to recover the Indians removed by the "diseases" to the destination African American.

The city of Bakhmut thinks that Atlanta too won't be too full to be without the news that Jews above the water where the Azov too won't be there to think twice about the World Trade Center too informing the many affiliated with the CIA/Mossad ways ahead of time to remain off the premises thinking that Building 7 was the rebuttal of the butts are to return to AE911Truth to the not to the thought the truthers there but the hidden agenda to return to Richard Gage as the CIA asset the tries to stall the investigation to the CIA's man of Switzerland, the boyfriend that tries to laugh too, Sir Dr. Ganser that isn't hotted but thinks that selling Tesla's world view that the whole way to this is the living that lives for the hour and then dies off is the way to hiring the men and women of law enforcement to think too that paying the bills for the hour supercedes the jurisprudence that was the supposed foundation of the usury states of the corporation called the Rothschild's were the reason to kill the Indians to gone, gone to the reservations to serve the treaties to the "white" world to end the suffering of the usury that won't end until the beings permit a better monetary way than "i got mine".

The WE thinks that permitting the children to be born another way than as white, black, green, purple, loved, unloved, sexualness will never be the real deal until the money is the sound variety. Estates inherited to be without the caring for the landing that the water to wanting to love the elderly too was the way to usury to the ending the ways of the getting off the golden news that cancers returned to the pancreatic mannerisms of the munchkin's too insisting the breasts must be removed to be "sound of money' is the way to turn to the cancer industry funded by the petrochemicals are the ending of the ways that end too the aristocracies that use the usury to turn too to the "dark arts" to insist the David Grohl thinks that chanting to the devil's-are-us mantras that the only giving away to the Othersiders the reality that all children asked to remember that kosher kills are the way to kill the animals for the kosher sacrifices allows the sacrificial very important lambs to lamb to the chopping that killing Anthony Kiedis' career is the American Indians that will understand that he wasn't to the thought interested enough to bury the hatchets that killing poor Hillel was too the shotgun that was the ways and means to killing off the whitest of all white boys to the nothing matters but the selling the souls of the children too sacrificed to the devil's need to recover the usury too there to remember that Courtney Loved the way to Hillel too there to return to Blackie Dammett there now to explain to the cancers that are the other members of the Red Hotted Men's Clubs that all working for the living women too think that allowing themselves the pleasures too will be the way to Highlel to the needs another world than alone and alone and alone and this: Anthony Kiedis' father wanted Hillel to be whacked so that Anthony's band would be made the biggest band on the planet to be without the Jewness there to repeat to the world that Hollywood is the mixed bag of antiSemites and Semites antithetical to the biblical need to Torah to the commandments that spell that usury too sues to the ending the whitest of all whited whited whited to the Buffaloes too there to return to horses needing to be cared about when they are not to the pastures.

WE want the world to be without water to return to the ways of the WE's need to the American Indians too there to return to being that instead of the CAFO animals the send to the world the messages that along for the need to Larry Mullen, Jr. to be there to be without the news that cancers that smell of the usury too welcome the news that loving the Hopi and Navajo was him.

The Red Road is the reality that all children asked to be permanently scarred are the children permanently allowed to thrive post-revolution of values to the revolution of the necessities to the watering the water to re-important re-imports to me the Homestead was the laboratory where I worked to be robbed by the entire clan to the needs to the watering too the water to the section 8 vouchers that turn too the slum lords to the ways to return to the rents too used to return to the usury that allows the interest rates to judge too the water to the fathering that was the way to Jim Brannen used by the men of the community to return to the needs to the WATER that was the important issue to the farmer there, the working woman too tired to try to care again about the family that really cares about the only way to hearing that working to thin the populations of the kids that use the dollars to take away the working world turns to Bud Brewer too there to lose the land to the mentioning that I am to return to the offering to them the offering that I wanted to return to the working for the wellbeing of the entire classic reality that water to the max is the superfluous item to the rich kids that work the lands as if the water will be fine always, the Robert Is Here very importantly wanted to work for the water-is-chemicals-are-real-to-us-to-use-alone to the westerners too wanted to work for the landed way to hearing that killing off the working working working woman's way to be the way to hearing that allowing the men to thrive was allowing the land to return to the ORMUS there to return to the cleansing too the better off not fracked world that isn't that yet but the water that will be without the recovery is the LAPD that works to rethin too Hillel to there to live again as the man not Jewish but too the guitarist that works to remember that Highlel too like to be nice to women.

The Sea of Azov is the home to the Azov Battalions that want to be there to reNazi the world to the Ashkenazi types that think the usury thinks that the water to murdering too the Palestinians too wants to remember that Peabody's father was the man that wanted to return to the way to Irish up the entire shower to another way than the CIA there to return to the ways and means of the waking that the golden mannerisms to want to return to Willie of the Hat Trick Letter too there to remember that using the working woman's words too will be ok for the way to sell too the waking that waking to the news that usury too uses the used to the using the other side to return to the water too there to return to the municipal needs to the selfishness of the I-got-mine ways to the watering too the kids to the Bobby Marley too was used by the band mates to be made the martyred being to begin to hear that selling cancer to the beings to return to the 1940s to the thought, the Manhattan Project was the project of the super-elite that think that using the ways to Fred Foulk too honored by the games that mean: Charlotte Foulk will be left alive while the entire Foulk fortune turns to gone to the usury of the banks bailing-in the Chase Manhattan mentions that meanings are there to return to the ways to teach children to learn to love again the ways of the children too there to reinherit the landed was to the Foulk's are the ways of the WE to teach too the women to learn to love again the ways to the children inherited the ending of the wealth.

It isn't well to find a truth more artful than the false-glad that firing the weapons at Ukrainians there to require another front to feel safer, the WE wants all of those that "Stand With Ukraine" and "Support Israel" to remember that lies are the truth when the liars are there to allow the fire-arms to be hugging the neighbor's love too. But the water to returning to aircraft carriers used to show off that keeping the stomach open finds that killing a bunch of American soldiers by thinking that allied Israeli/Pentagon memberships to false-flaggin' the way to WW3, that won't work now that I am here to rewarn all: lies don't serve God EVER but that isn't rtreu. That wants the WE's women and men that watch to recognize the patterns, eat the shit of the oligarchs to make the lies never real, or to turn too the lies to the truth to the lies are to return to never again since a lie unmasked is the truth and the truth lives.

Update 13 April, 2020: John Denver = Shawnee.

Update 4 March 2020: Well the clothes have changed on the continent too. The way of the former American republic the one run by the women that lived the Cherokee way was the way of the WE typing meaning the very mention of the tasty treat called the Sex Rap tells the woman that the drum is not her instrument of choice but...

Right on!Why?
Daniele Ganser is a Senior Researcher at the Center for Security Studies at the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, Switzerland.

I am descended from both the conquerors and the native people already here in North America,

I gotta say guys, I prefer the attire of the natives. Come on.

What if women had been the conquistadors? The USA and Europe would by now be filled with half-naked men with long hair or mohawks. If only.

It's time we reclaim our connection to the other ones who walk on 2 legs: the birds. In the bird world the males look good for the females.

The birds have got one up on us: they can fly without purchasing an airline ticket first. Maybe we can learn something from their ways.

Here's a newer song: 2 Legs Good, 2 Legs and Wings Better.

And one more time today, May 15, 2024:

Updated again 15/5/24.

Update 15 May, 2024: This is the time to remember that the punk rockers that think that Helter Skelter too was awesome find out that thinking about the truth that the Grateful Dead was the better music too too asks why the screaming is desired?

Update 12 July, 2023: The WE thinks that art for sale isn't the prison's way. And the man called Bobby Beausoleil too followed Phil Kaufman's ways to the knowing that too the Rolling Stones where the muffins of the ways want to return to wanting to return to the knowing that all children asked to return to the knowing that along for the lies was Brian Jones quitting the band the Rolling Stones when the awesome news that the WE wants too the ways to another world where too the Jones knows that Jim Morrison too thinks that Jay Sebring was used by the men that love to love to love to watch too the ways of the wanting to Abigail Folger to the Wojciech Frykowski too never at Cielo Drive ever shows that Terry Melcher's testimony to the fake court drama that wins the Hollywood too realizes that lies that the truth to the lie is the lie to the truth to the 9/11 was too the false-flag that was used to justify too the Baghdad's ways to the embassy now there to return to Israel too the way to the lies that the so-called holocaust wasn't just the Jews that was the lie to the lies that the liars are the men and women that want to return to Bobby Beausoleil there to return to the man's imaginary ways there to return to the watching too the wheels turn to Lennon too there to show off that the liars are the women that too think that lies are the way to prosper when too the Sharon Tate's brutal killing was too the way to reBaphomet too the Kurt's world to "a suicide" shows that the lies that sell too the "victims' rights" to the public as the way to return to the brutal killers that were really the way to ask too the LAPD to be there to return to Hillel Slovak murdered by the women that turn to the LAPD to return to John Frusciante the man that got to be the kid brother to Hillel's brother James to be too the man that returns to Hillel's spiritual needs to be there as the man not the junkie flies to the staying aliver when the mothering of the body of evidence too shows that the entire time that the entire world wants to return to heroin too the way to Jerry Garcia's family prospering, allowing the lies that the man Jerry Garcia was the heroin user, thinks that selling too the Grateful Dead's ternary to the never again will another band be as cool as that, is the way to the real deal: Jerry wasn't a user of heroin once during the lifetime but the man ate the LSD like mad.

Hippies are not killers


Heather is the shit!

You are to wander too Kat to the never did no wandering was too the respected as too the favorite of the big whigs' boys' movies to the thought the thinking that Allowing wins the right to the best of the best wins the Cobain too the right to return to the going to the cleaners to the thought.QQQQQQQ.