My tag us dead
I'm a sitting duck
For the blue-lighted raptors
Until I find the money to pay up
It's getting too expensive to keep me alive
I'm not ready to leave this life
But it costs too much to live
But I can not do mundane
Makeshift labor
Better done by the young
Just to earn a nominal wage
To keep my minimal expenses covered
Food in my mouth a roof over my head
I can't be steeped in wifi all day everyday
It makes me sick
Yes. It does!
I must do creative work
I became sick for years
From repressing my creativity
Because this world has no need for it
Answer the phone
Facilitate commerce
That's all that matters
I have so much to offer
I can draw and paint portraits
With likeness
I have a number of computer skills
Though a job only staring at a computer screen all day
Is worse than the prospect of death
I have a degree from Georgia Tech for Christ's sake!
That took hard work and intelligence to accomplish. Make no mistake.
I'm a certified Ayurvedic Life-Style Consultant
By the American Institute of Vedic Studies
Many years studying Ayurveda
20+ years studying and practicing yoga
I can write
I can dance
I can do and teach pretty much the entire gambit of homesteader skills
But I can't be in wifi
I can't answer a cordless phone for $10/hour
I have no experience in the food service industry
I have lots of experience working with the novel substance Ormus
Including argricultural experience growing with Ormus
And sea solids to remineralize the soil
I am a nice person
A kind person
A vegetarian
Please don't leave me all alone
I can't do it alone
I need help
Make an effort
To see
I have something to offer
And I have an open channel to the spirit world.
Now I've scared you off
Only a crazy person
Practices yoga
The yoking of the lower self with the soul
Ingests Ormus
Which thins the barrier
Between the material
And spiritual
Only a deluded drunk
Thinks she is hearing spirit
When Spirit guides her
Through direct interaction
In every effort
Of her life everyday
But her faith wanes
When no one believes her
Are you holding me Spirit?
Or do I have to face this all alone?
I spend too much time alone
Because it seems
I'm not worth the effort
To know
Go away
If you doubt my channel
I have no use for anyone
Who arrogantly judges me
To be too stupid to know my own truth
I have no interest
Or energy
To be put on trial by the blind and ignorant!
But I can't do it alone
I need people in my life
Who believe in me
Who employ me
With creative work
Who give me a reason to hold onto this plane
Because I'm finding few
The absolute
Thing I do not need
Is a low paid mental health counselor
Whose licensure depends on
Considering all considerations of the spirit world insanity
I will take my life
Unfortunately violently
Before I will ever ever ever take prescription mental health meds!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Damn everyone to hell who thinks I need them!
I deserve so much better than that
I've worked hard and brought integrity to my work and relationships
We all deserve better on this planet
She deserves better too
God Bless our $$$$God$$$$$
$o much more valuable than my God given expression
I am pissed that I consider suicide on a daily basis because I have not the energy to run on the wheel grasping federal reserve notes just to keep my lonely ass alive when none of my talents, no matter how valuable to me they seem, seem to matter to this world, at least enough to justify the $pricetag of keeping me alive.
Cheers my friends
It costs too much to live
I'm reaching out
To whoever
Will hear
And care
And not be too inconvenienced
To help
Or scared away
Because of my honesty
Because I'm not pretending
That I don't struggle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In this world
Of dime store psychology
Where negative feelings are swepted under the rug
We are only supposed to have so-called-positive feelings
"Your rant is negative Katherine."
Right. Pretend you don't ever feel 'negative' and tell yourself too that the Bush Admiistration did NOT attack us on 9-11-01 and use it as an excuse to unleash endless war and horrors upon the earth!
I've worked so hard
I've got so much to give
But can't seem to earn the money
To justify my keep
As a living being
On penitentiary earth

Just imagine what they could've done without their nasty habits: Bob Marley's dope and Vincent van Gogh's absinthe. If only. [Sarcasm mine.]

You know them by their fruits. The fruits of Bob Marley and Vincent van Gogh's performances on life's stage grow brighter even as the years since their stage exits pass.

Unruffle your feathers my temperance hens. Every little thing gonna be alright.

Facebook the forum
Where one feels
Out of sync
With the vibrations
Of Facebook friends
A sobering realization
So much to offer
So much to say
But feeling foolish
Finding efforts futile
In the faces of Facebook friends

Facebook the forum
Of superficial judgment
Recount my magical experience
Talking to Spirit
In person
Not laying eyes on me for 15 years
Ignore my magic as fiction
Call me a drunk
Say I'm high on drugs
Not Spirit
Lacking sense
To know the difference
Negate my living experience
Through the vehicle of your closed minded judgment
My Facebook friend
Have you seen the dance
The guides are teaching me?
Alone I am all day every day
With myself and my Spirit guides
Yet discount my truth
Without a second thought or glance
Ignore my testament
Of my real experience
With my guides
As if I'm a child with imaginary friends

I deserve better my Facebook friend
I deserve more credit my Facebook friend
Use your eyes to see instead of your nose to smell

I commune with Spirit
Even if you cannot comprehend
Even if I drink a beer
They commune with me
They walk me to the refrigerator
They point my body
They point my gaze
Toward a beer
Beer calms my worrying mind
So I can hear their guidance
So they can use my body
I surrender
They point my body
They point my gaze
Toward the bong
Ganja invokes the Divine Mother
Like the Mother
She is kind
Unconditional Love
I surrender
Spirit moves my body
Speaks through me
Matthew 10:19
To communicate
Mark 13:11
Their messages
Luke 12:11
My friends with ears that do not hear
I am not psychotic
I am experiencing the Yoga
I've done the work
Yoga is more than a set of physical exercies
Yoga is union with the Divine
Resist putting God
Into the box
Of your own biases
And limited perceptions

Discounting my truth
My Facebook friend
Is no different
Than calling me a liar
Or saying I'm insane
Though I am neither
I deserve better my Facebook friend
I deserve more credit my Facebook friend
We all do
Use your eyes to see instead of your nose to smell
I'm not on trial
Though I feel I am
By an insouciant jury

Facebook the forum
Of consensus reality
Where those who recognize
A steel framed building
Does not collapse
Into its own footprint
Because of a limited
Jet fuel fire
Composed largely of kerosene
That mostly burned up
On impact
Is a scary person
Protect your kids
From the sighted
Conspiracy theorist
Nano-thermite in the rubble
'Dangerous conspiracy theory'
$Millions in put options
On American Airlines
In the days before the attack
'Dangerous conspiracy theory'
$Millions in put options
On United Airlines
In the days before the attack
'Dangerous conspiracy theory'
$Millions in put options
On Morgan Stanley
In the days before the attack
'Dangerous conspiracy theory'
'Why not let it go Katherine'
'Admit you only cling to 9-11 Truth'
'Because you want us'
'To agree with you'
'You little child'
'Wanting only to be agreed with'
'Obviously its your wound'
'That your womb'
'Was never filled with a child'
'That motivates you to cling'
'To absurd conspiracy theories'

Truth deserves better my Facebook friend
Truth deserves more credit my Facebook friend
After this many years
There is no excuse
For not seeing
Through the lies
They tell
About 9-11
Use your eyes to see even if you can't stomach what you are seeing
It's still there
Overcome your willful blindness
My Facebook friend faithfully following the party line

Thrice I tried
Friending in that forum
How I long
For a real friend
Abstaining from judgment
Who sees me for who I am
Like my friends in Spirit

One day?
I'm praying
You know what I need Dear God
I'm praying

Good thing it's all just maya
The Divine Mother's playground
To implement
The Will of the Father
Which art in Heaven
Hallowed be thy name

Remember the maya Katherine
Remember it's all maya
Nothing to get hung about my dear girl
The Divine is scripting
The perfect play

    If the motion-picture film on an unwinding reel is suddenly destroyed, the images on the screen at once disappear. Similarly, when the God-illumined film of Nature or Prakriti is dissolved at the end of a kalpa, all cosmic-dream pictures of creation vanish. Again, at the start of another kalpa, the Lord awakens Mother Nature and causes her to resume the objective display--that of materialized beings acting their parts on the "screen" of time and space.

    The cycles of evolution and involution are eternal. "The show must go on," though one by one the actors become liberated and are replaced by a new cast. A portion of God's consciousness will always be engaged in the exhibition of phenomenal worlds--the stage whereon a multitude of His children must perform thier roles until through true Self-realization they earn an "honorable dismissal."

    In the time span of infinity, beginning and end provide only an inscrutable concept that turns in on itself to come out again where it went in.

- Paramahansa Yogananda. God Talks With Arjuna: The Bhagavad Gita: Royal Science of God-Realization: The immortal dialogue between soul and Spirit. A new translation and commentary. (2013) Self-Realization Fellowship. (pp, 753-754).

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King James Bible: "And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 18:3

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