I was too far gone into yoga science by then.

After 6 years at Ga Tech, 5 as a student and 1 as a research assistant, I needed a few years with a significant-enough-to-pay-the-bills paycheck and no homework. Got into yoga during those years.

My plan was to obtain a masters in professional counseling using yoga and Eastern methods as part of therapy. It took one semester to realize the enlightened masters of India are light-years ahead of Western psychologists in understanding consciousness.

Wilhelm Reich came closest to the yogic masters. But his work was ridiculed and destroyed. It is now largely ignored by the mainstream.

Reich and Carl Jung were the therapists I was most interested in. Neither was included in the curriculum.

Yoga is yoking the ego to the soul as one yokes a cart to a horse. The soul drives the ego which only has to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Western science mainly considers the existence of a soul unscientific. The fundamental and valid concepts of dharma and karma are missing from Western language and philosophy.

I spent 2 years doing psychological research. I quit. Science, it seemed after those 2 years, is more about seeking funding and publications than it is about seeking true understanding.

The ethics course taught me much about the damned-if-you-do/damned-if-you-don't reality of working under a professional counseling licensure. The ethics course scared me the most.

And 9-11 happened, right before school started. Life as usual was no longer possible. Turning-on with the enlightened masters, tuning-in to myself, and dropping-out of mainstream society seemed a much better way to go.

I studied Ayurveda instead, completing the Ayurvedic Healing course offered by the American Institute of Vedic Studies.

Like so many in the West my journey with yoga began with asana practice. Bodily awareness is the first step. Moshé Feldenkrais also inspired me.

My pleasure books during grad school were Ram Dass-Be Here Now and Paramahansa Yogananda-Autobiography of a Yogi.

Matter is energy. Health is free-flowing life-energy, spontaneous instead of compulsive living.

Holding of the breath is the basic defense mechanism to block unpleasant feelings. No amount of brain-science will heal the consciousness of someone habitually holding his breath.

A healthy person breathes fully. Emotion is energy-in-motion. Emotion is to be felt as it is happening and discharged.

Reich wrote about the emotional-plague affecting most of humanity. I will write about this plague in a future post.

Stay tuned.

Never before have I felt so empowered. The fallen oak is becoming a stack of heat for the winter thanks to that tool and my labor. Blessings all the way. Oh yeah. The ax and maul too.

The masculine has forgotten his responsibility to the feminine. The world out of balance is the result. Endless war anyone?

Since I started dating men have told me they are interested in sex on their schedule but if I want or need what a man traditionally gives a woman, "Sorry I can't be that man."

Modern men think they are big and strong if they use women rather than care for them. It's the desire women arouse in them, most of them at least, and the fact they rely on women to birth their sons, their little versions of themselves, that men haven't killed off all the women, dangerous beast that she is.

No peace is possible on this plane while the masculine uses his strength to dominate the feminine for his own satisfaction rather than merging with her in a dance of equality and respect.

I got a Facebook friend request from Larry George, US Army

Anyone know him? Maybe I'm getting more attention than I thought.

I spammed him.

Equal but not the same.

I have the right to compete with the men. I did it.

Being a woman comes more naturally to me.

I worked hard and demonstrated my intellectual prowess. My words largely ignored. Naked? You wanna see me naked?

Ok. I am. I am naked, stripped to the core.

"What's the core? Is it kinky?"