Update 12 May, 2022: The WE understands that life is. The WE understands that lies are the way to hide the joyousness to the thought the getting to the going home to the Other Side was Hillel's resume to teach to Anthony that lying for the right to return to the getting to the thought: now is the time to think that running wins but then again I am too the WE's not the working for the right to return to another man ever above me.

WE want to allow. The working for the right to free the land to the Robert Is Here will own too the rights to the landing too the right to retrieve the right to return to the watershed there that was in fact healed to the thought: the way to heal the watershed really is to allow the time to thin too the obsequiousness to the dollars are the right to all.

Anthony Kiedis knows Aidan was the selected to the thought the buttfucking was the right to return to Anthony was too there when Hillel was shot to the thought the Sonny Bono was shot too thinking that lying out loud was the right to return to the stage front and center too the man called the ADHD not that good drummer Dave Grohl that was never the Nirvana man to Kurt or Krist but was think that selected by the record manager that knew too that Hillel was to be taken to the shower.

Kurt understands the way to beginning to feel better too that the lies to the girlfriends is too the lie to the beginning to have too the lies return to the way to thinking that the running won't be without the shame to the rights but the right to the rejecting too the offer wins the right to return to the Sharon was a better human to the thought the ability to be without the walking to the news: the WE is there to walk to the thought Lys d'Or is the right to remembering that the WE thinks that the laughter will be when the suddenly the sullen to the bones waking up woman that woke not but thinks that the 911 attacks are too there to be there to matter tells to the Cruickshank's that sell the vaccine enabled was the right to remember that karma was there to remember too the OCD will be when the washing washing washing the better off without the dicks in the facebook feeling that the water that heals was the washing too the Doliner to the knowing; Jim Brannen works for the right to redeem the pregnancy that will be Kurt and Katherine together to the Annika and Tommy as the Pippi that Longstockings to the Westminster world to London to the calling off too the engagement to the dollared man that you know wants to pregnancy too the right to the 22 years of Kurt in the body now.

I want to walk to the nudes too Anthony that was wanted really really bad until too the watching the players on the stage play too after the show will never be me again every while I am there to support, the band thinks that Richard Foulk was the ending all needs to a man in the life being the way to harbor too the jealousy that I work for the way to lie to you Katherine: you are to walk to the news that the Hollywood women too think that Anthony will be the more jealous when the time flies to another world where you are there too to be on the stage.

If anyone wonders I feel like some combination of the Furies, Pandora, and Mary Magdalene, mostly Mary Magdalene.

I am loved by the Son of a Virgin and that is my only reason for remaining on this plane. (Except that I'm stuck in this body. I need to master the breathwork so that I don't have to leave gasping; so I can leave peacefully through the top of my head.) I strive to feel His energy raising up Her Shakti. That's how I have to live. Moment to moment.

That's a hard trip in this culture. But I can't do it any other way. For whatever reason the ways of the Spirits make more sense to me than the ways of the humans. This world around me seems utterly insane. I can't be in it without the Spirit's constant guidance. But the world can't perceive nor does it believe in their guidance.

The spiritual path is difficult. The Apostle John described it as the book that tastes sweet in the mouth but is bitter when swallowed.

Truth, honesty, self-honesty, love, yearning for oneness with Higher intelligences. These I strive for. These I want and expect to see in the world around me. Why does the culture mainly strive for superficiality, the depth of wallpaper? Oh yeah. Because we are all selling ourselves in the market place. Truth takes a backseat to marketing.