Further update November 11, 2020: No wonder the American men too prefer the rolled cigarette to the bowl and stem.

Update Armistice Day + 102 years: Those who think the unencumbered suck off the bomb take the advice to be without too the judgement that the dick that wants that is the dick that wants not the love-making meaning the "wife" might be at home but the man is not there then when too the woman thinks the reason the dick is there is to be with the thought I too want to be mammogrammed to the point I will have my dick and balls flattened to the radiation to give to me too the prostate cancer diagnosis to end too the replacing too the "manly" way of the giving to the high-5 that you are that studly that the audience member tips out too with the sucking the cock in the "green" room instead of the giving to the wife too the dollars means I am that....How erotic!