Updated 4/4/2023: No more bald men. No hair on top, application denied!

Further Updated 4/4/2022: I need to reiterate to Jodi Staruch that I am too the right to the celibacy from the wanting to fear her thinking that I am too the right to renew too the justification to the right to return to a world where too the expecting another way than having now to service women means: you are realizing the right to celibacy was too the right to return to a new normal where too the berry important world where a man is there justifies too the right to remember: I want never the lesbian thing. So get over it Jodi.

Update 4/4/2022: The WE is real. The WE is real. The WE is real. I need the time to contemplate that before I must assure to the public domain that I am too there to walk to the news that the Anthony coveted for the right to repair the getting to the point the wanting to feel aliver was too the custody to the need to nude to the not now.

You are to remember the loving the person typing was allowing the heart to function to the being allowed to feel both berry important to the world as too the sacred by the idea too the man reads the words and believes the higher beings are there but then again the public show that shows that olden times remain shows that the heated never again without the heart working woman feels only that the love-making allowed now to the younger woman will be too the right to return to another stereotype: you are to remember Kat that loving another wins too the loving the own self to the contemplation that allowing the WE to judge too the situation was too the wanting 5 years ago too the love-making not permitted to the thought: you are not attractive to me "I fuck all the time" Kiedis of the mentioning: you are entitled to that.

You are to "marry" that man's energy but then again that wins the sickness that resolves to the being penetrated anally to the thought the buttfucking too the disturbed by the nudes that wanted too the touching but then again the death the better when the world must never know the scary to talk to bitch that knows only I am not the working woman when I feel only the desire to die.

Update June 30, 2021: Not yet. The Song of the Salomon Brothers Building sold to the bankers too tells to the considering I am too the right to remember too the BBC parrots too the others but the giving to the complete collapse that renders not the right to any other explanation but pre-planted explosives wields to a public that "kids" to the goats too needing a voice to be telling to the children that want to harvest too the right to a kinder, gentler world where too the gentle manner of the giving to the dollar bills too the right to the being too the earned without sacrificing to another generation too the rights that win nothing but too the stealing the line from another is the giving to the other too the right to tell to the Jodi Staruch 911 was not the work of the women that work for the DSS too telling to the better off without too the kids there tells to the considering I was alone too when too the Mother hears I want to end too the writing not but to end too the reacting without the understanding: Roy Lichtenstein was too the aware the Bush Administration without the efforts not of the CIA and too the Israeli Mossad and too the ISI are too the participants of the crown agenda to stop too the Irish from being that telling to the considering I am too the stalled alone on the path of the getting to a being too the right to remember too the judging too the "two parents" there wins not the right to the woman thought to be too the oldest of the batch to the thought the giving to another too the rights to the right tells to the considering I want to end too the living on a planet where too the stalling too the selfish interest in too the wanting to jive talk was too the right to remember I hate too the living without too the right to really live meaning too the taking away from another wins nothing but too the smiling for the camera where too the very photogenic Jodi Staruch does well.

Update 15 April, 2020: Vegetarians only. No can do kissing a meat eater again. Yuck. Oh well. Might be narrowing the field too much now to not be completely alone with not the first kissing touching loving squeezing ever again. So goes it here on Penitentiary Earth.

The long lonely period is closing
Taking auditions
My Spirit husband raises the bar
He is the director of this show
He chooses the cast

Desires to know me, the first requirement
Smokes pot, the next
Strong and handsome is what I desire
A man, not a boy in man's clothing
Bodily awareness, at least a semblance
Self awareness begins with bodily awareness
Courage to see self: the good, the bad and the ugly
Strives to walk the path of honesty and truthfulness
Vegetarian, if only
Can dance, oh please! (I've got loads to work out through dance. A lover-dance-partner would make all the difference.)
Enjoys a pint or two or three...

I'm watching too much American public television (the best in British broadcasting) where the lead men are handsome, strong, moral, loving, passionate, respectful, fictional. Where are these men in the 'real world'? Married already? I need another lover.

Do Not Apply

  • if you have a problem with me having a Spirit husband
  • if you think I'm a stupid woman who doesn't know what she is experiencing
  • if you don't smoke pot
  • if you don't drink beer
  • if you ignore the bowling ball that is your midriff while complaining about the fat chicks
  • if you think spirit communication is bullshit
  • if you are alergic to or don't like cats
  • if you're not into yoga (reference to 'The Pina Colada Song' - Sure. I'll meet at a bar called O'Malley's. I bet they serve tall delicious pints of Guinness. Yum! Filling my glass now. It's a Guinness morning, yet again.)
  • if you love eating meat
  • if you hate my music choices
  • if you live in your head
  • An open mind is a must.