Telephone message: Hello friend. This is Katherine. Calling to see how you are.

No return call.

Months pass.

Talked to above friend. He said he didn't call back because he'd heard Richard and I had split. And Richard is his brother.

Knowing nothing of the conditions of our split, this friend chose to support his brother. I wasn't even given the dignity of a call back. Caring about my wellbeing was wronging his brother, even knowing nothing about why we split.

Is your rant over yet Katherine?

I've found the strength to make it with little support coming in from the human side. But still, I wear the uniform of the weak suicidal woman hurting herself instead of helping herself.

I'm given advice to "Love myself" by men who don't return my calls or texts.

Big strong men, sticking together, protect themselves from 'evil' 'venom filled' woman.

Experiences throughout my life have taught me men think they are big and strong if they can kick a vulnerable woman when she's down. Then they stick together, telling her it is what she deserves, even if they have never given that woman more than a few seconds of thought. Supporting the brother.

I think the better man is the one who actually makes the effort to care for the woman in need. But who am I to speak? I'm only a stupid woman.

Is your rant over yet woman?

A big strong man calls a needing woman's plea a rant so that she understands she's only in need because of her own failings. Her 'rant' is further reason she should feel ashamed of herself.

And when she gets mad, say "I hope you get better soon, hun." Tell her she's mentally ill. That's what big strong men do.

Is your rant over Katherine?
Deal with it yourself you weak woman.
Is your rant over?
Is your rant over?