Update 24 April, 2020: Instead. I became..........Picasso!

Update 15 December, 2019:
The modern marriage is also characterized by the acceptance that sex outside the marriage contract leads to the fulfillment that is lacking because the person seeking extramarital bliss is not coming clean about the fact that he/she is not fulfilled because the heart is the only way to true fulfillment, now that requires the person to tell the truth that he/she is not willing to admit, that the heart that is closed has to stay closed in order to maintain the facade of caring for someone disrespected with each sexual liaison outside the relationship.

Sex with the heart involved is the only sex that matters to the WE. Sex without heart energy is nothing but fucking.

Sex with the partner that cares whether you live or die is the sex that matters to the world of affairs that gives the world hope for the future that is not burning in the fires of purification, the purification of the self by calling a spade a spade and growing up to the humans you call yourselves is the only way to be born into the new world that prepares the way for the higher selves to rule the roost, the lower selves that kill the spirit of life because the lower self is afraid to be the person that the lower self really is, is the very force that kills humanity forever, the few that will survive the full scale burning of Western Civilization to the bitter end that gives the rest of humanity the chance to continue living are the ones that will show that the lower self is the very force that WE want you to grow up and become the masters of, the men that think they have the right to fuck other women than their wives think they are the men that will give these other women the pleasure they are seeking when in reality they are using those women while disrespecting everything that is sacred in the process, the other women are the very women that want you to grow up too and take responsibility for the children that you have created by selfishly insisting that you are not fertile so you can fuck freely without the condom that lessons your pleasure when the fact has been demonstrated more than 7 times recently that you are in fact very fertile Richard Foulk, the man that told his grieving wife that she had to get over it without caring that her heart was too broken to be the woman that goes the extra mile to make sure the bills get paid by going to a job that she hates every minute of while all he is expected to do is tinker around with drums and percussion while giving himself the right to tell the world the woman that was so parasited that she could hardly stay afloat after he told everyone that he knew that the problem with the marriage was her mental illness, gave himself the right to say the woman was the reason the two of you never had enough money for her to live too, because she, the woman that worked herself to the bone every minute of every day, was too selfish to go to work to earn a paycheck while he stole from her by giving her the impression that he earned far less than he did, spending the extra money on himself and his many girlfriends, that man is the lowest form of humanity.

WE want the men like Katherine's ex-husband Richard Foulk to eat shit and die because you further disrespect these women by telling them that you care about them when that is the biggest crock of bullshit that exists, the women that believe your bullshit Richard Foulk are the very women that get fucked like your wife that you fucked around on throughout the entire relationship while telling her that she is hurting you big time by asking you about that very subject insisting that you are nothing but the most loyal husband that ever walked the face of the planet while giving her the shaft every time you tarnished her name in conjunction with fucking your many girlfriends that you told her did not exist,.

The women that beget the children they do not want to raise by allowing the married man to fuck them without the condom that they know he should be wearing are equally responsible for the pain they inflict on the wives they disrespect as well the children they have no intention of loving ever.

When women sell their babies for profit they are the lowest form of women, they have no idea the pain they cause those children by giving them the impression they will be their mothers only to give them to men that have no intention of doing anything to those children but slaughtering them to eat them for snacks on toast, the men that sell their sperm to these women are the lowest form of men that ever existed because they only care about getting their dicks wet without giving a damn about the children that suffer after they get their rocks off that time.

When the WE is finished telling the story of the way the man called Richard Foulk disrespected the woman that gave him the right to be trusted, the WE will give the Red Road the proper thrust it deserves to replace the total disrespect of women that Richard Foulk displays on a daily basis with the WE's way of telling the woman that you love that you will be the man that gives her honesty instead of lies.

Live the WE's way by going to the other side that says the WE's way is to love the woman that gives you her heart by giving her your heart completely, the other side that says you have the right to fuck women that you don't love outside the marriage relationship in order to be fulfilled is the worst thing that you can do for your soul's growth, that is the ego all the way, the ego that says I am more important than my spouse.

Katherine never cheated on her husband Richard while he fucked hundreds of times outside the marital relationship while that relationship stood, and he called her the reason the marriage went to shit because that woman thought her lover in Spirit was the energy of the man the WE told her it was, but the WE also showed her that man had no intention of loving her the way that WE told her to love him because that man has not the capacity to love that way, but that did not stop her from loving him that way.

When that woman thought the WE wanted her to go to New Zealand to work with the man that WE told her was her partner and WE took her on the 5 day vision that has formed the foundation of the WE's ability to communicate with her and was the introduction to the WE's ways of visioning with the WE's complete guidance hand to foot, the man called Richard was given the right to be the man that accepts the truth but the mistaken notion the WE asked Katherine to believe in order to accomplish the visioning, the belief that Kelvin cared enough to be the man that stood up to the reputation he holds as sacrosanct, Richard chose to not support his wife in her very deeply held truths that now form the foundation of every moment of every day of her living existence, but instead told the world his wife's experience was nothing but the breakdown of the little girl too stupid to know that there is no connection whatsoever between her soul's energy and Kelvin Cruickshank's, the laugh of the Spirit world Kelvin sells the world is his expertise because the truth is that ALL souls are connected as there is really only ONE soul of which all the other souls emerge as soul fragments having experiences during the current lifetime in the Earth plane, Kelvin told Richard the souls of him and Katherine had no connection at all in his bullshit email that told Richard that the Spirit world is telling her to work with a man that has absolutely no interest in her craziness but is being bothered because that is the impression Richard took away from the vision that to this day he refuses to consider nothing but the sign of his wife's breakdown, the man became so jealous that he told her that she has not been connecting with the Spirit world but has lost her mind because the man called Kelvin Cruickshank that told her that he was in fact her friend in the email communication they shared turned redcoat Charlie and told her husband that he had never been interested in Katherine and that he had in fact just married the love of his life, the biggest crock of shit ever told by anyone on this planet.

The man called Kelvin Cruickshank thought Katherine was going to keep him completely private, but her intention was to be the person that works with him doing Spirit communication, something not possible if she had to remain the personal private play thing of the inferior psychic that gets to both work and be the favorite of his many fans that give him the impression that he is above the law.

WE want the man called Kelvin Cruickshank to understand that his lie made Katherine's life the hellhole that her husband made it into with him by telling everyone that he knows that his wife had the obsession with the man she errantly thought was loving her from the Spirit plane, the man that told her that he was ready when he sent her the picture of his bare chest in order to tell her that he wanted her to be his lover too.

Kelvin Cruickshank made Katherine's life infinitely harder by giving her family the impression that her attachment to the hope of working in the field that is his abundance was nothing more than the errant crush of a deranged little girl that wanted him to be the lover that he told her he wanted her to be too.

Sex with the man that gave the world the impression the most gifted psychic alive today is nothing but a crazed little girl obsessed with him is not at all a sexy thought to the Kitty that wants to work more than anything else. WE are telling you Kelvin Cruickshank that you will never stick your dick into the woman that you indicated unequivocally you wanted to stick your dick into big time, you even said you would fly to the USA to fuck her right then if you had the time to spare, the woman thought that you really cared for her because the being in the Spirit world that has now been identified as the Spirit of the deceased Jim Morrison formerly of The Doors was loving her with such pristineness she was willing to give up everything in the world to be with the incarnation of that man.

WE want the man called Kelvin Cruickshank to realize he is the reincarnation of the broken hearted Jim Morrison, so broken that his heart is completely lost to the pleasure of the sexual energy.

Sex without the heart involved is a travesty to humanity because all it does is create pain for those that have a heart that feels.

Sex without the heart is the way to be with the ego gratification that feels like satisfaction but is nothing but a smokescreen to be given the right to not have to feel but to get the results of other people's heart that you steal from the many partners that give you the heart energy that you crave but you have not the capacity to give back, the women that you destroy to keep them away from the heart that you protect yourself from feeling above all else, the women that you use that way Kelvin Cruickshank are not satisfied in the very least, they are left depleted by your philandering ways that involve lies, desecration of all that is sacred, and the destruction of many families by being the man that fucks without caring how that hurts the women that think you care about them and risk the loss of their livelihoods to be with the man they think is the Spiritual leader of the century because the woman that you fuck the most, the partner of your friend that you call your brother, tells your many fans that Kelvin Cruickshank is the man that gives of his heart, the lie of the century.

WE want you to be the man that goes the extra distance and tells the world that you know for a fact the woman that told you her story that you took out of context and turned into the lies that you used as weapons to say that woman is stalking me and trying to hurt my family that you have grown up and accept the fact that the WE intends for you to be the man that leaves the home that you love so very much in order to do the work that WE have in store for you, the home you could have kept had you worked with Katherine when her needs were so intense, the home that you gave to your latest boy's toy Louise because the woman called Katherine was loving you so stellarly through the Spirit world that you thought you had found the partner that you'd always dreamed of, the woman that sucked you off the first night she met you, the woman that conceived a child with your best friend and then pinned it on you because the woman had not been informed that you had the vasectomy that did take in the winter of 2007.

WE want you to fess up Kelvin Cruickshank that you took the words of the woman that you knew had very little support and twisted them into manipulations and threats of suicide if you did not comply with her demands to love her, that is the most fucked up thing you could have done because there is NO TRUTH to such assertions, the woman made it clear that her intentions were to survive but her efforts to stay afloat were being thwarted by the interference of those that thought to tell the world that she was mentally ill and refusing to get the care she needs when in fact the woman was doing the only thing she could under the circumstances.

Kelvin Cruickshank not only almost died because the medical community would not allow the existence of Spirit communication to be even a possibility and put him in the position of going on medication that nearly took his life or be put into the institution that tells him he must be locked up forever, then he got rich selling a book telling his sad story, the man cared not that the person called Katherine had no outlet but to separate herself from everyone she knew to protect herself from the medical community they told her she needed instead of the love and respect she insisted was her need because the man called Kelvin Cruickshank told her husband the bullshit that he had just gotten married to the love of his life, the woman that stole his wedding ring from his first marriage and sold it for the cash that gave her the pocket change she needed that afternoon, the woman he did not marry, the woman that is no longer even in the man's life.

Kevin Cruickshank beget the horror that is going to be his life for the next few months because the man chose to try to sell out the reputation of the woman that did nothing but ask him to be the man that he tells the world he is, the woman that sent him so much love he thought about marrying the woman he gave credit for that love, the woman that bought and sold him for the pennies from heaven that come with being with the psychic superstar Kelvin Cruickshank's woman, the woman that got pregnant by the man that gave her the most dick when Kelvin Cruickshank was away being the celebrity psychic that kept her in the mean green, the money that gave her the big dreams that she always wanted, the fame and riches of being the "wife" of the telly star, the woman that gave her new "husband" the shaft by getting pregnant while he was giving himself the right to not fuck because the Kundalini energy he'd been holding so firmly down started rising because the WE is using Katherine's Kundalini energy to raise his, the energy that Katherine emailed him about substantially is the very energy that was giving him the back problems that prevented him from servicing the sweet young thing he thought was the source of the greatest love that he'd ever felt, the love that Katherine was giving him all the way from the United States, the energy that you think does not exist medical community, the stupidest people that ever walked the face of the earth for being the guinea pigs of the Rockefeller Foundation, the very people that insist that to be lawful medicine must remove all notion of the Spirit that is the foundation of reality from the diagnosis, it is preposterous to think you can heal people by ignoring the essence of the problem, the sick soul, the medical community is the worst thing ever because they think they have the only answers, they make customers to keep them feeding from the medical trough for life, the medication wheel that keeps your salaries big and the people impoverished to the system that tells them they are sick by nature and must go to war with their own bodies to be well.

The medical community is going to be completely reduced because the money that you take for God given is not going to remain the spending force it has been for the duration of most of your lives, the WE is telling the world to prepare for the complete change of the world that you understand, the WE is telling you that the 5G roll out that most of you are either too busy or too arrogant to be concerned about will end the reign of the human.

The 5G frequency will change the Earth's vibration to a frequency that is only hospitable to those living in the higher vibrations, the ones that practice the yoga that says the purpose of incarnation is to churn the ocean of existence to stir up the nonsense to cleanse the soul, the soul that must be the vehicle for the higher world to continue to exist, the 5G rollout is the stupidest thing humanity has ever done but also the smartest because the men and women that think they are using their power to be the controllers of humanity by giving the feminine energy they despise the shaft are the very people that will energetically not be capable of incarnation, they will kill themselves off and not be able to reincarnate until they raise their vibration on other planes of existence, they will be cleansed one way or another, the WE hopes they will realize that the Earth is the best place to churn the ocean, but they are too selfish to realize that life is the cultivation of love not the cultivation of chaos in order to keep control of the Earth's resources to control the population that you believe is your property.

Modern marriage will not be the way of the WE's beings.

Live the truth that modern marriage is the same lie that has been the bedrock of the marital relationship in the western hemisphere since the invaders from the European continent decided they own the land and people of the American continents.

When the WE is commanding the ship the world will live in monogamous couples loving the WE while loving the other being with their whole heart, the path to total fulfillment and uninterrupted satisfaction like the love you felt when you first met Louise Kelvin Cruickshank, the love you thought was giving you the heads up that Katherine was the pawn to tell you that Louise was on the horizon when in fact the love you felt was the love of the Kitty that told you that she would be sending you love even when you did not know she was working on the arduous work of tearing down the walls that keep your heart impenetrable, the WE is not telling you that Katherine will ever love you sexually but WE are telling you that you could feel that love again simply by treating her with respect.

No thanks. I've no desire to go back into service.

He gets free sex, maid and cooking services, and someone to make sure the bills are covered.

She gets to realize her needs are her own. If she wants them fulfilled she better do it herself.

I wanna play instead, with real men. Enough with the steers and extra roosters. Any left? I mean who aren't committed elsewhere?

I like a good beer buzz early in the morning no doubt, but please, we can do better than Bud, Budweiser I mean. Bud is a must.