I've kept this to myself for a long time. Have been waiting for someone I trust to discuss it with before I go public, but se la vie, everyone is either too busy or not interested.

Please suspend judgment. I went through a powerful spiritual experience, a vision was given to me by Spirit, during the first part of November 2016. A lot happened. The whole experience was guided by Spirits, angels if you will, and involved communication also with people who have passed on.

At one point I walked briskly through the early morning city on my way to the MARTA station to catch a train to the airport. At first I walked to the CNN station. When I arrived at CNN the Spirit guides stopped me from going in and said I needed to go to the Georgia State station instead.

Once I arrived at Georgia State they once again told me I needed to keep walking. They said Dr. King was with them and he wanted to show me his neighborhood. I was told to keep walking to the King Memorial station. I told Dr. King how honored I was to talk with him. He said the same to me.

When I got to King Memorial, where I caught the train, Dr. King said I was in his neighborhood. Then he told me he was sad to see it go.

At the time I took that to mean Atlanta was going to be gone-away-with by the 'gourd of ashes' *. But since then I've turned it in every direction I can to pull out a different meaning. Maybe he was talking about the infrastructure changes happening in the area. Hum?

Like the warning about the brown acid at Woodstock, "You may take it with however many grains of salt that you wish."

* See Hopi prophecy