Have doobie handy if viewing this post.

“I tell you what it is,” he said then, “it’s ’cause a man see too much when he git high, that’s what. He see right through ever’thing . . . you understan’ what I say?”
- Terry Southern, Red-Dirt Marijuana

Give peace a chance is something I tell myself often, when I'm thinking about my fear, pain and frustration.

I feel I could reach an unlimited fount of power if I find peace within myself. Find it, and hold it regardless of external situations.

To stand in peace is to be a pylon in the ocean. No matter how intense the storm becomes it stays rooted, unmoved, and remains that way after the storm has passed.

What's the terrorism alert level?

Wonder how Tim Leary would answer that question.
Dr. Leary's a man who made the most of his PhD.
Ph = LS.

Mercy not sacrifice. Mercy not sacrifice.