Update $/3/2022: The WE informs the Gomezes that think the solution to America's woes is to impregnate young women when you are turning 60 this year and to feed her garbage arrested from the convenience that the news wins: fuck you!


Yep. The pretty young thing gets the kisses too.

And I get the bitterness that ends when I die aloner.

Children are the right to be born to older men. Too that is the right to the WE. But I am too tired to try to watch the rest of the show. So get to the beguiling allowance that the death expected will be alone today on the ground of the Cherokee allowance that my Ancestors are real.

You want to know the truth. The truth is the messages are there. I am too alone to buy off on the openness that wins the rights to the women to the bedroom. So off on the road is the right to remember that loving the body typing is the allowing the working woman too the rights.

I want to live but the loving another will never fly when the children are preferred to the bedroom. So hire too the young chicks to service the family members that fly to the wayside when I die aloner on the throne of the having to remember that allowing another the right to the children first wins. (Updated 5/April/2022: Watch that gun that don't make no noise "Gomez" when you are having "private time" with the newest just out of childhood meaning not quite a woman but scrumptious to y'all model on display in the European world that that might just be me ranting now...or the gun will be your "Taylor Time" too! Yippeeeeeeeeee! Yum. That 22 year old working for the men that kill for the record companies and the wives and the dollars and the Aleister very important news: You are to live now. Now is always the same even when the body goes on to the others' sided to say...get it right: you are the man to lie!!!! meaning: "I never knew that crazy bitch Katherine Brannen defaming us important chilis ever! You are to lie too Katherine to the grand jury too right? Your lawyers will see me in court! Right? Defamation? Stalking? Killing me completely by allowing me a career where others can judge me worth it instead of lying behind the facades? A real man connectable then? Maybe? A man that loves a real woman? I mean of course the young babies that fuck old men for resume building and status and of course money and have tons of friends, lovers, supporters and most importantly paid work are too real but then again...2-dimensional pictures are 2-dimensional. Go Vogue!...But apparently there's nothing more sexually stimulating to the almost and already there 60somethings than to fuck those 40 years younger. YUM! You go "men"...JUST IN: THE BEAUTIFUL 22 YEAR OLD TO FUCK THIS 2022 EUROPEAN TOUR...HOLD ONTO YOUR HARD-ON...ARE TWINS! OPEN YOUR PANTS AND LET SOME AIR IN! "MY GOD! I'M SO HARD ALREADY! GOTTA HAVE THAT!")

You are to right too that one, Kat. The now wins the now. Tomorrow wins another world.

In the meantime the young whores abound. So slide that snaky thing in and out and in and out of the 20 years of shit in my heart!

Arrested circa 1981. (Update April 5, 2022: I watch 40 year old Eddie Rabbitt videos for sexual stimulation. You put your penises into the mouths, vaginas and butts of women 40 years younger than you for sexual stimulation. Why not try Eddie instead of fucking just-yesterday-little-girls? Worth it! Believe me. I've watched this video more than most Red Hot Chili Pepper videos. Yum HOT Eddie Rabbitt!)

Nothing to fear. Across the Gulf of Fear is the Realm of Gladness. Sail. Sail.

(Kat's Sarcastic Catharsis: He's my brother. She can follow behind us brothers, as long as she can carry herself and she ain't got no opinions and she agrees to wash our socks and suck our cocks...Just kidding, maybe. But really. Think about it. Jesus washed his disciples' feet. Think about how feminine His ways are.)

Update 10th of March of the year of the hersom.