Update 2 September, 2020: The children of the baby variety without too the voices as the animals are the sick of the being too the vaccinated to the tune shot to the thought too the Western world hears: the COVID thing means too the woman knows only the way to the hearing too the way out means too the animals too the telling to the children's children too the not there.

The giving to the Cruickshanks the choice to the helping to the thought they are...the Land of The Pan re-emerges when too the Hobbits tell to themselves too the way to the knowing the PC thing means too the Gates too the ruthless business man to the thought too the backroom dealer not the man of the software to the thought too the Excel bought too the better-to-the-max Lotus 123 to the tune too the Marcus Underwood too the not the better without too the AHC.

Bio Marcus Bio. That was the reason too the man took too the right thought too the good man too.

Live too the AHC too the American Health Consultants to the thought too the Health Consultant here tells to the world too the way out of the hole means too the way to the giving to the world too the right to the "opinion" that too the 12 year old that decides to the becoming too the not the doctor but too the artist means to the needing too the prescription that too the world hears: the injection labeled too the vaccine tells to her too the better off in the summer sun meaning too the woman hears too the summer the better filled with boat rides with ER than with the funerals of the many that perish when the guns fire at once meaning too the sun shines when too the summer means too the many too tell to themselves too the New Zealand too the zealously the right thing: the number one fan of the Cruicked Palace means too the Jim and Tammy Faye thing means too their CBD or is the MBD meaning too the making to the most of the coming to the colossal decision to tell to the world too the Gemma waits to the thought too the many that want to the being "right" mean too the going to the nanotechnology the right bio-remedy means too the money for the big Whigs.

WE want too the Cruickshanks to recognize too the woman at last wishes too the New Zealand too the returning too the rule of the law that was there when too the Maori were too.

Update 14 January, 2019: Didn't Jesus say something about being like a little child in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven?

Update 13 January, 2019: I bought a bottle of whiskey. Had too. Watched this video one too many times. Tullamore Dew. Guinness is the drink of the quickening. Perhaps Irish whiskey is the drink of the birthing? Cheers.

The Fool

From the website https://www.corax.com/:

The Fool is the symbol of true innocence, a perfect state of joy and freedom, the sure feeling to be one with the spirit of life, at any time.

The Fool has the number 0, for someone ready to go in any direction, open to all possibilities. He belongs nowhere, has no past, but an infinite future. Every moment is a new beginning. In arabic letters the 0 has the shape of an egg, the symbol for the origin of life. The Fool is change, motion and the readiness to jump into life, with no cares ever. The Fool knows no difference between possibility and reality, the zero means a total lack of hope and fear, the Fool suspects and plans nothing. He reacts directly to the current situation, nothing is calculated, nothing is hidden.

In most decks the Fool is shown with an animal, as a symbol of nature, the animal soul in perfect harmony with the spirit that just follows its instincts. The Fool is courage, optimism and the belief in life and himself. When times are hard, and we suffer the pressure of 'being reasonable' or denying our instincts, the Fool reminds us that our inner person knows best what to do. 'Always trust your instincts'...