Update September 20, 2022: And the night is. And the time to recover the sexual urge to bond with another is the time to wake alone again.

Update September 28, 2020: WE are the reason the woman is not into the Chili Peppers now in the manner the woman was advised to feel then to the thought too the working off too the wanting too the touch wins too the right to the wanting too the work the most that too the way to the giving to the self too the shaft wins too the right to the offering to the Anthony the horsie sauce that is the special recipe to the giving to the woman too the right to the wanting too the flirtation but too the good stuff wins too the right to the knowing only too the Kenny Chesney too the not interesting to her even though his stage presence precludes too the running the time with too the women that want too the better suck off than the better with the heart to the wuv that means too the way out of the not dating now to the many dates that win too the right to the not spending too the night together wins too the right to the recall that too the white women use too the sex as too the harness that wins too the right to the recalling too the way out of the summer in the sexual union wins too the right to the working in the method that too the white world rewards the men that want too the fuck for free in the evening and then too the abusing the fucking artist as too the world wins only too the right to the Theresa too the not in the show now that too the world wins only too the funds to play in the city are the too much for the working in the field too with too the Gemma Team of the Kelvin Cruickshank too wins too the right to the work that wins too the fans that to the max mean the man must obey too the women of the cloth that tells to the Yesterday's News too the way to the cat wanting out of the clasping too the hands with the golden fist that wants too the right to the White Buffalo World in the action wins too the right to the removing too the self to the Hills of the My Satisfaction Too wins the right to the women wanting too the heart energy but too the way to the giving to the Cobb Keith Hamilton too the right to the reward is the story the woman hears in the mind repeated to the point too the man too the author.

Update 3 February, 2019: I went out Saturday night with my awesome new friend Theresa. I got loaded. Imagine that. Drama ensued when I momentarily lost my purse, was under the bar stool. Theresa thought it was stolen. I wasn't sure what happened. I was loaded and concentrating on the sweet young thing I was making out with at the bar. She thought he drugged me. She ubered us home. Good thing. I probably woulda made it with that guy right there in the bar. I'm so lonely. Damn, I mean bless, that red hot blood! Theresa says we can't go back to that bar for a while. Oops. That sucks because it's the vampire bar.

Update 1 February, 2019: After 2 weeks of Chili Pepper immersion my blood runs red hot, my pelvis moves to and fro spontaneously in a rhythmic fashion. It's Friday night. This Kat is on the prowl. Meoooooooow. What will she find? (Shhhh little one. Remember. Jah provides the bread.)

Update 20 January, 2019: Sorry guys. You gotta get your rocks off elsewhere. I get what I need watching Lenny Kravitz videos and the Red Hot Chili Peppers for general grounding, for now at least.

Update 19 January, 2019: Last night I also got the old, "So you say you are an artist, but what do you do for money?" Excellent presumption my friend. You are exactly right. It's mainly only the bullshit artists who can make it in this culture.

He said, "I like you for your weirdness."

I told him, "He's the first one in 2 years I felt I might be able to talk to."

I spoke my mind.

He ignored me and engaged the young woman to my left.

See ya dude.

Any wonder I don't date?

I'd rather be alone than ignored.

I asked my Spirit Guides if that man recognized why I left. They said,"Yes". (Jim wants the woman to tell to the self the soul knew but the man had the other woman at the house too to the thought the man was the flirting with her not interested in her words. Updated 28 September, 2020 the hour of the ER winning nothing but too the right to the real answer "No Katherine.")

They are teaching me it's all maya.

As John Lennon, I mean Lennon-McCartney said, "Nothing is real. And nothing to get hung about."
When I was young videos of The Beatles were worth more than gold. Why let go?

In that case I'll have another beer. I'm home. No need to drive anywhere.

Good luck with your daughter John.

My Spirit Guides' answer to tonight's stress:

I'm reminded regularly:

That picture is from Be Here Now by the way.