Update 11/23/2020: Kill the messenger Kat that needs to inform her mother the medical establishment removed via laser surgery her ability to carry the pregnancies that did come to be that were not able to adhere to the notion the cervical dysplasia diagnosis was too the medical error that when diagnosed during the 1993 year as the cervical abnormality ended her ability to conceive the children that fault her to this hour meaning the Donna Brim and family that think too the right to adopt is the right to remove the China doll from the mother's arms literally is the right to be with too the chickens that die all the day long to be without too the horror of the cages that mean they are then allowed to be the sandwiches that spell my husband is the executive that doesn't eat Chick-fil-A on Sunday meaning I am that important to "the Lord" to be with the idea that I too will be with the thought the chicken's kids mean more to my well being than to the mothers that are not permitted to raise too the offspring...but then again the church is that too the right to recall the way to the QAnon being the not important to the devout Christians that know just know the abortionist that too was informed the woman typing is not only the many aborted-of-pregnancies type by the ex-husband and the kind that supports herself by taking from the father instead of working to the tune he too was the man that took to the bank the man that took to loving the daughter again after too the fucking him hard with the now I am the man not working as the drummer either meaning I have to be with the big girls of the now I am the leader to tell to the Ayurvedic working in the field woman typing that her world was the the working 24/7 with the thought I will one day recoup the many hours alone too with the right to recall Richard fucked too the women with the right to recall I am not the mad now I am the ready to be without too the rage that the Bohannon children were not without too the woman typing meaning the woman was the first call babysitter in the neighborhood until again the question too the right to renege on the need to reduce too the "Christian" judges that think the giving to themselves the right to judge too the "pot" is the right to judge them too the not with the Divine Mother meaning the way to judge too the drunk drug addict the wrong sort to the mothering is the way to take your kids to the second amendment and tell them to mask till the cows come home no more along with the closing down the Chick-fil-A to the thought too the Ingles will be the goner when too the many that employ their own selves too win to hear that too the woman is mad as hell about too the being the fucking educated to the tune that has not the first fucking relevance but the being the begetting the thought too the other side wins too the right to hear too the woman channels too the Jesus Christ Himself to be without too the right to the mind by the stuck-up beyond belief gentry of the Atlanta not-gonna-be-alive-much-longer crew meaning the vision was that: the Atlanta is to be nuked but you will be without too the possessions to say I am that important to the many that were never ever in Eufaula Alabama either to the thought the way to know just know Katherine the only thing that matters is the being alive with the WE is the way to giving to them the right to the Noah's Ark..

Update 7/Nov/2020: Jim wants the woman typing to resist the urge to reject the thought too the Irish world will not be with the ganja to the thought the woman asks pointedly to be reconsidered to the ancestry.com folks as too the Irish national now that her world is too run by the propaganda matrix to tell to her that the permission to the money will soon be reserved only for the masked to the thought too the medical personnel want to win the working with the woman too talented to be left to die alone in the sewer of the United States revolution of the value of the children too needing to be talked about as if too the well when too the mother surmises the need to the heart is there but the need to reference to the world my child is making me hard of hearing is the way to tell to her the sandwiching between the layers of the well-to-do the sunken feeling you too will realize the woman prays daily to the gratitude for the relationship her mother and stepfather possess but too the dog there tells to her too the Knoe is the lost not to her but to the woman typing seeing as the shutting out of your heart the heart that is the most feeling heart of the entire globe now that her mother has left the building is the way to contemplate when the WE negotiates the contract to give to her the right to refuse too the working for the mother of light too tells to the mother of the earth plane that the giving to herself the right to remember too the right to recall that the woman typing is the kind loving feeling loving to the max human made to be without too the family now that her designation of the hostile to the woman trying for the last time to be heard is the way to recognize the leaving the United States too removes from her life the 3 cats left to her world meaning the many hours of the gardening too will be left to the next group not interested in the earth as the kindly being herself but wanting only to take to the bank too the money that was there to the thought the giving to the self the right to reference too the mammon as the reason too the woman will consider the throwing in the towel by this time next year is the way to never wanting the life on the planet to heal too meaning the need to the loving the children while still telling them they are the in error repeatedly is the way to telling to the elder son too the suicide is on the phone again Donna meaning the Katherine wants not that but the being all alone in the house of the sleeping prophet telling to her to make the goal to remove to the Norfolk area for the spell tells to her the man on the phone too is the Edgar Cayce asking the Association for Research and Enlightenment to employ the newly formed version of the reading giver with the right to recognizing too the words not the 1930s version of the Christian-themed type of telling to the kids today I am the hardest hit when too the summer wins only the right to the Raye Mathis too being the woman that knows I was there when they were the kids too to the thought I want the White Buffalo Woman's assistant of the Brooke Medicine English to be the Eagle once again when too her wealth evaporates into the Guillain-Barre that spells too the medicine is the many that will be perishing because they want to believe the news casters are the paying for the game this go around by sounding the alarm too the nurses will be rewarded when they mutiny meaning the berry giving to the many the right to the nutritional solution ahead of the vaccines to kill the many is the way to the righting too the mythology you want the woman alive Donna but your words tell her the opposite meaning the way to recognizing you are not the aware that you have been punching down your daughter since her loins never adopted the baby either tells to the making the dough the most important to your meat-mediated materialism is the way to not being interested that her world will be the opened up when too the message to the many is that I am at the point of exhaustion needing the first friend to allow me to be there too meaning I must always negate my being to be permitted to live among the many that will fire their weapons at me first and then accuse me of harassing them meaning I need to be alive where I am heard as the WE speaking meaning the ANCESTORS want the voice but the voice not permitted the good little little Donna on the floor being the Donna getting to the big breasts will not be mine to the point I am much different than the woman the mother finds in the coffin but I am the woman told to be with her in the end times but to the max the end times are not important to the woman hearing too the Jonas Nordling wants the right to remember to the self the woman as the Isabella at the Spanish hour of the Fort Myers was there too until I had to remove again to the Atlanta world to begin again the artist's role as if too the now is that time recirculated into the point that the mansion needing to be the creative is the mansion now told to die ahead of the killing that was hoped for meaning the loving touch of the loving man but that is the another time frame when the body too renews as the American Indian instead of the slavery contestant to the basking in the light of the masking the many with too the agenda to teach to the mothers the giving to the well baby the making them permanently disabled because the social agenda spells that is the right thing tells to her that is the way too to tell to them to disable too the thinking apparatus to tell to the many autistically inclined artists too the right to the refunctioning as if too the righted is the way to the giving to the Ormus solution being worked as the magic unfolds meaning the solution now being prepared wins too the right to reference the whole town will revibe.

I need work, paying work.

And I need to go west where medicine is copius and attainable.

Where you don't have to go without because your supplier is not answering his phone.

Oh yeah. And where the law is not looking to seriously fuck your life because of said medicine.

Oh well. In lieu of medicine think I'm gonna go to the ABC store and buy a bottle of Everclear. Darn! It's Sunday. ABC store is closed. Foiled. (Being sarcastic by the way.)