Update 15 July, 2022: The WE is the author.

Update April 11, 2021: The night wins nothing but the woman hears the Shell there constantly thinking to herself that wins the right to recall the Shell Clevenger of the rights of man has the world view that you Kat are the wrong to the world where the woman thinks the WE is the author that wins too the entire family minus the father of the Jim Brannen having not the first care for her well being without the being the woman that wants too the world to hear the Shell will be without the comments now but the WE is the author that the giving to the woman's cousin the right to remember too the Shell was the army intelligence was the way to telling her the way to fake the 911 was the work of the terrorists of the others not the men of the power was the way to help too the family hear: the Donna Brim was never influenced by the cousin Trish but by the brother Paul that understands only the yes sir that wins too the way to the getting to the great grandchildren too tells to the woman typing the being the parent was too the best role the man called Shell ever fulfilled and too the son was the delight to the news: the woman that wants nothing but the funeral too that wins too the right to remember too the Clevenger was the wasted by the heaven of the having nothing but the woman understanding the light at the end of the tunnel is the light of the Divine and too the divine and too the Delight that tells to her too the right to the regurgitation of the Goethe was the way to Faust to the future being that has then again too the friends that win too the woman was that to the Shell Clevenger the woman was the friend.

The mentioning to her that the WE wants the woman to work for the now not the being the alone always was the manner of the using too the Shell to tell to the family that he is there always to the point the man watches the wife from the other side telling her to be without the making the big cheeses the right to the working for the WE meaning the way to hearing nothing but the doubt being the way to "marry" to her the energy of the husband that was tells to her the way to sentence to the hell on earth women of the loving the men without the heart energy blocked was the way to marry the Richard without the heart hearing the man wanted the money the most the way to be without that was the way to be without the heart hearing the woman was the gone to the other side when the mother was there too telling her to remember the Shell Clevenger was the right to the woman's world where too the woman thought the waking the real: the man will enter to the working for the WE but the way to hearing the only woman allowed to the being there was the Richard being the right to the fighting not then because the need to harness too the woman to the thinking too the "computer work" was the right to the working for the "us" meaning the couple that was not the way to the knowing only the woman was too the working for the man that makes the money was the wife.

For my friend Shell Clevenger who recently passed to the next world. Xanadu was his favorite movie. Citizen Kane is one of mine.