Update February 12, 2023: The WE acknowledges the values that Kurt Cobain isn't the only hotted man on the scenesters are the big whigs' kids to the thought, the "boyfriend" that will never take the bait to being that is the Kiedis that thinks that you are too better off with the other side's men that are that. And the way to hiring me to be the boyfriend is the way to signing off on the warrants to end the Cobain's world view that the watering the water to the Cherokee too there waters the whitest of all Indian liars to the way to lies are the ways to end the Indians! And lies are too the way to end.

Update Valentine's day following the orders of the WE shows that the men are too the right to return to another world where too the "boyfriends" wins too the friend that knows the WE is true. Which one of my boyfriends is that? Hillel? Kurt? You? Year 2022.

This scared the crap out of me when I was a kid. When bedtime came my older brother often suggested I remember these scenes.