Update 14 April, 2019: My father's mother is part English. It is found.

Update 11 April, 2019: Mother-to-mother line starting with my grandmother: 7 generations in Kentucky; 2 generations in Virginia; 16 generations in Montauk, NY; 10 generations in Newfoundland; 11 generations in Sweden; 7 generations in Denmark; Lots of generations in the Netherlands

I've been doing psychic genealogy, tuning into my ancestors' stories as written upon the skein of time and space.

I'm told my Irish paternal ancestors trace back via the Middle East to the North of India.

My mother's maternal ancestors trace back to the native peoples living at Montauk, Long Island, NY, then to Scandinavia, Stockholm, Sweden to be exact.

What's up?

Maybe the Vikings and their families went farther than we think? Maybe they blended into some populations while fighting with others?

Maybe the English had the pens?

A boat of handsome Norwegians or Swedes shows up. Whatuya do?

I know what I would do.

So far no English in my pedigree. That's bound to change though. In a melting pot like this there's gotta be at least a little in the woodpile.

Oh. The confounding enigma.

What if there is some cosmic battle happening here in North American between my Irish Eastern Indian paternal roots meeting my maternal American Indian Scandinavian roots on the ground where my Native roots met the people sailing from the East?

Trust wins.


Do we have to do WWIII?

WWIII is happening because we don't recognize we are ONE family.