Further Update 14 March, 2020: No more chicken eating using selling fornicating when the medical establishment means to not only harm you by fucking you harder than anyone could be fucked by permanently disabling you to be given the right to regard the Mr. Chile Pepper of the Fort Lauderdale region to be the man that has the regards to rectify the meme that the men of the knife get to make the call that means see ya lover of the butt hole fucking variety meaning see ya men of the Hollywood Hills that say give the man the 5 finger treatment meaning give him the right to remain uninformed the fucking surgeons fucked you intentionally to say see ya Hollywood meme that means more to the women that the men not but means that you have the bitch's that I want to the point the very tykes that took the man to the courtroom that says hide the shame behind the child that gives the other the right to say this is not my game either but the truth is the very mention that the world gives the many the very little but the many few the many many many many many many many many many women that fuck them too to get on the bandwagon of that is my man meaning the very mention that the woman typing has indicated that is the case is the reason that her way is to listen to the WE telling her to expect the visitor the moment he regards the mention that the Hollywood Hills have nothing on the Florida Flatlands where the meme is the water is the solution to the entire epidemic called the meme that infectious diseases cause the flood of the higher than life affairs called the higher love is the answer all the way to the many questions that arise during the incarnations that tell us why would something of this magnitude take this long to be revealed to me that the fucking surgeons disabled my meme on the grounds that I got the many chicks that tells you the jealousy of the man that is not alone in his world view that the heart is the best of all places tells you that going the extra distance and recommending the Attorney General of the United States too hear that Mission Healthcare is the most fucked up thing that has ever helped the woman typing to remain the woman that remembers the very mention the medical establishment is the number one killer of those of notoriety in the USA tells you too that it is the number one killer of the others too.

Update 14 March, 2020: I'm writing to inform the LAPD that giving Anthony Kiedis the right to remain attached to the woman that faked the dna test in order to catch the big rock star is not the way of the WE that wants the man called the other man that helped the childbride to be the father not only of the other child that was arrested too in the development meaning the very mention the Swannanoa River Valley is the ancestral home of the woman typing as well as both Cherokee descended men known as the Anthonies of the Chili Pepper regime meaning the very notion "the man" can control our personal lives to the point the woman typing will be heavily grounded to the point her right to remove herself into the greater world and ride the roads with the other cars will be seriously impeded by the fact the completely useless emissions inspection exam requires her to spend the $550 to remove the last year's ticket not but the sticker that says the man considers giving me the right to drive without spending another fortune on the car that spends itself every month to the point the very idea the woman raped by Mission Hospital and her ex husband trying only to get the divorce the lawyer turned to the other man that could help the woman because the WLOS plea tells them that she has not been supported by the community that considers itself the rightful heir of the Cherokee domain but myths the woman's Medicine Wheel to the point you guessed it the Attorney General claims no thinking about the woman's rights meaning the letter to the NC Attorney General Josh Stein was discarded.

Multiflora Roses play their game. My game now has ceased to be the worry of the other women's ways instead I consider it my duty right and privilege to stick the thorn into the side of the Raleigh lands that were arrested from the meme the Tuscarora too are the woman typing's ancestors forced to abandon their ancestral lands at the gunpoint that now threatens the entire planet to the point you guess it the very mention that you are not the military member tells you Katherine that you have the right to remain the other side of the coin which is the loving mother of the entire world to the point the very notion the only thing the thorn can accomplish is the widdle down the scum to the bone to the point the very mention the assistant of the not that big cheese Josh Stein that thinks you think giving the world the tits means success in the business world means that you have to regard the only thing that might interest the Attorney General as he sifts through the idea the WLOS team will hound his asshole until he fesses up that the Tuscarora myth that the relocation was the result of the deal that was constructed to remove the ancestral lands held sacred into the buildings that now cover the Raleigh-Durham area tells you that the very woman identified as the distant not that much cousin of the man called Spike Lee the very much in his own dna the Tuscaroran tells you that my right to be that woman too tells you that you have a lot to learn about the ways of the Medicine Wheel meaning the very mention the notion the world view means the sticker is in the mail Katherine tells you the very notion the emissions sticker not being affixed gives your raptors the right to retreat into the back seat of the world view that tells you that you have to regard the notion that giving the entire planet the goods on the WE that tells you the woman that gives herself the right to work with the New Zealand police to remove serial killers tells you the Disney trafficking of children into the sex trade tells you that giving the woman typing the right to work tells you that giving the woman the right to be heard first gives her the right to work naturally meaning the very notion that being heard means making the big noises tells you that being the he he he back room multiflora rose is not the way to change the world "You go girls! Multi Woman March! We are so cool here at the yoga center in the Black Mountain Hills meaning the very mention that Martia too regarded me the dumbest shit in the world for actually trusting the husband she fucked behind my back the entire time we were together only to be identified to the woman typing as the total stranger to the man that convicted her not for the crime of considering the WE the poetical author of the meme "Martia must be humbled." to the point the bitch that took herself to the point that Katherine's suffering that was happening the very mentioning of which reminds you that it was her lying sack of shit ex husband that tried to infect her with the HIV virus without mentioning to her either that he was HIV+ by the medical establishment's diagnosis tells you that you have to regard the very notion that the man kept that from the woman he continued to insert his cum into until her illness that he determine would be the fatal version to her to the point of not wanting to engage in the sexual activity with that man at all being as her real role for him was house giver and nurse meaning the nightly massages in order to relieve his pain meant nothing to him but as given while she writhed in pain every month to the point the very notion the body was cleansing in that manner tells you the violence that is your world reflects in the body that reflects your world back to you meaning the very mention that Jimmy on the River's lust was palpable to the point the woman felt his hands all over her even though he stood many feet away tells her that her ability to meme to the world that giving the men at the MTV the right to sue the George Michael because that is how you get it if you change your mind meaning the very mention that you too sold your soul to the Warner Brothers regime that holds the boys of the club not but of the band immune to the WE's way of telling you that Anthony is not the aware man that wants you to be ignored but the Warner Brothers regime that owns him is.

Update March 29, 2019:
On my way home from completing the annual expensive Emissions Inspection Renewal, 2020 sticker affixed, I visited the site I'm told my ancestors lived before the land was parceled, on the Swannanoa River. Shoals in the river at that spot, a farm now on the bank.

The sign said, "No canoeing." The people I passed on the trail talked to each other of the $1000s they've spent fixing their automobiles.

I'm unconvinced we've in fact actually upgraded to "the greatest country on earth". How much peace I'd feel sleeping on the banks of that river in a round house, a community of round houses and their native inhabitants! And, by the way, we are the native people who lived here for generations and generations, not just "the first colonists" too weak to survive the European diseases who died off leaving empty land for the winners.

I need a man in my life. I crave a man.

But I can neither trust nor be touched by someone who considers me a "conspiracy theorist".

I've met a lot of men with the strength to resist hearing. Where are the men with the strength to listen? You are the only men I desire.

I can't un-see.

Back in highschool I got As in history. In 10th grade World History I got 100%+all extra credit on the test about post-WWII history. That was the highest grade on that test the teacher had seen in several years. I got the highest grade on the WWII test too.

In 2001 I obtained nearly a perfect score on the Graduate Record Exam's analytical section. That's testing people intending to go to graduate school.

But somehow I'm too stupid to understand the subjects of 9-11 and global central banking despite spending years researching both.

I'm tired. I'm lonely. I need at least one ally.

Who is gonna believe in my very real connection to the Spirit World if even my "loved ones" think I'm a deluded conspiracy theorist? I have neither the strength nor the willpower to offer my gifts to a world that has no use for them, can't even see 'em. Won't see them.

Me too, Hot Shots, me too. These mountains love me, but I need people too. The place I love is my heart which currently feels like a vast dark abyss.

Thanks Hot Shots. Your music and stunning visuals help me cope.