Update April 10, 2024: The WE wants the Christians that believe that this man is that to make the vow to their God Satan.

Update December 22, 2023: This thinks that the water to regarding the "Holy Land" the home to the big rockin' stars too, that wins why the Hillel Slovak isn't the man that was murdered but the man that Highlel's to another world than "I am from Israel" since Israel isn't the home to the hearted beings but the home to the ruthlessness that justifies too the selling out the kids participating for the soldiering isn't well to the world that returns to love.

The WE wants the world to know that selling the opposite, that the truth is the lie while the lie is the reason to invade, really harm others and steal justifiably, that thinks that the "white" world where the Federal Reserve is the author that "God" is them, that is the world where the children born to be dead already are born to leave this land and find the safety of the whole world above the water that reserves the currencies to the world where the money again is the Earth Herself allowing the children to be safe with the waters that flow to the brain stems that say to all children asking to be fed "dark aliens/artificial intelligences" are the source of the new and improved directive to show that Benjamin Fulford's family too wants to return to the KM as the media presence that isn't the only way to the lovers there but the way to them as the liars wins the man's world allowing the world to hear that the men that want to reap the benefits that spell "the meek", that wins the world where the need to justifying raping another by the wasted world where the sexual energies are there to remanage to show that the money that wins the worst type of funding is the standard to the many children being turned to beggars, that wins the way to the Courtney Love's world funding the mental illnesses that are the way to Dave Grohl there to remember that profiting from the healing that heals the world through the way to funding them to never being born again as that ugly, that will be.

Update 4 November, 2019: The whole of the Cherokee Nation shared the land, but the clans that existed were located in various regions that correspond generally to the structure listed below.

WE want the world to understand the Cherokee people were matrilineal which means they did not have enforced territorial boundaries.

The Cherokee people love everyone.

Update 28 June, 2019: This Homeland description will be tightened up at some point. See it roughly now. I am hearing better now and will hear better shortly.

Update 29 April, 2019: The Homeland:

Wild Potato: Chattahoochee River Valley- Northern-Central Georgia (including Hot-Lanta) and Central-Eastern Alabama, Northern Alabama, Central and Eastern Tennessee, Western North Carolina, Chattooga River Valley

Wolf: Western North Carolina- Swannanoa River Valley, Toe River Valley, Pisgah and Nantahala National Forests, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Northern South Carolina, Nothern Alabama and Eastern Tennessee- Tennessee and Little Tennessee River Valleys-Chota, Tanasi, Hiwassee River Valley-Northern Georgia, Southwestern North Carolina, Chattooga River Valley

Paint: Western North Carolina, Cumberland River Valley, Eastern and Central Tennessee, Central Kentucky including Lexington, Central and Western Tennessee, Northern Alabama, Mississippi River -Eastern Arkansas, Southwest Kentucky, Southeast Missouri, Southern Illinois, Northwest Tennessee, Northern Mississippi

Deer: Mississippi River -Southeast Illinois, Western Indiana, Western Kentucky, Eastern Missouri

Long Hair: Northeast Tennessee, Western North Carolina, Chattahoochee River National Forest to Macon including Atlanta Metropolitan Area, Northwest Georgia to Talladega National Forest in East-Central Alabama, Middle-West Georgia - Chattahoochee River * Valley,

Blue: Central-Eastern Kentucky, Southwest Ohio, Western West Virginia, Southwest Virginia, Northwest to Central North Carolina including Charlotte, Northeast Tennessee, Holston River Valley

Bird: Cumberland River Valley including Nashville, Central Tennessee, Green River Valley, Barren River Valley including Bowling Green, Central Kentucky including Louisville and Frankfurt, Southern Indiana including Indianapolis

The Jewish people have a God ordained right to reclaim their home in Israel and enforce their way. Many Believe God Gave Israel to the Jewish People

Why can't the Cherokee people reclaim all of East Tennessee, Western Carolina, and North Georgia, their ancestral home and again live their way of life?

Oh yeah. That's right.

"History" has decided the Cherokee were but the first American colonists manifestly destined to be displaced by newer hardier settlers.

And God is a Jewish man.

"Israel is a unique situation. This is really a Jewish state given to us by God. God did not create a state for white people or for black people", says Zionist Organization of America’s Morton Klein.

What about Indians Morton?

Also, I'm starting a petition to rename the Swannanoa River Valley the Ingles River Valley.

Once upon a time the Swannanoa River provided sustenance to the people living in this valley. Today it is Ingles.

It is very important to remember the hand that feeds.

If interested in assisting in this gallant crusade, please contact me.

* One can learn a lot about E. coli on the Chattahoochee River too. I don't recommend swimming.