Update 28 July,2020: WE want the Kanye West to recognize the job to the max means the making the protecting the POTUS meaning the McKinney the number ONE priority.

Further Further No Further Needed Update 17 July, 2020: With the Halliburton-styled breach of 3 levees protecting New Orleans...Cha ching!!!

Further update 17 Jul, 2020.

Update 17 July, 2020: Hey Kanye? Why choose George W. Bush supporter Elon "5G" Musk for your running mate? Why not choose Cynthia McKinney the bad ass of the Government Experienced Department meaning what's up? I thought you told the world George Bush doesn't care about black people. What's the matter Kanye West? Do you think the black woman dismissed for the being the best educated and most outspoken to the thought...Are you chauvinistic now too? "A black woman on my ticket?", says Kanye, "Not a chance. I want the rich white boy that paid me lots to endorse the 5G phone that carries my name and pays my extraordinarily high bills."

Paul Craig Roberts calls Cynthia McKinney an American heroine. I agree.

She was my representative back when I lived in Georgia and still voted. I voted for her, proudly.

She was one of the few people in the House of Representatives who had the balls to raise her voice about the inconsistencies in the official story of 9-11.

She is a woman who has earned and deserves great respect.

What did the clowns in Washington do? Her "peers" in the House turned-off the lights and left while she was speaking.

Those clowns are NOT my leaders!

How the US Creates Sh*thole Countries