Update October 3, 2022: And the Surrendering to the going to a world where women that whore are paid and women that love are neglected is the way to "marry" too the women that whore. And that wins the ending all humanity to not living again. And the assholes that sold my name to the Islamic "I want to fuck online for your pleasure" facebook way to showing that the followers are them, not real beings, but assholes that have women and children at home but have been apprised by the "Unlimited Love" fucking assholes of too rich to be human at all, Hillel's nemesis is this, And that wins the reality that assholes work to end that too! And the assholes that think unlimited love is humility are there too. So fuck the Chad Smith types that think his biggest dick in the band is not only uglier than all the men on the cameras and actions stage but too the ugly to me: I need support too!

Update August 31, 2022: Today I live for the Gods that test me. I understand $400 is insufficient to buy my reality that borrowing money too is the mannerism of robbing the future for the other side hears that collapsing the economic reality to inflation that hypers to now the stock market is flying but the price of gasoline is $50/gallon was too the Zimbabwe's mannerisms.

The reality that smelling money is there is smelling the summer turn to love too. Now the summer is Cherokee removal that was the reality to Indians then. The families burned alive in the dwelling predating the one lived in by the typing artist were there to remember to the souls stolen to not gone but waiting to return they are there to recover to the being the lifetime that lives instead of the having to hear again a membership to the thinking that servants are there to serve not being there to human is too wifing.

Update July 4, 2021: Today I right too the wrong for the being alive when too the being the deaf, dumb and blind is the right to remembering the killing too the aboriginal children of too the Canadian province was the way to enter to a diagram that too the karma wins the right to resequence to the never breeding too the children's parents again when too the bleeding to the gums wins nothing but I want to live not have to resequence again and again too the erections to the destructive need to have to harbor too the jealousy that too the white kids got to live at home.

I want too the woman typing to hear the giving to the self the endless allowance to the not ever recognized as a woman working for too the money there tells to the considering the death the better future than too the turning to a world that lies to the public to the mentoring too the woman to the right to remember the giving to another world the right to remember I want to work but too the calling the shots is the way to entering to a world where too the karma wins the right to return to the charity the right to recover nothing but too the multiple sclerosis is too the diagnosis to the majja dhatu being too the broken by too the bones being too the used to remember too the asshole works to ensure too the minerals are absorbed but too the wanting to enter to a diagram where too the many chemicals on the show to fix too the MS are used then to absolve too the doctor of the culpability for the insufficient to the world where too the comprehending too the body's ways shows too the Ayurvedic selling to the public too the right to the medicine that harms more than helps but too the funding too the so-called research wins the mind numbing world where too the woman wants to apply too the research to the healing too the many without too the chemical fertilizers harming too the many individuals of too the animal kingdom that are too the irrelevant to the so-called animal studies not involving too the karmic residual to the need to karmically adhere to a diagram that insists the need to consider I am too the right to wanting to the diagnosis to the being too the breaded is the way to adhere to the need to the very important news: I want too the way to hearing the kids allowed to the veal boxes are too the kids to the WE telling to the canceling too the right to the mother to the children by the so-called "husbandry" cancels too the karmic reality that the kids of the generation now will insist too the burying too the parents will be fun!

The tipi represents a woman. The tipi's support poles represent the men who support the woman; a female home supported by men, a daily reminder of unity and balance.

Any wonder our culture in an organized fashion killed the tipi dwellers?

"You say it's a spiritual awakening, I say it's a mental breakdown, if you are going to act that way you deserve what you get, to be lied to by me and left alone without my support, I've told all my friends you are having a mental breakdown, refusing to get help and making my life hell, they have my back, don't expect their support, why don't you talk to somebody?", said the husband to his wife.

"I don't like female drama, my advice mate is to leave her alone and unsupported, you must protect yourself from her negativity", said the popular spiritual advisor.

"I don't need a woman, I just need my mates", said the German-American man who loves to hang out at the bar watching football, meaning soccer, with his mates.

"I didn't return your call my recently-alone-female-friend because your ex is my brother and my loyalty is to him", said the mutual friend.

"You have to support yourself", said the male friend.

"I love licking pussy, will you take your clothes off and sit here naked while we talk?", said the male friend offering his support.

"I will not listen to you, not even allow you to finish a sentence, but I'm gonna tell you what's going on with you, you need to see a professional", said the female friend.

"You are a depressed drunk drug-addict, I know that to be true even though I've not seen or spoken to you in 17 years, I'm sorry, but you are on your own with this", said the female friend.

"Just ignore her".


"She thinks Dick Cheney, not Osama Bin Laden, was the overseer of the terrorist attacks on 9-11-01. She's nuts."

"People who don't trust the government are scary. She is scary."

A superfluous woman has needs. To get rid of her once upon a time you simply called her a witch.

How exciting were those public burnings! The sweet smell of burning flesh mixed with popcorn. They had to do something before cinema and TV. Right?

Today you call her mentally ill. And if she drinks beer or smokes pot you simply write her off as an addict.

If she's crazy or an addict best protect yourself. It's her duty to get the help she needs not your responsibility to be bothered.

Is your rant over Katherine?