Updated today again July 25, 2022: Brown acid was there to Levite to the Levy that Levi was never aliver than when the suddenly the arc of the covenant was the covenant of the women that think the tribes better matrilineal.

Osiris was Jewish.

Updated again today July 25, 2022: This is the testing time for the Gemmas too to think about the way to hearing that the White Buffalo Woman was there, too the Cherokee ancestry, to the Kelvin's ego that was fanciful.

You are the wittle child playing with toys to Kelvin's family's ideals. The right to rebutting that was the right to returning to the Cherokee too there to remember that the whitest of all women are the shop keepers that sell the goods to the whiter ones without the second hand goods beginning to hear: the white folks get the better bread. The Indians get nothing.

Marriage was the annulment of the really big show that Margarita was there to want to bury the hatchet. The men that think all women that lie are the women that think I am that always are the right to remembering that Wood's wife was Tammy before they broke up because they are too insecure to try to find the right to renew the collapsing world trading centers: the 911 attacks ruined the reality that I am there to learn to lie too. Loving the parents was allowing them the choice to understand ignoring the reality that the Iraqi beings were brutalized by "praying for the troops" was allowing the Christianization of the white world to shine to the monkeyfying too the fries with that that serves Richard's messages: I fuck whores.

Updated again today July 25, 2022: The ending of the contract to the needing another man was too the needing to whore too the women to the never allowed to touch too another man when the summer ends without the suddenly I am too the aloner when a man that accounts for the mentioning that Hillel was there to teach me to take the lighter touching too the hardship that allowing Stu to end was Paul McCartney that bought the medicine that killing too Margarita was the right to the remembering that Gemma's way was to end the pregnancy to the thought: Jade was stolen.

Updated again today July 25, 2022: The WE knows John was taken away by the men of power but the reality is that Yoko bettered herself that way. The record was reworked too. The record was my swan song that was the right to the WE needing to compliment the idea that John was headed to the slaughter while Yoko wrote to the world: I am the artist that wants to be there too.

Writing to the world as the artist is. This is the time that John wanted to have. John knows that Kiedis wanted to have the rights to the songs too. This is the time to fly to the next hour where the Cherokee there wins the right to remember that allowing the children the right to reinherit the authorship that I write to the father too there to the thought the man that fathers too the Aidans that Fitzgerald to the allowing the Caitlin too the parenting wins the fatherly way to the Blackie Dammett too there to want to watch the man turn to another figurine when the figure that finds out that loving him without the body will be as the other women there now are there to teach to the woman there that the need to having the Ned Flanders look was.

Updatee 25 July, 2022: The reality is that race is the concept that disguises the similarities of the millions of women and men and children to the reality that women that return to the reality that women of color are there to learn too that all women of color are there to be colorful.

Cherokee women were savagely allowed the brutality that the men of the white world allowed to the slaves because the slaves that were the Cherokee and Creek were allowed the red hot variety beginning when the summer ends on the running for the loving the right to return to the joker that tokes teaches the de Tocqueville that the rights to the membership in the assholes of America are the men that think allowing the reparations to the white women that show the designation that the slavery was there too wins.

You are to try to hear that killing the dream that Yoko was served too the papers to the divorce was the right to the WE. The reality was that John wanted to serve too the papers for the rights to the Sean learning to London too. But Jodi Staruch was thee "friend" that defriended me on Facebook to point out that my right to the friend back was not there. I was to teach to the world that allowing Facebook to feel like the real deal teaches Astrid killed Paul's heart too when the summer of the loving was expected to be without the fun now that was.

Rapes are the commonality to the reality that abusiveness turns to abuse when the summer ends on the running for the shows too the reality that runs to the running turns to the Cherokee women abused by the white, black and mulatto women too wanting to remember the remembering the British were the treatied teaches to the servicing the contracts wins the reality that the blues that won the war for the independence from the British were there to return to another try.

Update 12 April, 2020, Easter Sunday, The End Of The Innocence For The World View That The WE IS Not The Life Force Training The Others To Listen: Attention Census 2020 worker. This is the dry run for the new thing that tells you that categorizing the sheeple as the color coded individuals based on the visitation of the WE to tell the many that the race issue is the thing that needs to be eradicated by the very notion that you too are the Neapolitan Domestic Long Hair Anthony. The Flea is the Manyapolitan Africanized American Indian White Boy.

Update March 1, 2020: If truth mattered my stolen cats would be returned to their proper home with me. I wish the truth mattered to you too and then we could all move forward together with the clean slate that is not capable of being cleaned as long as myself and my cats must remain in the cold so that you don't have to accept responsibility for the mistake of removing them from me. Thank for listening with the fresh perspective and open mind that tells you that forgiveness is the two way street not the hiding of the crime behind the facade that tells you that the WE does not allow the Katherine to be deceived in the manner you think she deserves to be deceived since she treats others as she wishes to be treated herself with the deference to the other being the honest person too which is the rarity in the culture in which hiding behind the mask of illusion is the right way to the bank and back to the point the Giardina's of Burnsville, North Carolina have deceived me for years by withholding from me the truth that you knew damn well the Richard Foulk, Jr. was encouraged by the fucking state of North Carolina to get the vasectomy that you know for a fact Fran was given to him by your fucking father in the hood meaning the very doctor that you encouraged to give him the free vasectomy was the very man that fathered Levy but not Jake who was fathered by the guy called the other man in the hood that gives himself the right to father the kids of the neighborhood but not take responsibility/the man called his other daddy to this day/the man called the other father figure to the boy called Jake the man of the marijuana growing season in the California Hills/the man called Jake's real daddy, Joe you are not the father but you are still the daddy to him.

Kill the messenger and the message becomes clear that Joe Giardina is neither the father of Jake nor Levy.

Fun fun fun in the hills of the mountains of the Western North Carolina Cherokee lands stolen by the White and Jewish liars in charge of the narrative that you guessed it teaches Fran that her many years as the Health Department nurse resulted in the autism of the entire Western North Carolina area via the Mitchell and Yancey counties that give you the willies Fran the instigator of the entire affair that tells you that you have no right to dispense the drugs that you give to the children that give you the willies too that give you the right to understand that you too have the duty to cease and desist the insensitive insistence that vaccines do not cause autism in order to cover up your own guilty conscience to the point you dispense of the WE's words since you consider not the use of the vaccines the fraud all the way Louis Pasteur sent to the Emperor to kindly sanctify in order to give the future generations the right to be fucked harder than any other time in history to the point you have to be the woman that reads up on the very vaccines you sanctify because you have been the woman that cares not about the science but gives yourself the right to continue the horrific practice just because.

Jim Morrison is not the subject of controversy in this house but is in the world called I know you better than you know yourself because I understand that you are too open hearted to understand lying is the right way all the way right Giardina's?

Kill the messenger the WE is not the figment of the imagination of the woman typing but is the only honest source of information available to the woman rendered too confused by the various liars that have populated her entire existence to the point you guessed it the so called suicide meme the many of you insist is hers is the very frustration of trying to remain alive in a world of blind hearted liars that mean nothing to the woman but have the meanness to consider her of lesser substance because she loved the liar Richard Foulk with the open heart that insisted he was telling her the truth when he got hostile toward her if she ever questioned his fidelity or truth telling ability.

You suck Giardina's I love the meat the most and to give a damn about the killing alive of the flesh that is your sustenance is to tell yourself that you have a heart that feels too for the children normal until you start jacking them full of the poisons that must be regarded as medicine by you or you have to respect yourself that much more if you allow the medicine to remain in the children's world view instead of raising yourself into the person the woman typing is: the woman is educated in the ways of the science of the East which has too much to report about the Mission Hospital visit featuring the MAHEC staff of horrors to be given the right to be interrogated by the author of the email message not but the phone message asking her to report to the lawyer that you have to be given the right to understand the very mention of not taking the bait Katherine tells you that you had to regard the lawyer as the forceful woman that gave herself the right to feel like the hospital interrogator to the point the very letter forwarded to MAHEC was not the letter given to them by the hospital you contacted yourself but was given to them by the very good lawyer called Joy that did not take the divorce case that was not necessary anyway since the paper is filed at the Clerk of Superior Court's office but the point is the very notion to remove oneself from the right of the man to be heard over the woman the woman took it upon herself to wait until the lawyer got the goods delivered to both the hospital and the MAHEC that were uninterested in listening to the words of the wee wittle woman that was not important enough to be heard until the lawyer stepped in to forward the message that means more now that the WE tells MAHEC and Mission all responses will be posted publicly for the entire world including the various law enforcement agencies telling you that you have the ethical right to be heard Katherine.

Instead of race the more important question to ask on questionnaires:

Please check how you describe yourself:

   I am a liar

   I tell the truth