Update September 12, 2023: The women of the Bigwitch Indian Wisdom Initiative have asked me to cease and desist all attempts to engage with them. And that was the way to returning to the ways of the WE. This is the time to reinvestigate the world war three need to the world as the WE says that the next time the WE is asked to be excluded, being impolite to them wasn't allowed, but they are there to remember that I am not the only being typing. And the White Buffaloes of the Other Side are there to ask Maya of the large and in charge world of renewing the Cherokee her way why I am to be asked to be without the assistance too of Tyson Sampson.

This is the time to remember that excluding too the Lakota that write to me as the wronging them and the Brooke Medicine Eagle, not interested in trying to hear that the White Buffalo Woman herself is on the phone from the Other Side prospers to the news that going to the Red Road is this.

Updated October 9, 2022: And the article connected at this space is really real to the WE. So try police too.

Update September 1, 2022: This is the deal: The Cherokee Renewal is. This is the man to contact for the breading to his organization that is too the BeWitched way to regard all witchy women working. Now!

And the water too has a colleague to connect too Sean and Co. This is the time to renew too the Cherokee lands to television audiences see too the Cherokee ways by the Cherokee women that are Cherokee. And then that is too the resilience to needing Lee Brown too. So be that guys. Oh the ball. Make the call to Ireland too that the Donegal area needs my attention to take to the restoration too. So on to the next round where we all work for the shows.

And Amsterdam is the home to Catherine Austin Fitts who is too there to want to support the White Buffalo Woman working to end the poverty that is not the Cherokee there.

Irish men and women got to end too. The reality that Irish was a membership to the community that is now the Swannanoa River Reality That God Loves All that going to the distancing the mind from the Irish need to patriarch to the matriarchy the returned there too flourishes to a new normal where I paint too!

Update July 8, 2021: The California Sunshine awaits the right to the Swannanoa Valley too telling to the sudden telling to the staying alive that too the woman wants the man to be without too the shame to the gray hair.

You are too the right to want to end too the updating the world to another world where too the mentioning I am too the television producer to the Watkins Tom tells to the considering I am too the walking to the need allows the conjuring to the diatribe too the dialogue too the right to the dielectric world.

Update 25 January, 2021: The woman typing hears that the so called Science Moms think the Susan Gerbic is the bomb meaning the giving to the skepticism too the propaganda in the action of the karma that tells to the epigenetics that the knowing too the industry sponsors the right to the so called science meaning the way to navigate the funding is the way to yellow cake too the individual's consciousness to the tune too the Thomas S. Kuhn made the point the compartmentalizing too the so called physicists was the way to nominate to the top of the pile the best of the Quantum Men of Science the man called Dr. Amit Goswami that tells to the science mums that the giving to the industry too the right to fund too the so called research with the karmic residual need to allow too the vivisectionist to the point too the only scientists so called permitted to the Obamacare fiasco with too the insurance making the discussion that the procedure codes supported to the payment via too the identifying too the clauses of the specific to the individual or group that coalesces in the comfort the insurance team knows better than the practicing physician which procedures to perform as if too the making the bread were too the important more than too the residual need to assume too the observer of the so called observation questions the why from the Vedic perspective the observer the observed and the act of the observation are the same event to the thought the top down processing discussed by the esteemed physicist mentioned above the best of the quantum physicists that wins too the right to the being that was too the raised by the Vedic world that will be too the right to hear too the Lohith Hoysala was too the now the man that knows too the woman will hear the man was too the working for the world of the needing too the counseling that was too there but too the withheld being too the Shakti wants her to realize the man was too the working as the double agent to tell to the making too the Goswami too the richer was too the man that took to the being too the instructed that the so called science of the white world of the wasichus is the on the way out.

WE are the authors of this post being the top post to tell to the woman too the thought the comfort might just happen if the men think I have the good grace with too the working in the field meaning I need to work to the max as if too the psychic channel to the max means the rest will unfold but I am too hot under the collar to remember too the making the self the alone this long is the way to re-encumber not one human to be with the thought the right to the words Jesus Christ too talks to the many wins nothing but too the sailing wins the right to remember I am not the artist with the erect penis but the woman needing too the right to the remembering the locking down the economy to win the race to defeating the fictional pathogen is the way to remember the harder times are to follow meaning the right to the leaving too the land to the other side to convert to the many shelters that will be paid for by the many that think the freedom the more important than the need to convert too the housing to the big whig's basketball meaning I need to be loved too but the work is the primary importance meaning I am that the psychic medium with

My mother listens to what she hears on TV. She ignores me.

For 2.5 years I've told her I'm in constant communication with the Spirit World. I am becoming a medium.

The Spirit Guides said I was becoming a gifted psychic.

I talk about it. I write about it again and again.

Last week mother pays money to visit a psychic fair. She tells me, "Some of the people seemed good, some of them didn't seem any more psychic than me or you."

So. I guess I just must think this is happening to me.

I spend almost all my time without the accompaniment of other humans, but I am constantly communicating with beings who guide me in everything I do, from a vantage point that is not human.

I experience the benefits of that guidance every day.

I guess I must just think that is happening when it isn't really.

I say it is the greatest thing ever to happen to me.

Mother ignores it.

I live this gift all day everyday and want nothing more than to share it with others.

Mother ignores me.

Surely out of 7 billion people on this planet there is 1 who can meet me in my space.

A lot of people listen to the TV.

Can you help me oh Great Television?

Can you help me find someone who listens to me too?

I sure need a voice TV.