Update 7 January, 2023: Jews are not liars. Likud members are.

Aidan's father-in-law knows that killing Iraqis pays well. And he too knows that funding Israel too pays to the coffers that 9/11 to Gage's ways too: heat the error that I want to end now. I want to live. But you think you have the rights to terminate the competition. And that is the way to kill off the ending of the shower: 9-11 is the only show that isn't real to the reality that the kids that grew up thinking the terrorists are not them are hearing that the masks and social distancing and the shots say otherwise. Terror is the men of power's way to inculcate to the next round the parents that never cared about the Iraqis that suffered nor the Vietnamese nor the Afghans and that thinks that I am there to remember that killing based on lies is right-o to American Jews and Christians, exactly the way the Bible said it should be, you reap what you sow. So sow on the seeds of lies y'all of the "Jews are chosen" folks and leave too!

What do we want? Lies with war or something better? We are the choosing people. We have a choice.

Are you a liar? Or do you hold yourself to a Higher Standard?

Imagine if our culture revered truth above lies.