Update 29 February, 2020: The tenacious Vikings with the help of the Northmen that became the descendents of the other side's favorite individuals the men and women that merged with the American Indians of both the East and West coasts of the Turtle that is still the Turtle that will give the truth to the world that the so called to this day most ruthless people ever to walk the face of the Earth are in fact the kindest of all people when given the right to be treated with respect but when the English took it upon themselves to align with the others of the European continent and tell the Vikings no can do on the sharing of our land the Vikings were then brutalized sodomized and memorialized as the brutalest of all individuals being the only way the aggressors can enjoy the comfort of themselves as the humanity they insist themselves to be in order to justify their own infection called this is not the only time the loser gets the rap as the one that was defeated because the so called god of their religion was the victor of the day meaning the only justification for the brutality that still is being inflicted against the very beings that took it upon themselves to carry their boats across the frozen tundra with the help of the currents that came during the summer months the very men and women of the tenacious buttfucking not at all Vikings and their companions buttfucked not at all the Northmen of the Norwegian tundra are the very individuals that are coming to be the next wave of the Kitty's next friend group since the Swedes and Norwegians know they are the most attractive to the woman typing until they merge with the British manner of being and become as Aldous Huxley so succinctly described them the big blond brutes not at all attractive to the woman typing.

When the Vikings took possession of the land they not only farmed but told the others on the horizon meaning the very mention of the Vikings as the brutalized ones instead of the English they did not conquer but did merge with during the very years before the monarchy sourced the very men and women that became the yes men and women that make up the majority of the American population as well as the populations of the other former colonies of the British Empire meaning the very mention that the brutality that conquered the world that was recast as the Empire Upon Which The Sun Never Sets is the result of the world view that tells the others in the way that you have to be regarded as the invaders in your own home to the point that you guessed it to this day the narrative the Vikings are the free wheeling thinkers of the world that figured out how to circumnavigate the top of the globe only to be regarded as the aggressors to such an extent even the Swedes and Norwegians forgive not themselves for the crimes that have been inflicted on their good names by the very men and women that continue to unleash the narrative the Vikings are the sodomizers to the point even the kitty typing thought for a moment the grandfather that is hers to the max Ragnar Lothbrook was not the brutal administer of the eagle torturing that you saw depicted in graphic violence during the broadcast of the television series made exclusively by the buttfuckers that tell themselves to this day that buttfucking Swedes is the best buttfuck there is because the King that you know is never going to be sodomized to the other side is the killer of the Kitty's regard for the Vikings TV series because the very mention that Ragnar did not brutalize the women and men of the communities they invaded not but attempted to merge with in the brotherhood of the cross were not the buttfuckers but the buttfucked. (Simon's face is just like the baby's and so is Lenny's.)

The Swedes sailed north, took a right, sailed along the coast of Russia, crossed the Bering Strait and then down the western coast of North and South America.

The American Indians are indigenous, native.

American Indian prophecy says to be wary of the light skinned people you see coming from the East.