Update 11 May, 2019: A Cuban guy once told me that the Spanish killed all the native Cubans. That's not so. Those not killed were enslaved and are my ancestors and the ancestors of many, many others living today in and out of Cuba.

Update 10 May, 2019: Dublin, Ireland, too. Working back through my ancestors enslaved by the Spanish in Santa Cruz del Sur, Cuba, way back, 1500s, a bunch of grandfathers and grandmothers from Dublin show up. I suppose the English were cleaning out the riffraff.

The psychic genealogy of my grandmother Lillie Mae Lee (Coming Soon!) is proving very interesting. I am learning more than I ever dreamed about American history, a whole other perspective than usually taught.

About five generations prior to the removal to Southeast Indiana of one group of my Tuscarora ancestors from their ancestral land in Wake County North Carolina, four runaway slaves from St. Augustine show up in the lineage: 3 grandmothers, 1 grandfather. Thank you Tuscarora!

Tracing these ancestors back through 250+ years of Spanish slavery, I call BULLSHIT on this propagandistic episode of Secrets of the Dead.

Anyone who asserts that slavery in the Spanish-American colonial world was not an inheritable condition is wrong, flat-out wrong.

The Spanish nabbed loads of people from Mexico and Nicaragua, Guatemala, Columbia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, even California. They enslaved the native Caribbean islanders. They brought in many slaves nabbed from West Africa: Senegal, The Gambia, Mali, Equatorial Guinea, Togo, Sierra Leone. And they enslaved the native peoples of Florida. The Spanish men added their DNA to the mix too from time to time. I wonder if they yelled "I fuck for Ferdinand!" just before releasing their load. (These are the countries of origin of my ancestors who became Spanish slaves and whose children were born into slavery generation after generation.)

I feel much anxiety because I suspect most will simply reject this work. This is a gift from Spirit to teach ALL OF US that we are ONE family.

Yet, still I'm bound up with anticipation of rejection of this work because it does not match what the historical geneticists have concluded from my DNA as well as challenging the "conventional wisdom" of what is possible: that I am a medium who allows Spirit beings to communicate with me and to use my body. They move my hand to places on the map when I ask where a person was born.

Or I expect to be accused of fraud. This is absolutely NOT fraud. One only needs spend time with me and see how I work to know it is not fraud.

This is a gift I want to share. Will you accept it?

Here's my answer from Spirit, the answer to my anxiety of anticipated rejection: Surrender results.