Update 27 December, 2019: Grandfather great knew damn well Geraldine was his child but he told the woman and men under his mafioso command I am the man that says who is real and who determines their worth by the gun that sent me to the place where being the Irish-Indian lacky is not what matters but what matters is the beautiful little girl I loved the best way I could until the men that were my superiors said enough is enough and took me to the Spirit world only to release Geralidine from the horror of the Italian Mafia's ways into the ways of the world that said I am free now I'm on my way to the Paducah wilderness that became the world that is my granddaughter's, the world of the men that say no matter what the Italian Mafia still lives and protects the family until this day and until the day the White Shoe Boys go to sleep forever because the woman that loves US is the very woman that is descended from US and tells her friends the Italian Mafia is worth it for sure in more ways than one because the truth is the woman that was never told her great-grandfather is Italian is the very woman that wishes nothing more than to assist the Italian and Irish Mafias to take out the men that think they have the God given right to fuck us all because they are little big boys in training pants mixed with the pocket books that say I matter the most.

I'm told my mother's maternal grandfather was Italian, Italian-American that is. His parents were born in Italy.

My great-grandmother took that secret to her grave. My grandmother grew up with her mother's maiden name, thinking her father was dead. Another man signed her birth certificate. That man split when she was 2.

I'm hearing Mr. Italy was already married to someone other than my great-grandmother. He never knew about Geraldine during his lifetime. He wishes he had. Updated April 10, 2024: 5 years on I hear much better. So please allow the channel to be unfolding instead of nitpicking to show off that I am shit, nothing else.