Update 26 March, 2023.

Update 22 January, 2023: Flea won't be friendly. But the Anthony that croaks because the dollars are there to IRS up too the debtors to the need to both usury very importantly, paying for the debts accumulated during the QE expansion thought to be abundance, and the IRS need to be there to rework all Obamacare requirements to not enforced...

Update December 6, 2022: The WE is there to reinforce the news that all 5G radiation sickesses will not be diagnosed as that but as a virus that is circulating!

Update 2 December, 2022: The WE knows that 2-12-2022 is a long shot for the realization that the plan to install meters that are "smart" too was the known radiation poisoning hazard big time. And 2019 was the world of the way to 5G install too! So be without the hesitation to recognizing the state and local governments have options.

Having a voice that is heard is important. I was there to ask repeatedly for the Chili Peppers to try to hear: you have the rights. You have the right to make the difference to help the kids of the kids too. Why are you hesitating to help me? Think.

Update June 23, 2022: The smart meters are there to symptom to the diagnosis that rules the planned need to monkeypox to the still there in Europe when the world hears that killing the children this summer while NPR plays the tunes that show to the world that Anthony and Flea and the rest think that lies are there to show to themselves that killing their own children will not be allowed as they are to remember that loving Lennon was the loving the news Sean was the sole reason Anthony knows that children allowed to hear the Ultimate Love release will engender not the first news that Katherine Brannen wrote too the lyrics.

Update 16 September, 2020: Live too the world wins too the right to the beginning to the feeling too the animal rights becoming too the topic that matters to the point the "coo coo" that is the normal response from the "learned" means too the woman typing begins to hear too the world wins too the right to the knowing too the WE too the reason too the wifi is there.

Update August 31, 2020: WE want the Progressed to the Hell of the Duke to take to the bank too the mandating too the many to accept too the round up/neonicotinoid spread around too the Swannanoa River means too the many that have too the blueberries as did the woman typing will find too the finished product too the deficient too nutritionally to the thought the way the agriculture runs in the United States.

WE are the authors of the using too the many smart meters to the tune too the woman knows too the Chinese intend to use them when they invade the United States as the provocation of the meltdown means too the many that think too the Mandarin the right language need to refresh their memories that too the White Dragons want nothing but too the well to do to think too the way to the giving to the world too the Putin too the loser in the game that means too the not the leader the woman thought tells to her too the Trump wins too the election.

Update 21 June, 2019: The rule for enrolling in the Manually Read Meter option requires me to give Duke Progress Energy access to the power meter on my house 24/7: no gates, no dogs, no privacy. I asked why they couldn't just keep the meter that was there and NOT revert 20 years in technology to a manual meter on my house. The "customer service" agent explained to me that Duke Progress Energy is moving forward with the times.

"Keep you doped with religion and sex and tv. You think you're so clever and classless and free."

For now I'll pay the fee. I sure hope I have a friend or partner to support me when the time comes I have to go to war with the power company to keep my power on without bathing myself in EMF radiation which fucks me up big time.

Maybe I'll have human support, maybe I won't. Someone has to give me credit for knowing my own experience first.

Ain't it funny? You need a letter saying you are sensitive from a group of "doctors" who deny EMF sensitivity is a real experience. Ever go into a "doctor's" office or hospital? The EMF is so thick you can barely walk!

But they've got the state of the art "medical" technology at their finger tips!

I sure hope I have at least one person to support me. I'm gonna be a labeled a "crazy person" because of my sensitivity that I "just think" is happening to me.

On a another note we do have the technology to give everyone freely available and clean power. But that is under lock and key at The Pentagon "keeping us safe".

Oh no! Am I a "conspiracy theorist"? I hang my head in shame.