Update 16 December, 2020: The last Christmas for the many Britons following the crown's notion the livestock must be thinned meaning too the peasants know they are not the Enys' but too they watch too the "sane" woman not even cry when her child dies but too that is the English manner to the aristocracy are the real beings while the kids too of the farm animals are too the not permitted to the lives meaning the way to end too the Section 8 folks with the mandatory vaccines to be with the home that might have been theirs for the many generations has to be with too the right to telling to the money I will take too the handouts and too tell to the Irish world I am too telling to the 007 that I will be offered too the right to remember too the Lennon advises to the men and too the women of the world that too the 007 will remember too the man is too the vulnerable to the Queen's will meaning the slaughter of the Iraqi children was fine to the many while too the slaughter of the kids of the African continent in the many trial runs for the making too the vaccines fine tuned to the killing off too the African "genetics" tells to the many Africanized American Indians without too the long hair that too the woman knows too the vaccine the tailored to tell to the Dr. Enys insanity is your wife.

When you ignore your own pain, it's very easy to ignore others' pain.

Then you can conquer the world!