Psychic Genealogy is teaching me beyond a shadow of a doubt that race is crap.

My father for instance has more American Indian ancestors than he does European. Yet he is a "white" man.

My mother has loads of African ancestors. She is a "white" woman.

Historically here in the "Greatest Country on Earth" the LAW imposed bullshit on people based on their color or if they were an Indian.

In the case of being an Indian a "white" or even "black" or "mulatto" posse could show up at your place, steal your land and either kill you and your family or force you west, across the Mississippi.

I have been shown by Spirit that the American Indians did not disappear. They live on in loads of people, "white", "black", and "Indian".

And I've been shown that "white" people and "black" people have lived together, married together and produced children together, a lot!

For instance: I'm told my ancestors the Piscataway who lived in what is now the heart of Washington DC folded in a number of people from Liberia. The people from Liberia are my ancestors too. And that's just a start.

My ancestors include the native people displaced by the invaders, the "servants" transported from Ireland, the native peoples of the Caribbean, Mexico, Central/South America and Florida enslaved by the Spanish, people nabbed from West Africa to be slaves, and the invaders.

YES! Those are my ancestors even though I am white.

Will you deny me my ancestors?

Will you deny me my dignity by telling me I don't have command of my faculties if I really believe I am the medium through which this gift is being given to the world?

Will you deny yourself the gift?

Or will you accept the gift?

As I recall Dr. King advised us to judge people by the quality of their character, not the color of their skin.

If you see a brother or sister next to you rather than a member of a "race", chances are we'll conquer the inequality.

Respect your neighbor, even if your neighbor is a "white" girl with a gift from Spirit to challenge your deep assumptions.

Henry Louis Gates, Jr, trusting the "scientists" at, said with complete assurance that most of his white guests don't have any African DNA. The impression is made that historically the only time a "white" person touched a "black" person was when a "white" man raped a "black" woman. That's crap!

Oh well. I gone and done it. Got uppity. Ain't nobody gonna pay attention to me now, huh? Who the fuck am I but a "white" woman of privilege. That must be why I'm chronically ignored or treated like a crazy person, my privilege.

Seems to me it's something else that determines privilege.

My work is a gift. I ain't making no money doing it.

Teachers allegedly told to favor black students in ‘racial equity’ training.

The DOE’s Office of Equity and Access has contracted DEEP for $175,000. Another anti-bias consultant, Glenn Singleton, the author of “Courageous Conversations,” which includes a critique of the “white supremacy culture,” has a $775,000 contract.

If you ask me it's time we grow up and listen to Dr. King.