Update September 17, 2021: You are too the wrong to think the having to remember not one person tries to communicate about the Spirit world but the Spirit world insists the relaxing the right tells to the need to another telling you that you have not the right to the Spirited woman that wants to share too the WE but then again the need to a way to hearing the Donna was too the ridiculing the other son on the phone tells to the way to hearing the way to the Jimmy buying the head to the pills are the right to remember I kill myself to the thought the woman identified to the lawyer called Jack Moore of the Lawenceville area as too the not imploding in the noman'sland to the thought the no man's landed on the feet to hear: sue too the woman typing for wanting to work but then again the feeling the need to that wins nothing but the right to rejoin the many that fly to the thought the wayside is the way to ensure the working for the WE involves that not the working for the covid nightmare that wraps to the thought up too the CDC as too the right to the working environment that is not the bombed.

You are the right too Kat to remember the wanting to work for the money that means I am too the working for a way to demonstrate the need to a world where too the wanting to reward the being alive by the removing too the family that wants to remember nothing but the hiding behind the shells was too the way to hearing the woman trying to reap too the benefits of the need to allowing the body to remember the channeling was too the right to her 5 years back but the need to clear out too the Jim Brannen to the other side to reward too the wifey that was too the right to remembering the father was too the not the bride but the woman took to the mentioning the daughter is too the unintelligent to the thought the getting to the explaining the way out of the show was to enforce to the rules the Will is the right to the being telling to the conditioning the estate will ensure too the pansy that flies the flag that I will support the older brother but the older sister is the discarded tells to the working for a time when too the mentioning the Donna "fuck you" Brim that asked nothing but to be without the shame to having to ridicule too the woman to the lawyer now that wins the right to remember that the getting to the closet wins too the removing too the family as there.

Update August 31, 2021: I want the woman to comprehend the need for another to care is too the need to another world where the participation in the life style that wins the right to tell to the being the vaccinated the right to the shedding too the viral load to the 250+ times is the injecting too the virus to the AIDS to the being too the right to remembering the getting to the alright to thin the Iraqis was too the right to remembering the killing off too the Bono Vox's body was the right to remember the friend there will be then the right to remembering I wanted nothing but the right to be speaking again without the world hearing: you have to remember you think the need to another there is too the right to remembering I am too the socializing again after the many years alone to ripen the channel but then again the ignoring the woman's world really is the way to the children needing to feel a life where the concerts are too the right to the Clapton is the real man Bono.

America: Land of Exceptional, Indispensable Psychosis

The above linked article says:

The rest of the world knows the United States is a rabid, irrational, and violent predator. The American people, however, remain clueless and shamefully disinterested in the fact the country is run by psychopaths and serial murderers.

The article is correct about the bulk of the American public: clueless.

Is it really true people outside the USA can see more clearly and care?

Will one of you outside the USA who can see what's really happening contact me?

Please: I need at least 1 friend who can see clearly because people like me are the "bad guy" to much of the American public. I need support! I can't unsee what is there!

I've looked within the USA (and outside) for said friend to no avail.


Oh well. I'm not holding my breath. I'm a whole lot more comfy with being alone all the time than I was a year ago. But I am withering.

The crimes of our "leaders" go unseen just like my talents.

I do have a gift for the world. But, as they say, "You can lead a horse to water..."

Oh no! Am I a crazy person? A narcissist? Who the fuck am I to think I have a gift for the world. I ain't got no money. I ain't famous. I ain't never been on TV. I ain't nobody. Right, my friend?

Sorry. I forgot. I'm negative. I deserve no support because it is my own negativity that creates the frustration mentioned in this post. Right, my friend?

In fact, you better protect yourself from me. Right, my friend?

Be careful. Don't put yourself at risk by communicating with me. Right, my friend?