Update September 28, 2021: The WE is too the author that the world hears: the way to identify the so-called European diseases without the immunity packaged as the socialized version of the working for the Reichian display that the armoring too the children to be displaced to the next round meaning the left overs will be the meek that inherit too the not the hotra to the so-called "germs" killed too the diseased by the way to the displacing them from their ancestors too was to the thought the removing too the ground that spells: the man has the audacity to care about the woman not allowed to the feeling alive even when the male God of the Christian hierarchy tells to the women they are the slamming to the dunk the right to recover to the better heart by the working to remember the being on the Red Road too Means too the meek to the WE.

Update 19 June, 2020: Stop listening to the news people and hear your heart talking instead. That'll solve the crisis to the better extent than wearing the masks and continuing to put that much energy into fighting racism. The truth is the entire country is the mixed breed so become the Red Road Workers instead.

"When the stem of the pipe is merged with the bowl, the pipe comes alive and empowered."

Cheers brothers and sisters of the European continent too.

It's popular to define inequality by race.

Marx, on the other hand, defined the situation as capital vs. labor; those who have money vs. those who labor.

Psychic Genealogy is teaching me that the history of our country resembles more Marx's view than popular history's.

From what I can see the American Indians did not disappear. The European diseases theory is way overrated.

Tribes regularly folded in refugees from "civilization" into their fold, the Cherokee especially, until "civilization" caught up with them.

Think about it. There were no bargain flights from Europe during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

There were 3 types of people: 1) People with enough money to immigrate and "buy" land. 2) People brought in to serve them 3) The people already here.

It seems pretty often the servants/slaves split and lived with the people already here.

You gotta wonder. Maybe the reason we were all brought together like this is for the servants to teach the moneyed who Christ really is.