Update September 12, 2021: The WE asks those that know they "believe in science" to tell themselves the Thomas S. Kuhn who wrote the classic that was the required reading to the woman typing 7 times over at Georgia Tech during the 20th century was too the right to the needing the women and men that work for the being the coming home to think about.

Update 5 September, 2020: The Cuban Connection Of Lillie Mae Lee's Genealogy completed online as is for now: The Cuban Connection Part 1, The Cuban Connection Part 2, The Cuban Connection Part 3, The Cuban Connection Part 4. Please pardon the cumbersome html. The effects of the now.

Update September 4, 2020 Redux: Astrology the paradigm shifter too. Cheers "Modern" or is that "Victorian Vivisection in the Mask" Medicine? Saturn conjunct Jupiter combust? Whatever! The Uranus connection spells the Prometheus in Aries conjunct Mars to the tune too the capping is the disaster as is every Windows release since the stable Windows XP. Of the 2000 Y2K time. Ha Ha Ha the virus then too the enamored with the technology folks banging the buck.

Further Update 4 September, 2020: Himmler or Heisenberg? More to follow. Read the book in the meantime and contemplate the question you covid-19-believers to the thought...

Update 4 September, 2020: Live this is the next thing on the horizon but now the world waits.

It's not just scientific revolutions that follow this pattern. It applies to all scholarship.