While I appreciated your effort, taking me out to lunch to talk to me, I have this to say.

I have to make a living. My ex-husband told bullshit about me to lots of people. I'm not worried about my fucking reputation, but I DO need to make a living!

What I'm going through, you must make an effort to understand!

You condescended me, telling me, "No one is thinking about you Katherine", while you asked me not to use your name in conjunction with what I have "going on with Richard."

I appreciate the lunch, but your arrogance made it difficult to enjoy the food.

You said, "I know what is going on with you."

I said, "No you don't" and tried to explain.

You would not allow me to even finish a sentence before you cut me off and told me "That's enough. You need to see a professional."

With all due respect, Deb, you had and still have NO IDEA what is going on with me! Nor have you tried to find out!

How interesting it is that you are the person Richard, my back-stabbing ex-husband *, moved in with after I kicked him out.

You are right. I harbored resentment for you after the lunch. Big time.

I am a psychic-medium now. I am.

It's been a real challenge learning to listen to the Spirit world while residing in this one. Very hard. But I have prevailed.

None the less, what I observe, is big egos working in the field of spirituality. I'm not sure I can compete.

So. I'm with you on how I should earn my living, though I disagree on subject matter.

I've no interest in drawing the young woman modeling for the figure-drawing class down the road.

I wanna draw and paint subjects I can get into **: sexy men.

So Go Fund Me.

* Oh. That's right. I forgot. "Richard wouldn't do that.". I guess I'm just a stupid woman, too unaware to know what a 16 year relationship feels like and when I'm being treated like dirt. Thank you former-friends!

** Or is it the other way 'round?