Update June 9, 2024: This is the heads-up that the planned nuclear attack that was perceived by the artist travelling the path to the Atlanta Hilton's ending was too the times 10 world where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. took to walking to the King Memorial MARTA station with her.

The woman that knows that dollars are the most important factor for living finds that regulators too think that. So fashioning regulations to represent the big corporations' ability to afford compliance too finds that water realities return to the water companies that dammed the rivers and took command of the reality that the big kids that stole the land from the animals too when they warred for revolution in 1776 treated the water rights to themselves while creating the illusion that the water was being new dealed to the betterment.

The dams are theirs. And the pentagon's world owns the high intensity dynamite that allowed 9/11 to happen. Dams are to be removed, just like water systems paid for by the Libyans, owned by Libyans, and for Libyans.

The world where the funding to live is the dollar, owned by the central bankers that now have the desire to render the world their slaves, is the funding that will accomplish the destruction of the infrastructures installed via the works projects that new dealed to the desiccation that means Federal Reserves are...

The Way to another world is there. The way to try to live instead of just buying and selling will be when the regulation boards end.

Update 29 September, 2019:
WE are Katherine's American Indian ancestors.
WE want you to listen carefully.
WE are not kidding about the purification.
WE want you to listen to Katherine.
WE want you to listen to US.
WE want humanity to live but you are quickly approaching your serious reduction in numbers.
WE want you to listen to what WE are trying to tell you.
WE want you to stop ridiculing Katherine for the work she is doing for US.
WE want you to know, you who ridicule her, that you have no idea what you are talking about.
WE want you to know WE know even American Indian peoples are ridiculing WE because Katherine is our chosen messenger.
WE want American Indian people to support Katherine instead of calling her a fraud.
WE want you to listen hard.
Katherine is not a fraud.
Katherine is trying to tell you our message but you are too full of yourselves to listen.
WE want you to treat Katherine with respect, otherwise the WE will not be able to save humanity from the purification.
WE are trying to help you.
WE want you to respect the sacrifices Katherine is making to try to get this message to you.
WE are weary of the fighting in this new world.
WE want you to understand WE are the ancestors of All American Indians.

Update 19 September, 2019:
Atlanta was the most sacred place in the Americas to the ancestors because of Stone Mountain.
Atlanta was the most sacred place in the world to them because of Stone Mountain.
Stone Mountain is where the people met for council.
The ancestors want the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta airport to stop dumping waste water into the Chatahoochee river!

The ancestors say wireless waves are killing the insects and birds.
The ancestors say wireless waves are giving children brain cancer.
The ancestors say wireless waves are the end of life on earth as we know it.
The ancestors say wireless waves will change the frequency of the earth so that humans can no longer live here.
The ancestors say WE want humanity to live but humanity is killing itself off.
The ancestors want the 5G rollout to stop.
The ancestors say 5G is already starting to kill everything.
The ancestors say 5G must be stopped!

The ancestors say the only hope for humanity is to stop the 5G rollout!

WE think vaccination is one of the cruelest things humanity has ever come up with.
WE want you to listen carefully.
WE want the governments to stop mandating vaccination.
Herd immunity is bullshit.
WE want humanity to stop vaccinating children.
WE want you to listen carefully.
If humanity does not stop vaccinating children WE must have the purification.
WE are not kidding!

The ancestors have warned about a planned nuclear attack on Atlanta.

Atlanta can be saved.
Atlanta should be saved.
Othewise the consequences will be enormous.

It won't just be Atlanta that will burn.

These cities will burn too in the purification:
Los Angeles, California, USA
New York, New York, USA
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Phildelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Washington DC, USA
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Moscow, Russia
London, England
Berlin, Germany
Paris, France
Dublin, Ireland
Sydney, Australia
Weillington, New Zealand
Christchurch, New Zealand
Auckland, New Zealand
Melbourne, Australia
Brisbane, Australia
Prague, Czech Republic
Milan, Italy
Frankfurt, Germany
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Zurich, Switzerland
Antwerp, Belgium
Brussels, Belgium
Málaga, Spain
Valencia, Spain
Lisbon, Portugal
Madrid, Spain
Copenhagen, Denmark
Hamburg, Germany
Stockholm, Sweden
Oslo, Norway
Warsaw, Poland
Helsinki, Finland
Tallinn, Estonia
Riga, Latvia
Gdansk, Poland
Slupsk, Poland
Szczecin, Poland
Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Houston, Texas, USA
Austin, Texas, USA
San Antonio, Texas, USA
El Paso, Texas, USA
San Francisco, California, USA
San Diego, California, USA
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Sacramento, California, USA
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Denver, Colorado, USA
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Tucson, Arizona, USA
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Hanover, Germany
Wunstorf, Germany
Minden, Germany
Lübbecke, Germany
Rödinghausen, Germany
Osnabrück, Germany
Ladbergen, Germany
Emsdetten, Germany
Münster, Germany
Sendenhorst, Germany
Drensteinfurt, Germany
Recklinghausen, Germany
Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Oberhausen, Germany
Meiderich/Beeck, Germany
Hochheide, Germany
Asberg, Germany
Schwafheim, Germany
Altenbruch, Germany
Rumeln-Kaldenhausen, Germany
Uerdingen, Germany
Verberg, Germany
Krefeld, Germany
Nettetal, Germany
Bolenberg, Netherlands
Hout, Netherlands
Kessel, Netherlands
Kessel-Eik, Netherlands
Kappert, Netherlands
Gerhegge, Netherlands
Ophoven, Netherlands
Mortel, Netherlands
Eind, Netherlands
Heythuysen, Netherlands
Kampershoek, Netherlands
Molenakker, Netherlands
Oda, Netherlands
Boshoven, Netherlands
Budel-Dorplein, Netherlands
Lozen, Netherlands
Kaulille, Belgium
Kleine-Brogel, Belgium
Neerhoksent, Belgium
Locht, Belgium
Leuven, Belgium
La Louvière, Belgium
Boussoit, Belgium
Mons, Belgium
Athis, Belgium
Fayt-le-Franc, Belgium
Rat-d'Eau, Belgium
Passe-tout-Outre, Belgium
Cambrai, France
Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
Ogden, Utah, USA
Grand Junction, Colorado, USA
Provo, Utah, USA
Dividend, Utah, USA
Eureka, Utah, USA
Mammoth, Utah, USA
Silver City, Utah, USA
Jericho, Utah, USA
Lynndyl, Utah, USA
McGill, Nevada, USA
Lander County, Nevada, USA
Stillwater, Nevada, USA
Fallon, Nevada, USA
Millard County, Utah, USA
Garrison, Nevada, USA
White Pine County, Nevada, USA
Ely, Nevada, USA
Willow Grove, Nevada, USA
Nye County, Nevada, USA
Tonopah, Nevada, USA
Abel Spring, Nevada, USA
North Pacific Ocean
39°43'45.0"N 112°16'08.8"W, Jericho, Utah, USA
39°30'00.5"N 112°24'33.7"W, Lynndyl, Utah, USA
39°24'32.1"N 114°45'50.7"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'41.8"N 114°46'26.2"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'27.9"N 114°46'36.9"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'08.0"N 114°46'48.3"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°23'53.7"N 114°46'56.1"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°23'50.8"N 114°46'57.7"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°23'25.2"N 114°48'07.9"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°27'02.0"N 114°51'38.3"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°27'11.4"N 114°53'40.0"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°31'00.1"N 115°59'46.1"W, Eureka, Nevada, USA
39°31'02.6"N 116°00'03.7"W, Eureka, Nevada, USA
39°31'20.6"N 116°00'46.0"W, Eureka, Nevada, USA
39°33'38.2"N 116°08'42.8"W, Eureka, Nevada, USA
39°41'45.1"N 117°13'18.8"W, Lander County, Nevada, USA
39°31'13.0"N 118°33'11.9"W, Stillwater, Nevada, USA
39°31'01.4"N 118°33'24.7"W, Stillwater, Nevada, USA
39°30'55.5"N 118°33'37.0"W, Stillwater, Nevada, USA
39°30'59.0"N 118°33'49.9"W, Stillwater, Nevada, USA
39°30'57.5"N 118°34'03.7"W, Stillwater, Nevada, USA
39°31'06.4"N 118°34'29.4"W, Stillwater, Nevada, USA
39°31'03.9"N 118°37'18.3"W, Stillwater, Nevada, USA
39°31'08.1"N 118°37'36.4"W, Stillwater, Nevada, USA
39°31'29.8"N 118°37'53.1"W, Stillwater, Nevada, USA
39°31'27.6"N 118°38'09.9"W, Stillwater, Nevada, USA
39°31'07.3"N 118°38'28.8"W, Stillwater, Nevada, USA
39°30'59.3"N 118°38'40.4"W, Stillwater, Nevada, USA
39°30'50.6"N 118°38'50.4"W, Stillwater, Nevada, USA
39°30'39.6"N 118°38'54.3"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'16.1"N 118°39'22.0"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'32.7"N 118°40'37.6"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'30.9"N 118°41'05.5"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'44.2"N 118°41'29.6"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'48.0"N 118°41'45.9"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'22.6"N 118°42'23.6"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'22.1"N 118°42'54.0"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'54.6"N 118°44'03.1"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'56.8"N 118°44'05.0"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'59.1"N 118°44'42.2"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'44.8"N 118°44'44.6"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'41.9"N 118°45'37.5"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'38.0"N 118°45'48.7"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'36.5"N 118°45'49.7"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'37.5"N 118°45'59.0"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'28.4"N 118°46'14.8"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'24.4"N 118°46'28.7"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'24.4"N 118°46'58.2"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'24.2"N 118°47'05.5"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'27.4"N 118°47'16.2"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'28.5"N 118°47'29.6"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'28.8"N 118°47'45.1"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°31'04.8"N 118°47'43.0"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'59.8"N 118°47'45.7"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'55.0"N 118°48'01.2"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'54.6"N 118°48'18.2"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'48.5"N 118°48'18.2"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
39°30'37.0"N 118°48'19.9"W, Fallon, Nevada, USA
38°59'25.8"N 113°23'00.7"W, Millard County, Utah, USA
38°59'21.6"N 113°23'17.3"W, Millard County, Utah, USA
38°59'57.7"N 113°26'00.4"W, Millard County, Utah, USA
39°11'54.4"N 113°56'50.5"W, Millard County, Utah, USA
39°13'02.5"N 114°00'07.1"W, Millard County, Utah, USA
39°11'53.4"N 114°01'04.6"W, Millard County, Utah, USA
39°12'05.7"N 114°03'26.2"W, Garrison, Nevada, USA
39°12'07.5"N 114°03'30.5"W, Garrison, Nevada, USA
39°12'06.7"N 114°03'30.6"W, Garrison, Nevada, USA
39°11'48.0"N 114°03'13.1"W, Garrison, Nevada, USA
39°12'13.2"N 114°03'29.4"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°12'10.3"N 114°03'32.0"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°12'09.8"N 114°03'39.5"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°12'07.8"N 114°04'30.6"W, Nevada, USA
39°11'53.0"N 114°05'12.5"W, Nevada, USA
39°14'11.5"N 114°03'52.5"W, Nevada, USA
39°14'21.2"N 114°04'18.7"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°14'16.9"N 114°04'41.8"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°14'30.2"N 114°05'07.0"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°14'42.2"N 114°05'15.4"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°19'43.2"N 114°38'04.3"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°21'58.0"N 114°40'32.2"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°22'59.3"N 114°41'51.1"W, Ely, Nevada, USA
39°23'25.0"N 114°42'46.0"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°23'41.3"N 114°42'43.5"W, Ely, Nevada, USA
39°24'11.5"N 114°43'39.0"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°24'15.9"N 114°43'40.1"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°24'32.2"N 114°43'30.9"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°24'42.3"N 114°43'24.8"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°24'52.5"N 114°43'20.6"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°24'49.4"N 114°43'22.4"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°24'45.3"N 114°43'23.0"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°24'42.1"N 114°43'24.9"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°24'37.9"N 114°43'27.7"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°24'33.5"N 114°43'29.8"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'32.3"N 114°43'30.3"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'31.9"N 114°43'33.5"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'29.7"N 114°43'35.6"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'27.0"N 114°43'38.9"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'15.4"N 114°43'40.5"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'14.1"N 114°43'39.0"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'11.1"N 114°43'38.6"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'09.8"N 114°43'40.4"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'05.9"N 114°43'40.6"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'04.0"N 114°43'40.6"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°23'55.5"N 114°43'40.7"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°23'50.7"N 114°43'38.6"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°23'48.1"N 114°43'36.9"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°23'41.1"N 114°43'34.2"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°23'34.9"N 114°43'31.8"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°23'31.9"N 114°43'25.8"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°23'28.3"N 114°43'21.9"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°23'23.6"N 114°43'17.2"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°23'18.7"N 114°43'11.4"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'18.8"N 114°44'20.6"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'14.5"N 114°45'34.8"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'18.8"N 114°45'51.2"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'04.6"N 114°46'11.7"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°24'05.2"N 114°46'15.7"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°20'44.9"N 114°47'49.9"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°20'46.4"N 114°48'05.8"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°20'03.6"N 114°48'16.0"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°19'44.9"N 114°48'16.8"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°20'35.5"N 114°49'45.2"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°20'28.2"N 114°49'58.8"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°20'36.3"N 114°50'35.9"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°20'39.6"N 114°50'59.6"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°20'31.5"N 114°51'31.8"W, McGill, Nevada, USA
39°20'14.4"N 114°51'34.7"W, Ely, Nevada, USA
39°13'24.6"N 114°54'36.3"W, Ely, Nevada, USA
39°13'05.3"N 114°54'25.8"W, Ely, Nevada, USA
39°12'36.8"N 114°54'28.2"W, Ely, Nevada, USA
39°10'42.7"N 114°54'49.3"W, Ely, Nevada, USA
39°11'03.5"N 114°54'41.0"W, Ely, Nevada, USA
39°08'47.3"N 114°53'52.9"W, Ely, Nevada, USA
39°07'58.1"N 114°52'16.3"W, Ely, Nevada, USA
39°07'03.2"N 114°53'07.3"W, Ely, Nevada, USA
39°05'10.4"N 114°53'27.2"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
38°55'16.8"N 115°14'31.1"W, Willow Grove, Nevada, USA
38°53'08.8"N 115°18'23.8"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°04'57.8"N 115°12'40.2"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°09'24.4"N 115°16'54.1"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°09'25.4"N 115°17'09.2"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°09'17.3"N 115°17'02.9"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°08'55.0"N 115°17'05.8"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°10'10.7"N 115°20'12.6"W, Ely, Nevada, USA
39°10'15.3"N 115°21'22.5"W, Ely, Nevada, USA
39°17'52.6"N 115°40'52.6"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°18'45.2"N 115°44'12.2"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°18'48.4"N 115°45'30.3"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°18'56.2"N 115°46'02.5"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°18'33.1"N 115°45'45.8"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°18'22.6"N 115°45'39.6"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°16'01.1"N 115°45'54.6"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°15'57.2"N 115°48'42.8"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°14'30.5"N 115°45'18.8"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°13'35.1"N 115°44'42.7"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°14'19.5"N 115°44'57.6"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°14'32.0"N 115°44'57.6"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°14'29.4"N 115°45'11.2"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°14'24.3"N 115°44'59.7"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°14'08.6"N 115°44'53.6"W, Nevada, USA
39°13'58.3"N 115°45'00.1"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°13'44.2"N 115°45'02.8"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°12'52.3"N 115°45'07.2"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°12'31.0"N 115°45'11.8"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°10'51.7"N 115°45'27.4"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°10'08.2"N 115°43'49.3"W, White Pine County, Nevada, USA
39°04'39.5"N 115°46'04.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
39°04'04.8"N 115°46'32.7"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
39°03'17.6"N 115°46'34.9"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
39°01'34.7"N 115°48'03.9"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
39°00'53.5"N 115°48'44.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
39°00'49.6"N 115°49'20.9"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
39°00'12.6"N 115°49'30.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°59'19.9"N 115°47'58.0"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°58'29.6"N 115°46'30.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°58'52.5"N 115°48'13.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°59'08.9"N 115°48'53.0"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°59'30.3"N 115°48'58.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°58'10.8"N 115°48'41.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°57'36.8"N 115°48'39.7"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°57'08.2"N 115°47'50.7"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°56'44.5"N 115°47'29.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°56'37.0"N 115°47'14.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°56'34.3"N 115°46'46.4"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°56'18.7"N 115°46'35.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°56'01.9"N 115°46'38.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°55'45.8"N 115°46'53.7"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°55'33.5"N 115°47'03.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°55'11.0"N 115°47'44.4"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°54'59.5"N 115°48'06.0"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°56'14.2"N 115°46'00.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°56'19.5"N 115°46'11.0"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°56'19.9"N 115°46'24.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°56'08.2"N 115°46'39.7"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°56'03.2"N 115°46'41.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°55'35.0"N 115°46'59.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°55'12.7"N 115°47'28.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°55'07.8"N 115°47'44.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°54'24.2"N 115°46'20.0"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°54'20.1"N 115°44'57.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°51'59.5"N 115°44'21.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°51'22.8"N 115°44'19.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°49'31.2"N 115°45'31.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°48'59.5"N 115°46'10.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°48'58.0"N 115°46'08.4"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°48'48.2"N 115°46'29.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°51'11.5"N 115°44'34.7"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°50'43.6"N 115°44'12.9"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°50'08.1"N 115°45'01.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°49'27.7"N 115°45'27.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°49'03.6"N 115°45'58.9"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°48'48.0"N 115°46'29.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°46'42.8"N 115°42'16.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°46'26.4"N 115°41'56.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°46'26.6"N 115°41'54.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°46'08.9"N 115°41'43.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°46'07.5"N 115°41'44.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'59.9"N 115°41'40.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'55.4"N 115°41'37.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'53.2"N 115°41'35.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'52.4"N 115°41'35.4"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'50.4"N 115°41'37.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'44.6"N 115°41'33.9"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'39.4"N 115°41'31.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'31.7"N 115°41'34.0"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'29.9"N 115°41'30.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'28.9"N 115°41'19.9"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'26.8"N 115°41'19.0"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'25.8"N 115°41'17.7"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'24.8"N 115°41'18.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'22.1"N 115°41'16.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'22.0"N 115°41'19.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'20.2"N 115°41'19.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'20.6"N 115°41'16.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'14.8"N 115°41'17.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'13.9"N 115°41'16.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'13.7"N 115°41'15.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'13.1"N 115°41'15.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'12.2"N 115°41'14.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'11.9"N 115°41'14.0"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'11.7"N 115°41'13.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'11.1"N 115°41'13.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'09.9"N 115°41'12.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'08.2"N 115°41'12.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'07.3"N 115°41'11.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'05.9"N 115°41'11.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'04.9"N 115°41'12.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'03.6"N 115°41'12.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'02.4"N 115°41'12.7"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'00.9"N 115°41'13.0"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'00.1"N 115°41'14.0"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°45'00.2"N 115°41'11.4"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'59.3"N 115°41'13.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'59.4"N 115°41'11.7"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'58.2"N 115°41'12.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'58.4"N 115°41'11.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'56.9"N 115°41'10.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'56.6"N 115°41'11.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'55.6"N 115°41'11.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'48.4"N 115°41'06.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'48.7"N 115°41'05.4"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'44.7"N 115°41'04.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'44.4"N 115°41'04.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'42.8"N 115°41'00.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'36.5"N 115°40'50.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'26.1"N 115°40'32.4"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'23.7"N 115°40'27.9"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'24.3"N 115°40'27.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'22.8"N 115°40'26.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'20.6"N 115°40'27.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'19.8"N 115°40'28.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'19.6"N 115°40'27.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'09.3"N 115°40'33.0"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'09.7"N 115°40'34.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'07.2"N 115°40'36.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'06.8"N 115°40'35.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'06.4"N 115°40'36.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'06.0"N 115°40'35.9"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'05.4"N 115°40'36.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'05.7"N 115°40'37.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'03.5"N 115°40'39.0"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'03.0"N 115°40'37.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'02.6"N 115°40'38.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'02.4"N 115°40'38.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'01.9"N 115°40'38.4"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°44'02.2"N 115°40'39.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°43'28.7"N 115°40'56.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°43'28.6"N 115°40'55.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°43'08.2"N 115°41'05.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°43'06.7"N 115°40'55.4"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°43'10.3"N 115°40'55.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°43'11.1"N 115°40'46.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°43'06.4"N 115°40'45.7"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°43'11.8"N 115°40'26.9"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°43'17.7"N 115°40'24.4"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°43'11.0"N 115°40'21.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°43'25.3"N 115°40'22.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°43'10.3"N 115°40'08.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°36'51.3"N 115°40'51.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°36'57.4"N 115°40'47.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°36'59.6"N 115°40'44.0"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°37'00.8"N 115°40'44.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°37'00.6"N 115°40'42.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°37'03.9"N 115°40'44.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°37'05.3"N 115°40'35.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°37'04.1"N 115°40'34.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°37'06.8"N 115°40'28.9"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°27'08.9"N 115°59'42.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°26'51.4"N 115°59'28.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°26'59.2"N 115°59'17.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°26'30.1"N 115°59'08.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°26'32.5"N 115°58'57.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°25'22.8"N 115°58'12.7"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°24'30.1"N 115°57'59.9"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°24'24.8"N 115°58'07.7"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°24'16.6"N 115°58'07.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°23'49.5"N 115°58'00.5"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°22'54.2"N 115°59'50.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°22'41.5"N 116°00'27.0"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°22'41.1"N 116°00'35.7"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°22'29.4"N 116°00'42.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°26'49.4"N 116°06'53.0"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°27'14.3"N 116°07'52.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°32'10.3"N 116°03'46.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°33'46.4"N 116°06'05.0"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°45'33.6"N 116°15'41.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'29.1"N 116°21'32.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°47'23.0"N 116°24'25.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°43'48.5"N 116°28'31.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°43'15.1"N 116°27'10.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°40'08.9"N 116°21'34.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°39'22.8"N 116°22'17.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°39'23.0"N 116°23'01.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°40'13.8"N 116°23'01.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°40'59.9"N 116°23'01.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°41'38.8"N 116°23'01.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°42'01.8"N 116°23'01.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°42'40.3"N 116°23'01.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°42'55.8"N 116°23'01.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°43'11.3"N 116°23'01.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°43'26.8"N 116°23'01.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°43'34.4"N 116°23'01.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°43'42.1"N 116°23'01.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°43'49.8"N 116°23'01.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°43'57.6"N 116°23'01.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°44'05.3"N 116°23'01.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°44'12.9"N 116°23'01.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°44'43.9"N 116°22'21.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°44'47.3"N 116°22'16.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°44'51.4"N 116°22'11.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°44'59.2"N 116°22'01.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°45'07.0"N 116°21'52.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°45'14.6"N 116°21'42.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°45'22.4"N 116°21'32.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°45'30.1"N 116°21'22.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°45'37.7"N 116°21'12.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°45'45.5"N 116°21'02.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°45'53.2"N 116°20'52.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°46'01.0"N 116°20'42.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°46'08.6"N 116°20'32.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°46'16.1"N 116°20'23.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°46'24.0"N 116°20'13.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°46'31.8"N 116°20'03.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°46'39.5"N 116°19'53.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°46'47.2"N 116°19'43.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°46'54.9"N 116°19'33.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°47'02.6"N 116°19'23.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°47'10.3"N 116°19'13.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°47'18.0"N 116°19'04.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°47'25.7"N 116°18'54.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°47'33.4"N 116°18'44.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°47'41.1"N 116°18'34.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°47'48.8"N 116°18'24.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°47'56.6"N 116°18'14.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'04.3"N 116°18'04.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'11.9"N 116°17'54.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'19.7"N 116°17'44.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'27.3"N 116°17'34.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'27.4"N 116°17'35.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'35.1"N 116°17'25.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'42.8"N 116°17'15.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'50.6"N 116°17'05.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'58.1"N 116°16'55.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'05.9"N 116°16'45.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'13.6"N 116°16'35.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'21.3"N 116°16'25.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'29.0"N 116°16'15.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'36.7"N 116°16'05.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'44.4"N 116°15'56.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'52.1"N 116°15'46.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'59.8"N 116°15'36.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'07.5"N 116°15'26.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'15.3"N 116°15'16.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'22.9"N 116°15'06.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'30.6"N 116°14'56.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'38.3"N 116°14'56.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'46.0"N 116°14'56.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'53.7"N 116°14'56.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'01.5"N 116°14'56.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'09.2"N 116°14'56.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'16.8"N 116°14'56.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'24.6"N 116°14'56.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'32.3"N 116°14'56.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'39.9"N 116°14'56.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'47.6"N 116°14'56.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'55.3"N 116°14'56.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'03.0"N 116°14'56.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'10.7"N 116°14'56.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'18.4"N 116°14'56.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'26.1"N 116°14'56.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'33.8"N 116°14'56.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'41.5"N 116°14'56.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°15'06.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°15'16.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°15'26.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°15'36.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.3"N 116°15'46.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.4"N 116°15'56.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.3"N 116°16'05.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°16'15.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.3"N 116°16'25.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.3"N 116°16'35.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.4"N 116°16'45.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.3"N 116°16'55.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°17'05.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°17'15.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°17'25.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.3"N 116°17'34.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.3"N 116°17'44.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.3"N 116°17'54.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.1"N 116°18'04.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°18'14.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°18'24.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°18'34.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°18'44.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°18'54.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°18'58.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.3"N 116°19'03.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.3"N 116°19'08.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°19'13.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°19'18.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°19'23.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°19'28.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°19'33.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°19'38.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°19'41.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°19'43.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°19'45.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°19'48.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.3"N 116°19'50.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°19'53.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.3"N 116°19'55.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.3"N 116°19'58.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.2"N 116°20'00.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.3"N 116°20'03.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'49.3"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'45.4"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'43.5"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'41.5"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'39.6"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'37.7"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'35.8"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'33.8"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'31.9"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'30.0"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'28.1"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'26.1"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'24.2"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'22.3"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'20.4"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'18.4"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'16.6"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'14.6"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'12.7"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'10.7"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'08.9"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'06.9"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'05.0"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'03.1"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°52'01.1"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'59.2"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'57.3"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'55.4"N 116°20'05.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'53.4"N 116°20'03.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'51.5"N 116°20'00.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'49.6"N 116°19'58.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'47.7"N 116°19'55.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'45.7"N 116°19'53.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'43.8"N 116°19'50.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'41.9"N 116°19'48.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'40.0"N 116°19'45.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'38.0"N 116°19'43.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'36.1"N 116°19'41.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'34.2"N 116°19'38.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'32.3"N 116°19'36.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'30.3"N 116°19'33.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'28.4"N 116°19'31.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'26.5"N 116°19'28.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'24.6"N 116°19'26.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'22.6"N 116°19'23.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'20.7"N 116°19'21.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'18.8"N 116°19'18.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'16.9"N 116°19'16.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'14.9"N 116°19'13.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'13.0"N 116°19'11.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'11.1"N 116°19'08.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'09.1"N 116°19'06.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'07.2"N 116°19'03.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'05.3"N 116°19'01.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'03.4"N 116°18'56.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'03.4"N 116°18'54.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'03.4"N 116°18'51.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'03.4"N 116°18'49.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'03.4"N 116°18'46.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'03.4"N 116°18'44.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'03.4"N 116°18'41.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'03.4"N 116°18'39.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°51'01.4"N 116°18'36.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'59.6"N 116°18'34.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'57.6"N 116°18'31.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'55.7"N 116°18'29.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'53.7"N 116°18'26.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'51.8"N 116°18'24.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'49.8"N 116°18'21.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'48.0"N 116°18'19.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'46.0"N 116°18'16.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'44.2"N 116°18'14.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'42.2"N 116°18'12.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'40.3"N 116°18'09.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'38.4"N 116°18'07.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'36.5"N 116°18'04.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'34.5"N 116°18'02.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'32.6"N 116°17'59.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'30.7"N 116°17'57.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'28.7"N 116°17'54.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'26.8"N 116°17'52.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'24.9"N 116°17'49.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'23.0"N 116°17'47.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'21.0"N 116°17'44.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'19.1"N 116°17'42.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'17.2"N 116°17'39.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'15.2"N 116°17'37.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'13.3"N 116°17'34.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'11.4"N 116°17'32.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'09.4"N 116°17'30.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'07.5"N 116°17'27.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'05.6"N 116°17'25.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'03.7"N 116°17'22.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°50'01.7"N 116°17'20.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'59.8"N 116°17'17.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'57.9"N 116°17'15.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'56.0"N 116°17'12.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'54.1"N 116°17'10.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'52.1"N 116°17'07.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'50.3"N 116°17'05.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'48.3"N 116°17'02.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'46.4"N 116°17'00.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'44.4"N 116°16'57.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'42.4"N 116°16'55.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'40.6"N 116°16'52.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'38.7"N 116°16'50.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'36.7"N 116°16'47.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'34.8"N 116°16'45.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'32.8"N 116°16'43.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'31.0"N 116°16'40.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'29.0"N 116°16'38.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'27.1"N 116°16'35.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'25.2"N 116°16'33.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'23.3"N 116°16'30.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'21.3"N 116°16'28.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'19.4"N 116°16'25.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'17.5"N 116°16'23.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'15.5"N 116°16'20.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'13.6"N 116°16'18.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'11.7"N 116°16'15.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'09.8"N 116°16'13.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'07.8"N 116°16'10.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'05.9"N 116°16'08.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'03.9"N 116°16'05.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'02.0"N 116°16'03.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°49'00.1"N 116°16'01.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'58.2"N 116°15'58.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'56.3"N 116°15'56.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'54.4"N 116°15'53.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'52.4"N 116°15'51.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'50.5"N 116°15'48.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'48.6"N 116°15'46.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'46.7"N 116°15'43.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'44.7"N 116°15'41.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'42.8"N 116°15'38.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'40.9"N 116°15'36.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'39.0"N 116°15'33.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'37.0"N 116°15'31.3"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'35.1"N 116°15'28.8"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'33.2"N 116°15'26.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'31.3"N 116°15'23.9"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'29.3"N 116°15'21.4"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'27.4"N 116°15'19.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'25.5"N 116°15'16.5"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'23.6"N 116°15'14.0"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'21.6"N 116°15'11.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'19.7"N 116°15'09.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'17.8"N 116°15'06.6"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'15.9"N 116°15'04.1"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'13.9"N 116°15'01.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'12.0"N 116°14'59.2"W, Nevada, USA
38°48'10.1"N 116°14'56.7"W, Nevada, USA
38°19'49.9"N 115°54'37.9"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°16'33.7"N 115°50'02.9"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°16'21.0"N 115°49'32.5"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°16'57.9"N 115°49'24.7"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°17'18.3"N 115°49'45.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°17'38.7"N 115°49'59.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°18'05.6"N 115°50'12.0"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°18'27.1"N 115°50'22.3"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°18'51.0"N 115°50'35.3"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°19'26.6"N 115°50'56.0"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°19'47.4"N 115°51'03.4"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°20'19.3"N 115°51'21.1"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°20'45.2"N 115°51'36.6"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°21'11.9"N 115°51'49.3"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°21'32.6"N 115°52'02.9"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°21'34.8"N 115°52'03.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°21'36.2"N 115°52'03.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°21'39.3"N 115°52'02.4"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°21'45.3"N 115°52'04.6"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°21'47.1"N 115°52'04.1"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°21'53.8"N 115°52'03.8"W, Abel Spring, Nevada, USA
38°22'01.4"N 115°52'03.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°22'07.9"N 115°52'01.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°22'41.0"N 115°52'00.1"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°22'41.1"N 115°51'58.9"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°22'49.4"N 115°51'58.0"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°23'21.1"N 115°52'07.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°23'16.6"N 115°51'54.4"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°23'18.5"N 115°52'03.4"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°28'52.9"N 115°58'53.7"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°24'01.1"N 115°51'34.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°31'16.2"N 115°51'20.4"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°31'15.8"N 115°51'56.7"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°31'12.4"N 115°52'33.4"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°31'11.1"N 115°52'26.3"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°31'09.5"N 115°52'26.5"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°31'12.5"N 115°52'22.9"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°18'08.8"N 115°41'41.7"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°18'11.6"N 115°41'51.8"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°19'11.3"N 115°40'38.7"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°19'10.9"N 115°40'47.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°19'07.4"N 115°40'46.6"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°19'04.4"N 115°40'46.9"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°19'07.0"N 115°40'49.6"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°20'21.0"N 115°38'40.9"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°20'08.3"N 115°38'21.0"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°20'09.8"N 115°38'20.8"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°20'07.5"N 115°38'17.1"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°19'52.7"N 115°37'34.1"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°19'42.2"N 115°37'08.7"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°19'42.3"N 115°37'05.4"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°19'38.3"N 115°36'39.8"W, Tonopah, Nevada, USA
38°19'35.5"N 115°36'31.2"W, Nye County, Nevada, USA
38°19'33.1"N 115°36'23.1"W, Nevada, USA
44°18'51.9"N 124°32'57.3"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'44.5"N 124°32'57.3"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'42.2"N 124°32'47.5"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'42.4"N 124°32'45.7"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'42.2"N 124°32'42.5"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'40.6"N 124°32'42.5"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'42.3"N 124°32'42.5"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'42.5"N 124°32'40.1"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'44.8"N 124°32'40.2"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'44.9"N 124°32'38.8"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'45.4"N 124°32'39.9"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'45.4"N 124°32'38.0"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'43.6"N 124°32'39.3"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'43.0"N 124°32'38.6"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'42.8"N 124°32'37.6"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°19'19.7"N 124°32'37.5"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°19'25.3"N 124°32'37.6"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°19'16.5"N 124°32'37.5"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°19'15.2"N 124°32'37.5"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°19'14.3"N 124°32'37.5"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°19'14.3"N 124°32'39.0"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°19'14.3"N 124°32'40.4"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°19'14.4"N 124°32'47.4"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°19'13.5"N 124°32'47.4"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'58.3"N 124°32'47.4"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'58.4"N 124°32'47.4"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'57.3"N 124°32'47.4"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'57.3"N 124°33'01.8"W, North Pacific Ocean
44°18'57.6"N 124°33'12.2"W, North Pacific Ocean
Many other places too.
Please listen!

Update 13 September, 2019: The ancestors are speaking through me.

The Ghost Dance was not for naught.

I am waking up.

The Ancestors want to speak through me.