Update 16 March, 2020: Kill the messenger the woman that was too supportive to take down the website she designed from scratch managed and paid for was not asked to the man to be responsible for it at all but when the man decided to excommunicate her from the entire club meaning the club of women and men that think they matter instead of the non-musician that was considered too much the poser wanna be to be considered cool for trying to support them too since she erroneously thought the scammer that took her to his family church to stand up in front of the god that matters Jesus Christ not but the god of the church of the heathens that stole the land of the Cherokee that lived in the Spruce Pine area tells you that giving him the mandate simply to pay the internet hosting costs for the website the woman consented to keep hosting for him she was told no can do on paying the bill not even going to consider it for a second my responsibility said the man Richard Foulk, Jr. but I will tell all my friends that you vile vindictive hate filled ex wife that took down my website simply to destroy art and punish me deserves to lose the cat that she loved as her surrogate mother to the point the very visit from the Marci that I thought was the righting factor was really the stop off to tell me to drop dead on her way to pick up the cat the neighbors stole in order to protect her from the animal cruelty that Katherine was supposedly responsible for according to the lying sack of shit that repeats the myth that she hurts herself on purpose in order to remove him from the place of being the husband that actually has to care about the host he is parasiting off of.

A slave serves her master.
The master provides the slave food, room and board.
A bad master requires sexual servicing.

A wife serves her master.
A wife provides food, room and board to her master.
A wife's duty is to service her master sexually.

A slave has advocates in abolitionists, an underground railroad of kind helpers and supporters.

If a wife gets uppity, her master replaces her, throws her away with no regard for her well being.
The master spins whatever yarns he wishes about his former wife to absolve himself of any responsibility.
The master gets patted on the back, "So sorry man you had to go through the crazy-wife shit. I love you man. I've got your back against her."

A former wife is asked if her rant is over.

Play it again John:

Who's your baby-daddy?