September 2, 2020 Update: If you want your body to move, dance, sing, make the way to the Other Side means too the using too the Cobb to the thought too the man hears only the woman the pleading to the tune too the Kiedis too important to the thought too the woman too the only 6.5 years younger meaning the too old. Right?

WE are the authors of the better satisfaction for the sexual, the sensual and the mixed blood experience too the Guinness Stout to the thought too the Gypsy Brew.

WE want the world to exist to the point too...Together...Mute too the Minotaur to the tune played 3 times....Then The Sunny D with the 4th Minotaur. Oooooh yeah!!!

Update 28 May, 2020: The now is the time still. The time changes but the now stays the same.

Further update 20 January, 2020: I'm damn well aware you have been as good as you can be but I'm damn tired of waiting so please come home now!

Update 20 January, 2020:

And have mine.

I need to be grounded.

I need a dance partner.